Tattoo Canggu, Know the Risks Before Making a Body Art

We need to know the knowledge of tattoos before they are attached to our bodies for life. In fact, almost people aged 15-35 years have tattoos. Based on the survey, one in four people regretted it for various reasons. Sometimes many people decide to have a tattoo without thinking. Bali is known as a place for local and international artists and tattoos. The tattoo Canggu is increasing with the arrival of many body art artists from various parts of the world.

Before you decide to make a picture that is attached to the body forever, whether it’s in Canggu Bali or outside Bali. Some things are surprising and there have been reports of complications of ink, infections, effects of toxins, scars, burns, or chronic irritations.

The most worrying is the long-term effect of tattoo ink on the immune system and other body health complications. What is surprising in the world of tattoo art is the discovery of several types of tattoos containing poisons from carcinogenic compounds. In fact, one of the 5 types of tattoo ink is not in accordance with international health standards and is very dangerous. In fact, there are many studio tattoos that use pigments in tattoo ink, an industrial dye used for printer ink and car paint.

Tattoo ink is found in surgical lymph nodes biopsy! After surgery to remove the tumor, the pathologist found that appearing as a malignant cell in a scanning machine is tattoo ink.

Recognize First Your Tattoo Canggu Studio

The above information might be very useful if to guide finding the best tattoo Canggu. What is meant by best is where you are handled by professional artist tattoos and are familiar with the skin type of their patients. Ensure that the tattoo studio you go to uses super-quality ink and does not have an effect on your skin.

Indeed, it is not easy to find professional tattoo Canggu, experienced and use quality materials. You can browse the internet and see reviews of guests who make tattoos. Pay attention to the type of ink they use for your reference to find information on whether the type of ink is safe to use.

A tattoo can be said as a decision that can change life and body. When deciding to make body art, you know the risk without regret for life. Although removing tattoos can be done now, but keep in mind that it is not easy to delete in one session.