Wae Rebo Village, the Highest Village in Indonesia

Wae Rebo Village is one of the villages in Flores which is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. This village is called heaven above the clouds. It takes a struggle to reach Wae Rebo but of course, it pays off for what you will enjoy. Arriving there, you can see a traditional house with a towering thatched roof. In 2012, Wae Rebo was declared a world cultural heritage by UNESCO and set aside 42 other countries.

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How to reach Wae Rebo village?

To reach the village above the clouds, you have to travel 6 km from Dintor village to Denge village by motorbike. On the way from Denge Village to Wae Rebo, you have to do a 3-hour hike, along a remote area that is still surrounded by unspoiled forests. You also have to cross the river and cross the edge of the cliff.

To make the trip easier, you can hire a guide service as a guide. Most tourists are advised to spend the night at Wae Rebo to enjoy its beauty. This village is very well known to foreign tourists, especially European tourists.

What makes Wae Rebo Village so special?

7 main houses

The traditional house of local residents is called Mbaru Niang which is considered very rare because of its unique shape, namely the cone barn, and only consists of 7. The traditional house in this village consists of 5 floors with palm leaf roofs covered by fibers and occupied by 6-8 families. If you spend the night in this village, you will be served Flores coffee and basic blanket and pillow facilities.

Penti, Traditional Ceremony

Wae Rebo villagers celebrate the Penti traditional ceremony every November. This traditional ceremony is a thanksgiving thanks to the harvest they get in a year. They also ask for harmony and protection. If you want to enjoy the traditional Penti ceremony, you can visit in November. 

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Minang descent

Although it is located in Manggarai Barat, NTT, the fact is that the villagers claim that they are of Minang descent, West Sumatra. Wae Rebo’s ancestors, Empo Maro came from Minangkabau who migrated to Flores and changed their residence until finally settling in an area called the village of Wae Rebo.

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