Planning for The Perfect Road Trip Picnic

Planning for The Perfect Road Trip Picnic

It’s holiday time! Time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors before the holiday over or the polar vortex comes back around. Suppose you’re looking for something relaxing for your friends to enjoy together this weekend. Why not plan a road picnic for this trip? Road trips any time of the year are a great way to explore new experiences and new destinations with the family, but in the summer holiday, it’s a perfect time to map out a fun spot that’s perfect for a roadside picnic. Road picnic trips are so much fun. There is something about going to a destination and eating a picnic with friends. Instead of just eating in the car, pack a picnic basket, and find a special place to enjoy a little picnic trip.

Preparing for your Road Trip Picnic

First, you need to consider an excellent location. When you’re planning the site, look for a place about halfway through to break up the trip. Look for a great public park or recreation area for the perfect spot for your road trip. It’s better to find somewhere you’ve never been before and always check online to see which public parks are open. 

No road trip is complete without favorite foods. Keep in mind, choose the foods that travel well. Carry food that can be made mostly in advance, and it can be served at room temperature. 

Don’t bring some foods that involve lots of sauces or other ingredients that will make the fare soggy. Avoid dishes that require cutting; only get for those that need only a fork.

Planning for The Perfect Road Trip Picnic

Pack games! No road picnic is complete without fun games! Pack the kites or soccer ball and maybe even the ball and bat. Pack the games that everyone can do together at the public park.

Prepare a cute picnic basket. Now that you have your foods, you need someplace to keep them in. Find a large picnic basket, and make sure you use one with plenty of space inside for all the goodies you want to bring along with you on the trip.

A cute and large picnic blanket. Don’t forget to bring a more oversized picnic blanket. If there are a lot of members, consider getting a few picnic blankets. Make sure to bring the blanket with a waterproof bottom so that if the grass is slightly damp, it won’t soak through to your blanket. It’s perfect if your blanket is machine washable, so in case anything gets spilled and that it’s soft and comfy to sit on.

The last, it’s essential that you pack some hand wives for your outdoor trip. In case, there are bound to be sticky fingers, unexpected moments, and spilled juice or water!