Natural Sleep Aids to Try For Comfortable Travels

It is often that travelers have difficulties to rest or sleep during their travel. Different time zone is one of the most common causes of this issue. It causes jetlag which causes another problem like trouble at sleeping.

Lots of travelers use sleeping pills to help them sleep better during their travel. However, it is unhealthy because you can get addicted to it every time you travel.

Natural sleep aids for comfortable travels

It offers you easy way to overcome your problem at sleeping during travel but it is not a good solution especially if you travel quite a lot. Therefore, you may turn to natural sleeping aids to help you sleep and rest better during travel.

Recommended natural sleep aids for travel

Sleeping pills can be dangerous for long-term use. Therefore, you can choose natural sleep aids instead. They are safer and won’t cause any harm to your body even for long-term use. Here are some options of natural sleep aids you can use to help you sleep better during travels:

Aromatherapy is good sleep aid you can use during travel to get quality rest. It is a practice of using essential oils to stimulate your senses. It results in a peaceful, soothing feeling. Thus, your body will feel more relaxed and less tensed. When your body is in that relaxed state, it is easier for you to sleep. There are various options of essential oils you can pack in your bag for travelling. Choose the one that don’t make you feel uncomfortable when you smell it. Different essential oil has different scent and effect. It is highly recommended to choose eco-friendly essential oils which are made of 1005 natural ingredients.

Another sleep aid is hot bath. It is simple but effective to sooth your body from tensed muscle after long haul flight. Soaking your body in hot bath can help your body to feel more relaxed. During your travel, make the most of your accommodation by using the nice bathtub or Jacuzzi (if provided). You can also use add some drops of your favorite essential oils to make it a better experience. One of the most recommended is lavender essential oil because it has soothing, relaxing, and calming scent.

Bring your personal humidifier to travel. It helps you to sleep better because it can keep the air in your hotel room humidified. Thus, it can prevent illnesses and cold. In addition, humidifier can keep your skin hydrated during your travel. So, it is very helpful to bring humidifier for your travel. Bring the one with less weight so it won’t take much space in your luggage.

You can purposely make your body exhausted to help you sleep better. However, make sure to do it excessively because over-exhaustion can make you harder to sleep instead. For example, you can write a journal for two or three pages to empty your hectic mind during travel. Or you can also practice meditation at night before going to sleep and in the morning. It helps to calm your mind and center your emotion.