Triton Bay, Top 5 Dive Sites for Underwater Photography

Triton Bay

Nothing says ‘scuba diving’ more than the West apua! Get your hair wet and experience the underwater world around Triton Bay. Triton is located at the heart of the Kaimana Marine Protected Area in West Papua, Indonesia. The Bay is the final frontier of diving in Indonesia. Many underwater photographers agree that this Bay is the best place in the world to photograph underwater. Especially because nowhere else is there such form and variety of coral and fish life. From the tiniest pygmy seahorse to whale sharks, the incredible endemic species and diversity of beautiful fish in the Coral Triangle are on display here—as well as stunning seascapes and some of the colorful soft coral dive sites on the planet. Let’s have a closer look at the 5 dive sites for underwater photography.

Little Komodo in Triton Bay 

Little Komodo is located on the southern tip of Seruenus Island. It is most sought-after dive sites at Triton Bay . The bay have huge boulders and beautiful soft corals acting as the most appealing features. Aquarium. Here, you can spot a lot of soft and black corals. You can also see the deeper down schools of snapper and sweetlips hanging out in the black coral bushes. There are jacks and wobbegong in little komodo. For some macro photography lovers, this spot also offers a chance to see the pygmy seahorse and shrimp.

Batu Jeruk

Batu Jeruk is a dive site located on the other side of Aduma Island. You will spot the spectacular orange corals, and there are many fishes—the most stunning part of the reef around 12 to 15 meters deep.

Triton Bay

Batu Damai, Triton Bay

Batu Damai is located at the southern end of the Iris Strait. This dive site is a firm favorite due to its large schools of fish and clearer waters. There are many different ways to dive here. First, you need to stay shallow and focus on the schools of slender Pinjalo fusiliers, snapper. The second way is you need to swim down to the vast boulders around 50-65 feet. You will see there are many soft corals and surrounded by schooling damselfish and anthias. Here, you will often see a wobbegong, harlequin shrimp, pygmy seahorses, and the occasional frogfish.

Bo’s Rainbow

Bo’s Rainbow is located at the northern end of the Iris Strait. It is another small limestone island but a vast area underwater waiting to discover all the macro marine life and enjoy these formations’ dive spots. There are soft coral covered boulders with schools of beautiful fish, but this dive site also has a mystical black coral bush garden along its ridge complete with glassfish schools and a school of hawk groupers patrolling the reef.

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Christmas Rock

Christmas Rock is a small rock island towards the southern tip of Aiduma Island. Here, you will find Satomi’s, sawblade shrimp, Pontohi’s pygmy seahorses, the occasional frogfish, tiny nudibranchs, and a field of garden eels.