Let’s Go Travelling To the Destinations in Indonesia with Nice and Beautiful Natural Scenery

Traveling is one way to eliminate daily boredom and also add experience to new things and new places. traveling not only has to go abroad, but there are also many good things in the country and there are still many who have not explored by humans.there are many destinations in Indonesia with nice and beautiful natural scenery. from the tip of Sabang to Merauke Indonesia is rich in natural beauty and culture. Like Bali with its culture that captivates tourists all over the world for the Komodo island with relics of prehistoric Komodo dragons, this attraction brings foreign and local tourists to come to visit and vacation on the island of Indonesia. Here are some places in Indonesia that are rich in natural scenery for Indonesian photo spots, for those of you who like photography, you definitely like the following places. see some of the following places:

Bali Island

There is no argument not to include Bali in the list of the best attractions in Indonesia. This island is the biggest tourism asset in Indonesia. In some opportunities, the Island of the Gods is often included in the list of the most beautiful islands in the world by traveling magazines as well as online media. In fact, it also often occupies the highest position. Bali is a complete island. Not only has attractive beaches but also mountainous locations that provide a green panorama of soothing eyes. Bali is a world-class tourist destination. Being one island, Bali is a good place for holidays. Increasingly explored, so we will also know that Bali is indeed a special island

Lombok Island

Changing to the east of Bali we will also find a different island that is no less beautiful: Lombok. Lombok is one of the mesmerizing islands in Indonesia. By the Ministry of Tourism, this island is a promotional package with Bali with the meaning of Great Bali. Lombok can be reached for 4 hours by sea from Bali through the Padang Bai harbor. Lombok has beaches that are no less beautiful than Bali. Compared to Bali, the beaches in Lombok are quieter so we will also be able to truly feel the real holiday situation

One of the most beautiful places that belong to Lombok is Mount Rinjani which is often meant to offer trekking tours with the most beautiful panoramas in Southeast Asia. One large lake is at an altitude of 2. 000 meters above sea level to complement the beauty of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok


As written in the new logo: Special Jogja. Some say if we shouldn’t go to Jogja if it’s not ready to be slaughtered by the past story. Jogja is indeed a special place that is easy to give birth to. Even though there are many people say that Jogja has not been as friendly as it was at the same time as it has become a lot more entrants and the pace of capitalism, there are still different sides that make Jogja special. We can still freely hang out in the Angkringan with colleagues while offending anything. Feel delicious warm rice. Or enjoy the sunset panorama at Ratu Boko Palace or Parangtritis Beach

In Jogja, there is also one of the largest Hindu temples in Southeast Asia: Prambanan. This temple is also one of the tourist icons of Jogja. Whatever people say about Jogja, this place will also remain a special place

Those are the examples of destinations in Indonesia with nice and beautiful natural scenery.