How To Meet More People When Travelling Solo

Travelling solo brings so many benefits for yourself. Hence, many seasoned travelers even suggest to take solo trip at least once in a lifetime to fully experience solo adventure. Travelling solo allows you to get to know more not only the places you are visiting but also yourself. It allows you to reflect and even know more on your potential. Another perk of being a solo traveler is that the opportunity to build confidence and meet like-minded travelers. 

How To Meet More People When Travelling Solo

How to confidently and seamlessly meet people during solo trip

Meeting new people might not be as exciting for some people. Many people are struggle to do it confidently due to various reasons. It even sounds more intimidating to do it during solo trip. However, you can meet more people seamlessly when travelling solo by considering these helpful tips:

Consider staying at hostel

Hostel is the best place to meet fellow travelers since it is one of the most preferred accommodation for travelers. Hostel also has common areas where travelers can hang around and strike up conversation. It is a great place to start a friendship as well. 

Contact old friend at your intended destination

You may have some old friends at your intended destination. Contact them prior the trip so you can plan a meetup later. They may also have friends they want to introduce to you. You can meet for coffees and hang out together with friends of your friends. 

Pick the right place to make friend

There are many places you can visit to make new friends during your solo trip. Bar is one of the easiest places to strike up a conversation romantically or not. Choose the type of bar that align with your vibe and style so you get to meet like-mind people to make friends with. You may opt for sport bar or beach bar to draw more unique crowds. Keep in mind to drink wisely and put a smile to look more welcoming. 

Sign up for a tour

It is recommended to sign up for a day tour around your destination. Through this tour, you will get to meet other foreign travelers like yourself. You can also use that as common grounds to bond over. Choose a type of tour that you prefer. Hopefully, you get to meet people who share similar interests. 

Find local community

You may have particular interest that can bring you to find other people who share the same interests. Hence, find local community who consists of people with the same interest and join a meetup. It can be a memorable experience even if you don’t make closer bond. 


You can also consider volunteering during a trip so you get to meet more people, especially those who are passionate in helping others. You may find large non-profit and local organizations to volunteer. 

Consider taking a class

Aside from volunteering, you may also consider taking particular class to meet more people while learning something. It can be cooking class, sport classes, and many more.

Concrete Villa Bali with Glass Wall For Better Holiday

Bali offers villas, and resorts with a green environment concept for a fun and memorable vacation.  Concrete offers numerous design options for homes or villas. The concrete villa is not limited in their appearance because they are the structure material rather than the style. Because of the fire resistance, owners of a concrete building can typically save money on their insurance policy.

Concrete Villa Bali with Glass Wall For Better Holiday

The benefit of Concrete villa construction

  • Outside noise has been greatly reduced.
  • Fire-resistance
  • Capable of preventing damage from subterranean termites and dry wood termites.
  • Stronger than wood framing and more resistant to wind-blown debris
  • Reduced HVAC loads because their continuous wall assemblies reduce air infiltration and have higher levels of insulation built-in.

Furthermore, concrete construction can incorporate recycled content into the mix, gaining additional support from those interested in green building.

What are the benefits concrete villa with glass walls?

If you’re a builder or architect thinking about offering glass walls to customers, you’ll undoubtedly encounter one common question from them. “What is a glass wall?” is a frequently asked question. While it may appear to be a simple question with a simple answer, you want to ensure that you’ll be able to respond with sufficient knowledge to be effective.

Glass walls are available in a variety of styles, including sliding glass doors, exterior sliding walls, large windows, and glass room dividers. Glass elements and the opening nature of glass walls can be designed to be used in any room, including living rooms, kitchens, and master bathrooms. The Glass walls help to provide more natural light inside homes, and increasing natural light inside a home has numerous health benefits. Many people, for example, are unaware that incorporating glass walls into homes or offices to increase natural light has health benefits.

Choosing a villa while on vacation in Bali means they want quality and healthier vacation without any pollution. 

Better sleep

A concrete villa with glass walls can help to produce better sleep. More natural light has been linked to improved psychological and physiological well-being. Basically, our ancestors were used to regulating their days using natural light for generations, so it appears that our bodies adapted to relying on natural light. As a result, the more natural light exposure a person receives, the better his or her sleep cycle.

Better mood

Poor lighting can make things difficult to see, affecting vision and posture. When someone’s vision is impaired, they are more likely to suffer from eye strain and migraines.

When people work in rooms with well-lit interiors, they are more productive, which contributes to a more positive mood.

Lower Electricity Bill

While installing energy-efficient glass walls will provide many health benefits to your customers, it will not be the only benefit. Using a glass wall to increase natural light in a room can help you save money by lowering the cost of your electricity bills. After all, if you can get more light into the villa, you won’t have to turn on the lights as frequently, which will help the villa’s owner save money on electricity.

Taking The Best Travel Photos When Travelling Solo

One of the most common challenges for solo travelers is taking the best travel photos when travelling alone. When you travel with a companion, at least you have someone to ask for taking a photo of you. It often results better than just some random selfies. Meanwhile, being along during travel means you need to rely on yourself for many things including taking travel photos. However, it is not impossible for you to take great pictures even when you travel solo. Here are some important tips for you to consider when trying to capture great photos as solo traveler:

Find out what you want

It is often that you take selfies randomly in a place you are visiting without any purpose outside keeping memories of the trip. However, your photos will tell alot if you know what you want. Hence, find out what kind of photos you want so you know what travel album you would like to create, what mood you want to set, what story you want to tell, or what style you want to incorporate to the photos. At least, get general ideas of these things so you are shooting with more purpose. 

Get inspired

You can also find some inspiration how to take great travel photos from various sources such as social media. It is one of the best places if you want to find aesthetic pictures in every genre. You may check out some aesthetic pictures from Instagram and save some photos you like. Then, you can make your own twists from the inspiration you get. Therefore, you don’t just blindly follow what others do or make. You create your own colors to make it more your authentic-self. 

Embrace your selfie sticks

You may think it is embarrassing to carry around selfie stick when travel because it is very touristy thing to do. However, you don’t really have to be embarrassed about that. In fact, embrace your selfie stick and make the most of it. As long as you are being mindful when using our selfie stick (not hitting people around you when taking selfie for example), you can shamelessly use it to take amazing pictures. 

Bring tripod

Yes, it might be harder to take great pictures as solo travelers. Not to mention that keep asking strangers to take photos of you can go so much. Hence, bring your own photography gears such as tripod. There are so many types of tripod today you can bring that they are not going to add more weight into your luggage. They are usually foldable and lightweight.

Get your pose

One of the biggest challenges in taking travel photos when travelling alone is that you feel more self-conscious than ever. You tend to be shyer to let out your inner model, so unlike when you are with your friends. However, try to get rid off of that shyness for a while and let out your inner model to the fullest. Pose as you want and show your confident-self.

Raja Ampat Trip, The Comprehensive Travel Guide

The Raja Ampat archipelago is the quintessential Indonesian island getaway. There are many ways to explore this remote paradise, but only one guarantees a trip you’ll never forget. Greens and blues as far as the eye can see, deserted beaches, and an underwater ecosystem to delight even the most experienced snorkelers and scuba divers. Raja Ampat has recently become one of the world’s hottest diving destinations, and visitors can now choose between stylish resorts and breathtaking Raja Ampat trip adventures! But which of these options is best for you?

Karawapop, a heart-shaped lagoon in the cluster of West Papua island, Raja Ampat Indonesia

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trip Adventures

Raja Ampat liveaboard provides the distinct advantage of being able to explore multiple locations within this vast region. And the best Raja Ampat liveaboard has multi-destination itineraries down to a science! Each day, you’ll probably dive three or four times in one area before sailing through the night to your next incredible island group.

This strategy allows dive boats to cover Raja Ampat’s vast distances while stopping at the most spectacular sites along the way. It also allows guests to visit many islands that would otherwise be inaccessible, making them ideal for hiking in virgin rainforests, trekking to see rare endemic birds, and snorkeling on some of Indonesia’s best-preserved reefs. You’ll also have the opportunity to follow the best conditions in search of exciting marine species, or to visit well-known locations where seasonal gatherings occur. 

So, if you want to visit Raja Ampat, you’re in luck. This is one of the most popular destinations for expedition-style sailing trip Raja Ampat itineraries on the planet. Consider joining a seasonal transition or “crossing” expedition for the ultimate adventure. These usually last more than 20 days and cover a large portion of Raja Ampat as well as the remote Banda Sea to the south.

Where to go during a sailing trip to Raja Ampat? 

Pianemo Trekking

Pianemo is Raja Ampat in miniature, with jungle-clad rock formations scattered in turquoise waters. There are sweeping vistas of green and blue all over the archipelago, but few compare to those on Pianemo. Trek up the 340 steps to the main island’s viewpoint for the best of the best.

Arborek is a great place to learn about local culture.

Arborek is a stilted village near Waigeo’s port where you can expect a warm welcome from the locals, complete with dancing, singing, and feasting on traditional food. Its coastline is well-known for its unspoiled beaches and snorkeling spots. Don’t leave without purchasing a locally made hat or noken (string bag).

Kayak through Kabui Bay

At this Gam Island nook, white-sand beaches and dramatic karst formations separate lush tropical greenery and the sparkling ocean. Kayaking is a popular activity in the bay, promising encounters with exotic fish, birds of paradise, and dolphins if you’re lucky. Goa Tengkorak, a cave containing the skeletons of the island’s ancient inhabitants, is also located in the area.

Manta Sandy Diving

Manta ray squadrons roam the waters of Manta Sandy, where diving is now regulated due to its increasing popularity. Only about twenty divers are allowed in the water at any given time, which makes for a far more intimate, not to mention sustainable, experience.

Mike’s Point offers a deeper dive.

This is a dive for experienced divers only. During WWII, the US Air Force repeatedly bombed Mike’s Point, mistaking it for a Japanese ship. The resulting blown-off chunks and caves have created a one-of-a-kind underwater landscape that is home to hundreds of marine species. Whitetip sharks, turtles, and sea snakes are among the creatures that call this vibrant coral garden home.

Returning A Rental Car Safely And Responsibly

Renting a car is one of the most used options for people to travel around. It is considered efficient because you don’t have to deal with long lines at the airport or overwhelming crowd at train station. Renting a car is also more convenient if you travel with a group of people, making it more efficient to move around freely. Renting a car comes with the responsibility to return it safely and on time.  

close-up view of young woman renting a car with her mobile phone. All screen graphics are made up.

How to return rental care safely and responsibly

Returning a rental car usually takes around 10 minutes only. When you take the car to be returned to the agent, they will inspect the vehicle first. You will be asked to complete a rental car return form as well. Then, you give the keys to the agent and continue with your journey. You can also use key drop service which only takes around 2 minutes for you to return the car you rented. 

About cleaning the car before returning it

Usually, the rental agent has their own cleaning facilities to prepare they vehicle before renting it to the next customers. Hence, you don’t have to clean the exterior of the car. However, it is important to clean the interior of the car. Make sure the interior of the car is free from sand, upholstery stains, and smoking. 

Confirm the drop off location

Before returning the car, make sure to confirm the drop off location. Usually, it is the same as where you pick it up. However, confirming it before is always the right thing to do to avoid misunderstanding. Establish an appropriate departure time and take traffic conditions into account. Make sure to be on time because some companies may charge extra fees if the car returned late. 

Pack all your belongings in advance

It is best to pack all your belongings into luggage on final day or a night before returning the car. Hence, you won’t be too busy trying to fit everything in at the drop-off location. Make sure to be thorough in packing in all your belongings to avoid having something left behind. Check the inside of the car  again before moving on with your journey to see if there is any of your belongings left there.

About refueling the car

Some rental companies apply full-to-full agreement. If you happen to rent a car from a company who apply this rule, you will be given a car with a full tank and you must return it with full tank as well. Fill the tank at cheap gas station nearby to the drop off location to avoid overpaying for gas. 

Check your account statement

It is advised to check your credit card statement to make sure the company didn’t charge anything you were not aware of. Also, take photos of the car before returning as proof just in case you are accused of causing damage to the car that you didn’t do. Take photos of the gas gauge to also show that you returned the car with full tank.

Sustainable Construction Methods and Advantages

By definition, the construction industry is one of the most significant consumers of minerals and natural resources. The concerns about global warming and the finite nature of resources. The need for and significance of sustainability in construction has become a hotly debated topic. This common knowledge increased the pressure on construction companies to reduce their environmental impact. But what exactly is sustainable construction, and how does one make the transition to a more environmentally friendly development method? Are there any advantages, and what are the best methods?

kneeling professional fixing solar panels from the top of a house roof, side view of the roof with sun reflection

What exactly is Sustainable Building?

To reduce energy consumption and toxic waste, sustainable construction projects use renewable and recyclable materials. The primary goal of this initiative is to reduce the industry’s environmental impact through the use of sustainable construction methods, energy efficiency, and green technology.

While many businesses in various industries are working to become more environmentally responsible, many are focusing on the construction industry because it is the largest user of global resources. This industry alone accounts for roughly half of global raw material consumption and is a significant waste producer. It distinguishes construction because it can significantly reduce the effects of global warming by changing outdated practices.

Methods of Sustainable Construction

Many construction companies are beginning to recognize the significance of sustainable and green building methods. With a growing interest in sustainability and energy conservation, new advancements in technology, materials, and practices have been developed over the last decade to enable and promote overall efficiency.

Materials are one of the best ways to implement sustainability in construction. Technological advancements have paved the way for a new generation of more robust, lighter, and renewable building materials. Such as insulated access doors and panels, which can help push traditional practices toward greater environmental sensitivity.

The Advantages of Green Building

Construction sustainability benefits individuals and communities in addition to the environment. There are numerous proven benefits to implementing a green initiative in the construction industry, including:

Better Ways to Live

It goes without saying that our surroundings have a significant impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health. Designers and builders have developed a sustainable architecture that has had a significant impact on the overall health of the inhabitants of green buildings over the last decade. We can now branch out and modernize everyday appliances. Occupants who live or work in sustainable buildings report an improvement in their health, stress levels, and overall quality of life.

Reduces Waste

Global warming has remained a constant source of concern for decades, owing to its increasingly visible effects on our planet. Pollution and depletion of our natural resources are at an all-time high. We can still use sustainable technological advancements to mitigate or slow the effects of climate change. Construction companies have begun to rely on renewable resources and methods, which are beneficial to us and a cleaner environment.


One of the most significant advantages of sustainable buildings is their lower maintenance costs. Reduced maintenance and operational costs translate into significant savings that can be invested elsewhere.

Although the initial cost of constructing such structures may be higher than that of traditional non-renewable forms of architecture, these efficient layouts can save corporate and building owners money in the long run.

Reduces Material Costs

Sustainable construction methods use eco-friendly materials without sacrificing quality or structural integrity. Many of these materials are re-used and recycled. Biocomposites, which are commonly used as sustainable building materials, have proven to be as dependable and long-lasting as their non-renewable counterparts.

Energy efficiency is still the number one priority and goal of green architects in building design. Building structures that derive their energy from natural resources such as wind, sun, and water are extremely beneficial to our environment.

Causes Of Injury When Travelling That Might Surprise You

One thing about travel is that you don’t really know what you are going to encounter regardless of how meticulous you were with your preparation prior. Travelling to unfamiliar or even familiar places expose you to new environment and situation. Not to mention that you are also exposed to new culture in which you are not familiar with, making you feeling lost and confused. Injury is one of the risk you have to be prepared for when travelling. 

Surprising causes of injury when travelling

Even though travelling put you at high risk of getting injured doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged to explore the world as you like. You can take precaution and have enough knowledge to know what to do to deal with the situation in case you encounter while on the road. And here are quite surprising causes of injury one may experience when travelling:

Taking vehicle to get around

While most of the countries offer relatively safe vehicle for everyone to get around, there are possibilities that you make wrong judgment in choosing the type of vehicle due to travel rush or vacation high. You feel like you can conquer the world, leading you to make impulsive decision without knowing the risk. For example, you scooter to get around the crowded city, not knowing the road and the situation with the traffic. It mostly likely lead you to injury or even cause injury to other people. 

Alcohol poisoning

Lots of vacationers want to let loose during  a trip. Hence, they loose all their inhibition and start taking alcohol too seriously like it is a competition to win over. However, there have been many cases of travelers and tourist alike being injured and experience serious illness from taking deadly cocktail that most people see as harmless drink. Hence, always know your limit and don’t overindulge. 

Encounter with animals

Many travelers like to interact with the wildlife they see on the road. Even in the sanctuary, many visitors have that urge to pet and touch animals, going against the rule. It often leads to scratch, bites, and other type of injuries that may leave nasty scars. Hence, be mindful when interacting with the wildlife. Always listen to the guides and professional of what to do when encountering animals. 

Forgetting medication 

Just because your body is moving to another place doesn’t mean your medical condition just disappear. Regardless of your destination, your medical condition needs regular treatments. Hence, don’t forget or purposely leave your medication at home. Make sure it is on top of the list of priority you should pack into your bag. 

Eating exotic cuisine

As mentioned earlier that when you travel to new places, you are exposed to new environment and culture you are not familiar with. Even though you see the locals remain healthy and fine after eating exotic cuisine doesn’t mean you will end up the same. There is high possibility of food poisoning because it is something new to your body or that you have different resistance from the locals.

Komodo Island Tour Price For Open Trip & Private Tour

Trip to Komodo island is increasingly open to foreign and domestic tourists. The popularity of the island of Komodo with the Komodo dragon as its icon has brought tourists to come many times. Diving and snorkeling spots on Komodo island always attract tourists to come. The number of large and small islands on this island gave rise to the Komodo island tour to reach diving tourist destinations from island to island. 

Private cabin - komodo island tour

Komodo Island tour price

Traveling around Komodo Island is pretty simple. Getting there requires first flying to Bali. You need flying or boating to Labuan Bajo, and boating to Komodo Island. A few local airlines fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island. The budget for the Komodo tour depends on the type of cruise you take. The tour operator usually offers the type of open trip and private tour Komodo island. For the type of open trip, the budget you have to provide is around 2,5 million rupiahs (share room). For private rooms, Komodo island tour prices range from 3-6 million rupiah (3D2N). You can choose the type of boat available, ranging from simple to luxurious. 

Open trip Komodo inclusion

Transfers from the airport

  • Tour Guide/Leader
  • Private Boat Regulator (Air Conditioning/Cabins)
  • Onboard meals are included.
  • Tea, coffee, and mineral water
  • Komodo National Park Entrance Fee
  • Ticket for Ranger Komodo, Snorkeling, and Hiking
  • Kanawa Island has an entrance fee.
  • Equipment for Snorkeling
  • Documentation through photographs


  • Return Flight Ticket
  • Insurance
  • Expenses for personal use
  • Tipping

The inclusion & exclusion above for each operator will be slightly different. Ask in detail what is included and excluded before choosing a Komodo open trip operator. 

Komodo island tour destination

  • Kelor
  • Kalong
  • Padar island
  • Komodo island
  • Pink beach
  • Manta Point
  • Takka Makasar
  • Kanawa island
  • Siaba

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For diving lovers, you will focus on dive spots with spectacular underwater views.

  • Batu Bolong Reef
  • Friend
  • Taka Makassar
  • Manta Point
  • Big Laughter
  • Pink Beach
  • Moringa
  • Crystal Rock
  • Bidadari island

Best time to visit

The Komodo Island marine reserve is open all year, there are two distinct seasons in the region: dry season (April-December) and wet season (January-March) (January-March). The greatest time to visit the Komodo National Park is from April to December. The weather is dry and comfortable. Don’t forget to prepare Antigen Rapid Test Letter with Non-Reactive results.

Fantastic Hikes You Should Try For Your Next Adventure

Fantastic Hikes You Should Try For Your Next Adventure

There are many reasons why some people fall in love with hiking. It can be about the places they visit to hike, the beautiful views they expect when reaching the summit, or it can be about the journey of the hike itself. Regardless, there are so many fantastic hikes around the world you can explore for your next adventure. As the situation with covid-19 is slowly getting better, it is time for you to pan for your next hikes. And here are some of the most recommended hikes with fantastic aspects on them you can consider:

The Inca Trail, Peru

This is one of a hike that every hikers around the world should visit at least once in a lifetime. The trek spans 26 miles or about 43 km. This place is amazing because it has every beautiful and amazing things you could ask for including mountain scenery, subtropical jungle, as well as idyllic cloud forest. This hike ends in Machu Pichu, the lost city of the Incas. You need about 4 days to complete the trek. You are going to arrive at the Machu Pichu’s Sun Gate on the sunrise of the 4th day. Make sure to book at least 8 months in advance because the number of hikers permitted in limited. 

Everest Base Camp 

Every avid fan of hiking around the world must know Everest. This not an easy trek to hike and not many people are able or brave enough to conquer this special hike. It is recommended for those hikers who seek for extreme adventure. If you are not ready to hike to the top of Mt. Everest, you might be interested to hike to Everest Base Camp that sits at 5,600 meter on the Khumbu Glacier at the foot of the Everest. It may take around nine to fourteen days to complete the trek. In medium pace. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro

This is the highest mountain in Africa many hikers dreamed of visiting. The summit of Kilimanjaro named Uhuru Peak stands at 19,340 feet which is such a strenuous trek to hike for. However, this is a great place for beginner or casual hikers. You can take the shortest path to the peak which is Marangu route. It is also considered the most comfortable route because it is the only one that offer accommodation. It takes 5 to 10 days to conquer this trek. 

The Great Wall China

Well, this is also such an iconic place to hike. The Great Wall China spans over 13,000 miles. This might be an easy place to explore for tourists. However, it is not so easy place to hike. It may take 3 to 5 months to hike from the mainline of the wall. And if you plan to hike the entire wall, it may take around 18 months. For average hikers. If you ask whether there were people who completed their hike the answer is yes. There were a crew of hikers who did it in 1908. 

Vacation Rental Trends to Watch for Owners of Bali Villas in 2022

Vacation Rental Trends to Watch for Owners of Bali Villas in 2022

For the last 2 years since the pandemic hits, vacation rental industry has experienced wild and quick switch of trends that changes everything. Now that most of the populations are fully vaccinated and travelling business has learned every little details of safety measure and do everything they can to apply guest safety standard to their property, the world seems to be ready to travel again. Many of the pandemic’s tendencies will continue to gain traction in the coming year. Throughout the previous year, the increasing popularity of short-term rentals, constant supply and labor shortages, standardization of remote work, and rising guest expectations have drastically transformed business standards in the vacation rental industry. Here the 2022 vacation rental trend prediction every owners and managers of villas in Bali need to know to rise up and bring back the business like how it used to be. 

Guests Would Still Prefer Vacation Rentals with Flexible Cancellations 

As travel uncertainty persists, visitors still want the opportunity to cancel their reservations and receive a full or partial refund if their plans change.

Property managers are more financially exposed when they have guest-friendly cancellation policies. However, OTAs’ rules for flexible cancellation have become more established. Property managers will need to become more agile in order to handle last-minute cancellations and fill them with last-minute bookings. Flexible cancellation rules, in combination with low-touch operations, should boost bookings.

Guests Coming for Work from Anywhere Opportunity

Guests Coming for Work from Anywhere Opportunity

The “work from anywhere” trend will persist until 2022, when it will become commonplace. A lot of companies found that productivity increases when employee has the flexibility of workplace and offer an established WFH opportunity as one of the work benefit. The government of Indonesia especially endorsed “work from Bali” promotion program to help the island bounce back to normal. Your Bali villas need to adapt to this opportunity and equip it with decent facilities for remote working. 

Guests who want to work and play from home will lengthen their stay, affecting what vacation rentals in Bali has to offer. Local businesses that used to cater to rotating vs. long-term visitors will be affected and will need to adjust.

More Vacation Rental Business Insights:

Creating Bali Villas That Attract Travelling Family

Business Trip Will Return

While it may take many years for corporate travel to return to pre-2020 levels, 2022 could be the year it finally takes off. Because so many more people have stayed in vacation rentals since COVID, vacation rentals will begin to receive a share of business travel that they have never had before.

If property managers wish to attract these types of visitors, they must ensure that their rental properties are ready to receive them. Vacation rentals will need to respond by providing more business travel-friendly facilities and assurances, such as free WiFi and convenient transportation, as well as places that can accommodate more visitors at once. Apartment managers that cater to digital nomads and lifestyle travelers will acquire more corporate business travel contracts as a result of their longer-stay facilities that traditional hotels lack.

Guests Still Love Rural and Outdoor Bali Villas

Guests Still Love Rural and Outdoor Bali Villas

Certain types and locations of villas in Bali are better positioned to attract guests than others as traveler behavior has changed.

Longer, domestic, and low-touch stays will continue to drive core revenue for property managers, but overall short-term rental reservations and even foreign travel will progressively rebound. Larger houses in more rural places are experiencing more demand and higher ADR than in 2019. For those trying to shape their investment and growth into the new year, larger private vacation houses in Bali with swimming pool in more rural settings will be seeing more demand and higher ADR than in 2019.

According to Evolve CEO Brian Egan, they recently polled over 5,000 visitors and discovered that 58 percent want to explore the outdoors next year, and 68 percent want to arrange trips around wellness and relaxation.

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Technology that improves the visitor experience and protects the host will be in more demand

Hosts who want more optimization tools, more money, and efficiencies they can’t get on their own will be a target for property managers aiming to acquire market share. PMs and hosts will once again turn to technology to implement smart tools that will provide not only hands-free touches and high-speed internet, but also a layer of oversight and property protection, such as noise and smoke alarm notifications, as well as other security tools that will alert the host to rental abuse.