How To Pull Through The Transition After A Trip

How To Pull Through The Transition After A Trip

The opportunities of experiencing many new things by travelling is like no other. It makes you see things from different perspectives and makes you want to do it more and more. Sometimes, coming back to home after a trip is like a culture shock itself. Jet lag, drowsiness, and the feeling of emptiness can be felt by some travelers after returning to their home. If you are experiencing the same thing, you are not the only one.

Adjusting your life after a long-trip

Pulling to the transition between being in new place and coming back to your own home can be mind-numbing. It is easy to feel less motivated, tired all the time, or just the overall feeling blue. However, it is considered normal thing to experience. Some travelers are able to transition smooth and fast while others might take time.

The first thing that travelers feel after a trip is jet lag. It will go in a few days. It is temporary sleep issue usually caused by different time zones. Your internal clock might need time to adjust. If you find difficulty to sleep when the time comes, don’t be panic. Try relaxation practices such as taking a deep breath, drink chamomile tea, or playing soft music. When you return to your home and you feel sleepy during the day, try not to fall asleep and do activities to stay awake. This way, you will be able to sleep at night.

It is highly advised to return home early so you won’t have to directly go to work the next day. If it is possible, give yourself few days to recover from the trip. It allows your body to adjust to different environment. Hopefully, you will recover in one day or two. And you will fit for work again. During the recovery, try to manage your sleeping schedule. Avoid long napping because it will make it more difficult for you to sleep at night. Eat healthy foods or something to lift up your mood.

It is best to avoid drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages before returning to your home. Those beverages will worsen your jet lag when you arrive at home. Those can cause dehydration and fatigue later on. Also, avoid drinking those beverages when you arrive at home. Drink something healthy such as fruit juice or herbal tea.

If you experience culture shock when returning to your home, it is okay to feel that way. It is a process of transitioning yourself. However, make sure that it won’t affect the quality of your life. If you feel sad after the trip, share the stories of the trip with your family at home. You can also call friends you made during the trip. Sometimes, you don’t feel like you don’t belong to your home anymore. However, it is usually temporary feeling and you will be back to your normal self in few days. Avoid being alone and try to communicate openly with your family or friends.

5 Unbelievable Komodo Dive Sites You Need to See

Komodo Dive Sites

Diving in Komodo Island is an experience not to be missed. The Komodo’s crystal clear and warm waters are an excellent place to see many fishes, manta rays, pelagic fishes, whale sharks, and an incredible abundance of colorful fish. Not surprisingly, swimming, diving, and snorkeling are among the top things to do on the island. Diving in the Komodo is possible all year round, but it is recommended to visit between April to November for the perfect conditions. Choosing where to go in the Komodo is the trickiest part of planning your dive holiday. Here are just 5 of the best Komodo Dive Sites to explore on your dive holiday!

The best Komodo dive sites on Central, Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong is one of the most beautiful and classic dive sites in the crown of Central. This dive site is the most famous Komodo Dive Sites. It’s a great Place to observe the diversity of marine life. On the area, you will see at first sight only a small rock from the surface, but underneath is a pinnacle with a south and north face. The little rock is covered with sponges, soft and hard colorful corals, and amazing gorgonians. You have the chance to see plenty of reef fish, napoleons, white tip sharks, and dogtooth tunas are also seen here. This dive site is not always suitable for inexperienced divers because of the strong currents.

Karang Makassar

Karang Makassar has a long gentle drift dive with more than 2,5 km long. You will have the opportunity to dive with several manta rays here. Besides manta rays, you also can see other marine creatures like eagle rays, sharks, shoaling small reef fish, and trevallies. It is possible to visit this dive site all year round because the annual water temperature around 77 – 82 F or 25-28C provides for comfortable diving conditions all year round. Do not miss this great spot!

The Best Komodo Dive Sites on North, Castle Rock

Castle Rock is one of the iconic diving destinations in Komodo. This dive site offers an unforgettable underwater experience for spotting the sharks. The Castle Rock consists of a vast pinnacle rising from a shelf around 20-24 meters deep and almost reaching the surface up to 4 meters. You also can see some great macro, nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, morays, and shrimps. The best time to visit is from April to November.

Tatawa Besar

Tatawa Besar is one of the most colorful coral reefs in Central Komodo. Drifting along the Tatawa Besar site is a must for divers who love that aquarium feel. It is not necessary to go deep in Tatawa Besar because sea creatures are concentrated between 5m to 18m depth. There are so many orange soft corals. The reef life is excellent, and if the scuba gods are with you, sharks, mantas, and even the dolphins can be spotted here. You can dive on this site all year round.

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Komodo Dive Sites

Siaba Besar

Siaba Besar dive site is worth a visit. The dive site is perfect for beginners and is known for its massive coral garden. You have the chance to see amazing turtles amongst the shallower coral reefs because this dive site is also famous with the other’s name “Turtle City.” You can find all sorts of amazing rare creatures here. Like Flamboyant Cuttlefish, dugongs, silvertip sharks, white tip sharks, blue-spotted stingrays, and cuttlefish. Almost everything is possible at this Siaba Besar site.

How To Thrive During Tough Times

Many businesses focus more on surviving when facing challenging like now. The global pandemic has brought many challenges and difficulties to every type of business around the world. The impact is so huge that only a few who could survive. While surviving is the main focus during a crisis, it is still possible to take some actions so your business can keep thriving in the middle of the storms. 

How your business can thrive during tough times

Facing crisis like global pandemic this year has taught us all how to adapt, adjust and innovate. This tough time is a learning opportunity for us to learn more about handling difficult, unexpected times. Business is possible to survive crisis. More than that, it is still possible to thrive. Here are some ways you can consider to scale your business even during tough times:

Innovate by expanding your addressable market. The pandemic is still going on and people will be staying at home still and spending their time there. Thus, you need to adjust more your target market. And allow people to test and use your service or buy your products in a way that works better for them on their own terms. You can offer a free-trial with easier payment-method. 


Build strong digital team. Working from home is still the best policy to follow in response to the global pandemic. It is predicted that even after pandemic WFH will stay on trend. Working remotely but productively has been seen as good method for growing business. However, it means that you need to restructure your team. Make sure to have the right people to be in your digital team. Virtual working allows every members of the team to work and think creatively. You can also hire more people who have skills you need to scale your business. 

Adjust your management style following the remote work. Remote situation should not be a barrier to thrive. It can be a situation that provide more opportunities to grow. Management style can be adjusted to facilitate every members of the team to share opinions freely. Also, more relaxed work environment during remote work is possible and can impact everyone positively. You and team members can also reach out more people without dealing with commuting issues. 

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Accelerate your business operation by automating things that can be automated. This way, things can go efficiently without wasting too much time. More automation means more things you can focus on such as focusing more on your customer experience. Automation can also lead to more satisfying customer experience because of more accessibility to reach out each other. 

Reconnect with your values. With how the global pandemic affecting, many businesses forgetting their own values and mission. It is time for you to revisit those so your values are aligned with the situation. You can show where you stand for in this situation, showing more of your care to them in empathetic and authentic ways. It gives you opportunity to connect more not only with your values but your customers

Locating Best Property on Bali for Entrepreneur

The property on bali market indicates that now is the best time to get a home. Millennials generation who seek for their first residence or future long term home can find ideal promotion on property which provide a special entrepreneurial plans. When researching a plan for the desired property to match your business goals, here a few to mention:

Do Your List

Don’t inspect a numerous of property and wait for one option to get your attention. It’s quite easy to agree on few property selection without evaluating it for the type quality and concept that match a luxury ones. Moreover, if you interest with the ones which provide coworking space, you will ask yourself few questions. Is there a suitable coworking space? and can I work in the space without any disctractions?

Property on Bali

What about the storage for your business intention? If someday you’ll have a client meeting, is there a waiting room for them or an appropriate one? Decide the list that your business will need in your new property, as well as how the property could adapt to your business activity later.

Find Fact About the Property on Bali

Every property could offer its maximum benefit in a housing ad. But you need to keep in mind the property capability to its glowing description. For instance, does numerous big trees in the spacious garden will require a consistent maintenance? Does the neighbor’s house too close for your family and business privacy? Will there be an hidden damage throughout the property? Problems like this could interupt your business activitiy in the future.

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Research Various Neighbourhood to Avoid

Get your feet on the neighbourhoods where you interest to live in. A friendly and respect neighbourhood is a hidden advantage that you will get while purchasing the property on bali. Meanwhile, to know further about the crime rates in several area, you could ask nearby police offices.

Property on Bali Garden

They could help provide the rate of criminal cases or formerly drug houses in various area that you may want to avoid. Its best to drive around by yourself to get the idea of residents’ lifestyles and behaviour.

Partner Up With Trusted Realtor

A property on bali realtor which expert in locating best bali real estate for entrepreneur business can give you multiple selection. Furthermore, they may introduce you to one option that would likely be your perfect match. In addition, its important to seek the best and trusted realtor in Bali. They could indicate the best and worst metric in several area and current market condition.

Property on Bali Swimming Pool

Searching the right property on bali in which for family or business purpose isnt an easy task. But with a strong planning, you can focus on the type of properties that mostly will provide your future needs. Moreover, the best realtor in bali, could help provide you the range of list of on-demand real estate. With its expertise, easy system and trusted service, you will find the suitable option in no time!

Bali Villas For Rent – How to Secure the Rental

Bali Villas for rent market have rapidly growing overtime. People from neighbourhood country are the favourites ones to hand the keys. Moreover, the new years and long holiday are soon coming in our sight. This indicate the increasement of demand in rental industry.

In addition, property rental also have made it ease for any rental system to secure a bali villas for rent. With no doubt, more stakeholder and traveler are benefit from this regulation to help them provide rental option for any accommodation.

Bali Villas for Rent

But with the guaranteed easy regulation and policy, we should still consider various aspect before finally secure one. Despite from its benefit, minding the proper way of securing rental property will save our day sometimes. Here are several aspect to carefully secure Bali Villas for Rent:

Examine The Units

The initial step is to examine the villa unit you are keen to rental. The agents generally acknowledge and approve applications from client who have seen the physics of the unit. Whenever you are unable to investigate the property yourself, you can send a delegate on your own. Furthermore, its important in both ways that the agents could meet you and likewise you could see the villa for rent condition directly. There are several ways to examine a villa unit for lease:

  • Attend to an open house held by the villa agent
  • Arrange a meeting with the villa agent
  • Go for the inspection by yourself
Source: Kibarer Property

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Submit an Application

To make sure about bali villas for rent, you should arrange and submit an application directly. The application generally summarize the clients information of where they have lived and worked, including current income. Its also normal to bring references of your last property rental to the agent. In addition, it help to convince the agent regarding the application you submit.

Sign the Contract

When all party are happy to continue, you should sign the contract. This is a lawfully authoritative arrangement and doesn’t allow any party to change the decision after.The contract details include:

  • The period you rent in the villa
  • How much you should pay for downpayment and total payment
  • What are any special condition regulate in the villa rental

Study the contract completely. In the event that you are worry about necessary things, discuss with the villa agents is a must. Any current issues with the villa rental should be settle upon with the agent and record on paperwork before you sign a contract.

Pay the Down payment

Down payment is an instalment create by you that as a secure payment for the villa agent against you in case you dont meet the bali villas for rent agreement and contract. For instance, if there are damage in villa property that caused by the client, the agent have the rights to withhold the down payment in exchange cost of the damage.

Source: Kibarer Property

Complete the report

Before you move, cross-check if everything works; lights, heating, water and other furnitures if its in acceptable condition. You should note whatever should be fix or replace on the report, and carry it to the consideration of your bali villas for rent agent, so they know about it

Planning Your Dream Trip For The Future

The global pandemic has brought many changes to our lives now. However, it is still unsafe to be freely travelling around the world now. Not to mention that some countries are still implementing some restrictions for visitors. However, this situation will not last forever. In fact, we are getting better now with how some countries are already loosening up their restrictions. Implementing ‘new normal’ now is necessary to stay safe and healthy. 

Planning Your Dream Trip For The Future

Tips to plan your dream trip

It may be impossible to adjust back to travel habits like before the global pandemic. Even many travel destinations that have been reopened, new policies and guidance are made to keep everyone safe. However, there will be times when you can free to visit your travel destination. Therefore, it is time for you to plan your dream trip while you have time to do so. 

Try Island Hopping

Research interesting places for a getaway after the stress of the pandemic. Visiting a place that can give you healing vibe is a nice choice. You need a place where you can feel soothed and relieved. Island hopping is not a bad idea. There are many great choices to do so such as Greece. Island hopping in Greece is interesting because there are so many beautiful islands you can visit such as Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos, and more. 

Think about Hiking 

Planning Your Dream Trip For The Future

Hiking is also a great idea for your future trip when things get back to normal. There are many destinations but one of the most interesting places for hiking is Jordan. Hiking may cause you fatigue but the thrill is exhilarating. You can try to tackle the entire route or opt for the ones you are confident you are capable to conquer. Today though, you can also enjoy virtual explore of the Jordan Trail while waiting for it to be reopened. 

Tour to the Wildlife

A wildlife tour can be your dram trip too. Interacting with animals in their habitat can be a healing moment. Wildlife adventure also can bring you energy no other places can. However, it may not be easy to plan wildlife adventure for your dream trip because of new environmental regulations. You may have to wait a bit longer until some facilities for this kind of adventure reopens. However, you can research more and mark your destination from now. The most recommended place is Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands. There you can meet tortoises, penguins, and various rare birds. 

Cherry Blossom Festival, Anyone?

Planning Your Dream Trip For The Future

Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival is also something you can expect to next year since this year’s has been canceled due to the pandemic. You can plan this dream trip in advance and prepare everything such as your budget, and itinerary. You can also try the bullet trains which are known to be affordable and fast. You can enjoy the festival by bullet trains. 

There are more places you can aim for your dream trip in the future. While waiting for the real things to be reopened, you can enjoy various virtual vacation online. It helps your research for your dream trip as well.

The Komodo Dragon Island is Reopening, What Should You Do?

The 2020 pandemic has forced everything to halt; travel is one among things that’s been suspended for the health concerns. However, after more than four months of quarantine and evaluation, the world is now slowly embracing new normalities. National parks and other natural attractions across Indonesia are preparing to welcome tourists once again. The Komodo dragon island is one of the major national parks which has been developing new systems, regulations, and arrangements for a safer travelling post the Corona storm. The national park will first welcome domestic travels before waiting for further evaluation from the ministry to open for international travellers. If you are currently staying at Bali or somewhere in Indonesia, you can relieve the quarantine burnout soon and get lost in the beauty of Komodo National Park soon. In the meanwhile, this is what you should do.

The Komodo Dragon Island is Reopening, What Should You Do?

Look for New Normal Rules Information in Komodo Dragon Island as Much as Possible

Though the general rules of living a life in times of pandemic is regulated by the central government, every region has slightly different approach of embracing the new normalities. Some regions like Jakarta, for example, is stricter than let’s say the Batu Bulan village in Bali. Look for the newest new normal rules applied in Labuan Bajo and Komodo Dragon Island so you know what to prepare.

Prepare for Higher Cost of Travelling

Since there is less demands for travels, prices will be expected to rise up. This include flight tickets, accommodations, pickup car or taxi from and to airports, and probably the Komodo tour ticket itself.

…But You Might Get Some Special Deals!

The Komodo Dragon Island is Reopening, What Should You Do?

In time of the pandemic, we have seen hotels, resorts, and other holiday homes offering best deals offers to survive. The offers itself presents in form of discounts, bundle deals, or a bonus free stay for some certain nights stay. Do your best efforts to research on tourism deals at Labuan Bajo. Who knows, you might land a good deal that otherwise won’t exist in a normal situation!

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Get Used to Extra Hygiene and Cleanliness

Though the Komodo Dragon Island and arounds are quite barren from civilization, that doesn’t mean you can neglect the strict Corona safety and hygiene protocols. Your liveaboard will be disinfected as often as possible. Passengers should follow the disinfecting rules and maintain their own cleanliness. Hand sanitiser, alcohol spray, and face mask will be the holy trio that should be with you always.

No More Big Parties Travelling to Komodo Dragon Island

It sucks, right? Meeting new friends on Komodo liveaboard used to be the spice of the travels. It’s so fun to share stories with likeminded strangers who ended up to be our best buddies in the trip. After the coronavirus however, this won’t remain the same. Strangers make us cautious and sharing facilities with them can lead to anxiety. Well, if this bothers you, the only option to lessen the risk and enjoy the Komodo tour at its upmost is chartering the whole liveaboard for yourself. It’s quite pricey, but highly recommended for travelling during the pandemic.  

Must Visit Places in Jordan!

Must Visit Places in Jordan!

Jordan is an Arab country located on the eastern bank of the Jordan. It is made up of ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts. The country is home to the famous archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean capital founded around 300 BC. J-C. Installed in a narrow valley and provided with tombs, temples and monuments carved in the pink sandstone cliffs which surround it, Pétra deserves its nickname of “pink city”. Jordan, including in the country of the Middle East, borders Saudi Arabia to the south and east, Syria to the north and Israel for the western part. Looks like this country has no mining equipment. This is why Jordan meets its oil needs by importing it from several neighboring countries.

Dead Sea

Must Visit Places in Jordan!

The Dead Sea is a salt lake shared between Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. Its surface located more than 400 m below sea level makes it the lowest point on earth. It is renowned for its extremely high salinity, which allows it to float easily, and for its black mud rich in minerals, used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes in spas in the region. The desert surrounding the Dead Sea is dotted with oases and historic sites. Dead Sea salt levels reach 31.5% (9 times the salt level in normal levels, which is only 3.5%). This allows all objects inserted therein to float. In the Dead Sea there are no living fish. Even if the water is exposed to the eye, it will be painful.


Must Visit Places in Jordan!

Petra is a famous archaeological site, located in the southwest Jordanian desert. Dating back to around 300 BC. AD, it was the capital of the Nabataean kingdom. Accessible by the Sîq, a narrow canyon, the site contains tombs and temples carved out of the pink sandstone cliffs from which it takes its nickname “pink city”. The Khazneh, 45 meters high, is undoubtedly the most famous building in Petra. It is a temple with an ornate facade in Greek style and known by the other name of “Treasure”. Petra enchantress, it is very difficult to describe with such beautiful and amazing words of the city. Petra is part of an archaeological site which is also a city made by carving stone walls in Jordan. The name Petra comes from the Greek meaning stone. It is a symbol of protection and technique.

Amman Roman Ancient Theater

Must Visit Places in Jordan!

The Ancient Roman Theater of Amman in Jordan forms with the neighboring Odeon a remarkable archaeological site. It would have been built between 138 and 161 AD. AD by Emperor Antoninus the Pious and is the largest in Jordan, with 6,000 seats. The Roman theater is divided into 3 horizontal regions. First, the entrance area is located on the ground floor, the second is the one facing the orchestra and the third is the stage. The room behind the door is now used as a traditional Jordanian museum on one side, and on the other side is also the Jordanian folklore museum.

What to Expect When Spending the Day in Bali Family Resorts

Going on vacation with family is always fun. There are many family-friendly destinations that can be chosen, but one that really stands out among the others is Bali. Many travelers, be it domestic or international ones, choose to take a trip to Bali for various reasons; one of which is that the destination can provide different arrangements for different needs including family. A lot of Bali family resorts offer a variety of interesting publicity to attract families to stay. Prior to diving deep into that, one thing to consider when deciding the right resort to stay for the whole family is the location.

What to Expect When Spending the Day in Bali Family Resorts

Finding the right Bali family resort location

Most families when going on a vacation prefer being in a more peaceful area to being in a crowded area. The reason? They have been living their day-to-day life being in busy places, so to be able to relax and not think about their daily burnouts for once is important. It’s a good coincidence because most Bali family resorts are located in calmer areas of Bali, for example Nusa Dua and Benoa.

Interesting Promos

One of the reasons families choose to stay in Bali family resorts is that there are many different promotions provided. Such a thing can increase the interest of visitors in order to come, visit, and spend the nights. Kids are usually the main focus of the promotions provided by the resorts. Kids Stay and Eat Free is an example of a highly successful offer pulled out by Bali family resorts in order to promote more visits from families. There are also other options offered by the resorts; for example, weekend specials or even you can pay less for your stay.

Fun and Lively Activities at Bali Family Resort

What to Expect When Spending the Day in Bali Family Resorts

It may be true that every member of the family usually wants to do something different, but that should not be a concern. There are plenty of options for everyone in the family. Most Bali family resorts are usually located by the beach. While the kids are building sandcastles, you can laze away under the shades. Or while the kids are playing in the swimming pool, you can watch them while reading your favorite book and sipping a glass of your favorite cocktail. In addition, when the whole family members desire to do something together, you can rent bicycles and explore the surroundings in the morning or the afternoon.

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Authentic Cuisine

Tasting local cuisine is usually on the to-do list of travelers when coming to a new destination. It is also true when the whole family goes on a vacation together. Having dinner together tasting authentic Balinese cuisine while watching traditional dance and other Balinese cultural shows can create an intimate and memorable memory within the family, and is the reason why many families decide to stay in Bali family resorts.

Komodo Boat Trip Secret to Living Life in the Present

Going on a Komodo boat trip for divers out there is one thing. But for you regular folks out there who simply craves being able to disconnect from everything? “Disconnecting” is an oversaturated term at the moment – is the trip going to work at all? Completely disconnecting from your life can sometimes be a faraway dream. Sure you have your yearly vacation, probably to some exotic destinations for a week or two away from home. But even if you’re on a vacation, miles away from where you live, often times you fall back into the bad habit of needing to always connect; checking the news, your social media feed, urgent mails, and so on and so forth. You’re probably never going to be able to completely disconnect this way during Komodo boat trip Indonesia.

Komodo boat trip 

Indonesia is a lovely country in which Bali is the center of the tourism scene. The island is still a magical place by a large stretch; but the magic could no longer be found in the midst of its most popular spots. What you’ll find in the current Bali is no longer the peace it once effortlessly provided; not if all you visit is the South of Bali like Kuta and the surrounding area. This is why many people decided to jump further east; Flores and the lesser Sumba islands. 

Flores proved to be slice of paradise. Perhaps it’s the remoteness of the area, the fact that the place practically sleeps after dark, the complete lack of crowd, or the simplicity of the people’s lives here… or perhaps it’s a combination of everything and more. The best part is that having to be able to experience this slow-paced life in a boat. 

Disconnect in order to connect 

When you’re so far in the sea, you probably won’t be able to get much reception. Which is all well; you’re not here to work or to cater to the world but yourself. So during your Komodo boat tour leave the phone alone. Don’t be tempted to check mails and whatnot.

Leave the phone securely in your room. Tip: bring a conventional camera so that there’s no temptation. You can dedicate a 30 minutes to a maximum of one hour to answering emails if you really can’t leave it. Disconnecting takes practice after all. Where else should you practice it if during Komoo boat tour Indonesia? 

Living on a Komodo boat reminds you of what’s important 

Being able to disconnect from the endless streams of news and everything else the world tries to feed us is, we’ve realized, a privilege. But it shouldn’t be that way. Floating atop the phinisi in our Komodo boat trip we’re surrounded by the oceans, as our boat gently rocks—we realize that this is beyond a mere escape. Being able to disconnect has helped us reconnect with nature. Embrace the “inconveniences”. Humans didn’t evolve to be able to live with a device always connected with signals, nor have shops that readily cater to our nitpicky needs. In the boat, we learn to truly come back to what we truly need; and it’s surprisingly basic. 

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