Having No Money Is Not a Reason to Not Travel! – Learn These Traveling Guide

Most people likely won’t believe if there are some ways to travel with no money. Taking a trip around the world sounds like a fairy tale and that’s an impossible dream. However, you should start to accept the fact that there are one or two persons in this world doing this exact impossible thing.

Having No Money Is Not a Reason to Not Travel! – Learn These Traveling Guide

Yes, you can travel from one to another country in the world without breaking your savings. Off course there would be some expenses that you couldn’t compromise, but there is actually a lot of ways to travel on a low-priced. 

Besides the right budget, you should also have the right mindset to turn your dream into reality. It might not be luxurious and fancy, but if you make travel as your top priority, then you can positively make it.

  • English Teacher in Overseas

Becoming an English teacher is one of the best ways to make money for traveling. You can have enough income from teaching overseas and this will absolutely replenish your budget to continue your trip. All you should have is the capability to speak English fluently. It’s way better if you have a TEFL degree.

This job is still categorized as high demand. Countries, especially in Asia, always yearn for a native speaker. Some companies are even willing to pay your flight fare. On the other way, you could find some services and websites that would let you teach virtually. With a strong internet connection, you will be able to help people learning English from any spot in this world.

  • Make Use WWOOF Program

WWOOF is the short term of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farm. This program will allow you to have free board and room in exchange for your working on a farm. By following this program, you will not only be able to feel close with great outdoors view, but you will also be able to have a deep understanding of the destination.

You only need to pay for transportation to the farm, but once you arrive, any other fee is covered. Through a low budget, this journey will definitely be a unique experience where you can meet people with cool personalities.

  • Find Job Overseas

Do you feel the job you are in now is already enough? You can say it enough if the income allows you to have overseas travel. If not, then why don’t consider to find a job overseas instead. There are many opportunities available in the world as long as you aren’t too picky. 

Keep in your mind that this is not about the career you are starting, but it’s just a mere way to get traveling more. For example, you can be a cruise ship worker. Since the hours are long enough, you will fully grasp the experience of living at sea while traveling around the world.

  • Make Your Own Food

Cooking your own meals can be the best way to lower your expenses significantly during travel. Say, you would only pay for $60 in Stockholm for groceries you can eat in one week. Meanwhile, you should spend at least $15 per serving dish which means you can save up to $150. What brilliant resolution you come up with.

If you get a job as couchsurfing, your host will likely have a kitchen. However, if you couldn’t borrow any kitchen, you can just make a sandwich or salad instead. Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat out every time. There are other things which are more valuable you can afford by cutting down your food expenses during your trip.