3 Common Things You Will Experience If You’re Travelling to Indonesia

One of the main purpose of travelling is to experience the unforgettable things. Sadly but true, the unforgettable things are not only the good things, those can also be the opposite. If one day you will visit the Indonesian country, you should know some things that you are possibly to experience. There are actually more of it, but I will only inform you some of the common things you will mostly see and experience.

Common things the foreigners will experience when travelling to Indonesia

1. The people area big fans of being in a frame with the foreigners

Not all of the Indonesian are welcome to the foreigners especially those with white skin. But mostly, they are welcome and no matter where they are and what they are doing, foreigners will be frequently being ask to take a picture with them.

Just go to any destination you have in mind and there will be a crowd, if you are the foreigners that can be easily to be identified, you can even end up spending your half of an hour or even more by taking images with the Indonesian people.

If you are getting to the remote islands, you can even be the “king” that have been waited for long. You will really welcome by the local people. Sadly, the invitation of taking pictures together are not for everyone. Some foreigners are even hate it for spending their time doing what they have never wanted. But mostly, they are happy with that even I have no idea what their hearts are talking about.

2. You can easily find the plastic wastes at tourist destinations in Indonesia

Another thing you will be experienced when you are in Indonesia is you can easily find the plastic wastes and any other kind of wastes even at the tourist destinations.

It is not good and I am sure that will reduce how aesthetic the place is, but to be honest, that are happening almost everyday. This may not happening at all destinations over the country, but it is hard to tell that you can not really found them at the holly temples such as Borobudur or Prambanan, beaches, and many other places.

So, be ready for the wastes.

3. So, you are prefer to wear bikini? Be ready to be the point of view

Men and women, foreigners or not, if your body are not fully covered and just using bikini at the public space even though it will be at the beach, don’t get yourself wondering why people are staring at you.

Even for the international destination in Indonesia like Bali, people is still considering it as the new and strange thing that you should never wear in public. But by the times, it may have been changing but surely not for all of us. There are still people who don’t agree with that and we should also appreciate their opinions.

Travelling in Indonesia is a roller coaster of emotions. One day you are happy without any rules on the road, but later you can be caught by policeman at the same road you have been broken the rule before and asking you more money. One day you may are thinking that they are the nicest people on the planet and the other days, you will hear they are saying that all of the problems in Indonesia caused by the foreigners, etc.

But, that’s what Indonesia it is. It is still one of the most beautiful country and one of the best travel destination in the world. There surely more experiences you can get and who are you for wishing only for the goodness to come?