Komodo Sailing Trip: 5 Different Things to Do

When you are thinking about Komodo sailing trip, I guarantee that a walking tour with the ferocious, Jurassic-esque Komodo dragons in the Komodo Island would be the first thing to come up in your mind. Maybe followed by a hike to the phenomenal Padar Island to get that signature 360º look of the crooked beaches and surrounding landscape, sunbathe at the Pink Beach, and some dives to the Manta point and other Komodo’s world class diving sites. You know, the classic things. The must dos. The things that every boat tour offer and what everyone would absolutely do when they come to the national park. Not that it’s a bad thing, though. Those destinations are absolutely gorgeous and worth a visit—but aren’t there anything else to do? Couldn’t you do different things that would add some authentic experiences to your sailing trip? 

In this article, I won’t cover the must dos. A lot of travelers have talked about it—and you can find pictures of Padar’s peak view practically everywhere. Here. you would see what other things to do on Komodo sailing trip to enrich your holiday experience.

Komodo Sailing Trip: 5 Different Things to Do

The Boat Trip for A Week of Komodo Sailing Trip

Amongst many options to explore the Komodo National Park, I would least recommend a single-trip day for your trip. Instead, opt for three to seven days boat trip to truly immerse on everything that the Komodo boat has to offer. Flores has dozens of liveaboard boats of all kinds—the budget boats, the yachts, and the cruises—that would be perfect for Komodo sailing trip. During the time, you would spend the nights on the boat and wake up the next morning in crystal clear sky, indulge in wondrous scenery, and get nourished three times a day with freshly cooked deli from the boat’s chefs. During the days, you are free to roam both the islands, the sea, and everything in between. 

Soak in the Milky Way

Komodo Sailing Trip: 5 Different Things to Do

People barely talk about the Milky Way when they were on the Komodo sailing trip. Such a loss, cause actually the Komodo National Park is one of the best place to observe the galaxy that you could ask for. In this wild, protected land—where development is kept at bare minimum—the stars could reveal their bright beauty, backdropped by the pitch black sky. Go to your upper deck and look up to the sky. Get soaked in the bewitching spreads of the stars, unspoilt by neither fogs nor lights. Take your chance to see the Milky Way by your naked eyes. 

Indulge in Local Cuisine

As many food influencers have said, food is the key to know a culture. As you’ll get food prepared by the boat crews, take your chance to request an authentic Indonesian taste. Being constantly surrounded by the sea (and near to Labuan Bajo fishing towns and smaller ones around), try to have Indonesian grilled fishes and octopus, sweet and sour shrimps, and steamed crabs. Between the meals, don’t skip Indonesian traditional snacks—the empanadas, glutinous rice cakes, rissoles (kind of rissole), and the fritters—they are usually light yet fulfilling.