Best Ways in Keeping Burnout At Bay

Best Ways in Keeping Burnout At Bay

There are many factors in life that can out you in overwhelming situations such as multiple responsibilities to juggle, home life, work life, relationships, and more. More often that not, those lead to expectations and demands that are too high for you to handle. In the end, you fall exhausted and relentless. When you are in those situations and forcing yourself to keep moving, you will collapse. It is because humans are not programmed to function without proper downtime, rest, and solitude. 

The symptoms of burnout

Sometimes, it is possible that you don’t realize you are suffering from burnout because you are too busy doing so many things at once. Burnout itself is not a medical diagnose. Generally, it is the feeling of extreme exhaustion and depleted energy due to continual stress. Physical syndromes include constant headaches, upset stomach, muscle aches, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Having the urge to withdraw yourself from social activities can be the symptoms of burnout. 

How to deal with burnout and keep it at bay

It can be challenging to deal with burnout especially when it has become worse due to being late to realize your own state. However, you can start with checking yourself if you are experiencing burnout. If you think you are, here are some of tips to help you overcome burnout so it doesn’t get worse at least:

Practice being in the present

When you do particular activity, keep your mind to be in the present. For example, pay attention to the road while driving instead of busy checking on your phone. When you having a lunch with others, engage more by talking with them. It is best to put down your phone for a while when you do an activity to keep your focus in check. 

Prioritize what’s worth your time and energy

When making your schedule, make sure to know what activities or events worth your time and energy. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your time for the sake of hosting an event. When setting this event into your calender, make sure to anticipate extended time that you might have to spend longer than what you initially estimate. 

Prioritize yourself

It is also important that you prioritize yourself before others sometimes. You deserve a break from time to time even if it means you have to say no to other request for having dinner or a hangout. It is okay to set a schedule for you to be with yourself doing activities that can be relaxing and fun for you. It can be simple activities such as napping, watching your favorite show, going to spa, etc. 

Embrace support from others

It is okay to not be able to handle the overwhelming stress by yourself sometimes because you are only human. Not seeking out support from others won’t make you look stronger. In fact, collaboration or any type of supports from others can be what you really need. Also, practice healthy habits as much as you can such as sleeping well, eating healthily, and exercise regularly.