Causes Of Injury When Travelling That Might Surprise You

One thing about travel is that you don’t really know what you are going to encounter regardless of how meticulous you were with your preparation prior. Travelling to unfamiliar or even familiar places expose you to new environment and situation. Not to mention that you are also exposed to new culture in which you are not familiar with, making you feeling lost and confused. Injury is one of the risk you have to be prepared for when travelling. 

Surprising causes of injury when travelling

Even though travelling put you at high risk of getting injured doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged to explore the world as you like. You can take precaution and have enough knowledge to know what to do to deal with the situation in case you encounter while on the road. And here are quite surprising causes of injury one may experience when travelling:

Taking vehicle to get around

While most of the countries offer relatively safe vehicle for everyone to get around, there are possibilities that you make wrong judgment in choosing the type of vehicle due to travel rush or vacation high. You feel like you can conquer the world, leading you to make impulsive decision without knowing the risk. For example, you scooter to get around the crowded city, not knowing the road and the situation with the traffic. It mostly likely lead you to injury or even cause injury to other people. 

Alcohol poisoning

Lots of vacationers want to let loose during  a trip. Hence, they loose all their inhibition and start taking alcohol too seriously like it is a competition to win over. However, there have been many cases of travelers and tourist alike being injured and experience serious illness from taking deadly cocktail that most people see as harmless drink. Hence, always know your limit and don’t overindulge. 

Encounter with animals

Many travelers like to interact with the wildlife they see on the road. Even in the sanctuary, many visitors have that urge to pet and touch animals, going against the rule. It often leads to scratch, bites, and other type of injuries that may leave nasty scars. Hence, be mindful when interacting with the wildlife. Always listen to the guides and professional of what to do when encountering animals. 

Forgetting medication 

Just because your body is moving to another place doesn’t mean your medical condition just disappear. Regardless of your destination, your medical condition needs regular treatments. Hence, don’t forget or purposely leave your medication at home. Make sure it is on top of the list of priority you should pack into your bag. 

Eating exotic cuisine

As mentioned earlier that when you travel to new places, you are exposed to new environment and culture you are not familiar with. Even though you see the locals remain healthy and fine after eating exotic cuisine doesn’t mean you will end up the same. There is high possibility of food poisoning because it is something new to your body or that you have different resistance from the locals.

Komodo Island Tour Price For Open Trip & Private Tour

Trip to Komodo island is increasingly open to foreign and domestic tourists. The popularity of the island of Komodo with the Komodo dragon as its icon has brought tourists to come many times. Diving and snorkeling spots on Komodo island always attract tourists to come. The number of large and small islands on this island gave rise to the Komodo island tour to reach diving tourist destinations from island to island. 

Private cabin - komodo island tour

Komodo Island tour price

Traveling around Komodo Island is pretty simple. Getting there requires first flying to Bali. You need flying or boating to Labuan Bajo, and boating to Komodo Island. A few local airlines fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island. The budget for the Komodo tour depends on the type of cruise you take. The tour operator usually offers the type of open trip and private tour Komodo island. For the type of open trip, the budget you have to provide is around 2,5 million rupiahs (share room). For private rooms, Komodo island tour prices range from 3-6 million rupiah (3D2N). You can choose the type of boat available, ranging from simple to luxurious. 

Open trip Komodo inclusion

Transfers from the airport

  • Tour Guide/Leader
  • Private Boat Regulator (Air Conditioning/Cabins)
  • Onboard meals are included.
  • Tea, coffee, and mineral water
  • Komodo National Park Entrance Fee
  • Ticket for Ranger Komodo, Snorkeling, and Hiking
  • Kanawa Island has an entrance fee.
  • Equipment for Snorkeling
  • Documentation through photographs


  • Return Flight Ticket
  • Insurance
  • Expenses for personal use
  • Tipping

The inclusion & exclusion above for each operator will be slightly different. Ask in detail what is included and excluded before choosing a Komodo open trip operator. 

Komodo island tour destination

  • Kelor
  • Kalong
  • Padar island
  • Komodo island
  • Pink beach
  • Manta Point
  • Takka Makasar
  • Kanawa island
  • Siaba

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For diving lovers, you will focus on dive spots with spectacular underwater views.

  • Batu Bolong Reef
  • Friend
  • Taka Makassar
  • Manta Point
  • Big Laughter
  • Pink Beach
  • Moringa
  • Crystal Rock
  • Bidadari island

Best time to visit

The Komodo Island marine reserve is open all year, there are two distinct seasons in the region: dry season (April-December) and wet season (January-March) (January-March). The greatest time to visit the Komodo National Park is from April to December. The weather is dry and comfortable. Don’t forget to prepare Antigen Rapid Test Letter with Non-Reactive results.

Fantastic Hikes You Should Try For Your Next Adventure

Fantastic Hikes You Should Try For Your Next Adventure

There are many reasons why some people fall in love with hiking. It can be about the places they visit to hike, the beautiful views they expect when reaching the summit, or it can be about the journey of the hike itself. Regardless, there are so many fantastic hikes around the world you can explore for your next adventure. As the situation with covid-19 is slowly getting better, it is time for you to pan for your next hikes. And here are some of the most recommended hikes with fantastic aspects on them you can consider:

The Inca Trail, Peru

This is one of a hike that every hikers around the world should visit at least once in a lifetime. The trek spans 26 miles or about 43 km. This place is amazing because it has every beautiful and amazing things you could ask for including mountain scenery, subtropical jungle, as well as idyllic cloud forest. This hike ends in Machu Pichu, the lost city of the Incas. You need about 4 days to complete the trek. You are going to arrive at the Machu Pichu’s Sun Gate on the sunrise of the 4th day. Make sure to book at least 8 months in advance because the number of hikers permitted in limited. 

Everest Base Camp 

Every avid fan of hiking around the world must know Everest. This not an easy trek to hike and not many people are able or brave enough to conquer this special hike. It is recommended for those hikers who seek for extreme adventure. If you are not ready to hike to the top of Mt. Everest, you might be interested to hike to Everest Base Camp that sits at 5,600 meter on the Khumbu Glacier at the foot of the Everest. It may take around nine to fourteen days to complete the trek. In medium pace. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro

This is the highest mountain in Africa many hikers dreamed of visiting. The summit of Kilimanjaro named Uhuru Peak stands at 19,340 feet which is such a strenuous trek to hike for. However, this is a great place for beginner or casual hikers. You can take the shortest path to the peak which is Marangu route. It is also considered the most comfortable route because it is the only one that offer accommodation. It takes 5 to 10 days to conquer this trek. 

The Great Wall China

Well, this is also such an iconic place to hike. The Great Wall China spans over 13,000 miles. This might be an easy place to explore for tourists. However, it is not so easy place to hike. It may take 3 to 5 months to hike from the mainline of the wall. And if you plan to hike the entire wall, it may take around 18 months. For average hikers. If you ask whether there were people who completed their hike the answer is yes. There were a crew of hikers who did it in 1908. 

Vacation Rental Trends to Watch for Owners of Bali Villas in 2022

Vacation Rental Trends to Watch for Owners of Bali Villas in 2022

For the last 2 years since the pandemic hits, vacation rental industry has experienced wild and quick switch of trends that changes everything. Now that most of the populations are fully vaccinated and travelling business has learned every little details of safety measure and do everything they can to apply guest safety standard to their property, the world seems to be ready to travel again. Many of the pandemic’s tendencies will continue to gain traction in the coming year. Throughout the previous year, the increasing popularity of short-term rentals, constant supply and labor shortages, standardization of remote work, and rising guest expectations have drastically transformed business standards in the vacation rental industry. Here the 2022 vacation rental trend prediction every owners and managers of villas in Bali need to know to rise up and bring back the business like how it used to be. 

Guests Would Still Prefer Vacation Rentals with Flexible Cancellations 

As travel uncertainty persists, visitors still want the opportunity to cancel their reservations and receive a full or partial refund if their plans change.

Property managers are more financially exposed when they have guest-friendly cancellation policies. However, OTAs’ rules for flexible cancellation have become more established. Property managers will need to become more agile in order to handle last-minute cancellations and fill them with last-minute bookings. Flexible cancellation rules, in combination with low-touch operations, should boost bookings.

Guests Coming for Work from Anywhere Opportunity

Guests Coming for Work from Anywhere Opportunity

The “work from anywhere” trend will persist until 2022, when it will become commonplace. A lot of companies found that productivity increases when employee has the flexibility of workplace and offer an established WFH opportunity as one of the work benefit. The government of Indonesia especially endorsed “work from Bali” promotion program to help the island bounce back to normal. Your Bali villas need to adapt to this opportunity and equip it with decent facilities for remote working. 

Guests who want to work and play from home will lengthen their stay, affecting what vacation rentals in Bali has to offer. Local businesses that used to cater to rotating vs. long-term visitors will be affected and will need to adjust.

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Creating Bali Villas That Attract Travelling Family

Business Trip Will Return

While it may take many years for corporate travel to return to pre-2020 levels, 2022 could be the year it finally takes off. Because so many more people have stayed in vacation rentals since COVID, vacation rentals will begin to receive a share of business travel that they have never had before.

If property managers wish to attract these types of visitors, they must ensure that their rental properties are ready to receive them. Vacation rentals will need to respond by providing more business travel-friendly facilities and assurances, such as free WiFi and convenient transportation, as well as places that can accommodate more visitors at once. Apartment managers that cater to digital nomads and lifestyle travelers will acquire more corporate business travel contracts as a result of their longer-stay facilities that traditional hotels lack.

Guests Still Love Rural and Outdoor Bali Villas

Guests Still Love Rural and Outdoor Bali Villas

Certain types and locations of villas in Bali are better positioned to attract guests than others as traveler behavior has changed.

Longer, domestic, and low-touch stays will continue to drive core revenue for property managers, but overall short-term rental reservations and even foreign travel will progressively rebound. Larger houses in more rural places are experiencing more demand and higher ADR than in 2019. For those trying to shape their investment and growth into the new year, larger private vacation houses in Bali with swimming pool in more rural settings will be seeing more demand and higher ADR than in 2019.

According to Evolve CEO Brian Egan, they recently polled over 5,000 visitors and discovered that 58 percent want to explore the outdoors next year, and 68 percent want to arrange trips around wellness and relaxation.

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Technology that improves the visitor experience and protects the host will be in more demand

Hosts who want more optimization tools, more money, and efficiencies they can’t get on their own will be a target for property managers aiming to acquire market share. PMs and hosts will once again turn to technology to implement smart tools that will provide not only hands-free touches and high-speed internet, but also a layer of oversight and property protection, such as noise and smoke alarm notifications, as well as other security tools that will alert the host to rental abuse.

How To Stay Safe Using Hotel WiFi During Your Trip

During your trip, it is important to keep the connection alive with the people you love. Not to mention that sometimes during your vacation, you still need to take care of your work. Hence, you need internet data to let you do your things. And it is not such a big deal anymore since everywhere you go, you can find free WiFi, from restaurants to hotels, it is there to use freely. The problem is, how safe is it to use WiFi when you stay in the hotel? What about your private information? Is it at risk of being violated?

Hotel room with wifi access sign, laptop and cup of coffee

How to use hotel’s free WiFi safely during your trip

Cyber crime is a real threat these days as the world keep moving with advanced digitalization. Your personal information can be easily stolen when you are connecting with the internet using your personal gadget. It is so scary and can leave you feeling more paranoid during your trip. The most important thing you need to pay attention to is use hotel free WiFi responsibly. If you don’t really need it because you have your own data plan, then it is best to not skip using hotel WiFi rather than taking risk of your safety. 

How safe is hotel WiFi?

Hotels usually set their WiFi along with the level of security to provide comfort for their guests. However? How safe is it? Well, it is hard to decide since every hotel may have different policies to their cyber security. Their internet services may not be equipped with needed security to keep you safe while using it. Just like any other public WiFi, it lack of appropriate privacy measures. Hence, there is always a risk of data breach and whatsoever when you use it. 

Pay attention to what you access

If you really need to use hotel WiFi during your trip, use it only when necessary without accessing your personal information. For example, do not enter any password to your privacy information. Make sure you don’t access your bank account and such using hotel internet service to avoid any risk of data breaching. If you need to find information, you can use public facilities provided by the hotels. And again, make sure to not enter any personal information while using the device. 

Hotels are the target not you?

The number of cyber criminals who have been attempting attacks on business worldwide has increases since the past two years. However, they target hotels not the guests especially those that cater to business travelers. So no, you are not targeted directly or personally. It means, the chance is low for you to be the main target of cyber criminal while using hotel internet service. However, it is important to take precautions by not carelessly using it especially when you don’t really need it. Buy your own data plan so you can freely use your phone or any gadget to access anything you need during your stay in the hotel.

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Exploring Amazing Komodo National Park

Labuan Bajo is at an ideal location for the Komodo diving liveaboard, as it is close to several of the region’s best dive spots. A rapidly growing community that is losing its appeal as a result of the numerous constructions sprouting from the ground in all four corners of the town. Nonetheless, it draws a large number of visitors who come to see the Komodo and Rinca islands or dive close. Getting Labuan Bajo liveaboard with strangers is typically a more economical way for solo travelers and couples. it’s easy to get access to islands and diving spots than renting your own boat. 

Colorful pink purple sunset twilight over the harbor of Labuan Bajo after a heavy thunderstorm - labuan bajo liveaboard

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Get around Padar Island

The white, black, and pink sand beaches on Padar island are well-known. The major attraction here is a long set of steps leading to a vista at the summit of one of the island’s hills.

There are several pink beaches in the Labuan Bajo area, the most popular of which is a pink beach on Komodo Island, to which most tour operators travel.

The beach is pink due to a red coral that breaks off with the waves and finally turns into sand. A couple of these larger fragments of alien-looking coral can be found strewn across the beach. Aside from marveling at the fact that you’re on a pink frickin’ beach, snorkeling in the shallows is another thing to do here.

Komodo island boat trip

The Komodo dragon, the world’s largest living lizard species, lives on Komodo Island. You can see the Komodo dragon on Rinca Island, in addition to Komodo Island. 

The rangers on Rinca Island feed the dragons. This boosts the chances of sighting a dragon because they all congregate near the visitor’s center for meals. 

The disadvantage is that seeing a dragon is not guaranteed, especially during the dry season. 

Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode, Gili Motang, and Padar in Komodo National Park, as well as areas of Flores and Longos, are home to the gigantic lizards.

Boat Charter Komodo

How to get a Komodo boat charter? It’s easier to find an operator to get a Komodo boat charter. You can surf the internet and find dozens of operators that offer travel packages. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, you can adjust the travel package according to your budget. Labuan Bajo liveaboard is one of the best ways to reach many dive spots, and save your travel time.

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About Taking Risk When Building Your Own Business

About Taking Risk When Building Your Own Business

It is a dream of so many to be able to build your own business and be your own boss. It is also not an easy path to pick because as big as the reward is, the challenge is not less terrifying. Therefore, not many people are able to survive starting their own business, especially those who lack of preparation and plan. When it comes to running your own business, you are in control of everything, including taking the risk. It is inevitable sometimes that you are presented with the choice of taking the risk or not. Even for seasoned entrepreneurs, the ability and agility to take risk doesn’t always come easy. 

The importance of taking risk

In running a business, taking risk is about a choice. It two entrepreneurs are presented with the same risk, there is no guarantee they will do the same thing. One may take the risk because they see the potential of the risk being so rewarding. Meanwhile, the other one may back off from taking the risk after calculating possible scenario of the outcomes. Taking risk is also about taking chance. Therefore, taking risk is not always good or bad. You need to make thorough calculation to know what decision that is best to take. 

The importance of taking risk

There are advantages of taking risks. For some entrepreneurs, taking risk can be a great strategy to step up their game and become one step ahead of their competitors seeing the others don’t see the risk the same way they do. When you see the risk that has the potential to boost your business’s growth then you can just go for it. This can advantage you since your competitors are not willing to do the same. Hence, try not focus too much on how your competitors perform with their risk taking process. Focus on your own growth and potential. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Trying something new can be risky as well. You won’t know whether or not you are going to succeed if you don’t try. Also, it is important to be more agile and flexible. Sometimes, changes are inevitable and you have to pivot accordingly to stay afloat even if it is risky. You can make decision on whether or not to take the risk by weighing down the pros and cons, dos and don’ts, etc. This is why educating yourself on the risk does matter. 

Always look out for the red flags

Taking risk is important from time to time. However, don’t be a careless risk taker who act impulsively. Make sure that you consider many factors before making decision. Make sure that you also complete your due diligence. Always look for good reviews, potentials, etc. Be diligent in taking notes of the risks so you get in depth of what to do best. The outcome of the risk is something no one knows. But if you look into it deeply, at least you get to do the best to limit the room for failure.

6 Most Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

One of the most awaited holidays is Thanksgiving. It is the moment where you can gather with your family to spend some quality time. Not only that, you are presented with variety of tasty foods spread throughout the table. There are so many Thanksgiving dishes people love to enjoy. Some people even have their own favorite delicacies. 

Favorite Thanksgiving Food - turkey
Close up of unrecognizable person carving white meat during dinner at dining table.

6 most iconic and loved foods during for Thanksgiving

Let’s say that Thanksgiving is that the time of the year when you don’t have to worry about calories. There are so many Thanksgiving dishes  too good to be skipped just because you think too much about the calories. Let yourself enjoy the dishes spread in front of you. And here are 6  of the most favorite dishes during Thanksgiving that might be your favorite too:


Well, this is such a classic dish for Thanksgiving celebration. It is kind of hard to imagine Thanksgiving without Turkey. Some people find Turkey during Thanksgiving too dry to enjoy but it is more about how you prepare it so it still has tender meat. Not to mention that seasoning is the key here. It is also so fulfilling that you can sleep well at night after having dinner with a serve of Turkey. 

Pumpkin pie

Many people love to enjoy pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving celebration is because of its amazing taste. Compared to apple pie, pumpkin pie tastes not as sweet. It has that right level of sweetness that can be enjoyed by everyone. Not to mention that the texture is to die for. Eating pumpkin pie as dessert during Thanksgiving dinner is such a moment. 


Rolls are one of the most favorite foods to enjoy during Thanksgiving as well. It is like something to complete the celebration. It may not look as a major thing on the menu but when it is missing on the table, you know there is something incomplete about it. Bread rolls are also such a versatile foods to enjoy because you can eat it with a soup, jam, etc. 

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potato is often served during Thanksgiving celebration. It is not a requirement but many people find it fits the moment. This mouthwatering mush is so versatile that it can be paired up with anything from chicken to meatloaf. Without mashed potato, Thanksgiving dinner feels like lack of something. 

Mac n’ Cheese

This one is everyone’s favorite unless for those who are lactose-intolerant. This savory dish is best served during Thanksgiving dinner because it brings that kind of fulfillment and enjoyment. Many people are hunting for the slightly-burnt corners and the melty pockets of cheese. 

Sweet potatoes

This is such as heartwarming food that everyone can enjoy during Thanksgiving celebration. You can just bake it and enjoy the sweetness. Or, you can also season it with butter and brown sugar then topped with roasted marshmallow. You don’t really have to add too much sugar since it is already sweet as it is. Just make sure to cook it well. 

Explore The Corner of Paradise at the Edge of Papua

The Raja Ampat liveaboard travel guide will assist you in planning your vacation by showing you how to get there, the finest activities available, and a variety of other helpful hints to make your adventure stress-free! There are some of the best snorkeling and diving you’ll ever see, as well as some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Isn’t it about time you went exploring in this little piece of paradise?

Explore The Corner of Paradise at the Edge of Papua  - raja ampat liveaboard

Raja Ampat Liveaboard – Explored the corner of paradise

Raja Ampat is unlike any other place on Earth. Exotic birds sing to one other above the ground, giant colorful butterflies flutter by, and hermit crabs dance in the sand. Below the surface of the water, beautiful lionfish stalk tropical fish, purple pufferfish, turtles, dolphins, and sharks. These Indonesian seas are the world’s most biodiverse, and if you dive in for a few minutes, you’ll be shocked by what you see.

There’s a heart and soul to this region of Indonesia, along with magnificent landscapes, fantastic snorkeling, diving, and limitless sunshine. Smiles on the faces of the folks in the area. People who have undoubtedly endured significant suffering as a result of West Papua’s difficult political climate.

Diving liveaboard

You’ll have to work for your paradise experience liveaboard because the journey isn’t easy! While living Raja Ampat liveaboard, you may snorkel from the pier’s end. You can see a variety of tropical fish such as angelfish, needlefish, lionfish, batfish, and even purple pufferfish. At night you can see sharks walking near the beach. The reef is beautiful. There’s no better way to unwind after a long day on the water than by viewing one of Raja Ampat’s spectacular sunsets.

Visiting Arborek

Arborek is a must-see destination! The island is open to visitors, with children performing traditional dances and giving tours of the village. It’s a little town with about 200 people, a school, a church, a few homestays, and some modest stores.

Stunning Small islands

You simply must get to Piaynemo when organizing your Raja Ampat liveaboard itinerary. This is the archipelago’s most famous view. Climb the 320 steps to get to the top and witness the charm of the beauty of the coral clusters above the blue seawater.

If you want to visit Piyanemo, tourists must know the rules that have been written on the information board on the side of the stairs. This is because the Pianemo area is a conservation area and also a coral tourism object.

When visiting Raja Ampat?

Between October and April is the greatest season to visit Raja Ampat, with the best weather towards the end of the year. It’s right on the equator, with average highs of 31 degrees Celsius and lows of 25 degrees. The rainiest months are June and July, but in a tropical paradise, you’re used to seeing storm clouds on most days.

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Staying Warm During Your Camping Trip

Staying Warm During Your Camping Trip

Going for a camping trip is fun especially when you do it with other people. However, there are also many challenges and one of them is the temperature especially at night. You can have a summer camping trip on a beach. Or you can also have a camping in the forest by hiking the mountains first. 

How to stay warm during your camping trip

As mentioned earlier that one of the most challenging parts of camping is the extreme temperature that drops at night. Staying warm in your tent is a must so you get to survive and enjoy your camping trip better. And here are some useful tips to keep yourself warm throughout your camping trip:

Prepare your tent properly

Your tent is where you are going to rest and sleep during the night. Some tents can be confusing to set up with how many layers they have or how complicated the structure is. Make sure to anchor fly sheets to keep your tent from getting penetrated by water or rain. It is recommended that you choose four-seasons tents since they can provide warmth better. They are also relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and sturdy. 

Get the right sleeping bag

Get the right sleeping bag

To keep your sleep nice and warm, sleeping bag choice does matter. There are many variations to the sleeping bags you can buy from the stores nowadays. You can choose sleeping bag that is appropriate to the season you are planning on camping trip. Summer sleeping bag is usually thinner and lightweight. Meanwhile, winter sleeping bag is usually heavy, thick, and suitable for freezing nights. Choose sleeping bags with great quality and are made with insulating materials which are suitable to be used  during lower temperatures. 

Get insulated sleeping mat or pad

Sleeping bag is not enough to keep you warm at night during your camping trip especially when you choose to camp during cold season. Sleeping mat can give your back more support so you can prevent your body from experiencing aches and pains. Also, sleeping mats and pads can provide extra warmth. With the insulated ones, sleeping mats and pads can create barrier between you and the ground. 

Wear appropriate night clothes

Hiking, backpacking, and camping requires you to dress appropriately not only to make you feel comfortable but also warm and safe. Regardless of the season you are camping in, wear different clothes for the nights from what you wear during the day. You are likely to be sweating and such during the day and sleeping in the same clothes can make you feel variety of discomforts. Not to mention that the sweat will make your clothes, making it impossible for you to get needed warmth. Hence, prepare different set of clothing for the nights.

Get warmed before bed

Try not to go to bed when you are cold. Warm yourself up with a cup of tea or milk before going to bed. Hence, your body is in comfortable temperature to sleep. Or, you can simply sit next to campfire before snuggling into your sleeping bag.