Komodo Cruise: The Hidden Costs

Have you dream of luxurious tropical vacation? Voyaging in the vast sea with only blue waters in surrounding you from every direction and a tropical inspired-cocktail in your hand? Oh, how idyllic it does sound, to be away from all worldly affairs, to be “deserted” in a remote, gorgeous frontier, within the comfort of luxurious facilities. For such dream, the Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, emerge as one of the best candidate for isolated tropical gateway where the nature is raw and beautifully preserved, and the tourists are few. With islands to hop and sea to cross in the national park, it’s only natural if you turn to Komodo cruise for the best value. Cruisers covers all the major expenses of travelling—all the lodging, meals, and entertainment expenses rolled into one bill. 

However, luxury cruises in Komodo often attempt travelers with somewhat basic, upfront prices and then charges everything extra once they are onboard. Some extra expenses are sometimes unavoidable (who can resist a snack and cold fruity cocktails?). Even if you have pay the cruise price upfront, you might need to set aside some extra cash to cover unexpected expenses. Below are 4 most common hidden cost on a Komodo cruise—and how to anticipate and find savings. 

4 Hidden Costs of Komodo Cruise to Avoid Price Trap

Major Hidden Costs in Most Cruise in Komodo

Dining By Request

While it’s guaranteed that the initial Komodo cruise prices covers three-meals-a-day dining, prices could change if you have certain request to the menu. Perhaps you are in certain diet and are restricted to specific ingredients, so that the crews need to put extra effort to accommodate your diets. Or perhaps you are requesting high-quality ingredients, such as fine cheeses, caviar, or truffle, that would certainly add more numbers to your bill.

Alcoholic Drinks

Complimentary drinks during the meal includes mineral water, tea, coffee, milk, and juices. Other than that, you’ll pay extra charge. Charged drinks includes specialty coffees, cold soda, bottled beers, cocktails, spirit, wine, and any other non-standard beverages. You cam pay them on tab—just like in the restaurant—or roll them in your bill. 

Additional Water-sport Activities

One of the true fun of sailing with a Komodo cruise is the availability of numerous water sport activities onboard, aside from the mandatory diving and island excursion. Depend on the cruise, you could enjoy; water skiing, wake boarding, snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, and even towing in towable floats. Snorkelling is quite loose and you can practically do it anywhere with your own equipments for free, but the rest of the water sport definitely come with separated bill. Some of them are definitely a loss if you just skip them, so set a budget and choose one you find most interesting!

Spa and Wellness Treatment

Ah. Who doesn’t like to soak in deep tissue messages while you are on sailing pass Flores’ wonderful landscape? As relaxing as the spa could be, the charge might not give you the same relaxing feeling. In fact, spa services in luxury Komodo cruise rate equals to Indonesian high-end salons, ranging from 90 USD for 60 minutes massage to 120 USD for 90 minutes massage. Service price could surge up if you choose to set the treatment under the shades of canopy umbrella in one of Komodo’s deserted beaches.

Dealing with Stress Caused by Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids can be fun and stressful at the same time. They can be little angels and in a second turn into little devils. It can’t help because they are kids. Travelling with kids can be stressful but it is not something you can’t prevent. You can make some precautions so the trip will be going smoothly.

Dealing with stress caused by traveling with kids

Thus, both you and your kids will experience the best of the trip. Actually, sometime the stress doesn’t come from the kid but other things related such as added luggage, lack of rest, disrupted sleep, and many other things. In addition, safety concern is also included into travel stress or when you bring your children along to the trip.

How to handle stress when travelling with kids

Travelling with kids makes everything possible to happen. However, you also need to remember that travelling with kids is not always stressful. There are some moments when you will truly feel the joy during the trip. Witnessing the glint of their eyes when they enjoy the trip is something you will cherish the most that it can make you forget about the hassle and stress.

Be prepared. This is highly recommended when you are planning to travel with kids. Travelling spontaneously is not something you can do when kids are in the frame. They have their own necessities and packing items which related to their convenience and safety. Therefore, make sure to be prepared of everything including their necessities, medication, to their health condition.

To make the preparation goes smoothly, try to be more organized. You can make a list of things you should pack for the trip. Making a checklist will be very helpful because it can prevent you from miss important things. Plan everything ahead including accommodation, and transport. If it is possible, organize and plan everything few weeks before prior to the trip. Thus, you don’t need to deal with making decision in short time.

If you have never brought your kids to a trip before, try a simple trip for the first experience. It is not recommended to bring them to an international trip for the first experience because it may make them feel uncomfortable. This way, you can make them get used to the idea of a trip.

To enjoy the preparation, include your kids. Make it fun and light so that you won’t get drown into a stress mode even before the trip started. This can also help building their character by helping you prepare the trip. If your children are slightly older, give them some responsibilities to make them feel included. This will help building their confidence as well.

The most important thing to avoid stress when you are travelling with kids to truly enjoy every little thing. Remember that your kids also want to enjoy the trip. Try to be more understanding of them and yourself. Them, throwing tantrums doesn’t mean the trip is completely ruined. There are still many other moments to enjoy and focus on more positive things.

Tips for Traveling with Pets

Who does not want to travel with a pet? One of the most common problems which people have is when they want to go traveling but they have a pet. We all know that pet daycare costs so much money. Not to mention if your pet needs extra care, you will have to pay more. There is another option though, you can leave your animal in your friends. However, what if you live so far from your friend? The only answer is to bring your pet along with you when you are traveling. Traveling with a pet is not an impossible thing but it sure does take so many preparations. If you happen to want to go traveling with your pet but do not know what you have to do, then keep on reading this article. We will be giving you some tips to go traveling with your pets.

Know Your Pet’s Travel Needs

The first thing you need to know is that you need to figure out what your pet needs during the travel. For your information, pets will act so differently when you took them to travel outside. Not to mention if you are traveling by plane, your pets’ act and behavior will definitely surprise you. You can figure out your pets’ needs maybe after you travel with them for the second time. One thing you must always prepare is a plastic bag for disposal or waste.

Check the Pets-Welcome Policy

Not all lodgings can accept pets. Some of them will even charge you with an additional cleaning fee or convenience fee which are non-refundable. Therefore, before you go traveling, you need to ask or figure out the pet policy for the places where you are going to stay first.

Always Carry Your Home Vet’s Contact

This next tip on travel with a pet sounds simple yet it is quite important for you and your pet. Bringing your pet’s health information and home vet’s contact information is very important to avoid any ugly incident when you go traveling. Anything can happen when you are traveling such as your pets suddenly get sick. In this case, if you carry your home vet’s contact information, you will know what to do and what medicine to buy for your pets. Your home vet can even help you looking for another vet in your travel destination.

Make Sure Your Pet has ID

When you are traveling with your pets, placing a tag in your pets’ collar, crate or carrier is very important. The reason why the tag is so important is that so people can know that the pet belongs to you. So, if somehow, they are missing, people can contact you and bring your pet back to you.

Healthy Pet

The last tip for travel with a pet is by making sure that your pet is healthy. No matter where you are going, most countries in the whole world will require you to prepare their health certificate which can confirm that your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. Usually, they will need the certificate 5 or 10 days before your departure.

Let’s Go Travelling To the Destinations in Indonesia with Nice and Beautiful Natural Scenery

Traveling is one way to eliminate daily boredom and also add experience to new things and new places. traveling not only has to go abroad, but there are also many good things in the country and there are still many who have not explored by humans.there are many destinations in Indonesia with nice and beautiful natural scenery. from the tip of Sabang to Merauke Indonesia is rich in natural beauty and culture. Like Bali with its culture that captivates tourists all over the world for the Komodo island with relics of prehistoric Komodo dragons, this attraction brings foreign and local tourists to come to visit and vacation on the island of Indonesia. Here are some places in Indonesia that are rich in natural scenery for Indonesian photo spots, for those of you who like photography, you definitely like the following places. see some of the following places:

Bali Island

There is no argument not to include Bali in the list of the best attractions in Indonesia. This island is the biggest tourism asset in Indonesia. In some opportunities, the Island of the Gods is often included in the list of the most beautiful islands in the world by traveling magazines as well as online media. In fact, it also often occupies the highest position. Bali is a complete island. Not only has attractive beaches but also mountainous locations that provide a green panorama of soothing eyes. Bali is a world-class tourist destination. Being one island, Bali is a good place for holidays. Increasingly explored, so we will also know that Bali is indeed a special island

Lombok Island

Changing to the east of Bali we will also find a different island that is no less beautiful: Lombok. Lombok is one of the mesmerizing islands in Indonesia. By the Ministry of Tourism, this island is a promotional package with Bali with the meaning of Great Bali. Lombok can be reached for 4 hours by sea from Bali through the Padang Bai harbor. Lombok has beaches that are no less beautiful than Bali. Compared to Bali, the beaches in Lombok are quieter so we will also be able to truly feel the real holiday situation

One of the most beautiful places that belong to Lombok is Mount Rinjani which is often meant to offer trekking tours with the most beautiful panoramas in Southeast Asia. One large lake is at an altitude of 2. 000 meters above sea level to complement the beauty of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok


As written in the new logo: Special Jogja. Some say if we shouldn’t go to Jogja if it’s not ready to be slaughtered by the past story. Jogja is indeed a special place that is easy to give birth to. Even though there are many people say that Jogja has not been as friendly as it was at the same time as it has become a lot more entrants and the pace of capitalism, there are still different sides that make Jogja special. We can still freely hang out in the Angkringan with colleagues while offending anything. Feel delicious warm rice. Or enjoy the sunset panorama at Ratu Boko Palace or Parangtritis Beach

In Jogja, there is also one of the largest Hindu temples in Southeast Asia: Prambanan. This temple is also one of the tourist icons of Jogja. Whatever people say about Jogja, this place will also remain a special place

Those are the examples of destinations in Indonesia with nice and beautiful natural scenery.

Are You Really Ready for Traveling? Think Again

If you hear someone says “I leave my career to go traveling”, you might have this distortion-vision of adventurous life with glamour and easy life. You know, like staying in comfortable places and eat delicious food every day. Unfortunately, most of the times, traveling won’t let you have a comfortable and good room to sleep.

And, you probably will be poor in an area you know nothing about that you may only be able to have a meal consisted of bread and cheese from the local store. Those who have gone traveling for years realize that this is not everyone’s thing. So, if you do want to go traveling, read this to have you prepared mentally.

  • Traveling pushes you out from a comfort zone

Traveling is not always a cool thing. Every day, you will be challenged with situations that you have to do things you usually don’t do. There will be no facilities like you always can find at your comfort zone and you have to face your fears. Whether it’s just a fear of eating your food all alone or the fear of height. Traveling requires you to have an open mind and a surprisingly strong stomach.

For those who are fearless and have taken their first step to go traveling, those people are the selected ones who choose to ride their life. If you want to go traveling, you have to challenge yourself to do something new every day. life is just too short to be within the limit that you have set for yourself. Traveling is all about challenging yourself and as a result it will broaden your horizons.

  • Traveling is uncomfortable

If you want to see the true character of someone, you should check it while traveling. This is the ultimate test to see someone’s nature. When you are cold, wet due to rain, hungry and trudging while carrying a backpack and trying to locate your hostel, you tend to change your mind and choices you have made before. When you stuck at a terrible hostel room, using one bathroom that is also used by 10 other people, you will start to miss your own home.

Traveling isn’t just a thing for everyone. If you are going to complain about every single thing you find different from where you come from, then you are not suitable for this. You need to have the ability to cope situation where you have to sleep in the same room with strangers who snore like a grizzly bear and still a portion of a smile in the morning. Traveling is all about experiencing new ways life, culture, and practices that are really different from yours.

  • Traveling change people who embrace it

You will absolutely change many times throughout your life whether you are traveling or not. But, if you choose to go traveling, these changes become more vivid. You are relentlessly moving and adapting to different situations you face. You met various people who come and go. If you are afraid of changes, then traveling doesn’t fit you.

Through traveling, you can learn how to be independent, how to be smart while on the street and also you can learn how to be open with someone else. If you embrace any moments you meet, traveling will definitely change yourself. You will find a range of possibilities, new places, cultures, and people open themselves up in front of you. Eventually, you will realize that the world is really really a big place.  

Having No Money Is Not a Reason to Not Travel! – Learn These Traveling Guide

Most people likely won’t believe if there are some ways to travel with no money. Taking a trip around the world sounds like a fairy tale and that’s an impossible dream. However, you should start to accept the fact that there are one or two persons in this world doing this exact impossible thing.

Having No Money Is Not a Reason to Not Travel! – Learn These Traveling Guide

Yes, you can travel from one to another country in the world without breaking your savings. Off course there would be some expenses that you couldn’t compromise, but there is actually a lot of ways to travel on a low-priced. 

Besides the right budget, you should also have the right mindset to turn your dream into reality. It might not be luxurious and fancy, but if you make travel as your top priority, then you can positively make it.

  • English Teacher in Overseas

Becoming an English teacher is one of the best ways to make money for traveling. You can have enough income from teaching overseas and this will absolutely replenish your budget to continue your trip. All you should have is the capability to speak English fluently. It’s way better if you have a TEFL degree.

This job is still categorized as high demand. Countries, especially in Asia, always yearn for a native speaker. Some companies are even willing to pay your flight fare. On the other way, you could find some services and websites that would let you teach virtually. With a strong internet connection, you will be able to help people learning English from any spot in this world.

  • Make Use WWOOF Program

WWOOF is the short term of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farm. This program will allow you to have free board and room in exchange for your working on a farm. By following this program, you will not only be able to feel close with great outdoors view, but you will also be able to have a deep understanding of the destination.

You only need to pay for transportation to the farm, but once you arrive, any other fee is covered. Through a low budget, this journey will definitely be a unique experience where you can meet people with cool personalities.

  • Find Job Overseas

Do you feel the job you are in now is already enough? You can say it enough if the income allows you to have overseas travel. If not, then why don’t consider to find a job overseas instead. There are many opportunities available in the world as long as you aren’t too picky. 

Keep in your mind that this is not about the career you are starting, but it’s just a mere way to get traveling more. For example, you can be a cruise ship worker. Since the hours are long enough, you will fully grasp the experience of living at sea while traveling around the world.

  • Make Your Own Food

Cooking your own meals can be the best way to lower your expenses significantly during travel. Say, you would only pay for $60 in Stockholm for groceries you can eat in one week. Meanwhile, you should spend at least $15 per serving dish which means you can save up to $150. What brilliant resolution you come up with.

If you get a job as couchsurfing, your host will likely have a kitchen. However, if you couldn’t borrow any kitchen, you can just make a sandwich or salad instead. Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat out every time. There are other things which are more valuable you can afford by cutting down your food expenses during your trip. 

Which Kinds of Traveling Do You Like?

You could say, currently, enthusiasts of traveling have indeed increased quite rapidly, especially since the existence of social media. Postings on social media about beautiful places from various tourist sites are very tempting and spur us to take a tour. Not only fun, but you will also get a lot of experience after traveling. Well, if you travel, with whom do you usually go? Traveling alone, together with friends or girlfriends, or even going in tandem with friends? Of course, each of these kinds of traveling has advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider before going traveling. Anything?

Which Kinds of Traveling Do You Like?

Traveling alone (solo traveling)

The sensation that you will get when traveling alone will certainly be different from traveling with other people. Some of the benefits of going on your own trip that you can get, among others, are free to set directions and goals aka flexible, be bolder and independent, free to act and pamper yourself, practice adaptability, practice patience, be free to follow personal desires, are more relaxed because there is no obligation maintain the feelings of others, get more new friends, to better recognize themselves. How sounds really fun right?

But traveling alone also has some shortcomings that you have to feel, such as overcoming all the problems that occur on your own, no friends who can be invited to join or sharing costs, no friends chatting during the trip, so no friends can take pictures while there.

Traveling with a girlfriend or friend

One of the most pleasant traveling friends is a good friend or girlfriend. Traveling both of these also have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage, you can save more money because it can be a joint venture for hotel rooms for daily snacks. Not only that, but you can also learn to compromise and be patient with each other, so that it will complement each other. Traveling together can also strengthen relationships, both together with friends or girlfriends. With traveling together, you can get to know the nature and attitude of your friend or partner. Well, the most annoying part of traveling together is if someone is stubborn and doesn’t want to budge. Friends or partners who suddenly get complicated when traveling can make the atmosphere uncomfortable. The situation can get worse if no one wants to control themselves.

Traveling with a group

The last choice of friends traveling is traveling with a group or gang friends. For those of you who like to do activities together, of course, traveling will be more fun. There are several advantages that you can get, among others, more cost-effective, the opportunity to familiarize yourself with each other more, more exciting, to be safer. But usually going on vacation with friends also has drawbacks, such as the possibility of disputing during a long trip. This can happen if there is no tolerance for each other and lack of respect. Not to mention if many are often scattered during the preoccupation at tourist sites. Travel schedules can be messy because waiting for all friends to gather.

That was the advantages and disadvantages of each that you need to know. Traveling alone, together, or together with a group, of course, has advantages and disadvantages of each. You are free to choose which kinds of traveling you think is more comfortable and pleasant. How, are you ready to travel?