How to Adapt in Komodo Liveaboard and Have Awesome Holiday

This is the time that you’ve been waiting for. After a long wait, you finally got to sail the remote Komodo National Park in frontier of Flores, Indonesia, with Komodo liveaboard. You have been looking forward sailing on wooden phinisi, sleeping in cabins, take a peek of the ocean through the iconic round window, and fill your days with adventure and leisure at the sea. A sailing can turn into a perfect dream of summer trip—or a living nightmare if you can’t adapt at being in the boat. Don’t be encouraged, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to adapt at sailing liveaboard in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, and have an awesome holiday. 

How to Adapt in Komodo Liveaboard and Have Awesome Holiday

Bring Appropriate Clothes to Komodo Liveaboard

The biggest failure why travelers failed to adapt in Komodo liveaboard is that they don’t bring enough appropriate clothes. See, when you hear about sailing trip, what you imagine is days full of sunny weathers, blue waters, a lot of swimming, few snorkelling, and beaches galore. They forget that onboard the ship, the winds can be strong and chilly. It’s easy to feel under the weather when you are on a new neighbourhood—especially being at the sea while you are so accustomed at being at the land. Also, the Komodo might be colder in the night and might experience quite a bit of rain, too. Don’t just bring swimming suits and skimpy summer clothes. Pack some t-shirt and light jacket that could protect you from the wind, too. Long sleeve cardigans could be a smart choice for women travelers—it’s light, it could be paired up with pretty much everything, and it gives layers of protection. 

Don’t Trip—Wear the Right Footwear

Walking in Komodo liveaboard is different than walking in land-based surfaces. The wooden deck could be slippery and get easily hurt from sharp footwear. Heels are a big no no. We saw some celebgram and influencers try to wear heels to pose in Komodo cruise. That’s absolutely a terrible idea. Footwear is one of the most important things to consider while you are sailing. Wear something that could provide support from slippery floor. Rubber-soled shoes and sandals are the best to keep you balanced on the boat. Feel free to bring sneakers or street shoes for light trekking—but keep it until you reach the lands!

Foresee the Possibility of Getting Seasick

Motion sickness is the biggest party pooper on sailing holiday. Don’t let it hinders you from enjoying the otherworldly beauty of Komodo. Always bring seasickness medicine—dramamine is a popular over-the-country tablets that you can buy in bulk. Some people prefer acupuncture points wristbands or sniff in essential oils than taking medicine. Find the one (or two) that works for you. 

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Avoid Foods that Trigger Sickness

Do you have GERD, allergy, or high-pressure bloods? Do you have certain foods that would trigger certain sickness? Don’t take the risk, cause being in a liveaboard means you’re gonna be far from proper medical attention. Staying in prime condition is one key to adapt on liveaboard. Avoid all foods that cause trigger to your sickness—even if it’s just seasickness’ nausea. 

Keep Everything Safe—Store Them in Waterproof Bag

You are going to sail the sea and that means you are going to be surrounded by a vast body of saltwater. Make sure that every personal items are kept safe by storing them in tight-sealed waterproof bags. Prioritise on electronic gears (camera, phones, and chargers) and important documents such as passport, IDs, and insurances.