Things to Consider When Planning An Ancestry Travel

Ancestry travel has become a hot trend right now with sudden increase of people who are interested to try it for their travel plan. One of the biggest motivation probably comes from DNA analysis and genealogical research tools which make us have better idea of where we come from exactly. Travelling to those places we believe are where our ancestors were can be a unique experience. 

What to consider for planning ancestry travel

Ancestry travel might sound indelible and meaningful but you need to do it with a plan. There are some things you need to keep in mind when planning this kind of travel, such as:

Budget and location

A global trip to explore your root might sound so amazing. However, you may have to stick to particular budge to be able to do so. You your ancestry search may take you around the world. And if have limited budget and time, you may have to choose wisely which place to visit. It is recommended to choose the top countries on your DNA profile and one that is closer and less expensive for your first ancestry trip. 

Make necessary preparation

It is a must to be prepared especially if you plan to visit different places. Get your important documents ready and check their expiry dates. Have all the essentials on your fingertips so you can connect the dots easily once you reach your destination. With the essentials including photos of your ancestors and family tree can give you context to back up the knowledge. 

Reach out to your relatives

One of the perks of most major online ancestry sites is you are able to reach out to relatives you never knew you had. You may have people with matched DNA listed along with the information about your common ancestors and how you are related. They may live in the areas you are planning to visit so you can schedule a coffee or lunch. 

Map out your time accordingly

Your ancestry trip is yours so create a schedule or itinerary that you get to enjoy. You may enjoy to be less specific in visiting the places as long as you get to feel for your ancestor’s homeland. Or, you may also want to be more specific by visiting particular spots of where your ancestors once lived. If you prefer the latter, make sure that you have enough time to do all the visiting and consider various aspect such as budget, time, and energy. 

Manage your expectation

You must know that sometimes you don’t get what you want in life. Hence, don’t expect for a perfect ancestry trip where you get to solve your family mysteries altogether. It isn’t a typical genealogy experience so it is possible for you to meet dead-ends when tracing your ancestry. Instead of focusing on ancestry issues, might as well enjoy the trip to the fullest. The trip can be a life-changing experience for you even if you cannot track down all information about your family’s ancestry. 

Interesting Fact about Mola Mola Nusa Penida

Everyone talk on and on about Bali’s natural magnificence, especially its ocean beauty. The diversity of sea species is too amazing to fully describe. One of these fish is the unique mola mola fish, which is only seen in a few locations on Earth. There are only Nusa Penida waterways in Indonesia. Many call the Mola Mola Nusa Penida as a special destination for diving in Nusa Penida. Blue Corner and Crystal Bay are the two locations where Mola-mola sightings are most frequently.

Mola Mola Nusa Penida

Here are some more interesting facts about the Mola Mola Nusa Penida

Cacthing The Sun

The Sunfish usually swims close to the surface to take up the sun, as suggested by their name. To increase the area of their flat bodies that the sun will hit, they flip them sideways to get their skin kept clean of parasites. Once thermally charged, they dive back into the ocean’s depths, where they spend the majority of their time.


The Latin word “mola,” which means millstone and describes the flat, elongated shape of their body, is the source of the name “Mola.” They could, however, also go by different language nicknames. The German name for the Sunfish is Schwimmender Kopf, which means “swimming head.” Because the fish has a true tail, it was given the Polish name Samogów, which translates to “head alone.”


The Mola-mola fish can grow to be very huge and weigh up to 1,000 kg. The diameter of an adult mola-mola fish can be 3–4 meters. The biggest Mola Mola have weighed as much as 2300 kilograms

Deep Divers

The Mola Mola are skilled swimmers who can survive the pressure of the lower ocean depths because to their bony structures. They have been observed to dive up to 800 meters (2600 ft) deep

Sunfish Cuisine

The Mola Mola is a delicacy in some countries in Asia, including Japan and Taiwan, where restaurants serve the whole fish, including the fins, meat, and internal organs. Additionally, some fish parts have been utilized as pharmaceutical substances.

Quick Escape

The Mola Mola has the ability to quickly propel himself away in times of distress or danger and to escape predators. They can move their bodies through the water so quickly that they leap out of it

Mola Mola Nusa penida

If you want to see the Mola Mola in action, you should come in the months of July until November each year are the greatest for up-close interactions with sunfish. When that happens, 10 Mola-mola fish will be visible at once. One of the best places to see Mola Mola is Nusa Penida Island, Bali. However, you will need an Advanced Open Water certification for that as the shallowest depth the Mola Mola usually hangs around is 30 meters underwater. The Mola Mola is so elusive, so it’s not guaranteed on every diving–even during the Mola Mola season in Nusa Penida Bali! When you get a chance to see them, though, it’s gonna be one of the best diving experiences in your life.

Would you love to see the Molas on your diving vacation? 

Authentic Breakfast Dishes In Vietnam You Must Try

Breakfast is important meal you must have on daily basis because it is a meal to help you start your day. Breakfast meal is supposed to be fulfilling so it gives you enough energy to give you that boost of energy. For Vietnamese people, breakfast is essential. However, breakfast meals are not always something that they make at home. In fact, you can find variety of breakfast meals at street-food stalls. 

Authentic Vietnamese Beef Pho
Authentic Vietnamese Beef Pho

Must-try breakfast dishes in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its wide selections of authentic dishes. Vietnamese people have their own traditional and authentic dishes that are made with special ingredients, cooking methods, spices, and herbs. And here are some of the most iconic and easily found breakfast meals in Vietnam:


Ah yes, this dish is already popular in global culinary scene. You can find this dish almost everywhere around the world. If you think you can only find it in Vietnam or Asia, then you are wrong because you can even find it in America. This noodle dish has different variations in which some use beef and some use chicken. Pho is made with rice noodles made from special type of rice called gao te, which has distinct fragrance. Pho is best served when it’s still steaming hot and perfect to warm up your morning.


Mien is a noodle dish Vietnamese people love for breakfast. This dish is heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine but the noodles are not made from rice flour. The noodles are instead made of seaweed and cassava flour. Mien has less calories and favored a lot by vegetarians. The main components of Mien are similar to Pho but the spices used are sourer and more fishy. It is because Mien is usually eaten with seafood. 


Bun or rice vermicelli is also a favorite breakfast meal for many Vietnamese people. It is made of rice noodles with small and circular shape, unlike Pho which has flat triangle shape instead. Bun’s broth recipe is more diverse than Pho, making it taste richer and full of flavor. There are different version of rice vermicelli or Bun such as Bun Cha, Bun Rieu, Bun Thang, Bun Ca, Bun Bo, and many more. 


This dish is made from sticky rice and has a popularity that can compete with Pho. In fact, it is so easy to find Xoi in Vietnam. It is considered a simple dish to enjoy for breakfast. It is light but still fulfilling enough to give you the energy. 

Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon is rice flour steamed rolls which is of course made from rice flour. Rice can be considered as the top commodity in Vietnam and often used to make variety of Vietnamese dishes. Banh Cuon is made with thin, wide sheet of steamed rice flour. It is then filled with seasoned ground pork and minced wood ear mushroom. It is usually served with Cha Que special dipping sauce called Nuoc Cham. This special dipping sauce is made only for Banh Cuon.

Shore Diving in Tulamben Bali: 5 Tips for Better Experience

Shore Diving in Tulamben Bali: 5 Tips for Better Experience

One of the most famous diving site in Bali, the Tulamben, is nestled at the north-east coast of this island. Tulamben is a small village community that’s far humbler than the busy Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, or even Ubud. Not many travelers know Tulamben—but this village is immensely popular among divers! Diving in the Tulamben Bali is a must do for every divers that come to the island mainly for its wreck, the USAT Liberty Shipwreck from the World War II. 

In 1942, a Japanese submarine sunk the ship, which then stranded itself in Tulamben. The ship was forced back into the water in 1963 as a result of earthquakes brought on by an eruption of Mt. Agung. The wreck eventually attracted daring scuba divers to the area, and a new industry was created. Since 1986, when Paradise, the first dive resort, opened, diving has become the main industry in the town. Another thing that makes the Tulamben Bali wreck diving so special is the shallow depth. The wreck sat in a slope and the shallowest part of the ship is just 3 meter under the surface. This makes the wreck as one of the few wrecks in the world that’s accessible by shore diving!

Yes, you can literally walk your way to the wreck. However, donning your fins and walking in pebbles before slowly submerging into the sea can be a challenge on itself! We have seen divers slipped and stumble on their shore diving in the Tulamben Bali. While it’s quite fun, getting up with fully donned fins and gears can be troublesome. If you are interested in exploring this beautiful wreck, learn some tips on shore diving to make your whole experience even better! 

Wreck diving in The Tulamben Bali

Research the Tulamben Bali Diving Site First

While suggestions from fellow shore divers are still likely the finest source of information regarding beach diving locations, the internet is a fantastic place to start your search for a reputable shore dive site. If a location is good for scuba diving, chances are good that someone else has already been there and has documented their dive experiences in a review or synopsis. These site evaluations can help you get a sense of the topography and marine life you can anticipate to observe, the optimum entry and exit sites, and any potential hazards.

Choose Your Time to Dive

Being independent of boat scheduling is one advantage of shore diving. The tides, however, may have an impact on your shore diving depending on where you are. The best diving conditions are typically found during slack tide. Entry and departure are considerably easier and visibility is generally better at slack high tide. Find out when high tide is, and make plans to arrive at the location then. It will be high tide when you get dressed and head to the water.

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Securing Your Rig

Secure all of your tools carefully because a modest surf and a gentle surge can cause serious damage to your equipment. Don’t just hold any equipment in your hands, such as diving lights or cameras. And instead of holding your fins in your fists, loop them over your wrists so you won’t loose them if you fall and stretch out your hand to catch yourself.

Watch Your Step 

The sight is obscured by wave movement, making it challenging to spot possible dangers. Rocky entries provide additional issues, so exercising extra caution is beneficial. Slippery algae frequently grows on rocks near the ocean. Additionally, pebbles can slide underfoot, so always check your footing before taking a step. Also, keep in mind that it’s easy to lose your balance when wearing all of your gear.

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Getting Hit by the Waves

On your shore diving in Tulamben, the greatest obstacle to entering the underwater is perhaps the wave. Get ready to tumble, slip, or be knocked to the ground. When riding a wave, keep in mind to hold your mask firmly in place with an open palm. Put on your mask first if you’re wearing a hood so it can’t be jerked off, and then pull it on over the strap. Additionally, always wear your mask and regulator when entering and leaving the water so that, in the event that you fall over, you can still breathe and see.

Low-Sound Environment You Can Find While Travelling

For some people, travelling is the best time for them to fully enjoy their freedom from daily routine. It is time for them to visit new places to refresh their mind and have some new perspectives. Some people also travel to find tranquility or quietness for peaceful mind. They tend to avoid destinations that are too lively or too crowded. They avoid obvious destinations like capital cities or major tourist attractions. However, you can still find your quietness even if your destination is not a remote island or secluded resort. The key is know where to look.

Low-Sound Environment You Can Find While Travelling

Place that offer you quietness  while travelling

It is possible for you to travel to popular destinations but still get your tranquility. You don’t really have to avoid popular destinations like a plague to find some peace of mind during your trip. Instead, look for places that offer you the quality of tranquility you’d like to enjoy, such as:


Library is everywhere so it is not that difficult to find one. In big city, you can even more than one public library to visit and seek out tranquility. Library is a great place to find comfortable seating and relax. Libraries are low-sound environment you can enjoy while doing relaxing activities such as reading, writing, or even simply daydreaming. You may also find various types of libraries such as university libraries, children’s libraries, branch libraries, or state libraries. 

Hotel lobbies

They might not be in your mind when you are looking for tranquility during a trip. However, hotel lobbies are the best because you can just chill on comfortable sofa while people-watching. Hotel lobbies are also more quiet so you will feel comfortable to daydream, find a company to chat with, or work with your laptop peacefully. 


If you feel like suffocating exploring various venues and tourist attraction. Try looking for some outdoor areas where you can find low-sound environment. Most towns and cities have parks of different sizes. Not all of them are crowded so find the one place that provide you the type of peaceful environment. 


How can you forget museums, the place where you get to enjoy tranquility the most. In museums people tend to stay low with their voices. In fact, some people prefer not to speak at all and enjoy what’s artwork in front of them. Hence, museums are such a great destination to find some quiet environment. Not to mention that you get to learn more about various artworks being displayed throughout the place.


Bookstores are often filled with lo-fi music and peaceful people. Hence, it is a great place to seek out low-sound environment. Bookstores can be found in many towns and cities even those that are not popular travel destinations. Bookstores tend to be unhurried, hushed, and calm. Some of them even provide comfortable seating area for guests. In fact, some of them even have a cafe or coffee shop attached to their buildings to add more convenience for the guests who visit.

Yacht Charter Indonesia, A Perfect Journey For Unique Experience

If you’re looking for something different than a traditional luxury cruise, read on to learn more about how yacht charter Indonesia differs from yacht charters anywhere else in the world. Indonesia is distinct from other destinations. What you can expect from a vacation there, where you can cruise, and when is the best time to go? Select the most suitable luxury crewed yacht to explore the most popular destinations in the world’s largest uninhabited archipelago.

Yacht Charter Indonesia, A Perfect Journey For Unique Experience

Why choose yacht charter Indonesia? 

The Indonesian archipelago has over 17.500 islands that are as diverse as any on the planet. It is also a land of many cultures, unknown species, plants, histories, and traditional yachts, and the entire region has been virtually untouched by human hands.

Not only are the islands and animals unique to Indonesia, but so are the yachts used to explore these breathtaking islands. While most yachts are similar elsewhere, you can rent a unique Phinisi style luxury yacht that is traditional in design and built in Indonesia. 

No matter which destination or route you take, snorkeling in Indonesia is among the best in the world.

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country and the 14th largest country by land area, so there are a plethora of areas to visit while on an Indonesia yacht. Chartering a boat is an efficient way to explore the natural beauty of islands.

Recommendations for Indonesian yacht charters

Amandira yacht charter

Amandira is a ship with 5 cabins, 14 crew, and 52 meters long. Constructed using the purest and most durable Indonesian wood. Amandira yacht charter Indonesia inspired by the traditional phinisi used during the spice trade.

The spacious space on the main deck area offers guests comfort and coziness. The main deck features a dining table and can be converted into a luxurious sundeck in the morning and evening.

Aqua Blue yacht charter Indonesia

One of Indonesia’s yachts has a large open space. With 2 choices of space for dining, indoor and outdoor. The sun deck offers ample space with sun loungers. The bridge deck is where guests relax in the jacuzzi.

Aqua Blue yacht charter Indonesia

Aqua blue yacht Indonesia provides snorkeling & diving equipment for water enthusiasts. This Indonesian charter yacht has a total of 15 cabins ranging from suites to standard with two single beds and two double beds.

Dunia Baru luxury yacht

The new world of Indonesian yachts is 51 meters long. An open kitchen and bar area is prepared for guests to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials. 7 spacious and fully furnished cabins provide comfort for guests to rest.

Dunia Baru luxury yacht - indoor area

Snorkeling, diving, paddleboards, fishing gear, sea kayaks, and water ski equipment are available for guests’ enjoyment.

Silolona yacht Indonesia

This Indonesian yacht can accommodate up to 10 passengers, and 17 crew with 5 cabins. The indoor dining area and lounge are very comfortable for guests who wish to escape the midday sun.

deck area Silolona yacht Indonesia

Silolona provides diving, snorkeling, fishing, wakeboarding, water skiing, stand-up paddle equipment for fun activities during the cruise.

Making Your Bedroom More Enjoyable For Resting

Making Your Bedroom More Enjoyable For Resting
Bedroom decor and interior. Free public domain CC0 photo.

After a tiring day, you deserve a a relaxing rest in a comfortable space. It is bedroom, the place where you feel the most comfortable for resting. However, it is not always the case. Some people might not feel their bedroom to be enjoyable enough for resting. Some of them even have difficulty to sleep due to various reasons such as lighting, noise levels, temperature, and overall comfort their bedrooms bring. Meanwhile, sleep is vital for your body and mind. Lack of sleep can lead to several major health problems that can affect you both physically and mentally. Hence, it is important to have a bedroom that is enjoyable for resting. 

Creating a more enjoyable environment in your bedroom

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be the largest space at home. It doesn’t have to be built with fancy decoration and furniture either. The most important thing is to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Hence, you can optimize your rest and sleep hours. Here are ways you can make your bedroom more enjoyable:

Consider earth tone setting

Consider earth tone setting
A guest room is set up with water on the bedside table and warm blankets on the bed, free public domain CC0 image.

Earth tone refers to warm color with brown pigments such as beige, brown, and rust hues. Earth tones can make bedroom a more enjoyable space because earth tones are commonly associated with nature. With earth tone bedroom, you may experience calmness, peacefulness, serenity. You can create a calm, soothing atmosphere in your bedroom with earth tones inspirations. Another benefit is that earth tones can easily be matched with any colors. 

Opt for the right pattern

Patterns can make your bedroom feel more alive and easy on the eyes. However, it might not be as simple to choose the right pattern for a bedroom. You need to consider your level of comfort. Instead of adding patterns to random places in your bedroom, choose specific space instead and let the rest as they are. You may also consider applying particular theme of the pattern that suit your preference of enjoyable bedroom. 

Add elements of nature

To make your bedroom a more enjoyable space for resting and relaxing, consider adding some elements of nature such as plants. You don’t have to make a garden out of your bedroom space. Consider putting few small pots of plants near your bedroom window. Aside from making it look more beautiful, it brings more comfort as you feel closer to nature.

Unclutter your space

To maximize your rest, make sure to avoid cluttering your bedroom with unnecessary items. Try to organize your bedroom and keep the space with minimal clutter. Consider muted color palettes, functional furniture, and sleek lines. 

Adjust the lighting

The light can disturb your sleep hours. Make sure to adjust according to your preferences. Some people like their bedroom to be as bright as possible while others like it dim. Optimize lighting for the day through windows, but make sure to stay as dim as possible when you are going to sleep to maximize your rest hour. Hence, you are waking up feeling refreshed and recharged. 

Ultimate Tips for Vacationing in Bali Villas with Extended Family!

Ultimate Tips for Vacationing in Bali Villas with Extended Family!

As the global pandemic status is lifted and travelling slowly resume to normal, many travelling families are packing and going for the long-awaited vacation. One of the most popular destination is Bali. However, travelling to Bali with only your partner and with the extended family will be extremely different. Especially when the family decided to rent one vacation rental to accommodate everyone. With so many people involved, things are bound to be complicated—but we can make your stay easier. From choosing the right villas in Bali for your family to minute arrangements, we get you covered. 

Browse Villas for Family in Bali Months Before the Departure

There are a few things to think about both before and after you make a reservation if you’re thinking of renting a vacation home for a family vacation. Finding the ideal family vacation rental during this season can be a little difficult. Be persistent and diligent while you search. Keep looking because occasionally you might get lucky and discover a last-minute cancellation.

Look for 3 Bedroom Bali Family Villas (or More)

Look for 3 Bedroom Bali Family Villas (or More)

You’ll need to take a closer look at a property once it meets your vacation dates, budget, and location. The size of the house and the number of bedrooms are the most crucial factors. A 3 bedroom villa is good if you just travel with the kids. But if you are travelling with multiple families and the grandparents, a 6 bedroom Bali family villa with private pool can be the best choice. You should also find out about the house’s other advantages, the neighborhood’s attractions, and the exact location.

Check Detailed Location for the Room

Make sure you get a clear perspective of the rooms. Check whether the rooms are adjoining suite, a standalone room, or just side-by-side “normal” ones. This is very important especially if some of the family members are babies and seniors. 

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Why Choose Bali Family Villas for Your Holiday

The Booking Family is Deserve the Best Room

In general, the family who makes the reservation—which is frequently no easy task—should get the nicest room. If you are the one who make the booking, consider other people’s needs, but don’t feel guilty about reserving that balcony suite with a view. If another member of the group handled the reservation, you should urge that they get first choice.

Look for Amenities Provided in the Vacation Rental

Look for Amenities Provided in the Vacation Rental

Learn more about any particular features that are significant to you. Find out if the beach or pool is available to visitors or if it is a community clubhouse/membership if it is indicated. Typically, a vacation rental may offer basic supplies, such as paper towels, trash bags, and napkins.

It’s really important to check what is available and what is not. A travelling family, especially extended one with multiple family units, have a lot of needs. Knowing what is available in the villas lessen the burden, and knowing what’s not give you an upper hand in preparation. 

Get the “Parenting Talk” to All Members of the Family Before Going

Parents should discuss the specifics of screen time, bedtimes, snacks, and other issues in advance if there will be kids traveling with them to ensure that everyone is usually on the same page. Remember that during vacations, parents frequently relax the restrictions on daily routines and expectations. Additionally, it’s helpful to be prepared for any potential child-related challenges, such as sibling disputes, potty talk, and food concerns.

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Group Meals for the Multiple Families

Have each family sign up for a breakfast or dinner to cook for the whole group. If there are more adults or couples than meals, multiple families can tackle a meal together. This way guests are only responsible for a handful of meals over the trip, which helps keep the planning, cooking, and grocery list manageable. Everyone should be on their own for lunch so the crew isn’t hopping from one big group meal to the next.

Good Habits To Improve Your Postures

Good Habits To Improve Your Postures

Poor posture is when your body is in the wrong position. It may sound harmless because you think your body is smart. Of course it is. However, poor posture can lead to some major health problems. That is why you should not make poor postures a habit. Poor postures often cause many people to experience back pain or headaches. To some people, it can cause chronic and lasting health issues such as herniated disc, chronic fatigue, and compromised physical performance that may take forever to fix. Therefore, it is time to build your awareness of the importance of good posture and make it a habit. 

How to make good posture a habit

There are many reasons why people experience various health problems as the result of poor posture. It can be caused by carrying excess body weight, lack of muscle tone, using poor forms when exercising or walking, sitting for too long, prolonged used of electronic devices, lying down or sleeping in the wrong positions, etc. Here are ways you can develop habits of maintaining good posture:

Improve your flexibility

Flexibility is something you can train and develop. Since it is essential for good health, you should consider taking daily routines that help improve your flexibility, and in return, improve your posture. You can do exercise that fits best to your body. You can find various video demonstration of flexibility exercises that best for maintaining and fixing poor posture. 

Fix your sleeping habit

Fix your sleeping habit

The way you sleep can influence the way you sit and stand when you are awake. Hence, make sure to keep your spine align at night by placing a firm pillow between your knees when lying sideways. It takes off extra pressure of your spine and prevent it from twisting asymmetrically. Sleeping sideways with your legs slightly tucked up is the best position to maintain good posture. It also helps to regulate better breathing, and reduce snoring. 

Make changes of what you wear and carry

Wearing heels forces you to lean your body forward, causing you to slouch more. If it is possible, avoid wearing heels higher than 7inches. Other wardrobes that can impair your posture include bags, books, purse, and even accessories. Carrying a heavy bag for example, can put a lot of strain on your shoulders. Try reduce the weight of the bag you should carry and opt for a bag with strap that you can position across your body comfortably. 

Change your habits at work

It is common for people to bent over desk, and sit all day long which lead to poor posture. It is recommended to switch to standing desk which are more adjustable. Hence, you can switch from sitting to standing. Also, try to step away from your desk more often. Take a walk for few minutes every one or two hours, and work on your sitting posture. Your back should be straight with shoulders back and down. The soles of your feet should be flat on the floor and avoid crossing your legs for long period. 

Discovering Amed: Beautiful Landscape, Slow Living, and Diving

Discovering Amed: Beautiful Landscape, Slow Living, and Diving
Image source: Instagram/alicesweekend

We wanted to do something different in Bali, so despite the allure of luxury accommodations, clubs, and restaurants, we chose a more ‘genuine’ Balinese experience by traveling along the East Coast, where we heard we could see some fairly incredible species beneath the shimmering Pacific water. The North-East coast of Bali is the place to go if you’re searching for a more peaceful location with great diving. The Amed Bali is a growing city with a lovely long coast line, lots of black sand beaches, and a plethora of outstanding scuba diving places.

The Hidden Beauty of Amed 

East Bali, in my opinion, is the most naturally gorgeous region of the island. The pace of life is calm, the seaside beauty is breathtaking, and the isolation makes it ideal for a romantic break. Divers, snorkelers, surfers, and beach bums flock to East Bali because of the profusion of marine life, wrecks, great surf breaks, and stunning beaches. It also gives a welcome break from the cultural overload of central Bali. In Ubud, it’s quite simple to overindulge in culture. The sensation reminded me of being in slow days during the childhood, and all you need to rejuvenate at that point is some serene rough and tumble East Bali hinterland.

Getting Away from the Busy Bali

Central Bali’s inland attractiveness has a landlocked quality to it that can make one feel claustrophobic after a few days. Streams, balsam plants, palm trees, and locals dressed in sarongs, lace blouses, and flowers in their hair may be seen all around you. Though central Bali appears to be utterly dreamy, after a few days, one develops a desire for spaciousness that only oceans can supply. As a lover of space and freedom, the immensity of east Bali pulled me in like a moth to a flame, and I made an effort to visit it as often as possible. Thus, throughout my month in Bali, I visited Amed for scuba diving, and it was awesome.

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The Highlight: Scuba Diving in Amed Bali

The Highlight: Scuba Diving in Amed Bali
Image source: Instagram/nextimeperhaps

The coastal strip of Amed is economically impoverished and has minimal infrastructure due to its semi-arid location, compared to south Bali. The region’s economy is centered on salt production, fishing, and diving-related tourism, and the water around Amed is filled with marine life. There are several scuba diving spots in Amed that you can visit during your dive trip there. It’s a snorkeler’s dream, with beautiful coral reefs with schools of parrotfish, black snapper, wrasses, sharks, sponges, and barracudas. In the shallow sections, there are a few wrecks as well. Tulamben village was always one of my Amed visits, and I enjoyed snorkeling there. The diving in Amed experience is overall remote, quiet, and rustic, with colorful outrigger canoes and deep blue waves breaking over the sparkling silky black sand.

The Vibrant Underwater in Amed

Each dive in Bali was distinct from the one before it. What else could there be to view besides giant gliding mantas, wobbegong sharks, and colorful nudibranchs?

This is one of those settings where you need to take your time to appreciate all of the small details. When you first start diving, I recommend leaving the camera at home. There’s so much going on around you that it’d be a shame to miss out on it because you’re focused on the camera. Examine the movie to see how many species you can identify. Then go back and watch the video again to catch up on whatever you missed the first time around.

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Diving with Jukung in Amed

Diving with Jukung in Amed

This time, the diving boat wasn’t your standard cow boat. We opted for Jukungs instead. A Jukung is a tiny outrigger canoe made of wood. Ours was about 2 1/2 feet wide and had enough room for three divers and the captain. Because of the limited space aboard the boat, your dive gear will be handed to you once you’ve disembarked. Imagine getting on your scuba gears on this jukung boat. It might be a little hard, but it’s going to be a new and unique experience, isn’t it?

Are you ready to visit Amed this summer?