Recommended Destinations For Mother-Daughter Getaway

Sometimes, girls vacation day is needed where no men included. and mother and daughter are the best partners in crime to do it. If you plan on having special family vacation only with your mother or daughters, it is such a good idea to discuss together. Hence, you know what kind of getaway you want to have. Usually, mother-daughter vacation is the one that focuses on wellness and comfort. Spending your vacation together in a tropical resort sounds like a good idea to try. So here are some recommended tropical getaways you may consider for your next mother-daughter travel plan:

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is no doubt one of the best paradises on earth. It is loved by many types of travelers. However, Hawaii is big enough that you can find many different destinations to choose from. And one of the most recommended for a mother-daughter getaway is Kauai. It has many stunning islands you can explore. Kauai is an island filled with beautiful beaches, palm trees, and offers endless adventures. For your stay, you may consider booking a villa at The Lodge at Kukui’ula so you still have close access to Makai pools. Your stay will be full of beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, relaxing time in infinity pool waterfalls, and mouth-watering meals served by professional chef. 

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great country that is also home to stunning resorts combining beach views and jungle luxury. In Osa Peninsula, you get more access to enjoy fun activities such as rain forest hiking, trekking to waterfalls, and visiting the wildlife. For recommendation, you may consider staying at Lapa Rios. They promote ecotourism and pura vida wellness through their services. For city dwellers, this place is a perfect escape. And you still have easy access to yoga classes, on-property waterfalls, and ocean-view bungalows that are too good to miss out. 

Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is located in the Philippines, one of popular travel destinations in Asia. In this special island, you will get to see many amazing things such as stunning jungle, pretty limestone, and fabulous white sand beaches. This place is every ideal for mother-daughter vacation since it doesn’t have all the party undertones of the Thai Island. For accommodation, you may consider booking a room an El Nido or Coron. The place offers luxury in such affordable price. You will get to stay comfortably while enjoying the sunset view everyday. Get your archipelago experience by island-hopping in Palawan.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This island offers both adventure and leisure equally. At this place, you will get to see wildlife where you can spend time getting to know friendly sea lions and sea tortoises. Summer is the most ideal time to have a mother-daughter getaway to this island.

For accommodation, you may consider staying at Pikaia Lodge which gives you access to various amenities for a perfect vacation. Try a full tour to the surrounding islands using a yacht provided by Pakaia Lodge. Make the most of your mother-daughter getaway by trying many new things together.

Komodo National Park, How To Get There

The Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia’s true gems. It is a one-of-a-kind destination for adventurous travelers and nature lovers due to its unique landscape and fauna. Komodo liveaboard is considered by many tourists as the best way to reach Komodo National Park, including a favorite diving spot for domestic and foreign divers. The clear water, schools of small fish, big fish, no pollution, and beautiful manta rays make it a dream diving destination in Indonesia. 

Komodo National Park, How To Get There

Komodo National Park From Jakarta

If you go to Komodo national park from Jakarta, there are 2 flight options, with a transit flight to Bali or a direct flight to Labuan Bajo. For direct flights, you can take Garuda Indonesia with a departure of 10.05 WIB and arriving at Labuan Bajo airport at 13.35 WITA. Garuda Indonesia is the choice to fly to Labuan Bajo comfortably, of course, the price is a bit expensive compared to other airlines. If you want to save even more, you can take a transit flight but it will take longer.

Luxury Komodo liveaboard from Labuan Bajo

Luxury Komodo liveaboard from Labuan Bajo

After arriving in Labuan Bajo, you still have to continue the journey to reach Komodo National Park and the surrounding diving spots. Many Komodo liveaboard operators will offer various packages to suit the needs of tourists. The Komodo liveaboard package certainly includes snorkeling and diving activities. Some operators even provide other activities such as kayaking, fishing, and paddleboard. Choosing a Komodo liveaboard budget is important because it involves the destination spots you will visit and the availability of boat facilities.

Reaching Komodo National Park a la Backpacker

Backpackers can be an option to enjoy the beauty of the Komodo National Park with a thin budget. Only people with a backpacker mentality and a more frugal orientation can take this trip. There are many stages of preparation that backpackers have to do, starting from detailing transportation schedules, accommodation to boats for the hoping island. Travel time will certainly be longer. If you claim to be a frugal person, you can try a backpacker with a frugal budget and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Komodo National Park.

If your journey starts from Jakarta, you can use the train to Surabaya. Arriving at the Pasar Turi station, you can continue your journey to Labuan Bajo by boat. It’s a little inconvenient because you have to be good at adjusting to the ship’s schedule. You can check the Pelni ship schedule through the website so that it is easy for you to get the appropriate ship schedule.

Arriving in Labuan Bajo, you can look for cheap lodging. Joining the Komodo sailing trip is the best that you can find around Soekarno Hatta street. If you have joined the Komodo trip package, you can go straight to the pier and start the adventure.

Reasons To Inspire You Having A Trip With Family

Reasons To Inspire You Having A Trip With Family

Some people say that a family travel is not as exciting as travel with group of friends or solo travel. Many of them reason that having a trip with family can be annoying and uncomfortable. However, it is not always the case. Having a family trip from time to time is recommended to build good relationships between family members. A family trip can be fun too if you plan it in advance so you know what to expect and anticipate. And here are several reasons that may inspire you to finally take a family travel:

Best moment for bonding

A trip can be a great moment for bonding. Even though you see each other on daily basis, it doesn’t guarantee a successful bond between family. Sometimes, you need to form the bond more tightly through special occasion such as a family trip. During the trip, you are required to spend lot of time together, making you feel closer to each other. It may not be as easy as it sounds but it is worth trying especially if your family members tend to have busy schedules on daily basis. Taking effort to plan a family trip can be a great idea for bonding. 

Create meaningful memories

Family Holiday Vacation Create meaningful memories

Travel can unpredictable regardless of how well you plan it in advance. Sometimes, you encounter some hassles or find unexpected happiness during the trip. Those can be meaningful memories to remember for the rest of your life. A trip can be a learning experience as well which help you and your family to develop good qualities inside. The memories you collect from the trip will be something you can recall later in life. 

The feeling of safe and comfortable

When you travel with family, you travel with the people you already know. You don’t have to fit yourself into a group of strangers. With family you feel more secure and comfortable because they already know you. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else and just enjoy the trip. A trip with family can also increase the level of joy and happiness, making you feel more grateful with what you have. 

Create an adventure

You and your family can plan your family trip together and create a list of activities you want to do. This way, you can put activities that everyone will like and will be able to participate in. You can create your own adventure with your own rules because it your family trip. It allows everyone to speak up their opinion about things they’d like to do, making the trip more personal and fun. 

Get better deals

In tourism industry, there are often special offerings for group travels. Hence, you can take advantage of that with taking family with you for a trip. Travel as family opens up more opportunity to get the best deals out there. You may have various discounts or bonus packages. Hence, the cost will be more economical. Look into this by talking with travel agent or service. 

Renovating Your Villa Canggu Bali into A Luxury Vacation Rental

Renovating Your Villa Canggu Bali into A Luxury Vacation Rental

Nobody goes on a vacation house search with the intention of finding the most mediocre place possible. They don’t go in awe over faded carpets, chipped paint, or out-of-date decor. They’re seeking for proof of a well-maintained and renovated property that will make them feel like a VIP while on vacation when they go through your vacation home images. Especially when they fly half the globe to arrive in Bali. Meanwhile, Canggu is now rising as one of Bali hippest, coolest, urban coastal town to stay. So, if you have a villa in Canggu Bali, it’s now time to turn your property into a luxury vacation rental. You can give your guests a five-star holiday experience by making a few improvements, all of which can be done without breaking the bank. Without having a luxury budget, here are four methods to enhance your vacation rental property to luxury status:

Re-Painting Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to give life and individuality to a home that cannot be overstated. A fresh coat of paint not only hides normal wear and tear on your home’s walls, but it also makes it appear well-maintained and current. A colorful accent wall in the living room or kitchen will instantly brighten the space, and a bold color on the front door is a terrific way to make a strong first impression when guests first walk inside your luxury villa Canggu Bali. A quart of paint is usually sufficient to paint a bay window or a tiny space under the stairs, and it can make a significant impact in the home’s overall appearance. Painting should come first before buying new furniture or entirely redoing a theme throughout the house.

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Minimalism is the the Key to Display Luxury

Minimalism is the the Key to Display Luxury

When it comes to bringing minimalism into your holiday rental, there are two key advantages: elegance and low cost. When it comes to creating the interior of their holiday rental, many vacation rental property owners understandably become overly enthusiastic, which frequently leads to the purchase of too many things.

All of the minor objects you purchased to decorate your vacation rental wind up cluttering and disorganizing it. A cluttered and untidy room can feel dark and dusty. It’s vital to keep the decor simple in each space, with a few key objects that captivate and ignite the eye. Not only does it look better, but buying a few important pieces of furniture and accessories is also far less expensive. Rather than overcrowding your rental, invest in a few key pieces to instantly transform it into a classy, chic, and high-end hotel. When guests look at your professional images, it will also help them get a greater sense of space.

Play with Lighting to Create Luxurious Ambience

Lighting is critical not only for capturing the greatest qualities of the home for vacation rental photographs, but also for the guests’ stay. Modern light fixtures may be used to not only lighten a place but also to add elegance to your luxury villa Canggu Bali. In each bedroom, invest in bedside tables with lights, and make sure the corridors are properly lit. For visitors, this is a strange place, and good lighting can help them feel more at ease. Floor lamps in the living room can help families enjoy game nights together or provide a well-lit spot to read, and stylish chandeliers above the dining room table can set the scene for a family supper.

Bring in Mirrors for Illusions of Bigger Space and Elegance

Bring in Mirrors for Illusions of Bigger Space and Elegance

Oversized mirrors and framed posters or artworks, regardless of the size of your home, can make it feel more large and lavish. A statement mirror with a fancy frame, in particular, may instantly smarten up a house – particularly in transition zones like corridors or halls.

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Play with Textures for A Luxury Touch in the Villa Canggu Bali

It’s vital to experiment with a mix of metals, woods, textiles, and leathers to get the perfect elegant balance for your holiday rental, because textures, not colors, are what triggers the eye and mind and governs how a place feels at first glance. Metallic components are used with natural materials such as stone and wood to produce a truly modern and luxurious look. Gold or rose gold accessories are a fashionable and elegant alternative to consider.

Tips To Plan Seamless Travel Experience For Seniors

Some people stop going for a trip once they become senior citizen. One of the most reasons is concern to safety. Many seniors think that it is no longer safe for them to travel. They will always need company for them to travel safely and comfortably. However, travelers should always have the ability to plan their journeys to ensure a comfortable, safe trip regardless of age. It is possible for senior to experience seamless travel through well-planed preparation. And here are some tips for you to travel seamlessly, comfortably, and safely in your senior age:

Create travel itinerary

It is a must to make a travel itinerary if you are senior travelers so that you can plan everything ahead and have smoother travel experience. Your itinerary should include your daily schedule such as where to go, what to visit, etc. Make sure to not create tight schedule because you will need time for breaks. Set limit of the amount of time you are on your feet to avoid exhausting yourself. Avoid negative and stressful scenarios. Choose accommodation that is close to all your plans. Also, plan your commute in advance according to your plan. It is strongly recommended that you book your transport in advance so you can have efficient travel.

Consider booking non-stop flights

It will be exhausting if you keep changing your flights just to reach your travel destinations. Hence, it is better to book non-stop flight so you don’t have to take unnecessary extra flight that will only push your limit and energy. Book direct flight from where you are to your destination to avoid long waits in airport as well. If you choose connecting flights, there is possibility to miss it especially if it is tight flights. If booking direct flight is impossible, at least book connecting flights with longer period of time in between. Hence, you don’t have to rush to catch the flight. 

Inform the airline of any assistance you may need in advance

You may need some assistance from the airlines to have seamless travel experience such as screening, wheelchair, a drive cart, baggage, etc. You may need to ask your airline about how to request assistance prior the trip. Avoid doing it when boarding or when you are already sitting in the plane. The airline will need to prepare what kind of assistance you need. So during booking process, make sure to inform the staff of assistance you probably need so they can prepare them for you. 

Choose the right time to travel

It is highly recommended to choose between mid-morning and mid-afternoon to travel. Travelling too early in the morning may not give you proper rest or sleep prior the trip, making you feel more exhausted during the trip. Hence, it is better to travel during the day to avoid any possible troubles caused by lack of proper rest the night prior. It is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor prior the trip so they can help you make better plan for your medication for example.

Komodo Island Diving For Macro Dive Lovers

Komodo island diving is definitely on the bucket list of almost all divers. Komodo Island is in Indonesia, about 450km east of Bali. Most foreign divers may not have had time to visit and try Komodo scuba diving. Diving spots in Komodo National Park diving are very different from other dive spots.

Komodo Island Diving For Macro Dive Lovers

Komodo island diving for Macro Diving

The macro dives at Komodo national park are spectacular. Divers get the opportunity to see large marine animals ranging from reef sharks, sunfish, to countless manta rays. Komodo National Park provides special protection for biodiversity and is included in the Coral Triangle. Many divers don’t realize that Komodo National Park has 3 regions, north, middle, and south. In fact, each region has its own unique charm and ecosystem for macro diving lovers.

Komodo sailing trip to Sangeang Island

Komodo sailing trip to Sangeang Island - frogfish

Although it is not part of the Komodo National Park, it is not far from Komodo Island. Diving on the island of Sangeang gives divers the opportunity to find unlimited marine life. Nudibranch is the biggest attraction on Sangeang island. Ghost Pipefish, frogfish, all kinds of octopus, pygmy seahorse, and bobtail squid can be found and make this one spot perfect for macro diving.

Komodo island diving to Cannibal Rock 

Cannibal Rock is one of the popular Komodo national park diving spots located inside Horseshoe Bay. Komodo island diving is a super wide-angle dive that is super extraordinary. Komodo sailing trip for mark diving at Cannibal Rock has its own charm. Ladybugs, pygmy seahorses, frogfish, abundant clownfish, and ceratasoma nudibranchs complete your Komodo boat trip. 

Scuba diving Komodo in Wainilu Island

Wainilu island is still included in the Komodo national park and is located near the entrance of the Rinca ranger station. This Komodo scuba diving spot is perfect for macro dives and chock jumps at dusk to spot the mandarin fish that inhabit the shallow waters. 

Komodo National Park Diving in Soro Lia

Komodo National Park Diving in Soro Lia - nudibranch

Soro Lia is a hot night dive spot for macro lovers. The location is still in the Komodo National Park area and is near the Komodo Island guard station. Macro divers have the opportunity to meet cuttlefish and long-armed octopuses or coconut octopuses. Another marine life that you can find is the cute bobtail squid and hundreds of small sea cucumbers.

Private Komodo liveaboard budget macro diving is quite expensive but worth what you will find under the sea of Komodo national park. Komodo island diving has always been a concern and has a great attraction for diving lovers, especially micro divers.

Tips To Have Stress-Free Trips For Senior Travelers

Tips To Have Stress-Free Trips For Senior Travelers

Travelling might not be on the list of priority for seniors. However, it should not be excluded either. There are many benefits of travel for seniors such as boosting confidence, staying active, and developing emotional stability. Of course, travel for seniors may appear a little more daunting due to many limitations. However, you can still do it with a little more planning and preparations. 

How to have a stress-free trip

Travel is unpredictable and things can go wrong even with how thorough the preparation is. However, travel also even more incredible things not only to young generations but also for the seniors. You don’t have to stop yourself from exploring the world and experiencing new things at your senior age. And here are some tips for you to have such smooth trip:

Choose easily-navigated destination

It is recommended to choose s destination that can be easily navigated. Choose a destination where you are sure you will have accommodation that meet your needs. If you feel anxious about going on a  solo trip, consider a group trip instead. Hence, you know you are not going to wander around in an unknown place. A cruise is recommended because most of them often accommodate special services including for senior travelers. 

Choose direct and shortest routes

Choose direct and shortest routes 2

Once you decided your destination, choose the best routes where you can get to your destination faster and easier. Hence, direct and shortest routes are safe choice. However, make sure that with the routes you choose, you still have time on layover ans grab your meals, go to the bathroom, and stretch your legs. 

Request special services you need in advance

Not all travel agents or tour company provides special service for seniors. Hence, it is always best to find out from the beginning. See if you can request special service in advance. For example, ask the airport if they can provide you wheelchair service, or if you can have an airport staff assist you for checking-in or boarding process. 

Prepare required documents

Do not forget your preparation not only the essentials like toiletries and clothes but also your documents such as passport, boarding pass, itinerary, medical contact information, insurance card, emergency contact information, etc. It is strongly recommended to prepare these documents first before anything else and secure them in your bag that can be easily accessed when needed.

Don’t forget your medications

See your doctor first prior to the trip to ensure you are in good condition to go. Discuss your travel plan with your doctor so they give you the best advice and a supply of needed medication to last you through the trip. It is best to have extra supply of medication just in case your return from the trip is delayed or something. Also, put your medication in a place you can easily access. Set an alarm to remind you when to take your medication so you won’t forget it even if you have such a hectic day during the trip.

Marketing Your Bali Family Villas for Senior Travelers: A How To

Marketing Your Bali Family Villas for Senior Travelers

The senior travelers are often left from discussion when one’s talking about travelling, when in fact they gave significant contribution to the growth of travel industry in these past 15 years, as recent study found. In fact, senior travelers aren’t just growing the industry, but play a key role in how the travel industry will shape out in the next decade. Since many travelers are moving from hotels to vacation rentals, seniors are doing the same, just with cruise ships and resorts. They are opting in for a vacation rental due to the accessibility, authentic community feel, and affordability. This is exactly the reason why family villas in Bali need to start including the seniors to the marketing strategy. So, it’s time to plan a new marketing strategy to win seniors’ heart and welcome them to your villa.

Use Bali’s Tropical Climate for Your Advantage

It’s no secret that many seniors relocate to warmer climates and more appealing locales during the winter. In fact, Bali, New Zealand, and Australia are seniors’ favourite destination during the winter months. Now you can take advantage of this. If the weather in your vacation rental is moderate even during the off-season, you might consider marketing your property far ahead of time to attract these people and fill your shoulder season. Early bird discounts, free airport transfers, or even a complimentary activity to enjoy during their stay can help lookers become bookers!

Make Your Home’s Relaxation Areas a Focal Point

Make Your Bali Family Villas Relaxation Areas a Focal Point

After a day spent hiking through parks, fishing on sparkling lakes, or exploring the local art gallery, any guest, senior or not, will appreciate returning home to a relaxing atmosphere. Emphasize your most comfy and relaxing aspects in your Bali family villas. This might be a front porch where guests can watch the sunset, a recliner or daybed in the TV room where they can relax during a family movie night, or a bathroom where they can unwind with a hot bath after a hard day.

Offer Arranged Activities and Local Classes

Advertise Your Bali Family Villas in Facebook
Advertise Your Bali Family Villas in Facebook

Senior travelers appreciate touristy activities that include moving at a leisurely pace, learning new skills and improving their knowledge, taking delight in finer things, and engaging with people as a change of pace from their regular routine. As a result, they like to stay in luxury hotels or cozy house. To make your family villas in Bali more attractive to senior travelers, try to arrange or make connections with history tours, culinary classes, or dance lessons. You can also offer travel packages that allow them to connect with other senior travelers while having transportation, meals, and other trip arrangements taken care of.

Add Amenities Senior Loves in Your Bali Family Villas

Although seniors are traveling more than ever before, it doesn’t mean they’re content to “rough it.” So, from the moment they walk into your home, make sure they know it has all they require. Full cooking facilities, extensive cable TV, high-speed internet, and a working phone connection with unlimited long distance calls are all examples of conveniences that will make your visitors feel at ease. Add the most comfortable mattresses, sofas, and outdoor furniture, and you’ve got yourself a winner among senior travelers!

Make Special Discount for Senior Travellers

We have to agree with senior travelers who argue that comfort is far more essential than money. Although senior travelers may not be looking for discounts, if you do, it will be the icing on the cake and a terrific method to secure those vacation reservations.

Use your creativity when it comes to Bali family villas discounts. Perhaps a lower rate for those only visiting on weekdays, free transportation to and from the airport, or partnering with local eateries to provide a senior discount to your guests. Not only will this increase your guest’s rapport and trust during their first stay, but the five-star experience and going above and beyond will also impress them.

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Advertise Your Bali Family Villas in Facebook

Facebook’s cousin Instagram is probably more popular among villa owners. Instagram ads is also proven effective to promote the property to millennials and young travelers. However, it may surprise you to learn how many seniors use Facebook: more than 62 percent of online adults over the age of 65 use the social media network on a regular basis. So, take advantage of this online community possibility by customizing some ads to attract their attention! Based on previous senior visitors to your rental, you may effectively target certain demographics with Facebook Ads by using filters for age, region, and hobbies.

How To Keep Everything Organized While Travelling

Travel can be unpredictable so being prepared is important especially if you are the type who don’t like things out of your control. Staying in new surroundings can be an off-kilter. It is inevitable to deal with the unknowns during travel. Some preparation however, can be your life saver. When you are prepared, you can avoid major chaos. 

Being organized for your trip

One of the keys to be prepared for your trip is to be organized for everything you need. When everything is organized nicely, you won’t have difficulty to find what you need during the trip. For example, you throw your documentation for the trip somewhere in the suitcase. When you need it, you have to rummage the entire suitcase because you don’t really know where you put it along with all the mess inside. It will be different if you choose to stay organized and here are some tips to do so:

Use a packing list

Packing list will help you organize your belongings throughout the trip. In fact, you need to use it before and during the trip. It can help you avoid missing or leaving important things behind. It makes big differences even to use packing list even for seasoned travelers. 

Download itinerary apps

Plan your itinerary with an app you can download using your phone. Hence, you don’t have to juggle the printouts. You can just open your phone to check flight info, rental car confirmations, hotel reservation, maps, schedules, directions, and many more. It will make your travel go smoothly because everything is organized in your phone that you always carry so you don’t have to look elsewhere. 

Organize your technology neatly

If you are the type to bring a lot of technology with you for a trip then you must understand how annoying it can be to have all the cords tangled up inside your bag. Hence, organize all your technology accessories using proper compartment or organizer. It can help hold your chargers, backup storage, battery, headphone, and other accessories. 

Organize your money and documents

Use an organizer wallet to help you organize your money, passports, ID, etc. Choose the one with plenty of pockets to help you keep everything neat and safe. Avoid bulky wallet because it is too noticeable and heavy. It is even better if you can choose the one with sleek and simple design. Avoid something too flashy to lower the risk of theft. 

Pack some plastic bags

Plastic bags will come in handy during a trip. You can use them to pack dirty or wet clothes to separate them from the clean ones. You can also use them to keep your jewelry or something liquid. You can pack plastic bags with zip-lock or simply take the reusable ones you have at home. Put plastic bags in your suitcase to make them easier to take out when needed. You can put them inside the pocket or small compartments of your suitcase. 

Wayag Island, The Peak Of The Beauty Of Raja Ampat

The name Wayag Island is not as famous as Raja Ampat. But Wayag is one of the best destinations in Raja Ampat. In fact, you haven’t been to Raja Ampat if you haven’t visited Wayag island. The peak of this island is one of the panoramic icons of Raja Ampat which consists of a group of islands. You can enjoy views of the turquoise lagoon and small islands of karst rock. To reach Wayag, you can use a fast boat and take 3-5 hours.

wayag island

Trekking in Wayag Island

Clusters of islands and karst hills can be seen from a distance even if you are still on the ship. This view has become the legendary icon of Wayag. To see the peak of its beauty, you have to trek to the top of the karst hill. From a height, you will see the spectacular view of Wayag. But you have to be careful when going to the top of Wayag because the hill is still in the form of a cliff with natural karst rocks without any help to climb up.

To reach the top, the traveler must concentrate and support the body firmly. You can get to the top in 30 minutes, the fastest. This is challenging trekking, but the scenery above makes all your efforts pay off. Given the fairly steep terrain, you are advised not to do trekking during the rainy season. Pay attention to the weather conditions before visiting Wayag Island.

How much do you have to prepare?

To explore Raja Ampat to reach Wayag island, you have to prepare a budget of 7-15 million. The price includes tours, boat rentals, conservation entrance fees, to climb to the top of wayag. This island is a bucket list for nature lovers from all over the world. The right time to visit Raja Ampat is August to February because the weather is still good and the wind is not too strong.

Exploring Wayag Island With Liveaboard

If you are on vacation as a family and don’t want to bother with taking care of hotels, accommodations, or other things, you can look for other options to explore Raja Ampat with liveaboard. Budget liveaboard is indeed quite a bit more expensive than backpacker-style adventure. All luxurious and complete facilities are available during your stay on board. You can enjoy the sunrise, sunset on the available deck with spectacular views of the surroundings.

You can choose the liveaboard option according to your budget. Pay attention to the condition of the ship, the year of manufacture, and the facilities they provide for you to use during the trip. If you are a diving lover, don’t miss diving in Raja Ampat. Make sure the liveaboard you will use provides well-maintained diving equipment and provides a guide. Do not dive without a guide because most dive sites in Raja Ampat have strong undercurrents and can be dangerous for divers.