Where to Practice Summer Surf Camp in Indonesia?

Summer surf camp in Indonesia? That’s sounds like heaven. Practicing on how to surf and improving the skills in tropical archipelagic country is what many travellers are dreaming on.

I am inviting you to embarking the surf camp trip in this summer especially for the family. But even though you are coming alone, experiencing the surfing itself will always be special for everyone.

Therefore, to start the wave’s riding journey, it will surely better if you are start to getting to know some of the best recommended places for your surf practising.

Best locations to start practicing summer surf camp for beginners in Indonesia

I will not only telling you where the recommended locations to start your surf trip, but if they will be possible, I’ll give you the name of the surf spots you’ll need to visit and spend your surfing holidays.

Best locations to practice summer surf camp in Indonesia

And I will not only focus on the surf camp for your summer holidays, but I may will recommending you to be in the surf resorts or even the surf boat charter if possible. Let’s not just stick to the surf camp as this is truly recommended for the beginners to have more options in learn to surf or those who need to take an advanced surf course to help them improving their skills on dealing with the waves and all stuffs.

1. Surf camp in Bali (hard to miss)

You’ve read it right without any mistake. Bali is always a place for many unimaginable things that keep on happening. And while we are talking about the way and the destination to visit in Indonesia, it seems that you will have no chance not to think about spending your summer holidays through riding the waves in the islands of gods.

It is a place where everyday almost becoming the summer days for all year round. Surely there will be the rainy season, but it still as warmth as you need.

I have 3 recommended places when you are interesting about starting your surf camp for beginners lessons in Bali, Indonesia.

You will need to choose the Padang Padang surf camp, Kuta on the beach surf camp if you are interesting to learn how to ride the wave in the most popular beach, or heading to Batu Bolong at Canggu area that is becoming the location trend in the industry.

*2. Summer surf camp in Mentawai (most recommended)

Every available surf camps in Indonesia are actually the professional destinations to start learning about surfing the right ways. But when it comes to talk about the most recommended destination in the whole country, Mentawai Islands that are located in the province of West Sumatra can be on top list of where you are need to go.

I think that anytime travellers are thinking about riding the waves, Mentawai Islands are what on their minds. It is because there have been many international and national surf competitions have held and more to come in the future.

Even, the Indonesian government have a plan to accept the investors to build the biggest surf island in Indonesia.

If there are many other travellers and surfers are going there to start learning surfing and improving their skills, then you can also following along of what they have been done. Your summer surf camp experiences won’t really be completed when you have not been in Mentawai Islands when you are in Indonesia.

And if you do want to practice on the surf camp in Mentawai, here are some of the recommended locations to consider;

  1. Playgrounds surfcamp.
  2. Ebay Beach Front Surf Camp at Nyang-Nyang Island.
  3. Exclusive Lance’s Left Surf Resort.

While you are in Mentawai Islands, chartering the boat is also recommended to reach more hidden surf spots.

If you are truly the beginners that need the best summer experiences in surfing, choosing one of the above location and spot will be more than enough when you are doing it in Indonesia. And even though there are only two locations I am recommending, the endless fun is still awaits no matter which one you are going to choose.