How to Have Enjoyable and Memorable Family Vacation

It is true that lots of people sometimes avoid a family vacation or family event. The reasons are varied but mostly because family vacation is usually hectic and chaotic especially when you have large family. Planning and preparing for a family vacation consisted of large family members can be exhausting because you need to make sure everything is sufficient and accommodating. However, family vacation is not always exhausting all the time. It is highly possible for you to have enjoyable family vacation if you do it right. 

Making your family vacation enjoyable and memorable

Travelling with family is quite challenging especially when small children and elderly are included. It is because they tend to have different needs and preferences. Grumpy teens also tend to have bad mood all the time during a family vacation because they cannot do something they like or simply because they don’t want to be there. So here are some simple tips to make your family vacation more enjoyable and memorable.

Be the source of happiness

It is contagious. If you start the vacation with grumpy attitude and pout, the others might be affected, family vacation is the time for you to be free from your daily responsibilities like workload or schoolwork. Thus, you need to take it positively. Try to enjoy more the vibe of vacation even before the D-day. Show your excitement about the vacation so the others will have the same mood. 

Plan everything ahead

Having a family vacation especially for a large family can be a hassle if you don’t plan thoroughly. It is highly recommended to book everything ahead including where to stay, eat, and go. Make sure that the place you are going to book have sufficient space for your large family with enough bathrooms and showers. You don’t want waste your time in a line just for shower. 

Choose fun activities your families never experienced before

Most family vacation consist of doing watersport on the beach where kids building sand castle and the parents sunbathing. It is not a bad idea but trying new things to make you and your family out of your comfort zone can be fun and more memorable. You can also discuss this beforehand and ask your families for their opinion on this. 

Slow down the pace

One of the reason why family vacation is often unenjoyable is because of packed schedule where everyone doesn’t even have time to look at the surrounding and just move from one attraction to another. Try to slow down the pace of the vacation by planning the schedule carefully. Schedule for a downtime so everyone has option to do the things they want. 

Try to plan a surprise during a vacation to excite everyone

It doesn’t have to be something expensive. It can be a surprising activity where all member of your family can engage regardless of age. This can make your vacation more fun because everyone wouldn’t expect it. Plan it ahead and give your family a surprise attack in between the schedules or when the ‘downtime’ comes.