Hot Spots for Sport Travel in Europe

Most people think that Europe is great destination for those who love romance, architecture, or culture. However, Europe has more. In Europe, you can also travel to feed your interest in sport games and events. Sport travel is exciting because you will be able to be a spectator of big sport events and games.

Sport travel spots in European countries

Europe is the best destination because you can spot various sport games and events being held in various places. Thus, put Europe into your bucket list now and start planning your travel.

Best places for sport travelling in Europe

It is such a total blast when you can participate in major sport events or games even though you are simply being the spectator. The excitement is contagious when a sport game is held. However, you can also actively participate in the event if you are qualified. Here are several recommended spots to enjoy sport games and events:

  • France – France is not only for romance enthusiasts. You can also pick this destination to specially watch the Tour De France where professional cyclists compete in multi stage bicycle race across France. The best time to attend this event is this month (July). The weather is nice so you can enjoy the game comfortably along with other local and international spectators. He race last to 21 days where professional cyclists should cover around 3,500 km. Aside from being a sport game, this event is part of tradition in France.
  • London – This country is famous destination for architecture and culture enthusiasts, however, you can also try something new when visiting this place. You can watch the University boat race. It sounds fun, isn’t it? This is a big event where two of the most prestigious universities in the world (Oxford and Cambridge) compete in the capital using a boat. The route is from Putney to Mortlake. It is actually less touristy route. However, the crowd is always spectacular when this event is held. You can join other spectators and line in the banks of the river to cheer your favorite team.
  • Liverpool – This is the best spot to watch horse races. It can be said that this is the best place in the world for watching the famous horse race. This is the event where you can enjoy watching the Jockeys competing each other with their horse. They also do various jump tricks which can amaze you. This is considered the biggest even of horse race in the world because it has quality of the course and those who take part in the competition.
  • Monte Carlo – This is the best spot for Grand Prix lovers. The events of Formula 1 don’t take place in a circuit but on the streets of Monaco. That’s why this race is different from other around the world. The setting is unusual but more accessible to watch. Thus, you visit this city and be the spectator of the race. You can get close to the action and join other passionate spectators. You can even watch the three practice session for free. What a great trip to experience.