Komodo Diving Liveaboard: The Amusing Night Dive

By now, we have heard a lot of things from the faraway land of Komodo National Park. A land that many said looks like transported right from the Jurassic Park. Rocky volcanic islands and undulating hills covered by golden savannah. An isolated frontier where the last of Dragons live in the wild. Ferocious and endangered Komodo Dragons which became the reason behind the establishment of the national park. The conservation, however, also proceed to protect the entire biodiversity of the region, including the coral-dense and abundant marine population underneath Komodo’s water. News of the grandiosity of Komodo’s marine life has been wide spreading—it’s one of the must do in many itineraries! But not everyone has tried the night dive. Here’s why you should make the opportunity of sailing in Komodo diving liveaboard to have at least one night dive. Watch the ocean glow in full glory while the Komodo’s kingdom of the upper land fall in deep sleep. 

A night dive situation in Komodo diving liveaboard

Exploration under the Moonlight

Komodo diving liveaboard gets very beautiful at night. Floating in the darkness, lighten up by lines of warm coloured lamps nailed on its decks, guided by the stars on the sky. And boy, how the sky is wonderful. Under clear weather, the sky is lighten up by billions of stars, transparent clouds, and luminous moon in the middle of deep blue backdrop. It’s a good time to done your dive masks and jump from the liveaboard. 

Under the water, visibility might greatly impaired—unless you are diving during the full moon. When it’s on its biggest form, the moon reflects light into the water, providing enough light to see. Take this moment to turn off your diving torches for a while and just enjoy the tranquility of the sea at night. See how the water absorbs the light and turn the surrounding sea into a negative-film scene. 

The Night Scene Underwater

When the sun has set far in horizon, the underwater quickly rolls into a whole different world. The clown fishes and other colourful fishes going back to their homes and octopuses starts to come out in the hunt of crustaceans in the sea floor. Flashy nudibranchs creeps around the coral beds, glowing in the darkness. You might also encounter flamboyant cuttlefishes, lion fishes, squids, and octopuses, and the bright yellow bottle tail squids. Excellent site to have night dive in Komodo are Gili Lawa, Siaba Besar, and the Torpedo Alley. It’s a must try if you are on a dive trip with Komodo liveaboard!

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The Flexibility of Komodo Diving Liveaboard to Have Night Dive

The main advantage of having a diving holiday in Komodo diving liveaboard is that you are staying within the park all the time. This allow more flexibility to have early morning or night dive, as well as reaching more remote dive sites. Not to mention the practicality to have everything ready onboard. You don’t have to prepare each dive gears from the dive centre and hop on boat for every dive. Being in diving liveaboard gives you freedom to use your free time for full recovery on decks or cabin and left the diving equipments under the care of the crews.