How to Lose Weight Without Putting Your Health At Risk

Many people are hoping for losing their weight for so many reasons. Regardless, it is best to put your health at the top of your priority even if your plan is to lose some weight. For those who are diagnosed with obesity, losing some weight is considered a way to improve health. It is because being obese put you at high risk of severe illnesses. Even so, you need to do it safely and properly, recommended by professionals. 

Losing weight safely and properly

So many trends on how to lose so much weight in such a short period. However, this kind of diet program is not recommended because it can put your health at risk. You can lose your ideal weight safely and properly by following these tips:

Choose healthy snacks

Restricting yourself from snacking during diet may make you even hungrier. It is fine for you to have some snacks even when you are on diet. However, it is recommended to choose healthy snacks which are less sugary and can meet your nutritional needs properly. Recommended foods to snack on include nuts with no added salt or sugar, pre-chopped vegetables, fruits, low-fat yogurts, and dried seaweeds with no added salt. 

Eat more protein

Many people suffer from lack of energy during a diet and often collapse due to malnutrition. Hence, it is a must to watch your nutritional needs during diet including protein. Eat more protein from various sources such as fish, beans, white poultry, tofu, and so on. 

Limit sugar intake

One of the most common caused of obesity as well as unhealthy lifestyle is excessive sugar consumption. Basically, any carb you eat is going to become sugar in your system. Hence, you don’t really need any more sugar to take. Avoid foods and drinks containing high level of fructose because it will turn into fat and make you gain more weight instead of losing it. 

Stay hydrated

There are so many discomforts and health problems that arise when you are dehydrated. Hence, it is strongly suggested that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day. You can also gain water from any other sources such as fruits. Water also helps in improving your metabolism. Drinking water before a meal can help reduce the amount of foods you eat. 

Reduce refined carbohydrate

Refined or simple carbohydrates are not recommended if you plan on losing some weight. They are damaging to your health especially to your metabolism because it only influx sugar in your system. Refined or simple carbohydrates include white flour, white rice, white bread, candies, cereals, pasta, etc. 

Stay physically active

A healthy diet is the one that is followed by regular exercise. You can choose any type of exercise that fits your condition and preference. By staying physically active in your effort to lose some weight, you keep the balance of your health. Exercises also help improve your metabolism, and reduce your stress level, helping you stay healthy both mentally and physically. 

Best Ways in Keeping Burnout At Bay

Best Ways in Keeping Burnout At Bay

There are many factors in life that can out you in overwhelming situations such as multiple responsibilities to juggle, home life, work life, relationships, and more. More often that not, those lead to expectations and demands that are too high for you to handle. In the end, you fall exhausted and relentless. When you are in those situations and forcing yourself to keep moving, you will collapse. It is because humans are not programmed to function without proper downtime, rest, and solitude. 

The symptoms of burnout

Sometimes, it is possible that you don’t realize you are suffering from burnout because you are too busy doing so many things at once. Burnout itself is not a medical diagnose. Generally, it is the feeling of extreme exhaustion and depleted energy due to continual stress. Physical syndromes include constant headaches, upset stomach, muscle aches, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Having the urge to withdraw yourself from social activities can be the symptoms of burnout. 

How to deal with burnout and keep it at bay

It can be challenging to deal with burnout especially when it has become worse due to being late to realize your own state. However, you can start with checking yourself if you are experiencing burnout. If you think you are, here are some of tips to help you overcome burnout so it doesn’t get worse at least:

Practice being in the present

When you do particular activity, keep your mind to be in the present. For example, pay attention to the road while driving instead of busy checking on your phone. When you having a lunch with others, engage more by talking with them. It is best to put down your phone for a while when you do an activity to keep your focus in check. 

Prioritize what’s worth your time and energy

When making your schedule, make sure to know what activities or events worth your time and energy. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your time for the sake of hosting an event. When setting this event into your calender, make sure to anticipate extended time that you might have to spend longer than what you initially estimate. 

Prioritize yourself

It is also important that you prioritize yourself before others sometimes. You deserve a break from time to time even if it means you have to say no to other request for having dinner or a hangout. It is okay to set a schedule for you to be with yourself doing activities that can be relaxing and fun for you. It can be simple activities such as napping, watching your favorite show, going to spa, etc. 

Embrace support from others

It is okay to not be able to handle the overwhelming stress by yourself sometimes because you are only human. Not seeking out support from others won’t make you look stronger. In fact, collaboration or any type of supports from others can be what you really need. Also, practice healthy habits as much as you can such as sleeping well, eating healthily, and exercise regularly.

Does Natural Moisturizer is Really Better for Your Skin?

Making the Switch to Natural Face Moisturizers 1
Image credit: Kayleighjune via Pinterest

You might be asking this to yourself; what does natural moisturizer really means? This should be a straightforward question to respond to. It simply refers to skincare that is made entirely of natural substances. However, in order for a product to be certified as organic by various governing organisations, it does not have to include 100 percent organic ingredients.

To be classified as organic, a product must contain at least 95% organic ingredients, according to the Soil Association. To be eligible for the Soil Association logo, products must contain at least 70% organic components.

Hydrating Your Skin Naturally from Within

Hydration, like most things, begins on the inside. Drinking plenty of good quality water (not tap water; filtered or spring water is best) and eating plenty of organic veggies will help you keep your skin hydrated.

We all know that alcohol dehydrates the body, but alcohol is found in a large number of skincare products, owing to its ability to preserve items. Despite this, it dehydrates! As a result, we advise against using face moisturisers that contain alcohol. Many of the people we meet have been told to avoid using skincare that contains alcohol.

Making the Switch to Natural Face Moisturizers

A brand with organic and natural label indicates that no chemicals were used in the production of the product or in the cultivation of the materials that made it up. Preservatives, chemicals, and other synthetic ingredients are not used in the production of organic skin care products. They’re prepared from natural components like flowers, herbs, fruits, nuts, milk, and oils that are grown without pesticides, commercial fertilisers, or possibly hazardous chemicals.

Natural and all-organic face moisturizer is just as effective as, if not more effective than, conventional moisturizers. There is also a large selection of organic skin care products available to meet your demands. There is an organic skin care product for everyone, from lotions and creams to lip balms and lipsticks.

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Better Skin and Better Overall Health

According to studies, about 60% of the chemicals present in traditional commercial skin care and cosmetics make their way into the bloodstream. Even if trace levels of these compounds do not constitute a substantial concern, their buildup can be toxic. You eliminate the possibility of chemicals entering into your bloodstream by utilising organic skin care products.

Finding Organic Face Moisturizers in the UK

While discovering all-natural brands requires some investigation, some simple guidelines include looking for phrases like parabens and phthalates on the label. You’re not looking at a non-toxic range if you see them in the ingredients list. Today, finding a good natural moisturizer in the UK will not be as hard as it was five years ago. Though it might be hard to find in most conventional stores, many organic and natural skincare can be found online. It’s one Google away, really!

Will you swap your moisturizers to a natural one?

Tattoo Canggu, Know the Risks Before Making a Body Art

We need to know the knowledge of tattoos before they are attached to our bodies for life. In fact, almost people aged 15-35 years have tattoos. Based on the survey, one in four people regretted it for various reasons. Sometimes many people decide to have a tattoo without thinking. Bali is known as a place for local and international artists and tattoos. The tattoo Canggu is increasing with the arrival of many body art artists from various parts of the world.

Before you decide to make a picture that is attached to the body forever, whether it’s in Canggu Bali or outside Bali. Some things are surprising and there have been reports of complications of ink, infections, effects of toxins, scars, burns, or chronic irritations.

The most worrying is the long-term effect of tattoo ink on the immune system and other body health complications. What is surprising in the world of tattoo art is the discovery of several types of tattoos containing poisons from carcinogenic compounds. In fact, one of the 5 types of tattoo ink is not in accordance with international health standards and is very dangerous. In fact, there are many studio tattoos that use pigments in tattoo ink, an industrial dye used for printer ink and car paint.

Tattoo ink is found in surgical lymph nodes biopsy! After surgery to remove the tumor, the pathologist found that appearing as a malignant cell in a scanning machine is tattoo ink.

Recognize First Your Tattoo Canggu Studio

The above information might be very useful if to guide finding the best tattoo Canggu. What is meant by best is where you are handled by professional artist tattoos and are familiar with the skin type of their patients. Ensure that the tattoo studio you go to uses super-quality ink and does not have an effect on your skin.

Indeed, it is not easy to find professional tattoo Canggu, experienced and use quality materials. You can browse the internet and see reviews of guests who make tattoos. Pay attention to the type of ink they use for your reference to find information on whether the type of ink is safe to use.

A tattoo can be said as a decision that can change life and body. When deciding to make body art, you know the risk without regret for life. Although removing tattoos can be done now, but keep in mind that it is not easy to delete in one session.