Does Natural Moisturizer is Really Better for Your Skin?

Making the Switch to Natural Face Moisturizers 1
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You might be asking this to yourself; what does natural moisturizer really means? This should be a straightforward question to respond to. It simply refers to skincare that is made entirely of natural substances. However, in order for a product to be certified as organic by various governing organisations, it does not have to include 100 percent organic ingredients.

To be classified as organic, a product must contain at least 95% organic ingredients, according to the Soil Association. To be eligible for the Soil Association logo, products must contain at least 70% organic components.

Hydrating Your Skin Naturally from Within

Hydration, like most things, begins on the inside. Drinking plenty of good quality water (not tap water; filtered or spring water is best) and eating plenty of organic veggies will help you keep your skin hydrated.

We all know that alcohol dehydrates the body, but alcohol is found in a large number of skincare products, owing to its ability to preserve items. Despite this, it dehydrates! As a result, we advise against using face moisturisers that contain alcohol. Many of the people we meet have been told to avoid using skincare that contains alcohol.

Making the Switch to Natural Face Moisturizers

A brand with organic and natural label indicates that no chemicals were used in the production of the product or in the cultivation of the materials that made it up. Preservatives, chemicals, and other synthetic ingredients are not used in the production of organic skin care products. They’re prepared from natural components like flowers, herbs, fruits, nuts, milk, and oils that are grown without pesticides, commercial fertilisers, or possibly hazardous chemicals.

Natural and all-organic face moisturizer is just as effective as, if not more effective than, conventional moisturizers. There is also a large selection of organic skin care products available to meet your demands. There is an organic skin care product for everyone, from lotions and creams to lip balms and lipsticks.

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Better Skin and Better Overall Health

According to studies, about 60% of the chemicals present in traditional commercial skin care and cosmetics make their way into the bloodstream. Even if trace levels of these compounds do not constitute a substantial concern, their buildup can be toxic. You eliminate the possibility of chemicals entering into your bloodstream by utilising organic skin care products.

Finding Organic Face Moisturizers in the UK

While discovering all-natural brands requires some investigation, some simple guidelines include looking for phrases like parabens and phthalates on the label. You’re not looking at a non-toxic range if you see them in the ingredients list. Today, finding a good natural moisturizer in the UK will not be as hard as it was five years ago. Though it might be hard to find in most conventional stores, many organic and natural skincare can be found online. It’s one Google away, really!

Will you swap your moisturizers to a natural one?