5 Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Villa Rental in Bali

5 Social Media Platforms You Should Use to Promote Your Villa Rental in Bali

Indonesia has reopened its international borders to foreign visitors who have a valid visa and proof of vaccination. Beginning March 7, 2022, Indonesia has enabled foreign visitors to Bali to enter without having to pass through quarantine. Bali has now welcomed both domestic and foreign travelers following its international reopening. This means tourists are flowing back to the island and a good time for vacation rental owners to promote their Bali villas for rent again. 

You undoubtedly already know how vital having an internet presence is as a property owner. While your listing on AirBnB or VRBO is offered to people looking for a rental in your region, social media allows you to highlight your property to those who haven’t made up their minds about where they want to stay and influence their decision to book your stay. A strong social presence also pays off. So, here are five popular social media platforms that guarantee strong exposure as long as you handle it right. 

Promoting Your Bali Villas for Rent in Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world, with over 2.8 billion active users as of 2020. Facebook is more likely to be used by people of various demographics, increasing your chances of reaching a larger audience. Creating a Facebook business page to promote your brand is an excellent place to start with social media marketing. Facebook, in addition to being user-friendly and business-oriented, also ties directly to other social media sites such as Instagram, allowing you to post and run ads across platforms at the same time.

Leveraging Facebook Groups

Short-term travel organizations and communities can be found on Facebook for owners of villas for rent in Bali. They can sell their holiday rental properties through these groups. They can be certain that their social media audience is actually interested in the advertisement this way.

Paid Marketing Facebook Ads

Paid Facebook ads may be worth looking into for hosts with a digital marketing budget. To increase your reach even more, Facebook advertising target certain audience segments on the social media platform.

Despite the fact that it is more of an investment, owners of private Bali villas for rent in Bali have found the tool to be helpful in increasing visitors to their property.

Showcasing Your Bali Villas in Instagram

Showcasing Your Bali Villas in Instagram

Instagram is a great way to highlight the aesthetics of your vacation home rentals in Bali. The visual style and platform structure of Instagram prioritise photographs above text. It’s ideal for showcasing your luxury rental’s lovely d├ęcor as well as the individuality of your property and travel brand. Instagram users are younger and more prone to plan vacations and travel based on their social media interactions. In current demography, your ideal Bali villas rental target markets in Instagram is older Gen Z and millennials, ranging around 17 – 38 years old. 

You might even employ a professional photographer to refresh your social media photographs every year or when you hold any special events.

Paid Marketing Instagram Ads

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, you can also run a paid marketing ads to have better reach and engagements with your audiences. You can even integrate the ads between both platforms to save time and money.

Inspire Vacationers Through Pinterest

Pinterest is known best for its idea board feature, allowing users to pin photos or images from other users and save that for inspirations. Brides-to-be use it to create their dream wedding plans, homeowners to decorate their home, bakers to decorate their cake, vacationers to plan their next ideal vacation, and many more. 

Similar with Instagram, Pinterest is a photo-centric social media platform. It can be a useful social media outlet for advertising your vacation property, even though it contains a lot of DIY and how-to ideas.

To promote your vacation rental business on Pinterest, do some research into what Pinterest users are looking for in relation to the vacation rental industry and your home in particular. Potential guests may be looking for “top vacation rental getaways near the beach,” so using titles like that in your posts may assist. This will improve the visibility of your photographs in these search results, resulting in more organic traffic to your listing site.

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A Life in Your Tropical Bali Villa in Youtube

A Life in Your Tropical Bali Villa in Youtube

You might usually use Youtube to find ideas, find entertainment, or watch inspiring videos. But you can use this platform to advertise your villa rental in Bali! The king of video material, YouTube allows its users to present their best video content. It’s the perfect platform to upload video tours of your Bali vacation home. You can showcase a better idea of what to expect if they book a stay there to your potential visitors.

While you can create video tours to market your vacation rental on your own, hiring a videographer to record and edit your video may result in a more professional finish, especially if you have little experience with video production.

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Fun Short Videos in TikTok

The next biggest thing in video-sharing platform is Tiktok, which is very popular among Gen Z and Millennials. TikTok is an excellent platform for marketing to a younger demographic. This is particularly advantageous for vacation rentals with facilities that will appeal to a younger population.

TikTok is a video-sharing platform similar to YouTube. The key distinction is that TikTok videos are only three minutes long. Because you can make short, punchy video tours that highlight how fascinating your property is, this short video type is ideal for selling vacation rentals. However, your possibility to get to the FYP (the timeline page) will only increase if your videos are relevant to the trend. TikTok is about being relevant and hopping into the current trend as fast as possible. The audiences of TikTok engage more on funny short content, pet videos, or aesthetic video tour/ travel recommendation. 

Are you ready to leverage social media to the fullest for your Bali vacation home business?