Which Kinds of Traveling Do You Like?

You could say, currently, enthusiasts of traveling have indeed increased quite rapidly, especially since the existence of social media. Postings on social media about beautiful places from various tourist sites are very tempting and spur us to take a tour. Not only fun, but you will also get a lot of experience after traveling. Well, if you travel, with whom do you usually go? Traveling alone, together with friends or girlfriends, or even going in tandem with friends? Of course, each of these kinds of traveling has advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider before going traveling. Anything?

Which Kinds of Traveling Do You Like?

Traveling alone (solo traveling)

The sensation that you will get when traveling alone will certainly be different from traveling with other people. Some of the benefits of going on your own trip that you can get, among others, are free to set directions and goals aka flexible, be bolder and independent, free to act and pamper yourself, practice adaptability, practice patience, be free to follow personal desires, are more relaxed because there is no obligation maintain the feelings of others, get more new friends, to better recognize themselves. How sounds really fun right?

But traveling alone also has some shortcomings that you have to feel, such as overcoming all the problems that occur on your own, no friends who can be invited to join or sharing costs, no friends chatting during the trip, so no friends can take pictures while there.

Traveling with a girlfriend or friend

One of the most pleasant traveling friends is a good friend or girlfriend. Traveling both of these also have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage, you can save more money because it can be a joint venture for hotel rooms for daily snacks. Not only that, but you can also learn to compromise and be patient with each other, so that it will complement each other. Traveling together can also strengthen relationships, both together with friends or girlfriends. With traveling together, you can get to know the nature and attitude of your friend or partner. Well, the most annoying part of traveling together is if someone is stubborn and doesn’t want to budge. Friends or partners who suddenly get complicated when traveling can make the atmosphere uncomfortable. The situation can get worse if no one wants to control themselves.

Traveling with a group

The last choice of friends traveling is traveling with a group or gang friends. For those of you who like to do activities together, of course, traveling will be more fun. There are several advantages that you can get, among others, more cost-effective, the opportunity to familiarize yourself with each other more, more exciting, to be safer. But usually going on vacation with friends also has drawbacks, such as the possibility of disputing during a long trip. This can happen if there is no tolerance for each other and lack of respect. Not to mention if many are often scattered during the preoccupation at tourist sites. Travel schedules can be messy because waiting for all friends to gather.

That was the advantages and disadvantages of each that you need to know. Traveling alone, together, or together with a group, of course, has advantages and disadvantages of each. You are free to choose which kinds of traveling you think is more comfortable and pleasant. How, are you ready to travel?