Komodo Cruise: The Hidden Costs

Have you dream of luxurious tropical vacation? Voyaging in the vast sea with only blue waters in surrounding you from every direction and a tropical inspired-cocktail in your hand? Oh, how idyllic it does sound, to be away from all worldly affairs, to be “deserted” in a remote, gorgeous frontier, within the comfort of luxurious facilities. For such dream, the Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, emerge as one of the best candidate for isolated tropical gateway where the nature is raw and beautifully preserved, and the tourists are few. With islands to hop and sea to cross in the national park, it’s only natural if you turn to Komodo cruise for the best value. Cruisers covers all the major expenses of travelling—all the lodging, meals, and entertainment expenses rolled into one bill. 

However, luxury cruises in Komodo often attempt travelers with somewhat basic, upfront prices and then charges everything extra once they are onboard. Some extra expenses are sometimes unavoidable (who can resist a snack and cold fruity cocktails?). Even if you have pay the cruise price upfront, you might need to set aside some extra cash to cover unexpected expenses. Below are 4 most common hidden cost on a Komodo cruise—and how to anticipate and find savings. 

4 Hidden Costs of Komodo Cruise to Avoid Price Trap

Major Hidden Costs in Most Cruise in Komodo

Dining By Request

While it’s guaranteed that the initial Komodo cruise prices covers three-meals-a-day dining, prices could change if you have certain request to the menu. Perhaps you are in certain diet and are restricted to specific ingredients, so that the crews need to put extra effort to accommodate your diets. Or perhaps you are requesting high-quality ingredients, such as fine cheeses, caviar, or truffle, that would certainly add more numbers to your bill.

Alcoholic Drinks

Complimentary drinks during the meal includes mineral water, tea, coffee, milk, and juices. Other than that, you’ll pay extra charge. Charged drinks includes specialty coffees, cold soda, bottled beers, cocktails, spirit, wine, and any other non-standard beverages. You cam pay them on tab—just like in the restaurant—or roll them in your bill. 

Additional Water-sport Activities

One of the true fun of sailing with a Komodo cruise is the availability of numerous water sport activities onboard, aside from the mandatory diving and island excursion. Depend on the cruise, you could enjoy; water skiing, wake boarding, snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, and even towing in towable floats. Snorkelling is quite loose and you can practically do it anywhere with your own equipments for free, but the rest of the water sport definitely come with separated bill. Some of them are definitely a loss if you just skip them, so set a budget and choose one you find most interesting!

Spa and Wellness Treatment

Ah. Who doesn’t like to soak in deep tissue messages while you are on sailing pass Flores’ wonderful landscape? As relaxing as the spa could be, the charge might not give you the same relaxing feeling. In fact, spa services in luxury Komodo cruise rate equals to Indonesian high-end salons, ranging from 90 USD for 60 minutes massage to 120 USD for 90 minutes massage. Service price could surge up if you choose to set the treatment under the shades of canopy umbrella in one of Komodo’s deserted beaches.