Good Habits To Improve Your Postures

Good Habits To Improve Your Postures

Poor posture is when your body is in the wrong position. It may sound harmless because you think your body is smart. Of course it is. However, poor posture can lead to some major health problems. That is why you should not make poor postures a habit. Poor postures often cause many people to experience back pain or headaches. To some people, it can cause chronic and lasting health issues such as herniated disc, chronic fatigue, and compromised physical performance that may take forever to fix. Therefore, it is time to build your awareness of the importance of good posture and make it a habit. 

How to make good posture a habit

There are many reasons why people experience various health problems as the result of poor posture. It can be caused by carrying excess body weight, lack of muscle tone, using poor forms when exercising or walking, sitting for too long, prolonged used of electronic devices, lying down or sleeping in the wrong positions, etc. Here are ways you can develop habits of maintaining good posture:

Improve your flexibility

Flexibility is something you can train and develop. Since it is essential for good health, you should consider taking daily routines that help improve your flexibility, and in return, improve your posture. You can do exercise that fits best to your body. You can find various video demonstration of flexibility exercises that best for maintaining and fixing poor posture. 

Fix your sleeping habit

Fix your sleeping habit

The way you sleep can influence the way you sit and stand when you are awake. Hence, make sure to keep your spine align at night by placing a firm pillow between your knees when lying sideways. It takes off extra pressure of your spine and prevent it from twisting asymmetrically. Sleeping sideways with your legs slightly tucked up is the best position to maintain good posture. It also helps to regulate better breathing, and reduce snoring. 

Make changes of what you wear and carry

Wearing heels forces you to lean your body forward, causing you to slouch more. If it is possible, avoid wearing heels higher than 7inches. Other wardrobes that can impair your posture include bags, books, purse, and even accessories. Carrying a heavy bag for example, can put a lot of strain on your shoulders. Try reduce the weight of the bag you should carry and opt for a bag with strap that you can position across your body comfortably. 

Change your habits at work

It is common for people to bent over desk, and sit all day long which lead to poor posture. It is recommended to switch to standing desk which are more adjustable. Hence, you can switch from sitting to standing. Also, try to step away from your desk more often. Take a walk for few minutes every one or two hours, and work on your sitting posture. Your back should be straight with shoulders back and down. The soles of your feet should be flat on the floor and avoid crossing your legs for long period. 

Discovering Amed: Beautiful Landscape, Slow Living, and Diving

Discovering Amed: Beautiful Landscape, Slow Living, and Diving
Image source: Instagram/alicesweekend

We wanted to do something different in Bali, so despite the allure of luxury accommodations, clubs, and restaurants, we chose a more ‘genuine’ Balinese experience by traveling along the East Coast, where we heard we could see some fairly incredible species beneath the shimmering Pacific water. The North-East coast of Bali is the place to go if you’re searching for a more peaceful location with great diving. The Amed Bali is a growing city with a lovely long coast line, lots of black sand beaches, and a plethora of outstanding scuba diving places.

The Hidden Beauty of Amed 

East Bali, in my opinion, is the most naturally gorgeous region of the island. The pace of life is calm, the seaside beauty is breathtaking, and the isolation makes it ideal for a romantic break. Divers, snorkelers, surfers, and beach bums flock to East Bali because of the profusion of marine life, wrecks, great surf breaks, and stunning beaches. It also gives a welcome break from the cultural overload of central Bali. In Ubud, it’s quite simple to overindulge in culture. The sensation reminded me of being in slow days during the childhood, and all you need to rejuvenate at that point is some serene rough and tumble East Bali hinterland.

Getting Away from the Busy Bali

Central Bali’s inland attractiveness has a landlocked quality to it that can make one feel claustrophobic after a few days. Streams, balsam plants, palm trees, and locals dressed in sarongs, lace blouses, and flowers in their hair may be seen all around you. Though central Bali appears to be utterly dreamy, after a few days, one develops a desire for spaciousness that only oceans can supply. As a lover of space and freedom, the immensity of east Bali pulled me in like a moth to a flame, and I made an effort to visit it as often as possible. Thus, throughout my month in Bali, I visited Amed for scuba diving, and it was awesome.

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The Highlight: Scuba Diving in Amed Bali

The Highlight: Scuba Diving in Amed Bali
Image source: Instagram/nextimeperhaps

The coastal strip of Amed is economically impoverished and has minimal infrastructure due to its semi-arid location, compared to south Bali. The region’s economy is centered on salt production, fishing, and diving-related tourism, and the water around Amed is filled with marine life. There are several scuba diving spots in Amed that you can visit during your dive trip there. It’s a snorkeler’s dream, with beautiful coral reefs with schools of parrotfish, black snapper, wrasses, sharks, sponges, and barracudas. In the shallow sections, there are a few wrecks as well. Tulamben village was always one of my Amed visits, and I enjoyed snorkeling there. The diving in Amed experience is overall remote, quiet, and rustic, with colorful outrigger canoes and deep blue waves breaking over the sparkling silky black sand.

The Vibrant Underwater in Amed

Each dive in Bali was distinct from the one before it. What else could there be to view besides giant gliding mantas, wobbegong sharks, and colorful nudibranchs?

This is one of those settings where you need to take your time to appreciate all of the small details. When you first start diving, I recommend leaving the camera at home. There’s so much going on around you that it’d be a shame to miss out on it because you’re focused on the camera. Examine the movie to see how many species you can identify. Then go back and watch the video again to catch up on whatever you missed the first time around.

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Diving with Jukung in Amed

Diving with Jukung in Amed

This time, the diving boat wasn’t your standard cow boat. We opted for Jukungs instead. A Jukung is a tiny outrigger canoe made of wood. Ours was about 2 1/2 feet wide and had enough room for three divers and the captain. Because of the limited space aboard the boat, your dive gear will be handed to you once you’ve disembarked. Imagine getting on your scuba gears on this jukung boat. It might be a little hard, but it’s going to be a new and unique experience, isn’t it?

Are you ready to visit Amed this summer?

How To Meet More People When Travelling Solo

Travelling solo brings so many benefits for yourself. Hence, many seasoned travelers even suggest to take solo trip at least once in a lifetime to fully experience solo adventure. Travelling solo allows you to get to know more not only the places you are visiting but also yourself. It allows you to reflect and even know more on your potential. Another perk of being a solo traveler is that the opportunity to build confidence and meet like-minded travelers. 

How To Meet More People When Travelling Solo

How to confidently and seamlessly meet people during solo trip

Meeting new people might not be as exciting for some people. Many people are struggle to do it confidently due to various reasons. It even sounds more intimidating to do it during solo trip. However, you can meet more people seamlessly when travelling solo by considering these helpful tips:

Consider staying at hostel

Hostel is the best place to meet fellow travelers since it is one of the most preferred accommodation for travelers. Hostel also has common areas where travelers can hang around and strike up conversation. It is a great place to start a friendship as well. 

Contact old friend at your intended destination

You may have some old friends at your intended destination. Contact them prior the trip so you can plan a meetup later. They may also have friends they want to introduce to you. You can meet for coffees and hang out together with friends of your friends. 

Pick the right place to make friend

There are many places you can visit to make new friends during your solo trip. Bar is one of the easiest places to strike up a conversation romantically or not. Choose the type of bar that align with your vibe and style so you get to meet like-mind people to make friends with. You may opt for sport bar or beach bar to draw more unique crowds. Keep in mind to drink wisely and put a smile to look more welcoming. 

Sign up for a tour

It is recommended to sign up for a day tour around your destination. Through this tour, you will get to meet other foreign travelers like yourself. You can also use that as common grounds to bond over. Choose a type of tour that you prefer. Hopefully, you get to meet people who share similar interests. 

Find local community

You may have particular interest that can bring you to find other people who share the same interests. Hence, find local community who consists of people with the same interest and join a meetup. It can be a memorable experience even if you don’t make closer bond. 


You can also consider volunteering during a trip so you get to meet more people, especially those who are passionate in helping others. You may find large non-profit and local organizations to volunteer. 

Consider taking a class

Aside from volunteering, you may also consider taking particular class to meet more people while learning something. It can be cooking class, sport classes, and many more.

Taking The Best Travel Photos When Travelling Solo

One of the most common challenges for solo travelers is taking the best travel photos when travelling alone. When you travel with a companion, at least you have someone to ask for taking a photo of you. It often results better than just some random selfies. Meanwhile, being along during travel means you need to rely on yourself for many things including taking travel photos. However, it is not impossible for you to take great pictures even when you travel solo. Here are some important tips for you to consider when trying to capture great photos as solo traveler:

Find out what you want

It is often that you take selfies randomly in a place you are visiting without any purpose outside keeping memories of the trip. However, your photos will tell alot if you know what you want. Hence, find out what kind of photos you want so you know what travel album you would like to create, what mood you want to set, what story you want to tell, or what style you want to incorporate to the photos. At least, get general ideas of these things so you are shooting with more purpose. 

Get inspired

You can also find some inspiration how to take great travel photos from various sources such as social media. It is one of the best places if you want to find aesthetic pictures in every genre. You may check out some aesthetic pictures from Instagram and save some photos you like. Then, you can make your own twists from the inspiration you get. Therefore, you don’t just blindly follow what others do or make. You create your own colors to make it more your authentic-self. 

Embrace your selfie sticks

You may think it is embarrassing to carry around selfie stick when travel because it is very touristy thing to do. However, you don’t really have to be embarrassed about that. In fact, embrace your selfie stick and make the most of it. As long as you are being mindful when using our selfie stick (not hitting people around you when taking selfie for example), you can shamelessly use it to take amazing pictures. 

Bring tripod

Yes, it might be harder to take great pictures as solo travelers. Not to mention that keep asking strangers to take photos of you can go so much. Hence, bring your own photography gears such as tripod. There are so many types of tripod today you can bring that they are not going to add more weight into your luggage. They are usually foldable and lightweight.

Get your pose

One of the biggest challenges in taking travel photos when travelling alone is that you feel more self-conscious than ever. You tend to be shyer to let out your inner model, so unlike when you are with your friends. However, try to get rid off of that shyness for a while and let out your inner model to the fullest. Pose as you want and show your confident-self.

Raja Ampat Trip, The Comprehensive Travel Guide

The Raja Ampat archipelago is the quintessential Indonesian island getaway. There are many ways to explore this remote paradise, but only one guarantees a trip you’ll never forget. Greens and blues as far as the eye can see, deserted beaches, and an underwater ecosystem to delight even the most experienced snorkelers and scuba divers. Raja Ampat has recently become one of the world’s hottest diving destinations, and visitors can now choose between stylish resorts and breathtaking Raja Ampat trip adventures! But which of these options is best for you?

Karawapop, a heart-shaped lagoon in the cluster of West Papua island, Raja Ampat Indonesia

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trip Adventures

Raja Ampat liveaboard provides the distinct advantage of being able to explore multiple locations within this vast region. And the best Raja Ampat liveaboard has multi-destination itineraries down to a science! Each day, you’ll probably dive three or four times in one area before sailing through the night to your next incredible island group.

This strategy allows dive boats to cover Raja Ampat’s vast distances while stopping at the most spectacular sites along the way. It also allows guests to visit many islands that would otherwise be inaccessible, making them ideal for hiking in virgin rainforests, trekking to see rare endemic birds, and snorkeling on some of Indonesia’s best-preserved reefs. You’ll also have the opportunity to follow the best conditions in search of exciting marine species, or to visit well-known locations where seasonal gatherings occur. 

So, if you want to visit Raja Ampat, you’re in luck. This is one of the most popular destinations for expedition-style sailing trip Raja Ampat itineraries on the planet. Consider joining a seasonal transition or “crossing” expedition for the ultimate adventure. These usually last more than 20 days and cover a large portion of Raja Ampat as well as the remote Banda Sea to the south.

Where to go during a sailing trip to Raja Ampat? 

Pianemo Trekking

Pianemo is Raja Ampat in miniature, with jungle-clad rock formations scattered in turquoise waters. There are sweeping vistas of green and blue all over the archipelago, but few compare to those on Pianemo. Trek up the 340 steps to the main island’s viewpoint for the best of the best.

Arborek is a great place to learn about local culture.

Arborek is a stilted village near Waigeo’s port where you can expect a warm welcome from the locals, complete with dancing, singing, and feasting on traditional food. Its coastline is well-known for its unspoiled beaches and snorkeling spots. Don’t leave without purchasing a locally made hat or noken (string bag).

Kayak through Kabui Bay

At this Gam Island nook, white-sand beaches and dramatic karst formations separate lush tropical greenery and the sparkling ocean. Kayaking is a popular activity in the bay, promising encounters with exotic fish, birds of paradise, and dolphins if you’re lucky. Goa Tengkorak, a cave containing the skeletons of the island’s ancient inhabitants, is also located in the area.

Manta Sandy Diving

Manta ray squadrons roam the waters of Manta Sandy, where diving is now regulated due to its increasing popularity. Only about twenty divers are allowed in the water at any given time, which makes for a far more intimate, not to mention sustainable, experience.

Mike’s Point offers a deeper dive.

This is a dive for experienced divers only. During WWII, the US Air Force repeatedly bombed Mike’s Point, mistaking it for a Japanese ship. The resulting blown-off chunks and caves have created a one-of-a-kind underwater landscape that is home to hundreds of marine species. Whitetip sharks, turtles, and sea snakes are among the creatures that call this vibrant coral garden home.

Improving Your Stay Experience in Bali Resort!

Going for resorts when you are staying in Bali is a great option. The Nusa Dua coast, for example, is dotted with luxurious resorts you can choose. Some people drop to the resort and enjoy the vacation as it is—but you can improve your experience by knowing what to do and what not to do during the stay!

Things to Avoid When Staying in Bali Resort

Choosing the Wrong Resorts in Nusa Dua for You

Look for a resort that is ideal for you. Generally, three factors come into play: guest demographics, resort location, and resort concept. It’s easy to find out where a property is located, and most properties have a clear theme. However, determining demographics can be challenging, and it’s usually best done by reading reviews and looking at images from previous visitors. Make sure the resort’s budget, concept, and demographics align with your vacation goals.

Assuming Everything in the Resort is Included

Although the term “all-inclusive” may lead you to believe that everything is included, this is rarely the case. At a resort, you may be charged extra for some restaurants, tours, activities, spa services, Wi-Fi, premium booze, and room service. Even if everything is included, you’ll almost certainly have to pay extra for airline, luggage fees, airport transportation, and resort fees.

Do your homework before booking an all-inclusive vacation to see what’s included and what’s not. When evaluating pricing, keep in mind that certain resorts are more all-inclusive than others.

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Taking Too Much than You Can Chew—Literally

It’s easy to overindulge when food and drink are included and unlimited when you were in Nusa Dua beach resort. This is especially true in buffet restaurants, where you may notice more things that appear to be appealing. Before getting a plate, I thought it helpful to wander around the buffet and explore the alternatives.

If you plan to drink alcohol during your all-inclusive stay, beer and wine may be your best bets. Because the alcohol content of these drinks is known and consistent, you can easily keep track of how much you’re drinking. On the other hand, depending on the bartender, mixed drinks may receive light or heavy pours.

How to Make Your Resorts Vacation in Nusa Dua Better

How to Make Your Resorts Vacation in Nusa Dua Bette

Bring Reusable Cup for Coffee and Drinks!

It is beneficial to both you and the environment to bring reusable cups. Drinks are generally provided in small disposable plastic cups at poolside bars, swim-up bars, and beach bars. Drinks are usually served in little plastic cups at the pool bar, but you can ask the bartender to fill your own cup or water bottle instead. Most all-inclusive resorts will gladly fill your own cup, no matter how big it is.

Bring Sunscreen Whenever You Go!

Because shade may be difficult to come by at certain resorts, bring sunscreen. You can typically buy sunscreen at resorts, but it will likely be pricey and not be the brand you desire. So, if you’re going to check a suitcase, make sure you carry enough of sunscreen and use it. I noticed several folks who had been severely burned. If you’re traveling alone, consider spraying sunscreen or just enlisting the assistance of another visitor.

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Explore All the Advantages of the Bali Resort

All-inclusive resorts typically feature a variety of activities and services that would otherwise be extra at a regular resort. Room service, for example, may be free, golf rounds may be included, and some all-inclusive resorts may even include excursions. This Bali tropic resort & spa in Nusa Dua has mother-daughter spa package, yoga class, and cooking class that you can join. 

At the same time, most all-inclusive resorts provide certain luxury options for an additional fee, so it’s wise to figure out what’s included early in your stay so you can take advantage of everything the resort has to offer.

Returning A Rental Car Safely And Responsibly

Renting a car is one of the most used options for people to travel around. It is considered efficient because you don’t have to deal with long lines at the airport or overwhelming crowd at train station. Renting a car is also more convenient if you travel with a group of people, making it more efficient to move around freely. Renting a car comes with the responsibility to return it safely and on time.  

close-up view of young woman renting a car with her mobile phone. All screen graphics are made up.

How to return rental care safely and responsibly

Returning a rental car usually takes around 10 minutes only. When you take the car to be returned to the agent, they will inspect the vehicle first. You will be asked to complete a rental car return form as well. Then, you give the keys to the agent and continue with your journey. You can also use key drop service which only takes around 2 minutes for you to return the car you rented. 

About cleaning the car before returning it

Usually, the rental agent has their own cleaning facilities to prepare they vehicle before renting it to the next customers. Hence, you don’t have to clean the exterior of the car. However, it is important to clean the interior of the car. Make sure the interior of the car is free from sand, upholstery stains, and smoking. 

Confirm the drop off location

Before returning the car, make sure to confirm the drop off location. Usually, it is the same as where you pick it up. However, confirming it before is always the right thing to do to avoid misunderstanding. Establish an appropriate departure time and take traffic conditions into account. Make sure to be on time because some companies may charge extra fees if the car returned late. 

Pack all your belongings in advance

It is best to pack all your belongings into luggage on final day or a night before returning the car. Hence, you won’t be too busy trying to fit everything in at the drop-off location. Make sure to be thorough in packing in all your belongings to avoid having something left behind. Check the inside of the car  again before moving on with your journey to see if there is any of your belongings left there.

About refueling the car

Some rental companies apply full-to-full agreement. If you happen to rent a car from a company who apply this rule, you will be given a car with a full tank and you must return it with full tank as well. Fill the tank at cheap gas station nearby to the drop off location to avoid overpaying for gas. 

Check your account statement

It is advised to check your credit card statement to make sure the company didn’t charge anything you were not aware of. Also, take photos of the car before returning as proof just in case you are accused of causing damage to the car that you didn’t do. Take photos of the gas gauge to also show that you returned the car with full tank.

Fantastic Hikes You Should Try For Your Next Adventure

Fantastic Hikes You Should Try For Your Next Adventure

There are many reasons why some people fall in love with hiking. It can be about the places they visit to hike, the beautiful views they expect when reaching the summit, or it can be about the journey of the hike itself. Regardless, there are so many fantastic hikes around the world you can explore for your next adventure. As the situation with covid-19 is slowly getting better, it is time for you to pan for your next hikes. And here are some of the most recommended hikes with fantastic aspects on them you can consider:

The Inca Trail, Peru

This is one of a hike that every hikers around the world should visit at least once in a lifetime. The trek spans 26 miles or about 43 km. This place is amazing because it has every beautiful and amazing things you could ask for including mountain scenery, subtropical jungle, as well as idyllic cloud forest. This hike ends in Machu Pichu, the lost city of the Incas. You need about 4 days to complete the trek. You are going to arrive at the Machu Pichu’s Sun Gate on the sunrise of the 4th day. Make sure to book at least 8 months in advance because the number of hikers permitted in limited. 

Everest Base Camp 

Every avid fan of hiking around the world must know Everest. This not an easy trek to hike and not many people are able or brave enough to conquer this special hike. It is recommended for those hikers who seek for extreme adventure. If you are not ready to hike to the top of Mt. Everest, you might be interested to hike to Everest Base Camp that sits at 5,600 meter on the Khumbu Glacier at the foot of the Everest. It may take around nine to fourteen days to complete the trek. In medium pace. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro

This is the highest mountain in Africa many hikers dreamed of visiting. The summit of Kilimanjaro named Uhuru Peak stands at 19,340 feet which is such a strenuous trek to hike for. However, this is a great place for beginner or casual hikers. You can take the shortest path to the peak which is Marangu route. It is also considered the most comfortable route because it is the only one that offer accommodation. It takes 5 to 10 days to conquer this trek. 

The Great Wall China

Well, this is also such an iconic place to hike. The Great Wall China spans over 13,000 miles. This might be an easy place to explore for tourists. However, it is not so easy place to hike. It may take 3 to 5 months to hike from the mainline of the wall. And if you plan to hike the entire wall, it may take around 18 months. For average hikers. If you ask whether there were people who completed their hike the answer is yes. There were a crew of hikers who did it in 1908. 

How To Stay Safe Using Hotel WiFi During Your Trip

During your trip, it is important to keep the connection alive with the people you love. Not to mention that sometimes during your vacation, you still need to take care of your work. Hence, you need internet data to let you do your things. And it is not such a big deal anymore since everywhere you go, you can find free WiFi, from restaurants to hotels, it is there to use freely. The problem is, how safe is it to use WiFi when you stay in the hotel? What about your private information? Is it at risk of being violated?

Hotel room with wifi access sign, laptop and cup of coffee

How to use hotel’s free WiFi safely during your trip

Cyber crime is a real threat these days as the world keep moving with advanced digitalization. Your personal information can be easily stolen when you are connecting with the internet using your personal gadget. It is so scary and can leave you feeling more paranoid during your trip. The most important thing you need to pay attention to is use hotel free WiFi responsibly. If you don’t really need it because you have your own data plan, then it is best to not skip using hotel WiFi rather than taking risk of your safety. 

How safe is hotel WiFi?

Hotels usually set their WiFi along with the level of security to provide comfort for their guests. However? How safe is it? Well, it is hard to decide since every hotel may have different policies to their cyber security. Their internet services may not be equipped with needed security to keep you safe while using it. Just like any other public WiFi, it lack of appropriate privacy measures. Hence, there is always a risk of data breach and whatsoever when you use it. 

Pay attention to what you access

If you really need to use hotel WiFi during your trip, use it only when necessary without accessing your personal information. For example, do not enter any password to your privacy information. Make sure you don’t access your bank account and such using hotel internet service to avoid any risk of data breaching. If you need to find information, you can use public facilities provided by the hotels. And again, make sure to not enter any personal information while using the device. 

Hotels are the target not you?

The number of cyber criminals who have been attempting attacks on business worldwide has increases since the past two years. However, they target hotels not the guests especially those that cater to business travelers. So no, you are not targeted directly or personally. It means, the chance is low for you to be the main target of cyber criminal while using hotel internet service. However, it is important to take precautions by not carelessly using it especially when you don’t really need it. Buy your own data plan so you can freely use your phone or any gadget to access anything you need during your stay in the hotel.

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Exploring Amazing Komodo National Park

Labuan Bajo is at an ideal location for the Komodo diving liveaboard, as it is close to several of the region’s best dive spots. A rapidly growing community that is losing its appeal as a result of the numerous constructions sprouting from the ground in all four corners of the town. Nonetheless, it draws a large number of visitors who come to see the Komodo and Rinca islands or dive close. Getting Labuan Bajo liveaboard with strangers is typically a more economical way for solo travelers and couples. it’s easy to get access to islands and diving spots than renting your own boat. 

Colorful pink purple sunset twilight over the harbor of Labuan Bajo after a heavy thunderstorm - labuan bajo liveaboard

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Get around Padar Island

The white, black, and pink sand beaches on Padar island are well-known. The major attraction here is a long set of steps leading to a vista at the summit of one of the island’s hills.

There are several pink beaches in the Labuan Bajo area, the most popular of which is a pink beach on Komodo Island, to which most tour operators travel.

The beach is pink due to a red coral that breaks off with the waves and finally turns into sand. A couple of these larger fragments of alien-looking coral can be found strewn across the beach. Aside from marveling at the fact that you’re on a pink frickin’ beach, snorkeling in the shallows is another thing to do here.

Komodo island boat trip

The Komodo dragon, the world’s largest living lizard species, lives on Komodo Island. You can see the Komodo dragon on Rinca Island, in addition to Komodo Island. 

The rangers on Rinca Island feed the dragons. This boosts the chances of sighting a dragon because they all congregate near the visitor’s center for meals. 

The disadvantage is that seeing a dragon is not guaranteed, especially during the dry season. 

Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode, Gili Motang, and Padar in Komodo National Park, as well as areas of Flores and Longos, are home to the gigantic lizards.

Boat Charter Komodo

How to get a Komodo boat charter? It’s easier to find an operator to get a Komodo boat charter. You can surf the internet and find dozens of operators that offer travel packages. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, you can adjust the travel package according to your budget. Labuan Bajo liveaboard is one of the best ways to reach many dive spots, and save your travel time.

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