Causes Of Injury When Travelling That Might Surprise You

One thing about travel is that you don’t really know what you are going to encounter regardless of how meticulous you were with your preparation prior. Travelling to unfamiliar or even familiar places expose you to new environment and situation. Not to mention that you are also exposed to new culture in which you are not familiar with, making you feeling lost and confused. Injury is one of the risk you have to be prepared for when travelling. 

Surprising causes of injury when travelling

Even though travelling put you at high risk of getting injured doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged to explore the world as you like. You can take precaution and have enough knowledge to know what to do to deal with the situation in case you encounter while on the road. And here are quite surprising causes of injury one may experience when travelling:

Taking vehicle to get around

While most of the countries offer relatively safe vehicle for everyone to get around, there are possibilities that you make wrong judgment in choosing the type of vehicle due to travel rush or vacation high. You feel like you can conquer the world, leading you to make impulsive decision without knowing the risk. For example, you scooter to get around the crowded city, not knowing the road and the situation with the traffic. It mostly likely lead you to injury or even cause injury to other people. 

Alcohol poisoning

Lots of vacationers want to let loose during  a trip. Hence, they loose all their inhibition and start taking alcohol too seriously like it is a competition to win over. However, there have been many cases of travelers and tourist alike being injured and experience serious illness from taking deadly cocktail that most people see as harmless drink. Hence, always know your limit and don’t overindulge. 

Encounter with animals

Many travelers like to interact with the wildlife they see on the road. Even in the sanctuary, many visitors have that urge to pet and touch animals, going against the rule. It often leads to scratch, bites, and other type of injuries that may leave nasty scars. Hence, be mindful when interacting with the wildlife. Always listen to the guides and professional of what to do when encountering animals. 

Forgetting medication 

Just because your body is moving to another place doesn’t mean your medical condition just disappear. Regardless of your destination, your medical condition needs regular treatments. Hence, don’t forget or purposely leave your medication at home. Make sure it is on top of the list of priority you should pack into your bag. 

Eating exotic cuisine

As mentioned earlier that when you travel to new places, you are exposed to new environment and culture you are not familiar with. Even though you see the locals remain healthy and fine after eating exotic cuisine doesn’t mean you will end up the same. There is high possibility of food poisoning because it is something new to your body or that you have different resistance from the locals.

Komodo Island Tour Price For Open Trip & Private Tour

Trip to Komodo island is increasingly open to foreign and domestic tourists. The popularity of the island of Komodo with the Komodo dragon as its icon has brought tourists to come many times. Diving and snorkeling spots on Komodo island always attract tourists to come. The number of large and small islands on this island gave rise to the Komodo island tour to reach diving tourist destinations from island to island. 

Private cabin - komodo island tour

Komodo Island tour price

Traveling around Komodo Island is pretty simple. Getting there requires first flying to Bali. You need flying or boating to Labuan Bajo, and boating to Komodo Island. A few local airlines fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island. The budget for the Komodo tour depends on the type of cruise you take. The tour operator usually offers the type of open trip and private tour Komodo island. For the type of open trip, the budget you have to provide is around 2,5 million rupiahs (share room). For private rooms, Komodo island tour prices range from 3-6 million rupiah (3D2N). You can choose the type of boat available, ranging from simple to luxurious. 

Open trip Komodo inclusion

Transfers from the airport

  • Tour Guide/Leader
  • Private Boat Regulator (Air Conditioning/Cabins)
  • Onboard meals are included.
  • Tea, coffee, and mineral water
  • Komodo National Park Entrance Fee
  • Ticket for Ranger Komodo, Snorkeling, and Hiking
  • Kanawa Island has an entrance fee.
  • Equipment for Snorkeling
  • Documentation through photographs


  • Return Flight Ticket
  • Insurance
  • Expenses for personal use
  • Tipping

The inclusion & exclusion above for each operator will be slightly different. Ask in detail what is included and excluded before choosing a Komodo open trip operator. 

Komodo island tour destination

  • Kelor
  • Kalong
  • Padar island
  • Komodo island
  • Pink beach
  • Manta Point
  • Takka Makasar
  • Kanawa island
  • Siaba

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For diving lovers, you will focus on dive spots with spectacular underwater views.

  • Batu Bolong Reef
  • Friend
  • Taka Makassar
  • Manta Point
  • Big Laughter
  • Pink Beach
  • Moringa
  • Crystal Rock
  • Bidadari island

Best time to visit

The Komodo Island marine reserve is open all year, there are two distinct seasons in the region: dry season (April-December) and wet season (January-March) (January-March). The greatest time to visit the Komodo National Park is from April to December. The weather is dry and comfortable. Don’t forget to prepare Antigen Rapid Test Letter with Non-Reactive results.

6 Most Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

One of the most awaited holidays is Thanksgiving. It is the moment where you can gather with your family to spend some quality time. Not only that, you are presented with variety of tasty foods spread throughout the table. There are so many Thanksgiving dishes people love to enjoy. Some people even have their own favorite delicacies. 

Favorite Thanksgiving Food - turkey
Close up of unrecognizable person carving white meat during dinner at dining table.

6 most iconic and loved foods during for Thanksgiving

Let’s say that Thanksgiving is that the time of the year when you don’t have to worry about calories. There are so many Thanksgiving dishes  too good to be skipped just because you think too much about the calories. Let yourself enjoy the dishes spread in front of you. And here are 6  of the most favorite dishes during Thanksgiving that might be your favorite too:


Well, this is such a classic dish for Thanksgiving celebration. It is kind of hard to imagine Thanksgiving without Turkey. Some people find Turkey during Thanksgiving too dry to enjoy but it is more about how you prepare it so it still has tender meat. Not to mention that seasoning is the key here. It is also so fulfilling that you can sleep well at night after having dinner with a serve of Turkey. 

Pumpkin pie

Many people love to enjoy pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving celebration is because of its amazing taste. Compared to apple pie, pumpkin pie tastes not as sweet. It has that right level of sweetness that can be enjoyed by everyone. Not to mention that the texture is to die for. Eating pumpkin pie as dessert during Thanksgiving dinner is such a moment. 


Rolls are one of the most favorite foods to enjoy during Thanksgiving as well. It is like something to complete the celebration. It may not look as a major thing on the menu but when it is missing on the table, you know there is something incomplete about it. Bread rolls are also such a versatile foods to enjoy because you can eat it with a soup, jam, etc. 

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potato is often served during Thanksgiving celebration. It is not a requirement but many people find it fits the moment. This mouthwatering mush is so versatile that it can be paired up with anything from chicken to meatloaf. Without mashed potato, Thanksgiving dinner feels like lack of something. 

Mac n’ Cheese

This one is everyone’s favorite unless for those who are lactose-intolerant. This savory dish is best served during Thanksgiving dinner because it brings that kind of fulfillment and enjoyment. Many people are hunting for the slightly-burnt corners and the melty pockets of cheese. 

Sweet potatoes

This is such as heartwarming food that everyone can enjoy during Thanksgiving celebration. You can just bake it and enjoy the sweetness. Or, you can also season it with butter and brown sugar then topped with roasted marshmallow. You don’t really have to add too much sugar since it is already sweet as it is. Just make sure to cook it well. 

The Reasons Most People Love To Eat Out

Have you ever wondered with so many restaurants around the world yet they are never running out of customers to fill in the seats. It is almost every day that you can see people eat out in restaurants, food stalls, markets,food trucks, or cafes. They may not eat out every day but once or twice a week. But so many people do it regularly. You see them looking lively and in high spirit to enjoy what they order. Have you ever wondered the reasons behind why people love to eat out? 

The Reasons Most People Love To Eat Out
Image Source : Unsplash

Eating out is equal to socializing for some people

Some people eat out not only for the sake of ordering their favorite foods. Sometimes, it is about making connection, building relationship, and overall socializing with other human beings. And it is always valid to have this reason for eating out at one of your favorite restaurant. Some people don’t really like eating alone at home as well and it drives them to eat out more. 

Eating out as a symbol of status

It is also possible that some people choose to eat out because they want to show what their status is. They want to proof either to others or to themselves that they can afford eating out. Hence, it doesn’t matter if they eat out by themselves or with companions. This is often related to the choice of places to eat out. 

Eating out is more efficient

Eating out can be something considered more efficient because some people don’t have to waste time on going to the grocery, cooking, and washing dishes. They can just sit, order their favorite foods, and leave. This is usually the most common reason for those who have busy life. It is such a valid reason because some people carry busy life where they don’t even have time to nap or leisurely make their own coffee. They probably spend most of their time outside of their home building their future. 

Eating out is a way lessen the feeling of being lonely

For some people, eating out is about how they are able to see people, the crowd, the streets, and the chaotic life of the city. Some people don’t like eating alone at home and feeling lonely. Some of them love eating out just for the sake of the feeling of belonging to the society. But this doesn’t mean these people like to eat out with strangers they meet at the restaurants either. They still enjoy eating out even by themselves because what they search for is the feelings. 

Some people also eat out and think it is a form of recreation they get to enjoy. It is the way they spend their time to take break. They just see it as fun activity where they can let go of themselves, enjoy their favorite foods and past the time. Therefore, feeling hungry is not the only reason why people love to eat out. And no matter what your reason is, you can always enjoy your time eating out. 

Consider Having A Full Time Travel

It is often that when you get to visit your dream destination, it feels too fast because you have to think about the day of your return and leave all the memories you have built from the trip. It is common for most of people to just have short trip due to responsibilities such as work, school, family, pets, etc. Hence, it stops them from fully experience the real travel they have been craving. So if you keep feeling this way after returning from the trip, might as well consider having full time travel. 

The reasons why full time travel is worth it

It is possible that you extend your ‘holiday’ and start travel full time instead. Of course, you need to weigh the pros and cons because you cannot just leave your responsibilities and look like you are running away from them. However, you probably need good reasons why it is so worth it to consider having full time travel, and here they are:

You get the real experience of your trip

When you spend few days or a full week in a particular destination, it is highly likely that you only explore the main attractions that are popular for tourists. However, it will be different when you extend your trip. You will get to know underrated spots that give you the real experience of getting to know the local culture and beauty. You get to know what the city is truly like. The longer you stay, the better the way you see the city just like the locals do. With the extra time, you get more opportunities to find the real things not only the surface beauty. 

You can make money while travelling

Money is one of the common reasons why travelers leave their trip so soon. They are running out of money so they have to get back to work, plan another trip, save some money, and the cycle keeps going. However, you can also have a full time travel while making money. It is possible and so many travelers have been doing that for years. You can make the most out of your skills such as English, playing instrument, etc. There are also companies who like hiring freelancers who can work from wherever they are as long as they are on time with their work. 

There is no guarantee for next time

When you still feel excited about the place you travel to but you have to return soon, you might think there is next time for you to pay a visit again. However, there is no guarantee for that. You might be swamped by more works and responsibilities that make you unable to plan another trip. So when you are presented with an opportunity to have a full time travel, why not consider it as long as it gives you positive outcomes and you are happier that way. Life is short and doing things you want is absolutely amazing because then you won’t have any regrets.

The Best Liveaboard Diving Indonesia for Every Budget

With a Liveaboard, you can dive in Indonesia in a whole different way. We’ll go over the fundamentals of taking a Liveaboard dive trip and recommend some of the top Liveaboard dive trips in Indonesia for any budget. Liveaboard diving Indonesia is a fantastic opportunity to see the country’s magnificent underwater landscape.

The Best Liveaboard Diving Indonesia for Every Budget

If you’re seeking fascinating scuba dives with beautiful underwater scenery, wrecks, tunnels, and a diverse range of healthy marine animals. Indonesia is without a doubt one of the best countries on the planet to join a luxury liveaboard Indonesia. Indonesia is likely one of the world’s most visited countries. Every type of traveler will find it appealing. Ancient temples, active volcanoes, distant communities to discover, magnificent beaches to surf, and, of course, diving in Indonesia is a big draw.

Best Time of Year for Liveaboard Diving in Indonesia

The optimum time of year to visit Indonesia for an unforgettable diving adventure is determined by your diving destination.

Here are some of the best diving spots in Indonesia, along with the ideal time of year to visit each one:

  • September through May in Raja Ampat
  • Komodo: 365 days a year
  • Triton Bay is open from May through September.
  • March, April, September, and December are the best months to visit the Banda Sea.

The Best Diving Regions in Indonesia

Indonesia, a country of over 17,000 islands wedged between the Indian and Pacific oceans, has some of the best diving in the world. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the two most popular liveaboard diving sites in Indonesia.

Komodo National Park Diving

The Komodo Island National Marine Park, located in Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara area, is one of the most popular scuba diving sites in the country (and possibly the world!).

liveaboard diving Indonesia - whale shark komodo national park

Manta rays, whale sharks, and other feeding pelagics are drawn to the abundant plankton harvests in the shallow water channels. Colorful filter feeders such as sea squirts, sea apples, crinoids, and tunicates can be seen on the massive coral walls. In numerous protected bays, macro life such as pygmy seahorses and frogfish can be found.

From July to September, the weather in Komodo is sunny and dry. Evenings can get a little cool. The winds will be calmer in May and October, but there will be a strong likelihood of rain.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving

Most serious divers’ bucket lists include scuba diving in Raja Ampat, and for good cause. This Indonesian island paradise has some of the world’s most diverse diving. With moderate water temperatures and normally high visibility, you’ve got yourself a dive experience to remember!

The four main islands of Raja Ampat are Batanta, Waigeo, Misool, and Salawati. More than 1,500 tiny islands and reefs make up its surrounds.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving spot

Raja Ampat is known for having the most corals, fish, and mollusks, and it represents the world’s richest marine variety. Some dive sites are known for the large number of fish species that can be seen in a single dive. Manta rays can be found in one place, while schools of parrotfish, barracudas, humpback groupers, and other species can be found in others.

You can see more of this region on a liveaboard than you can on a single day diving tour. The average length of a dive cruise Indonesia is between 8 and 14 nights. The southeast monsoon season (June – October) causes wind, waves, and poor visibility on the south half of Raja Ampat. The Dampier Strait and the northern portion of Raja Ampat, on the other hand, can be dived all year without any problems with visibility.

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Recommended Destinations For Mother-Daughter Getaway

Sometimes, girls vacation day is needed where no men included. and mother and daughter are the best partners in crime to do it. If you plan on having special family vacation only with your mother or daughters, it is such a good idea to discuss together. Hence, you know what kind of getaway you want to have. Usually, mother-daughter vacation is the one that focuses on wellness and comfort. Spending your vacation together in a tropical resort sounds like a good idea to try. So here are some recommended tropical getaways you may consider for your next mother-daughter travel plan:

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is no doubt one of the best paradises on earth. It is loved by many types of travelers. However, Hawaii is big enough that you can find many different destinations to choose from. And one of the most recommended for a mother-daughter getaway is Kauai. It has many stunning islands you can explore. Kauai is an island filled with beautiful beaches, palm trees, and offers endless adventures. For your stay, you may consider booking a villa at The Lodge at Kukui’ula so you still have close access to Makai pools. Your stay will be full of beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, relaxing time in infinity pool waterfalls, and mouth-watering meals served by professional chef. 

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great country that is also home to stunning resorts combining beach views and jungle luxury. In Osa Peninsula, you get more access to enjoy fun activities such as rain forest hiking, trekking to waterfalls, and visiting the wildlife. For recommendation, you may consider staying at Lapa Rios. They promote ecotourism and pura vida wellness through their services. For city dwellers, this place is a perfect escape. And you still have easy access to yoga classes, on-property waterfalls, and ocean-view bungalows that are too good to miss out. 

Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is located in the Philippines, one of popular travel destinations in Asia. In this special island, you will get to see many amazing things such as stunning jungle, pretty limestone, and fabulous white sand beaches. This place is every ideal for mother-daughter vacation since it doesn’t have all the party undertones of the Thai Island. For accommodation, you may consider booking a room an El Nido or Coron. The place offers luxury in such affordable price. You will get to stay comfortably while enjoying the sunset view everyday. Get your archipelago experience by island-hopping in Palawan.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This island offers both adventure and leisure equally. At this place, you will get to see wildlife where you can spend time getting to know friendly sea lions and sea tortoises. Summer is the most ideal time to have a mother-daughter getaway to this island.

For accommodation, you may consider staying at Pikaia Lodge which gives you access to various amenities for a perfect vacation. Try a full tour to the surrounding islands using a yacht provided by Pakaia Lodge. Make the most of your mother-daughter getaway by trying many new things together.

Komodo National Park, How To Get There

The Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia’s true gems. It is a one-of-a-kind destination for adventurous travelers and nature lovers due to its unique landscape and fauna. Komodo liveaboard is considered by many tourists as the best way to reach Komodo National Park, including a favorite diving spot for domestic and foreign divers. The clear water, schools of small fish, big fish, no pollution, and beautiful manta rays make it a dream diving destination in Indonesia. 

Komodo National Park, How To Get There

Komodo National Park From Jakarta

If you go to Komodo national park from Jakarta, there are 2 flight options, with a transit flight to Bali or a direct flight to Labuan Bajo. For direct flights, you can take Garuda Indonesia with a departure of 10.05 WIB and arriving at Labuan Bajo airport at 13.35 WITA. Garuda Indonesia is the choice to fly to Labuan Bajo comfortably, of course, the price is a bit expensive compared to other airlines. If you want to save even more, you can take a transit flight but it will take longer.

Luxury Komodo liveaboard from Labuan Bajo

Luxury Komodo liveaboard from Labuan Bajo

After arriving in Labuan Bajo, you still have to continue the journey to reach Komodo National Park and the surrounding diving spots. Many Komodo liveaboard operators will offer various packages to suit the needs of tourists. The Komodo liveaboard package certainly includes snorkeling and diving activities. Some operators even provide other activities such as kayaking, fishing, and paddleboard. Choosing a Komodo liveaboard budget is important because it involves the destination spots you will visit and the availability of boat facilities.

Reaching Komodo National Park a la Backpacker

Backpackers can be an option to enjoy the beauty of the Komodo National Park with a thin budget. Only people with a backpacker mentality and a more frugal orientation can take this trip. There are many stages of preparation that backpackers have to do, starting from detailing transportation schedules, accommodation to boats for the hoping island. Travel time will certainly be longer. If you claim to be a frugal person, you can try a backpacker with a frugal budget and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Komodo National Park.

If your journey starts from Jakarta, you can use the train to Surabaya. Arriving at the Pasar Turi station, you can continue your journey to Labuan Bajo by boat. It’s a little inconvenient because you have to be good at adjusting to the ship’s schedule. You can check the Pelni ship schedule through the website so that it is easy for you to get the appropriate ship schedule.

Arriving in Labuan Bajo, you can look for cheap lodging. Joining the Komodo sailing trip is the best that you can find around Soekarno Hatta street. If you have joined the Komodo trip package, you can go straight to the pier and start the adventure.

Tips To Plan Seamless Travel Experience For Seniors

Some people stop going for a trip once they become senior citizen. One of the most reasons is concern to safety. Many seniors think that it is no longer safe for them to travel. They will always need company for them to travel safely and comfortably. However, travelers should always have the ability to plan their journeys to ensure a comfortable, safe trip regardless of age. It is possible for senior to experience seamless travel through well-planed preparation. And here are some tips for you to travel seamlessly, comfortably, and safely in your senior age:

Create travel itinerary

It is a must to make a travel itinerary if you are senior travelers so that you can plan everything ahead and have smoother travel experience. Your itinerary should include your daily schedule such as where to go, what to visit, etc. Make sure to not create tight schedule because you will need time for breaks. Set limit of the amount of time you are on your feet to avoid exhausting yourself. Avoid negative and stressful scenarios. Choose accommodation that is close to all your plans. Also, plan your commute in advance according to your plan. It is strongly recommended that you book your transport in advance so you can have efficient travel.

Consider booking non-stop flights

It will be exhausting if you keep changing your flights just to reach your travel destinations. Hence, it is better to book non-stop flight so you don’t have to take unnecessary extra flight that will only push your limit and energy. Book direct flight from where you are to your destination to avoid long waits in airport as well. If you choose connecting flights, there is possibility to miss it especially if it is tight flights. If booking direct flight is impossible, at least book connecting flights with longer period of time in between. Hence, you don’t have to rush to catch the flight. 

Inform the airline of any assistance you may need in advance

You may need some assistance from the airlines to have seamless travel experience such as screening, wheelchair, a drive cart, baggage, etc. You may need to ask your airline about how to request assistance prior the trip. Avoid doing it when boarding or when you are already sitting in the plane. The airline will need to prepare what kind of assistance you need. So during booking process, make sure to inform the staff of assistance you probably need so they can prepare them for you. 

Choose the right time to travel

It is highly recommended to choose between mid-morning and mid-afternoon to travel. Travelling too early in the morning may not give you proper rest or sleep prior the trip, making you feel more exhausted during the trip. Hence, it is better to travel during the day to avoid any possible troubles caused by lack of proper rest the night prior. It is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor prior the trip so they can help you make better plan for your medication for example.

Komodo Island Diving For Macro Dive Lovers

Komodo island diving is definitely on the bucket list of almost all divers. Komodo Island is in Indonesia, about 450km east of Bali. Most foreign divers may not have had time to visit and try Komodo scuba diving. Diving spots in Komodo National Park diving are very different from other dive spots.

Komodo Island Diving For Macro Dive Lovers

Komodo island diving for Macro Diving

The macro dives at Komodo national park are spectacular. Divers get the opportunity to see large marine animals ranging from reef sharks, sunfish, to countless manta rays. Komodo National Park provides special protection for biodiversity and is included in the Coral Triangle. Many divers don’t realize that Komodo National Park has 3 regions, north, middle, and south. In fact, each region has its own unique charm and ecosystem for macro diving lovers.

Komodo sailing trip to Sangeang Island

Komodo sailing trip to Sangeang Island - frogfish

Although it is not part of the Komodo National Park, it is not far from Komodo Island. Diving on the island of Sangeang gives divers the opportunity to find unlimited marine life. Nudibranch is the biggest attraction on Sangeang island. Ghost Pipefish, frogfish, all kinds of octopus, pygmy seahorse, and bobtail squid can be found and make this one spot perfect for macro diving.

Komodo island diving to Cannibal Rock 

Cannibal Rock is one of the popular Komodo national park diving spots located inside Horseshoe Bay. Komodo island diving is a super wide-angle dive that is super extraordinary. Komodo sailing trip for mark diving at Cannibal Rock has its own charm. Ladybugs, pygmy seahorses, frogfish, abundant clownfish, and ceratasoma nudibranchs complete your Komodo boat trip. 

Scuba diving Komodo in Wainilu Island

Wainilu island is still included in the Komodo national park and is located near the entrance of the Rinca ranger station. This Komodo scuba diving spot is perfect for macro dives and chock jumps at dusk to spot the mandarin fish that inhabit the shallow waters. 

Komodo National Park Diving in Soro Lia

Komodo National Park Diving in Soro Lia - nudibranch

Soro Lia is a hot night dive spot for macro lovers. The location is still in the Komodo National Park area and is near the Komodo Island guard station. Macro divers have the opportunity to meet cuttlefish and long-armed octopuses or coconut octopuses. Another marine life that you can find is the cute bobtail squid and hundreds of small sea cucumbers.

Private Komodo liveaboard budget macro diving is quite expensive but worth what you will find under the sea of Komodo national park. Komodo island diving has always been a concern and has a great attraction for diving lovers, especially micro divers.