About Taking Risk When Building Your Own Business

About Taking Risk When Building Your Own Business

It is a dream of so many to be able to build your own business and be your own boss. It is also not an easy path to pick because as big as the reward is, the challenge is not less terrifying. Therefore, not many people are able to survive starting their own business, especially those who lack of preparation and plan. When it comes to running your own business, you are in control of everything, including taking the risk. It is inevitable sometimes that you are presented with the choice of taking the risk or not. Even for seasoned entrepreneurs, the ability and agility to take risk doesn’t always come easy. 

The importance of taking risk

In running a business, taking risk is about a choice. It two entrepreneurs are presented with the same risk, there is no guarantee they will do the same thing. One may take the risk because they see the potential of the risk being so rewarding. Meanwhile, the other one may back off from taking the risk after calculating possible scenario of the outcomes. Taking risk is also about taking chance. Therefore, taking risk is not always good or bad. You need to make thorough calculation to know what decision that is best to take. 

The importance of taking risk

There are advantages of taking risks. For some entrepreneurs, taking risk can be a great strategy to step up their game and become one step ahead of their competitors seeing the others don’t see the risk the same way they do. When you see the risk that has the potential to boost your business’s growth then you can just go for it. This can advantage you since your competitors are not willing to do the same. Hence, try not focus too much on how your competitors perform with their risk taking process. Focus on your own growth and potential. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Trying something new can be risky as well. You won’t know whether or not you are going to succeed if you don’t try. Also, it is important to be more agile and flexible. Sometimes, changes are inevitable and you have to pivot accordingly to stay afloat even if it is risky. You can make decision on whether or not to take the risk by weighing down the pros and cons, dos and don’ts, etc. This is why educating yourself on the risk does matter. 

Always look out for the red flags

Taking risk is important from time to time. However, don’t be a careless risk taker who act impulsively. Make sure that you consider many factors before making decision. Make sure that you also complete your due diligence. Always look for good reviews, potentials, etc. Be diligent in taking notes of the risks so you get in depth of what to do best. The outcome of the risk is something no one knows. But if you look into it deeply, at least you get to do the best to limit the room for failure.

Staying Warm During Your Camping Trip

Staying Warm During Your Camping Trip

Going for a camping trip is fun especially when you do it with other people. However, there are also many challenges and one of them is the temperature especially at night. You can have a summer camping trip on a beach. Or you can also have a camping in the forest by hiking the mountains first. 

How to stay warm during your camping trip

As mentioned earlier that one of the most challenging parts of camping is the extreme temperature that drops at night. Staying warm in your tent is a must so you get to survive and enjoy your camping trip better. And here are some useful tips to keep yourself warm throughout your camping trip:

Prepare your tent properly

Your tent is where you are going to rest and sleep during the night. Some tents can be confusing to set up with how many layers they have or how complicated the structure is. Make sure to anchor fly sheets to keep your tent from getting penetrated by water or rain. It is recommended that you choose four-seasons tents since they can provide warmth better. They are also relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and sturdy. 

Get the right sleeping bag

Get the right sleeping bag

To keep your sleep nice and warm, sleeping bag choice does matter. There are many variations to the sleeping bags you can buy from the stores nowadays. You can choose sleeping bag that is appropriate to the season you are planning on camping trip. Summer sleeping bag is usually thinner and lightweight. Meanwhile, winter sleeping bag is usually heavy, thick, and suitable for freezing nights. Choose sleeping bags with great quality and are made with insulating materials which are suitable to be used  during lower temperatures. 

Get insulated sleeping mat or pad

Sleeping bag is not enough to keep you warm at night during your camping trip especially when you choose to camp during cold season. Sleeping mat can give your back more support so you can prevent your body from experiencing aches and pains. Also, sleeping mats and pads can provide extra warmth. With the insulated ones, sleeping mats and pads can create barrier between you and the ground. 

Wear appropriate night clothes

Hiking, backpacking, and camping requires you to dress appropriately not only to make you feel comfortable but also warm and safe. Regardless of the season you are camping in, wear different clothes for the nights from what you wear during the day. You are likely to be sweating and such during the day and sleeping in the same clothes can make you feel variety of discomforts. Not to mention that the sweat will make your clothes, making it impossible for you to get needed warmth. Hence, prepare different set of clothing for the nights.

Get warmed before bed

Try not to go to bed when you are cold. Warm yourself up with a cup of tea or milk before going to bed. Hence, your body is in comfortable temperature to sleep. Or, you can simply sit next to campfire before snuggling into your sleeping bag.  

The Future of Bali Property Amidst the Pandemic: A Right Time to Invest?

The Future of Bali Property Amidst the Pandemic: A Right Time to Invest?

When you walk around Bali’s once-bustling tourist areas, you’ll see scenes that resemble a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Shops turned to ruins in preparation for restoration and the next tourist wave are among the barren villas and hotels testifying to the economic horrors of the 18-month pandemic. Since the island closed to international tourists in April last year, popular destinations like Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, which once housed some of the island’s top-tier restaurants and hotels, have morphed into frightening empty towns. On a positive note, both foreign and domestic bargain hunters, or vulture buyers, are now eyeing villas, hotels, restaurants, and overall Bali property as investment prospects during the low economic season.

This is how the pandemic changes the property market of Indonesian’s most popular resort island. 

The Crash of Bali Property Market

The Nikkei Asia Review released an analysis of Bali’s collapsing private villa market, which was triggered by a major exodus of expats fleeing the island due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Due to the lack of foreign visitors in Bali, bargains have emerged, such as a 3-bedroom luxury home overlooking a river valley in central Bali with a private pool that would have sold out immediately in better times for US$100 per night.

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A Golden Opportunity for Investment

A Golden Opportunity for Investment

Struggling hotel owners on the Indonesian resort island of Bali have been forced to sell their properties due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has resulted in a lack of tourists and income. Given the current status of the market, some investors may be forced to accept a loss. They opt to put their hotels and villas in Bali for sale rather than bleeding for money. It’s a chance for long-term investors to get a piece of paradise on the cheap.

As the cost of land and property falls, great possibilities to purchase prime real estate in Bali arise. Remember what Winston Churchill once said, “Never waste a good crisis.”

Indonesian Locals are Quickly Snapping Up Houses for Sale in Bali

Amidst the pandemic, however, the domestic tourists are likely to continue to expand. Thanks to Indonesia’s growing ultra-wealthy population and thriving start-up industry. With a population of over 265 million people, Indonesia has a large domestic tourism sector with a growing middle class. Domestic tourism increased from 8.7 million in 2017 to nearly 9.8 million in 2018. 

According to the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2020, the number of Indonesia’s ultra-rich individuals is predicted to climb by 57 percent over the next four years, the second-highest increase in Southeast Asia. Indonesia’s ultra-high-net-worth people (UHNWIs) are expected to rise at the fifth fastest rate in the world, with a net worth of more than US$30 million. Given Bali’s international attractiveness, this leads to a steady demand for real estate. The local Indonesians see it as a golden opportunity to snap up good properties at premium locations in Bali at a relatively low price.

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A New Relaxed Property Ownership for Foreign Investors

The sector and end users alike have praised Indonesia’s efforts to make it easier for foreigners to purchase property. Sofyan Djalil, the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, stated that new rules are in the works that will provide foreigners the same ownership rights as locals. While that has not yet occurred, the passage of the Omnibus Law on Job Creation in October, which aims to leverage foreign property investment as one of the cornerstones for reviving the country’s economy following the pandemic, has paved the way.

Foreigners can now purchase using an HBG—or “right to build”—title, owning a property in Bali with their name, which can be a huge game changer. This will entice foreigners to consider Indonesia as a primary or secondary residence. Particularly now, as more individuals work from home, they can do so in locations that provide a fantastic lifestyle, great weather, and huge homes – both inside and out.

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Bali’s History of Quick Recovery

With pent-up demand and a predicted strong rebound, Bali remains a top tourism destination. This island has a history of resiliency in the face of adversity, and it could recover within a year of the outbreak ending. It’s was proven when this island was hit by terrorist bombing back in 2002 and 2005, killing and injuring hundreds of foreign tourists. However, Bali quickly experiencing record tourist arrivals after the terrorists were jailed, showcasing the tropical destination’s resilience in the aftermath of terrorist attacks that wreaked havoc on its fragile economy. Bali’s allure, it turns out, is long-lasting.

When travel plans resume after COVID-19, Bali is expected to continue to entice a wide range of visitors, from beachgoers and surfers to xenophiles and aspiring social media influencers looking for “Instagrammable” locations. So, it’s never a waste to invest in properties in this island especially when the prices flunk to its lowest. 

Indonesian Cuisine You Must Get A Taste

Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world rich with diversity and in both culture and foods. Hence, you will find wide range of delicious cuisine in Indonesia. Also, the majority if Indonesians are Muslims so you will hear a lot about ‘halal foods’. Hence, the majority of the cuisine is free from pork, alcoholic ingredients, and other items that don’t meet Islamic way of living. However, this doesn’t mean Indonesian cuisine is less delicious or rich. In fact, there are so many foods you can try that it can put you in awe. And here are several of them:



This is sort of like beef stew  with interesting, unusual color for a soupy dish. The color of the broth is pitch-black and for some people it can be unappetizing. However, this dish tastes amazing. The black color to the broth comes from the kluwek, Indonesian spice also called Pangium. This beef dish requires slow cooking process to to allow the rich flavor of the spices penetrate into the tender meat. It is often served with warm steamed rice. 

Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is like a rice combo originated in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia. The most interesting thing about this dish is the rich flavor coming from different side dishes. This is basically a rice-based meal in which the dishes can be chosen as you prefer. Most favorite dishes to be served include ayam rica, rendang, vegetables, sambal ijo, and telor padang. The best way to enjoy this dish according to the majority of Indonesians is to use bare, clean hands. It is best served with ice tea. 

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

Another rice-based meal from Indonesia that has reached worldwide popularity. This is basically fried rice with variety of topping and seasoned with Indonesian spices. The typical Indonesia fried rice or Nasi Goreng usually incorporate scrambled eggs, sweet soy sauce, shredded chicken, sausages slices, and onions. It is beset served with pickled carrot and cucumber as well as prawn crackers. 

Opor Ayam

Opor Ayam

This is a chicken stew mostly served during Eid Al-Fitr for Muslims. This is basically chicken dish cooked with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, bay leaf, and other Indonesian seasonings. Many people also call this dish white curry because of the color and flavor. It is best served with steamed rice or ketupat, a diamond-shaped rice cake. Chili paste and fried onions are also added to enrich the flavor even more. 



This is Indonesian version of vegetable salad. This vegetable-based cuisine is loved by many Indonesians for generations. There is no boiling process of vegetables to make this dish because fresh vegetables are the ones that are being used. Cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, basil, long beans, and eggplants are usually vegetables used to prepare this dish. Then, peanut sauce is added to add more flavor. The peanut sauce is made from peanut, chili, galangal, salt, Javanese sugar, vinegar, and shrimp paste. The toppings such as prawn chips or crackers are added on top. You can enjoy this dish without steamed rice. 

Why You’ll Love A Vacation in Jimbaran Bali

Why You’ll Love A Vacation in Jimbaran Bali
Image source: Instagram/ @tripsinbali @daisukephotography

Bali is undeniably a paradise on earth, especially for its bizarre islands and beaches. Apart from its outstanding competitors, Jimbaran was notable for its breathtaking scenery. The spectacular cliffs of Jimbaran, lovely beaches, and luxurious villa Bali that nestled in this seaside area attract numerous globetrotters and well-heeled beach bums from all over the world.

Peaceful Vacation in Secluded Jimbaran Vacation Rental

Peaceful Vacation in Secluded Jimbaran Vacation Rental

Jimbaran is rarely worth a day trip, but it is a fantastic base for those who enjoy peaceful evenings and tranquil nights. Travelers who seeks peace here enjoys living in secluded private villa Jimbaran or five-star resorts that dotted the beach. Unlike other well-known Bali locations—such as Kuta—Jimbaran has remained relatively unspoilt. While you won’t be able to partake in the frenetic nightlife of Kuta or Seminyak, you may relax at an elegant patio bar with views of the azure ocean.

Relax by the Sea in Jimbaran Bay

If you’ve been dreaming of a Bali beach vacation, the Jimbaran Bay can make an ideal vacations for that. You can find a stunning 4 bedroom luxury villa with a magnificent view beach of Jimbaran Bay. This quiet, isolated fishing community on the southwest coast offers more if you know where to stay. Jimbaran Bay, which is protected by a coral reef, has calm, quiet waters that are ideal for swimming. Jimbaran Beach is a must-see in Jimbaran Bay, but it’s worth repeating how stunning the place is. Even if you are from a coastal region, the calm of the place will astound you.

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Delicious and Cheap Seafood at Every Corner

Fortunately for all foodies, Jimbaran is a wonderful alternative for satisfying your palette, especially if you enjoy seafood. A few days here will leave you feeling calm, refreshed, and ready to take on the remainder of the island, with seafood dining on the beach and exclusive dining in luxury resorts like Four-seasons Jimbaran.

Feel the Authentic Balinese Living in Your Villa Jimbaran Bali

Feel the Authentic Balinese Living in Your Villa Jimbaran Bali

Despite its upscale resorts, Jimbaran Bay has maintained an original Balinese character, integrating local culture with five-star grandeur. You will see this when you stay at a vacation rental in Jimbaran Bali and see how your host give the Canang Sari offering every morning and see local Balinese go to Pura for religious ceremony. 

Strong Cultural Immersion in Pura Ulun Siwi

With so many things to do in Jimbaran, temple hopping should be at the top of your to-do list. Pura Ulun Siwi, another well-known temple in Jimbaran, serves as a doorway to the magical highland terrain. Ulun Siwi is not only easily accessible, but also an excellent area to escape the typical Bali heat for a cooler atmosphere. It is located across from the Jimbaran market with the gorgeous mountain backdrop.

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Sunset at A Rock Bar

The Rock Bar in Jimbaran is a world-famous bar with cliffside views of the spectacular Balinese sunsets. Guests take the AYANA Resort and Spa funicular to the top of the rock, which is 14 meters above the sea. Rock Bar has a stringent, fashionable dress code in place: no shirt, no shoes, no admittance. It’s a place where you can justify dressing up. As a result, expect all visitors to bring their “A” game and dress to impress for the evening. Daytrippers should be aware that backpacks and other oversized luggage must be placed in another bag.

Tips To Have Stress-Free Trips For Senior Travelers

Tips To Have Stress-Free Trips For Senior Travelers

Travelling might not be on the list of priority for seniors. However, it should not be excluded either. There are many benefits of travel for seniors such as boosting confidence, staying active, and developing emotional stability. Of course, travel for seniors may appear a little more daunting due to many limitations. However, you can still do it with a little more planning and preparations. 

How to have a stress-free trip

Travel is unpredictable and things can go wrong even with how thorough the preparation is. However, travel also even more incredible things not only to young generations but also for the seniors. You don’t have to stop yourself from exploring the world and experiencing new things at your senior age. And here are some tips for you to have such smooth trip:

Choose easily-navigated destination

It is recommended to choose s destination that can be easily navigated. Choose a destination where you are sure you will have accommodation that meet your needs. If you feel anxious about going on a  solo trip, consider a group trip instead. Hence, you know you are not going to wander around in an unknown place. A cruise is recommended because most of them often accommodate special services including for senior travelers. 

Choose direct and shortest routes

Choose direct and shortest routes 2

Once you decided your destination, choose the best routes where you can get to your destination faster and easier. Hence, direct and shortest routes are safe choice. However, make sure that with the routes you choose, you still have time on layover ans grab your meals, go to the bathroom, and stretch your legs. 

Request special services you need in advance

Not all travel agents or tour company provides special service for seniors. Hence, it is always best to find out from the beginning. See if you can request special service in advance. For example, ask the airport if they can provide you wheelchair service, or if you can have an airport staff assist you for checking-in or boarding process. 

Prepare required documents

Do not forget your preparation not only the essentials like toiletries and clothes but also your documents such as passport, boarding pass, itinerary, medical contact information, insurance card, emergency contact information, etc. It is strongly recommended to prepare these documents first before anything else and secure them in your bag that can be easily accessed when needed.

Don’t forget your medications

See your doctor first prior to the trip to ensure you are in good condition to go. Discuss your travel plan with your doctor so they give you the best advice and a supply of needed medication to last you through the trip. It is best to have extra supply of medication just in case your return from the trip is delayed or something. Also, put your medication in a place you can easily access. Set an alarm to remind you when to take your medication so you won’t forget it even if you have such a hectic day during the trip.

Marketing Your Bali Family Villas for Senior Travelers: A How To

Marketing Your Bali Family Villas for Senior Travelers

The senior travelers are often left from discussion when one’s talking about travelling, when in fact they gave significant contribution to the growth of travel industry in these past 15 years, as recent study found. In fact, senior travelers aren’t just growing the industry, but play a key role in how the travel industry will shape out in the next decade. Since many travelers are moving from hotels to vacation rentals, seniors are doing the same, just with cruise ships and resorts. They are opting in for a vacation rental due to the accessibility, authentic community feel, and affordability. This is exactly the reason why family villas in Bali need to start including the seniors to the marketing strategy. So, it’s time to plan a new marketing strategy to win seniors’ heart and welcome them to your villa.

Use Bali’s Tropical Climate for Your Advantage

It’s no secret that many seniors relocate to warmer climates and more appealing locales during the winter. In fact, Bali, New Zealand, and Australia are seniors’ favourite destination during the winter months. Now you can take advantage of this. If the weather in your vacation rental is moderate even during the off-season, you might consider marketing your property far ahead of time to attract these people and fill your shoulder season. Early bird discounts, free airport transfers, or even a complimentary activity to enjoy during their stay can help lookers become bookers!

Make Your Home’s Relaxation Areas a Focal Point

Make Your Bali Family Villas Relaxation Areas a Focal Point

After a day spent hiking through parks, fishing on sparkling lakes, or exploring the local art gallery, any guest, senior or not, will appreciate returning home to a relaxing atmosphere. Emphasize your most comfy and relaxing aspects in your Bali family villas. This might be a front porch where guests can watch the sunset, a recliner or daybed in the TV room where they can relax during a family movie night, or a bathroom where they can unwind with a hot bath after a hard day.

Offer Arranged Activities and Local Classes

Advertise Your Bali Family Villas in Facebook
Advertise Your Bali Family Villas in Facebook

Senior travelers appreciate touristy activities that include moving at a leisurely pace, learning new skills and improving their knowledge, taking delight in finer things, and engaging with people as a change of pace from their regular routine. As a result, they like to stay in luxury hotels or cozy house. To make your family villas in Bali more attractive to senior travelers, try to arrange or make connections with history tours, culinary classes, or dance lessons. You can also offer travel packages that allow them to connect with other senior travelers while having transportation, meals, and other trip arrangements taken care of.

Add Amenities Senior Loves in Your Bali Family Villas

Although seniors are traveling more than ever before, it doesn’t mean they’re content to “rough it.” So, from the moment they walk into your home, make sure they know it has all they require. Full cooking facilities, extensive cable TV, high-speed internet, and a working phone connection with unlimited long distance calls are all examples of conveniences that will make your visitors feel at ease. Add the most comfortable mattresses, sofas, and outdoor furniture, and you’ve got yourself a winner among senior travelers!

Make Special Discount for Senior Travellers

We have to agree with senior travelers who argue that comfort is far more essential than money. Although senior travelers may not be looking for discounts, if you do, it will be the icing on the cake and a terrific method to secure those vacation reservations.

Use your creativity when it comes to Bali family villas discounts. Perhaps a lower rate for those only visiting on weekdays, free transportation to and from the airport, or partnering with local eateries to provide a senior discount to your guests. Not only will this increase your guest’s rapport and trust during their first stay, but the five-star experience and going above and beyond will also impress them.

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Advertise Your Bali Family Villas in Facebook

Facebook’s cousin Instagram is probably more popular among villa owners. Instagram ads is also proven effective to promote the property to millennials and young travelers. However, it may surprise you to learn how many seniors use Facebook: more than 62 percent of online adults over the age of 65 use the social media network on a regular basis. So, take advantage of this online community possibility by customizing some ads to attract their attention! Based on previous senior visitors to your rental, you may effectively target certain demographics with Facebook Ads by using filters for age, region, and hobbies.

How To Prevent Migraine When Travelling

How To Prevent Migraine When Travelling

Migraine while travelling can be a major discomfort for you. The problem is, migraine can happen to anyone regardless. However, it is also preventable. It means, you can avoid it from coming to you if you know what the triggers are. Migraine attack can last from minutes to days, depending on individual condition. It can ruin your travel spirit because you don’t feel like going out of your hotel. 

Preventing migraine when travel

The most common factors of migraine include periods (for women), stress, fatigue, excessive caffeine or alcohol intake, skipping meals, change in weather, particular smells. You can take some precautions to avoid migraine from happening when you are travelling and here are several of them.

Be mindful of what you eat

It is important to know what you eat especially if your body is easily triggered by your food intake. Travel itself can be stressful for your body. Unfamiliar foods can lead to more health problems including migraine. Also, make sure not to skip your meals. If you are unsure you can find foods while exploring around, carry your own snacks so your stomach won’t empty for too long. 

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can lead to so many health problems. Travel makes you more prone to it. Hence, make sure to drink plenty of water while travelling. It can prevent you from suffering from migraine. However, stick to mineral water or fruit juice. Cut your caffeine, sugar, and alcohol intake while travelling. You can drink those but make sure to not go overboard. Also, be mindful with the tap water in the country you visit.  

Stay away from smoke

It can be a trigger for migraine. So you can book your accommodation that offer smoke-free area for you to stay. Non-smoking room during travel is so healthier option especially if you easily get migraine. 

Bring aromatherapy oil

If you tend to be very sensitive to smell that cause migraine, you can bring aromatherapy oil with you. You don’t know what smells you will encounter during your exploration time when travel. But if you have your gun ready then you can stay comfortable. Choose oil with fresh smells that you love. It can be lavender, mint, fruits, etc. 

Careful planning

Plan ahead so you can set your schedule right. Do not cram your activities for the trip because it can put a strain in your body causing stress and fatigue which also lead to migraine. Make sure to take a break from time to time when exploring places. 

Sleep well

Sleep well to avoid migraine when travelling. Lack of sleep can lead to major headache or migraine. It is often that travelers experience difficulty to sleep because of jet lag for example. However, make sure to navigate your body to sleep regularly to avoid any stress and fatigue that lead to migraine. 

Bring your own medication

If you are prone to migraine, it is best to bring your own medications. So you always have them within your reach when needed. You don’t have to go looking for the medicines when migraine attacks during travel. 

Adding More Fun to Your Canggu Bali Villas Stay Experience

canggu villas experience

Taking a long vacation in Bali would be just perfect if done in a villa. With more space than hotel rooms allow and the upmost privacy that comes with the fences, enjoying your vacation in this little tropical island would feel very relaxing. Especially when you are staying in Canggu, one of the coastal area in Bali that uniquely mixed Bali’s rice fields and surfing beaches with modern urban living. Taking residence in Canggu Bali villas for few weeks could easily be one the best vacation you ever have. But wait, you can make your villa-escapade even more pleasant with these five fun-guaranteed activities!

Rent Fun Floaters to Swim in Your Canggu Bali Villas

Rent Fun Floaters to Swim in Your Canggu Bali Villas

Floaters are just in on the latest trend in Bali—and they do add more sparks to your holiday. Vibrant and come in various shapes and colours, you can find any floaters that match your liking. From the popular swans to bright yellow pizza and Insta-ready white shells, their pop of colour make your villa vacation more vibrant. Lie back in these cheerful floaters and enjoy a perfet day in the pool under the sunny skies. Some villas have these fun prop ready for your disposal. However, you can always rent one or two in the nearest pool float rental stores. 

Get A Private Massage by the Window

Have an oceanfront window in your Canggu Bali Villas? Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a blissful private spa massage by the sea. Just to let you know, the price of an actual semi-open seaside spa in Bali is quite exorbitant. Save more by calling a professional massage therapist to your villa. An alternative to equally heavenly spa from your villa: try having massage session in the the garden or by the pool. With the beautiful surrounding and yet the ultimate privacy from the high walls, having massage treatment in this setting will certainly give one an incredible relazation. 

Have BBQ Dinner in Canggu Bali Villas 

Have BBQ Dinner in Canggu Bali Villas

The fully-equipped kitchen of a villa and its semi-open dining room make it possible to host a BBQ party. Having a barbecue party is a must if you’re staying with family or friends—it adds a whole lot of fun and depth to your staying experience! Or you can always enjoy an intimate barbecue dinner with your special someone, your choice. You can always source the meat from Canggu’s local meat house and fresh supermarket or order a barbecue set complete with the grill, mini stove, and meat from online barbecue delivery. 

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A Romantic Hot Bath Time

There’s nothing sexier than soaking on a hot bath with your special someone. Experience the luxury of Canggu Bali villas by filling up the bath tub with hot water and drop your favourite bath bomb. Enjoy the steamy bath with a glass of champagne. You can always lit up some scented candles and turn on slow music to compliment the romantic mood!

Play Board Games by the Pool

When was the last time you play a board game? We often get too busy to play anything at all. In a holiday, you finally have all the time to relax and play. Lots of Bali villas in Canggu know how entertaining board games can be and you can find various board games in their shelves. Whether its UNO stack or classic old chess, playing your favourite game by the pool with your holiday partner is just perfect to spend the day! 

Unique Etiquette of Eating In Various Countries

Unique Etiquette of Eating In Various Countries

We all know that every country adopt different culture, beliefs, tradition, customs, and rules. However, it is one of the beauty of travelling. You get to experience different culture of a place you visit. You may experience culture shock but there are many things to take lesson from. The experience may last for a lifetime. One of the most common cultural differences between countries is table manner. People around the world may have different culture when it comes to eating and you can find them out to be more prepared before travelling abroad.

Things you should and should not do when eating abroad

When you visit Chile, the rule of table manner is still considered old-fashioned. You should not eat without a fork. Eating using your bare hands is considered unruly behavior. The custom is that you eat with both spoon and fork for any type of foods. Even if it is finger foods, you will always be served with some cutlery you should use.

Meanwhile, you should not eat with a fork in Thailand. It is the opposite of the custom in Chile indeed. In Thailand, the locals don’t put fork int heir mouth when eating. They use fork only to put the food on a spoon. Rice-based foods fall in this category. For other foods, using fork might be acceptable. However, it still depends on circumstances. To play safe, it is better to not use fork when you eat in Thailand. Also, the locals don’t use knives for eating at all. Fork and spoon are the only cutlery to use.

In China, you should not finish your entire meal. Instead, leave some food on your plate to show that the chef generously provided you to the point you could not finish it. This is quite unique because in some countries, wiping your plate clean can also use as appreciation to the chef that you enjoy the meal heartily.

In Italy, it is not common to cut up your pasta. In fact, it is considered offensive for the locals. Their way to enjoy pasta is by twirling the strands against the side of the plate using a fork. Even using a spoon is still considered offensive or for some people it is not the right way to enjoy pasta.

In Japan, it is not allowed to pass foods using chopstick. It is considered taboo due to their customs coming from the Buddhist belief. Also, you should not put your chopstick upright in your rice bowl. It is a practice Japanese use during funerals. Then, you are not allowed to lick foods from your chopsticks. When you don’t use them, do not cross them. Instead, put them in the designated holder if available.

In Philippines, you are not allowed to eat with your left hand. It is considered impolite and offensive. Put your left hand off the table when eating. If you want to pass the foods, use your right hand. This rule is also applied in Muslim countries since they consider it as unclean.