The Komodo Dragon Island is Reopening, What Should You Do?

The 2020 pandemic has forced everything to halt; travel is one among things that’s been suspended for the health concerns. However, after more than four months of quarantine and evaluation, the world is now slowly embracing new normalities. National parks and other natural attractions across Indonesia are preparing to welcome tourists once again. The Komodo dragon island is one of the major national parks which has been developing new systems, regulations, and arrangements for a safer travelling post the Corona storm. The national park will first welcome domestic travels before waiting for further evaluation from the ministry to open for international travellers. If you are currently staying at Bali or somewhere in Indonesia, you can relieve the quarantine burnout soon and get lost in the beauty of Komodo National Park soon. In the meanwhile, this is what you should do.

The Komodo Dragon Island is Reopening, What Should You Do?

Look for New Normal Rules Information in Komodo Dragon Island as Much as Possible

Though the general rules of living a life in times of pandemic is regulated by the central government, every region has slightly different approach of embracing the new normalities. Some regions like Jakarta, for example, is stricter than let’s say the Batu Bulan village in Bali. Look for the newest new normal rules applied in Labuan Bajo and Komodo Dragon Island so you know what to prepare.

Prepare for Higher Cost of Travelling

Since there is less demands for travels, prices will be expected to rise up. This include flight tickets, accommodations, pickup car or taxi from and to airports, and probably the Komodo tour ticket itself.

…But You Might Get Some Special Deals!

The Komodo Dragon Island is Reopening, What Should You Do?

In time of the pandemic, we have seen hotels, resorts, and other holiday homes offering best deals offers to survive. The offers itself presents in form of discounts, bundle deals, or a bonus free stay for some certain nights stay. Do your best efforts to research on tourism deals at Labuan Bajo. Who knows, you might land a good deal that otherwise won’t exist in a normal situation!

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Get Used to Extra Hygiene and Cleanliness

Though the Komodo Dragon Island and arounds are quite barren from civilization, that doesn’t mean you can neglect the strict Corona safety and hygiene protocols. Your liveaboard will be disinfected as often as possible. Passengers should follow the disinfecting rules and maintain their own cleanliness. Hand sanitiser, alcohol spray, and face mask will be the holy trio that should be with you always.

No More Big Parties Travelling to Komodo Dragon Island

It sucks, right? Meeting new friends on Komodo liveaboard used to be the spice of the travels. It’s so fun to share stories with likeminded strangers who ended up to be our best buddies in the trip. After the coronavirus however, this won’t remain the same. Strangers make us cautious and sharing facilities with them can lead to anxiety. Well, if this bothers you, the only option to lessen the risk and enjoy the Komodo tour at its upmost is chartering the whole liveaboard for yourself. It’s quite pricey, but highly recommended for travelling during the pandemic.