Are You Really Ready for Traveling? Think Again

If you hear someone says “I leave my career to go traveling”, you might have this distortion-vision of adventurous life with glamour and easy life. You know, like staying in comfortable places and eat delicious food every day. Unfortunately, most of the times, traveling won’t let you have a comfortable and good room to sleep.

And, you probably will be poor in an area you know nothing about that you may only be able to have a meal consisted of bread and cheese from the local store. Those who have gone traveling for years realize that this is not everyone’s thing. So, if you do want to go traveling, read this to have you prepared mentally.

  • Traveling pushes you out from a comfort zone

Traveling is not always a cool thing. Every day, you will be challenged with situations that you have to do things you usually don’t do. There will be no facilities like you always can find at your comfort zone and you have to face your fears. Whether it’s just a fear of eating your food all alone or the fear of height. Traveling requires you to have an open mind and a surprisingly strong stomach.

For those who are fearless and have taken their first step to go traveling, those people are the selected ones who choose to ride their life. If you want to go traveling, you have to challenge yourself to do something new every day. life is just too short to be within the limit that you have set for yourself. Traveling is all about challenging yourself and as a result it will broaden your horizons.

  • Traveling is uncomfortable

If you want to see the true character of someone, you should check it while traveling. This is the ultimate test to see someone’s nature. When you are cold, wet due to rain, hungry and trudging while carrying a backpack and trying to locate your hostel, you tend to change your mind and choices you have made before. When you stuck at a terrible hostel room, using one bathroom that is also used by 10 other people, you will start to miss your own home.

Traveling isn’t just a thing for everyone. If you are going to complain about every single thing you find different from where you come from, then you are not suitable for this. You need to have the ability to cope situation where you have to sleep in the same room with strangers who snore like a grizzly bear and still a portion of a smile in the morning. Traveling is all about experiencing new ways life, culture, and practices that are really different from yours.

  • Traveling change people who embrace it

You will absolutely change many times throughout your life whether you are traveling or not. But, if you choose to go traveling, these changes become more vivid. You are relentlessly moving and adapting to different situations you face. You met various people who come and go. If you are afraid of changes, then traveling doesn’t fit you.

Through traveling, you can learn how to be independent, how to be smart while on the street and also you can learn how to be open with someone else. If you embrace any moments you meet, traveling will definitely change yourself. You will find a range of possibilities, new places, cultures, and people open themselves up in front of you. Eventually, you will realize that the world is really really a big place.