Tips for Traveling with Pets

Who does not want to travel with a pet? One of the most common problems which people have is when they want to go traveling but they have a pet. We all know that pet daycare costs so much money. Not to mention if your pet needs extra care, you will have to pay more. There is another option though, you can leave your animal in your friends. However, what if you live so far from your friend? The only answer is to bring your pet along with you when you are traveling. Traveling with a pet is not an impossible thing but it sure does take so many preparations. If you happen to want to go traveling with your pet but do not know what you have to do, then keep on reading this article. We will be giving you some tips to go traveling with your pets.

Know Your Pet’s Travel Needs

The first thing you need to know is that you need to figure out what your pet needs during the travel. For your information, pets will act so differently when you took them to travel outside. Not to mention if you are traveling by plane, your pets’ act and behavior will definitely surprise you. You can figure out your pets’ needs maybe after you travel with them for the second time. One thing you must always prepare is a plastic bag for disposal or waste.

Check the Pets-Welcome Policy

Not all lodgings can accept pets. Some of them will even charge you with an additional cleaning fee or convenience fee which are non-refundable. Therefore, before you go traveling, you need to ask or figure out the pet policy for the places where you are going to stay first.

Always Carry Your Home Vet’s Contact

This next tip on travel with a pet sounds simple yet it is quite important for you and your pet. Bringing your pet’s health information and home vet’s contact information is very important to avoid any ugly incident when you go traveling. Anything can happen when you are traveling such as your pets suddenly get sick. In this case, if you carry your home vet’s contact information, you will know what to do and what medicine to buy for your pets. Your home vet can even help you looking for another vet in your travel destination.

Make Sure Your Pet has ID

When you are traveling with your pets, placing a tag in your pets’ collar, crate or carrier is very important. The reason why the tag is so important is that so people can know that the pet belongs to you. So, if somehow, they are missing, people can contact you and bring your pet back to you.

Healthy Pet

The last tip for travel with a pet is by making sure that your pet is healthy. No matter where you are going, most countries in the whole world will require you to prepare their health certificate which can confirm that your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. Usually, they will need the certificate 5 or 10 days before your departure.