How to Make Your Business More Mobile-Friendly

How To Make Your Business More Mobile-Friendly

Online shopping is something to be normalized today unlike in the past where it was viewed as novelty. Today, almost everyone hold a smartphone in their everyday life. Making purchases online is something almost everyone likes because of how convenient it is. The popularity of smartphone and online shopping go hand in hand so you need to find the opportunity from here to improve your business. Your business has the opportunity to thrive if you make it more mobile-friendly. 

How to improve mobile marketing strategy

One of the best source of internet traffic comes from smartphone. By improving your mobile marketing strategy, your business can gain more engagement and sales. And here are some ways you can do to improve your business to become more mobile-friendly:

Deliver mobile-friendly content

When you are writing content, consider how mobile users will see it. See if your content is readable for mobile users. Sometimes, the content you see from computer screen may look different when you see it from your mobile screen. Hence, make sure to take mobile users into your consideration when making any content. It is recommended to make short, concise paragraph with clear bullet points, headings, images, etc. Make sure your content has organized format. 

Check your website’s performance

Check your website’s performance

You need to check your site when being accessed by phone. See if it is easy experience or not. It is what your customers probably experience when they are landing on your website. If there are issues with the performances such as lagging, slow loading times, etc, you need to immediately fix them because they can decrease your conversion rates. Make sure that your site’s performance for mobile users are fast and seamless. Do a regular check to monitor if there is problem needed to be fixed. 

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Simplify forms and navigation

Smartphone users focus more on speed and accuracy. During a scroll through a website, they want to have options to navigate themselves to where they exactly want to go in precise manner. Hence, make sure to make your website has simple form and navigation to guide mobile users. Make sure your navigation bar is not obscured by design or theme. Make your forms such as contact and payment smooth and responsive for mobile users. This is to make sure that mobile users have smooth buying experience. 

Promote through multiple channels

You need to promote your mobile marketing campaign using multiple channels so you can go beyond your website. It is highly recommended that you use social media since it is one of the biggest platforms most people use for various reasons. The number of social media users keep increasing each year. Hence, it is such a great place to start with your mobile marketing campaign. Not to mention that social media users on their smartphones. You can do various tricks such as sharing latest blogs, uploading live videos, or creating special promotions for your target audience who are mobile users. Those are such great ways to increase traffic and conversion rate.