Fantastic Hikes You Should Try For Your Next Adventure

Fantastic Hikes You Should Try For Your Next Adventure

There are many reasons why some people fall in love with hiking. It can be about the places they visit to hike, the beautiful views they expect when reaching the summit, or it can be about the journey of the hike itself. Regardless, there are so many fantastic hikes around the world you can explore for your next adventure. As the situation with covid-19 is slowly getting better, it is time for you to pan for your next hikes. And here are some of the most recommended hikes with fantastic aspects on them you can consider:

The Inca Trail, Peru

This is one of a hike that every hikers around the world should visit at least once in a lifetime. The trek spans 26 miles or about 43 km. This place is amazing because it has every beautiful and amazing things you could ask for including mountain scenery, subtropical jungle, as well as idyllic cloud forest. This hike ends in Machu Pichu, the lost city of the Incas. You need about 4 days to complete the trek. You are going to arrive at the Machu Pichu’s Sun Gate on the sunrise of the 4th day. Make sure to book at least 8 months in advance because the number of hikers permitted in limited. 

Everest Base Camp 

Every avid fan of hiking around the world must know Everest. This not an easy trek to hike and not many people are able or brave enough to conquer this special hike. It is recommended for those hikers who seek for extreme adventure. If you are not ready to hike to the top of Mt. Everest, you might be interested to hike to Everest Base Camp that sits at 5,600 meter on the Khumbu Glacier at the foot of the Everest. It may take around nine to fourteen days to complete the trek. In medium pace. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro

This is the highest mountain in Africa many hikers dreamed of visiting. The summit of Kilimanjaro named Uhuru Peak stands at 19,340 feet which is such a strenuous trek to hike for. However, this is a great place for beginner or casual hikers. You can take the shortest path to the peak which is Marangu route. It is also considered the most comfortable route because it is the only one that offer accommodation. It takes 5 to 10 days to conquer this trek. 

The Great Wall China

Well, this is also such an iconic place to hike. The Great Wall China spans over 13,000 miles. This might be an easy place to explore for tourists. However, it is not so easy place to hike. It may take 3 to 5 months to hike from the mainline of the wall. And if you plan to hike the entire wall, it may take around 18 months. For average hikers. If you ask whether there were people who completed their hike the answer is yes. There were a crew of hikers who did it in 1908. 

How To Stay Safe Using Hotel WiFi During Your Trip

During your trip, it is important to keep the connection alive with the people you love. Not to mention that sometimes during your vacation, you still need to take care of your work. Hence, you need internet data to let you do your things. And it is not such a big deal anymore since everywhere you go, you can find free WiFi, from restaurants to hotels, it is there to use freely. The problem is, how safe is it to use WiFi when you stay in the hotel? What about your private information? Is it at risk of being violated?

Hotel room with wifi access sign, laptop and cup of coffee

How to use hotel’s free WiFi safely during your trip

Cyber crime is a real threat these days as the world keep moving with advanced digitalization. Your personal information can be easily stolen when you are connecting with the internet using your personal gadget. It is so scary and can leave you feeling more paranoid during your trip. The most important thing you need to pay attention to is use hotel free WiFi responsibly. If you don’t really need it because you have your own data plan, then it is best to not skip using hotel WiFi rather than taking risk of your safety. 

How safe is hotel WiFi?

Hotels usually set their WiFi along with the level of security to provide comfort for their guests. However? How safe is it? Well, it is hard to decide since every hotel may have different policies to their cyber security. Their internet services may not be equipped with needed security to keep you safe while using it. Just like any other public WiFi, it lack of appropriate privacy measures. Hence, there is always a risk of data breach and whatsoever when you use it. 

Pay attention to what you access

If you really need to use hotel WiFi during your trip, use it only when necessary without accessing your personal information. For example, do not enter any password to your privacy information. Make sure you don’t access your bank account and such using hotel internet service to avoid any risk of data breaching. If you need to find information, you can use public facilities provided by the hotels. And again, make sure to not enter any personal information while using the device. 

Hotels are the target not you?

The number of cyber criminals who have been attempting attacks on business worldwide has increases since the past two years. However, they target hotels not the guests especially those that cater to business travelers. So no, you are not targeted directly or personally. It means, the chance is low for you to be the main target of cyber criminal while using hotel internet service. However, it is important to take precautions by not carelessly using it especially when you don’t really need it. Buy your own data plan so you can freely use your phone or any gadget to access anything you need during your stay in the hotel.

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Exploring Amazing Komodo National Park

Labuan Bajo is at an ideal location for the Komodo diving liveaboard, as it is close to several of the region’s best dive spots. A rapidly growing community that is losing its appeal as a result of the numerous constructions sprouting from the ground in all four corners of the town. Nonetheless, it draws a large number of visitors who come to see the Komodo and Rinca islands or dive close. Getting Labuan Bajo liveaboard with strangers is typically a more economical way for solo travelers and couples. it’s easy to get access to islands and diving spots than renting your own boat. 

Colorful pink purple sunset twilight over the harbor of Labuan Bajo after a heavy thunderstorm - labuan bajo liveaboard

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Get around Padar Island

The white, black, and pink sand beaches on Padar island are well-known. The major attraction here is a long set of steps leading to a vista at the summit of one of the island’s hills.

There are several pink beaches in the Labuan Bajo area, the most popular of which is a pink beach on Komodo Island, to which most tour operators travel.

The beach is pink due to a red coral that breaks off with the waves and finally turns into sand. A couple of these larger fragments of alien-looking coral can be found strewn across the beach. Aside from marveling at the fact that you’re on a pink frickin’ beach, snorkeling in the shallows is another thing to do here.

Komodo island boat trip

The Komodo dragon, the world’s largest living lizard species, lives on Komodo Island. You can see the Komodo dragon on Rinca Island, in addition to Komodo Island. 

The rangers on Rinca Island feed the dragons. This boosts the chances of sighting a dragon because they all congregate near the visitor’s center for meals. 

The disadvantage is that seeing a dragon is not guaranteed, especially during the dry season. 

Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode, Gili Motang, and Padar in Komodo National Park, as well as areas of Flores and Longos, are home to the gigantic lizards.

Boat Charter Komodo

How to get a Komodo boat charter? It’s easier to find an operator to get a Komodo boat charter. You can surf the internet and find dozens of operators that offer travel packages. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, you can adjust the travel package according to your budget. Labuan Bajo liveaboard is one of the best ways to reach many dive spots, and save your travel time.

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Explore The Corner Of Paradise At The Edge Of Papua
Dragon Trip To Flores, Witness The last Dinosaurs On Earth

Explore The Corner of Paradise at the Edge of Papua

The Raja Ampat liveaboard travel guide will assist you in planning your vacation by showing you how to get there, the finest activities available, and a variety of other helpful hints to make your adventure stress-free! There are some of the best snorkeling and diving you’ll ever see, as well as some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Isn’t it about time you went exploring in this little piece of paradise?

Explore The Corner of Paradise at the Edge of Papua  - raja ampat liveaboard

Raja Ampat Liveaboard – Explored the corner of paradise

Raja Ampat is unlike any other place on Earth. Exotic birds sing to one other above the ground, giant colorful butterflies flutter by, and hermit crabs dance in the sand. Below the surface of the water, beautiful lionfish stalk tropical fish, purple pufferfish, turtles, dolphins, and sharks. These Indonesian seas are the world’s most biodiverse, and if you dive in for a few minutes, you’ll be shocked by what you see.

There’s a heart and soul to this region of Indonesia, along with magnificent landscapes, fantastic snorkeling, diving, and limitless sunshine. Smiles on the faces of the folks in the area. People who have undoubtedly endured significant suffering as a result of West Papua’s difficult political climate.

Diving liveaboard

You’ll have to work for your paradise experience liveaboard because the journey isn’t easy! While living Raja Ampat liveaboard, you may snorkel from the pier’s end. You can see a variety of tropical fish such as angelfish, needlefish, lionfish, batfish, and even purple pufferfish. At night you can see sharks walking near the beach. The reef is beautiful. There’s no better way to unwind after a long day on the water than by viewing one of Raja Ampat’s spectacular sunsets.

Visiting Arborek

Arborek is a must-see destination! The island is open to visitors, with children performing traditional dances and giving tours of the village. It’s a little town with about 200 people, a school, a church, a few homestays, and some modest stores.

Stunning Small islands

You simply must get to Piaynemo when organizing your Raja Ampat liveaboard itinerary. This is the archipelago’s most famous view. Climb the 320 steps to get to the top and witness the charm of the beauty of the coral clusters above the blue seawater.

If you want to visit Piyanemo, tourists must know the rules that have been written on the information board on the side of the stairs. This is because the Pianemo area is a conservation area and also a coral tourism object.

When visiting Raja Ampat?

Between October and April is the greatest season to visit Raja Ampat, with the best weather towards the end of the year. It’s right on the equator, with average highs of 31 degrees Celsius and lows of 25 degrees. The rainiest months are June and July, but in a tropical paradise, you’re used to seeing storm clouds on most days.

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Staying Warm During Your Camping Trip

Staying Warm During Your Camping Trip

Going for a camping trip is fun especially when you do it with other people. However, there are also many challenges and one of them is the temperature especially at night. You can have a summer camping trip on a beach. Or you can also have a camping in the forest by hiking the mountains first. 

How to stay warm during your camping trip

As mentioned earlier that one of the most challenging parts of camping is the extreme temperature that drops at night. Staying warm in your tent is a must so you get to survive and enjoy your camping trip better. And here are some useful tips to keep yourself warm throughout your camping trip:

Prepare your tent properly

Your tent is where you are going to rest and sleep during the night. Some tents can be confusing to set up with how many layers they have or how complicated the structure is. Make sure to anchor fly sheets to keep your tent from getting penetrated by water or rain. It is recommended that you choose four-seasons tents since they can provide warmth better. They are also relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and sturdy. 

Get the right sleeping bag

Get the right sleeping bag

To keep your sleep nice and warm, sleeping bag choice does matter. There are many variations to the sleeping bags you can buy from the stores nowadays. You can choose sleeping bag that is appropriate to the season you are planning on camping trip. Summer sleeping bag is usually thinner and lightweight. Meanwhile, winter sleeping bag is usually heavy, thick, and suitable for freezing nights. Choose sleeping bags with great quality and are made with insulating materials which are suitable to be used  during lower temperatures. 

Get insulated sleeping mat or pad

Sleeping bag is not enough to keep you warm at night during your camping trip especially when you choose to camp during cold season. Sleeping mat can give your back more support so you can prevent your body from experiencing aches and pains. Also, sleeping mats and pads can provide extra warmth. With the insulated ones, sleeping mats and pads can create barrier between you and the ground. 

Wear appropriate night clothes

Hiking, backpacking, and camping requires you to dress appropriately not only to make you feel comfortable but also warm and safe. Regardless of the season you are camping in, wear different clothes for the nights from what you wear during the day. You are likely to be sweating and such during the day and sleeping in the same clothes can make you feel variety of discomforts. Not to mention that the sweat will make your clothes, making it impossible for you to get needed warmth. Hence, prepare different set of clothing for the nights.

Get warmed before bed

Try not to go to bed when you are cold. Warm yourself up with a cup of tea or milk before going to bed. Hence, your body is in comfortable temperature to sleep. Or, you can simply sit next to campfire before snuggling into your sleeping bag.  

Trekking Tour in Baliem Valley Papua Raja Ampat

Indonesia’s last frontier, Papua, is one of the world’s most remote, scenic, and culturally fascinating areas. The local tribes Papua will astound you with their customs, unusual attire, and politeness. Furthermore, Baliem valley’s scenery is breathtaking; massive cliffs, waterfalls, and rivers are home to these peculiar people. Being in West Papua and not having direct contact with locals or tribes living in isolated villages would be the same as not being there at all. 

Baliem Valley traditional house with remarkable scenery

Baliem Valley Trekking Tour

Tourists who come to the Baliem Valley, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua, usually do trekking or tours on foot. Step by step, tourists spend time enjoying the natural scenery, fresh air, and cultural diversity of the local people.

In the Baliem Valley, tourists can find traditional Dani villages with honai houses. The Dani dwelling is round and has a roof of dry grass. While trekking, tourists will also see a sweet potato garden located on a steep hillside.

When trekking, there is a unique way for people to measure distance. If we usually measure distances in meters, the locals measure distances based on time.

Usually a tour guide or local resident will explain the unit of time, such as a clock to explain how far the trip is when trekking. However, this unit of time also applies differently for each person.

For tourists who are not used to walking long distances and taking on difficult terrain, the trekking duration will certainly be longer. 

If the tour guide or local residents state the trekking route is taken in five hours. So tourists must understand that it is distance and travel time based on the ability of local residents, not foreigners. If tourists are not used to walking, they can take the trekking route within nine hours.

Trekking in the Baliem Valley, suitable for travelers who like an adventure. Usually, tourists spend two to three days there. The trekking path is a very small path with steep inclines or descents. The terrain consists of hillsides, cliff edges, and crossing rivers.

Baliem Valley is located at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level. Tourists can only get there by plane from Sentani, Jayapura, Papua.

In the Pacific Ocean, West-Papua (previously known as Irian Jaya) is located between Australia and the equator. West Papua is the western half of New Guinea’s massive island. It is also the Indonesian archipelago’s easternmost point. West Papua is a fascinating and unusual place on the planet. Forest protection has resulted in the survival of over 520 unique tribes and local languages.

Dragon Trip To Flores, Witness The Last Dinosaurs on Earth

Indonesia saves a variety of natural panoramic beauty that makes anyone amazed. Flores, the extraordinary East Nusa Tenggara, there is always something to tell. An island that is very fitting to be the main destination choice when visiting Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island. If you want to see the last dinosaurs on earth then you have to take a Komodo dragon trip tour. In fact, a vacation to eastern Indonesia is more expensive than to Southeast Asia. 

Dragon Trip To Flores, Witness The Last Dinosaurs on Earth

Dragon trip to Flores budget

Whether you’re from Bali or Jakarta, you should head to Labuan Bajo. The price of plane tickets from Bali is relatively cheap, with around 1.4 million returns. For ticket prices from Jakarta around 2 million. Labuan Bajo is the door for you to explore the National Park and see the last dinosaurs on earth. Komodo island trips are non-negotiable, where you sail by boat for several days around Komodo National Park. You will do a lot of activities on the boat with available facilities such as bedrooms, dining rooms, toilets, including sundecks.

The price of the ship varies depending on the quality and number of passengers. You can choose the cabin including air-con or without air con. Don’t be tempted to offer Komodo tour packages at low prices because the service you get is very standard according to the price. Try to find and compare providers to get luxurious promos and facilities.

Visit the island of Komodo habitat

Komodo is one type of lizard-like animal which is the largest animal on earth from about 3000 other lizard species. Following the Komodo tour, you will definitely see the last dinosaurs on earth. On this island, you can take part in trekking activities to see the Komodo dragons and master their activities. On Komodo Island, you can find beautiful savanna and hills. The waters in Komodo Island tourism are also very pleasing to the eye. Komodo National Park is popular with diving and snorkeling spots for lovers of water activities. 

Diving Spot 

Manta Point

Manta Point is located in the Loh Liang area of Komodo National Park. The place can be reached in less than 25 minutes from Pink Beach. As the name suggests, the manta point is the perfect place to interact directly with Manta, the largest stingray species in the world.

Manta Rays can be seen from the ship, but if you are good at diving, you can see and hold the mantas directly. Because, not only can you see from the ship, you can also enjoy this manta by snorkeling, which is certainly accompanied by a reliable guide.

Indonesian Cuisine You Must Get A Taste

Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world rich with diversity and in both culture and foods. Hence, you will find wide range of delicious cuisine in Indonesia. Also, the majority if Indonesians are Muslims so you will hear a lot about ‘halal foods’. Hence, the majority of the cuisine is free from pork, alcoholic ingredients, and other items that don’t meet Islamic way of living. However, this doesn’t mean Indonesian cuisine is less delicious or rich. In fact, there are so many foods you can try that it can put you in awe. And here are several of them:



This is sort of like beef stew  with interesting, unusual color for a soupy dish. The color of the broth is pitch-black and for some people it can be unappetizing. However, this dish tastes amazing. The black color to the broth comes from the kluwek, Indonesian spice also called Pangium. This beef dish requires slow cooking process to to allow the rich flavor of the spices penetrate into the tender meat. It is often served with warm steamed rice. 

Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is like a rice combo originated in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia. The most interesting thing about this dish is the rich flavor coming from different side dishes. This is basically a rice-based meal in which the dishes can be chosen as you prefer. Most favorite dishes to be served include ayam rica, rendang, vegetables, sambal ijo, and telor padang. The best way to enjoy this dish according to the majority of Indonesians is to use bare, clean hands. It is best served with ice tea. 

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

Another rice-based meal from Indonesia that has reached worldwide popularity. This is basically fried rice with variety of topping and seasoned with Indonesian spices. The typical Indonesia fried rice or Nasi Goreng usually incorporate scrambled eggs, sweet soy sauce, shredded chicken, sausages slices, and onions. It is beset served with pickled carrot and cucumber as well as prawn crackers. 

Opor Ayam

Opor Ayam

This is a chicken stew mostly served during Eid Al-Fitr for Muslims. This is basically chicken dish cooked with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, bay leaf, and other Indonesian seasonings. Many people also call this dish white curry because of the color and flavor. It is best served with steamed rice or ketupat, a diamond-shaped rice cake. Chili paste and fried onions are also added to enrich the flavor even more. 



This is Indonesian version of vegetable salad. This vegetable-based cuisine is loved by many Indonesians for generations. There is no boiling process of vegetables to make this dish because fresh vegetables are the ones that are being used. Cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, basil, long beans, and eggplants are usually vegetables used to prepare this dish. Then, peanut sauce is added to add more flavor. The peanut sauce is made from peanut, chili, galangal, salt, Javanese sugar, vinegar, and shrimp paste. The toppings such as prawn chips or crackers are added on top. You can enjoy this dish without steamed rice. 

Why You’ll Love A Vacation in Jimbaran Bali

Why You’ll Love A Vacation in Jimbaran Bali
Image source: Instagram/ @tripsinbali @daisukephotography

Bali is undeniably a paradise on earth, especially for its bizarre islands and beaches. Apart from its outstanding competitors, Jimbaran was notable for its breathtaking scenery. The spectacular cliffs of Jimbaran, lovely beaches, and luxurious villa Bali that nestled in this seaside area attract numerous globetrotters and well-heeled beach bums from all over the world.

Peaceful Vacation in Secluded Jimbaran Vacation Rental

Peaceful Vacation in Secluded Jimbaran Vacation Rental

Jimbaran is rarely worth a day trip, but it is a fantastic base for those who enjoy peaceful evenings and tranquil nights. Travelers who seeks peace here enjoys living in secluded private villa Jimbaran or five-star resorts that dotted the beach. Unlike other well-known Bali locations—such as Kuta—Jimbaran has remained relatively unspoilt. While you won’t be able to partake in the frenetic nightlife of Kuta or Seminyak, you may relax at an elegant patio bar with views of the azure ocean.

Relax by the Sea in Jimbaran Bay

If you’ve been dreaming of a Bali beach vacation, the Jimbaran Bay can make an ideal vacations for that. You can find a stunning 4 bedroom luxury villa with a magnificent view beach of Jimbaran Bay. This quiet, isolated fishing community on the southwest coast offers more if you know where to stay. Jimbaran Bay, which is protected by a coral reef, has calm, quiet waters that are ideal for swimming. Jimbaran Beach is a must-see in Jimbaran Bay, but it’s worth repeating how stunning the place is. Even if you are from a coastal region, the calm of the place will astound you.

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Delicious and Cheap Seafood at Every Corner

Fortunately for all foodies, Jimbaran is a wonderful alternative for satisfying your palette, especially if you enjoy seafood. A few days here will leave you feeling calm, refreshed, and ready to take on the remainder of the island, with seafood dining on the beach and exclusive dining in luxury resorts like Four-seasons Jimbaran.

Feel the Authentic Balinese Living in Your Villa Jimbaran Bali

Feel the Authentic Balinese Living in Your Villa Jimbaran Bali

Despite its upscale resorts, Jimbaran Bay has maintained an original Balinese character, integrating local culture with five-star grandeur. You will see this when you stay at a vacation rental in Jimbaran Bali and see how your host give the Canang Sari offering every morning and see local Balinese go to Pura for religious ceremony. 

Strong Cultural Immersion in Pura Ulun Siwi

With so many things to do in Jimbaran, temple hopping should be at the top of your to-do list. Pura Ulun Siwi, another well-known temple in Jimbaran, serves as a doorway to the magical highland terrain. Ulun Siwi is not only easily accessible, but also an excellent area to escape the typical Bali heat for a cooler atmosphere. It is located across from the Jimbaran market with the gorgeous mountain backdrop.

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Sunset at A Rock Bar

The Rock Bar in Jimbaran is a world-famous bar with cliffside views of the spectacular Balinese sunsets. Guests take the AYANA Resort and Spa funicular to the top of the rock, which is 14 meters above the sea. Rock Bar has a stringent, fashionable dress code in place: no shirt, no shoes, no admittance. It’s a place where you can justify dressing up. As a result, expect all visitors to bring their “A” game and dress to impress for the evening. Daytrippers should be aware that backpacks and other oversized luggage must be placed in another bag.

Discover The Reasons Why You Love To Travel

Travelling is not always sunshine and rainbow yet people still love it. Staying at the same place for too long can make you feel a little lost. You feel the urge to move and create adventure. It is something normal to feel because the majority of people experience that way. People crave for travelling to their dream destinations regardless how busy they are with their career or relationships. Every individual also travel for different purposes. And what about you? What makes you love to travel?

Possible reasons why you love to travel a lot

Travelling can be daunting since it is pretty unpredictable sometimes. You don’t know what hassles you will get to encounter even after being so prepared with your plan. You also keep wanting to travel more and more. And these are probably the reasons:

To ease your travel bug

It seems that travel bug is inherently there regardless of the age. Hence, you will always feel the itch that you want to scratch. You don’t have unnecessarily deep purpose of visiting a place but you feel strong urge to do it as soon as you can. Maybe you just have that restlessness and that can be eased only travelling and doing activities you love. 

Explore the world

It possible that the purpose of your trip is to explore the world. You feel the sense of high curiosity to learn more about the world and find out more about what’s in there. You may be curious about different cultures, social practices, or novel customs you have never witnessed in real life before. You probably read a book about certain culture and it raises your curiosity to visit the place in person and see it for yourself. 

To fulfill your life in your own way

People say life is short so you’d better make the most out of it by doing anything you like. By travelling, you may feel the fulfillment that you don’t get from other experiences. You feel like your life is short so you want to make the most out of your time visiting new places, meeting new people, and making your life the happiest memories. 

A natural thing run in your family 

There are families who like keeping a tradition, or that you are raised in the family where travel is part of normal life. It is most likely that you follow the same path of loving to travel. You don’t have any deep philosophy about why you love travel but you just feel like it is natural for you to have your own adventure. 

To discover yourself

Travelling opens up more opportunities to encounter many things that you might not be prepared for. However, it makes you learn a lot about life. And this is such a great learning opportunity for you to get to know yourself better, finding more potential that help you to develop. Through travelling, may find a way to discover yourself more, understand yourself better, and figure out how to grow to be a better version of yourself.