How Not To End Up Broke While You’re Traveling In Bali

Traveling in Bali can be living your own dream. Many people are dreaming on it and would like to do anything to visit the islands of the gods. But as life is happening to all of us, we have been trying and working so hard to live that dream by saving money from our own salary or getting a double jobs before.

Don’t let your guard down! Even though you are finally made it and have been in Bali for couple of days, I believe that you will still HAVE TO control your own money to spend. Pleasures are need money and you won’t end up broke no matter how beautiful the islands of Bali are.

Tips not to end up broke when traveling in Bali

Therefore, I’d like to show you some of the useful information that you can use as the tips so you won’t really end up broke while you are traveling in Bali.

Beware of the car rental driver or the guide!

I don’t intend to say that you should never rent a car without local driver neither do I want to say not to hire the local guide services at all. It all will be your decision. But there may some things you have not been known about how both professions are possible to make you spend a lot of money and starting your own financial downfall.

While you are on your way to the destination, both the guide and car driver have been cooperating with tourism-related businesses that have been existed in Bali for years. The road lanes the drivers or a guide taking won’t only be the main lanes to the destinations, but also almost the whole roads, many business managers have been knowing their names.

If you will be recommended to eat at certain restaurant out of your travel package itineraries or offering you to buy souvenirs in certain shops, there is a possibility that you are going to pay more for that.

Both the guide and drivers are possible to marking up the price to the point where they are thinking that it is still normal for the foods, souvenirs, etc. The driver himself is powerless when there will be a guide because a guide is the main chief for the travellers especially when they are on roads.

Many guides and drivers are also cooperating in getting commission without marking up the price of the items. So, it is just about your luck whether or not you are eating in a restaurant that is possible for the guide to marks up the price or simply just want to take the commission.

Renting your own car without asking for a help to the accommodation management to save more money

If you think that paying a bit more for the car rental is not an issue for you, then feel free to ask the hotel or villa or your accommodation employee and management.

It is because there is a big chance that they have been cooperating with the car rental operators as well and can freely up the price or taking out the commission.

For a day renting, the cheaper car you can get is a Rp. 250,000,- without a driver. If you think that asking the accommodation management to rent a car for you and pay for around Rp. 350,000,- is not a problem at all. Then feel free to do it. But if not, it is seriously that I want to tell you to use Google and find the car rental operators.

Many of them will delivering the car up to the front of your villa’s door if you want and they are trustworthy. The interesting thing is that, you are possible to get the normal range of prices for renting the transport.

Positive Impacts of Travelling to Your Mental Health

Mental health is equally important to physical health. There is no reason for you to neglect your mental health. Keeping your mental health in good condition means you take care of yourself.

One of the best ways to keep your mental health is by travelling. It is very common for people to feel stuck in a rut. Feeling stress is also kind of sign when your mental health needs to be recharged. Taking a vacation to new places can help dealing with stress and mental problems such as anxiety.

Positive impacts of travelling for your mental health

You see, daily life with mundane activities can lead you to feel even more stress that a painkiller doesn’t work anymore to get rid of your constant headache.

Travelling and your mental health

Being stuck in the same place for hours, days, weeks, months, and years can lead to severe boredom. It can lead to high level of stress and anxiety. When your mental health is troubled, it will be harder for you to focus on your daily life.

It is easy for you to get distracted by small things and less productive in doing your job. Therefore, travelling can do wonder to your mental health aside for removing the stress away, such as:

  1. Travelling can boost your happiness even before your departure to your destination. The excitement and spirit of having a vacation after a long time can boost the energy of happiness and satisfaction within yourself. Your mood will get lifted significantly when you are planning to travel somewhere. Happiness do wonder to your mental health. It can keep the stress away because happiness can help removing bad emotions.
  2. Travelling can help enhancing your creativity. You see, your brain is made to be sensitive to change. Travelling means changes in many aspect such as environment, atmosphere, situation, and people. Changes are what can stimulate your creativity to think, perceive, and adapt. By visiting new places, you will feel different vibes. By interacting with new people, you will be able to see everything in wider and different perspective. During your vacation, you also may face some challenges. It can help stimulating your way of thinking.
  3. Travelling is also scientifically proved to have ability to affect your personality especially when your destination is foreign country. It means you will be out of your comfort zone. Your mind tells you to adapt and it can bring out the real you. By facing so many challenges to adapt, you will no longer emotionally reactive to some changes occur in different occasional and situation. Thus, it improves your mental stability.
  4. Travelling with companions such as friend, or spouse can benefits you. For example, your relationship will improve when you travel with your spouse. You see, your relationship can take up so much space in your mentality. The effect of relationship to your mental health is big. Thus, travelling with your partner can help strengthening the bond. It can help increasing the level of closeness, perceptions, and goals. Thus, your relationship and your mental health can improve significantly through travelling.

Where to Go for a Surf School in Portugal?

Why go for a surf school in Portugal? For the short answers, it is one of the best country that is delivering various type of imaginable waves for beginner surfers to the pros. And almost all of what you are imagining about a surf trip, you may can get it all in there.

Anyway, Portugal is also a place for the world-class surfing trip and competitions. So, you will also find many experienced and pro surfers over there. Those why, there are many surf camps or schools in Portugal offering their classes until today.

But, do not worry about the instructor’s experiences. Ever since the country has been pretty much popular for surfing paradise, you are possible to find a surf school in Portugal guided by the professional instructor.

To whom the surf school in Portugal is?

It is for you. The surf school in Portugal is for those who are requiring to start the lesson about surfing. The “school” term itself is actually referring to a surf course that will teach the surfing enthusiasts from around the world to start learning how to surf and getting to know all about it that is divided into several levels according to the traveler’s ability and skill.

So, if you are a teenager or an adult who need to know how to ride the waves started from the Initiation Level for beginners, than the surf school in Portugal is a perfect place for that. Each of you will be evaluated to know in which level are you so you will get the right course and instructor for surfing.

Finding surf school in Portugal

The surf school itself will take even up to a week, 10 days or even more that will makes it as one of the travel idea where you don’t need to think about things to do. And to be honest, the school’s operator have been prepared your own itineraries so you won’t lost a track on doing things on land and water.

You will only need to bring yourself safe to the location of a surf school in Portugal because all of the equipment have already there waiting for you to come.

Best surf school in Portugal

Ever since there are too many surf schools and camps in Portugal, you may are wondering which one will be chosen. Reading on the reviews on TripAdvisor about them can also make you spending more times. As if there won’t be an end when you are doing it.

So that, I will recommending you to choose the best surf school Portugal that have been established for years, more than 20 years in surfing industry and will keep on being salty on water and continue serving the “students” in the whole world.

One surfing school or course that I am suggesting you to follow along the classes base on your level ability is what the Nomad Surfers company is offering.

It is a surfing company since 1995 and while it has been ages in serving and teaching or even competing, their track records for so long must be influencing their own high quality and professional services and surfing curriculum.

Even, the company itself has several surf schools spreading in many places in Portugal to help more new surfers in getting to know about how to be a professional surfer or how to spend their holidays in more fun way by spending more times on water with waves.

Riding waves may seems easy when you are watching it on YouTube. It seems that the surfboard is light and everyone can actually controlling it easily. In fact, that will be harder than you think. Therefore, you will need this surf school in Portugal to start your own surf journey or as simple as spending your holiday in different travel idea as before to get more experiences and skills.

How to Make Travelling Improve Your Mental Health

Travelling benefits you mentally and physically. It is like an exercise especially when your trip involving various physical activities such as swimming, hiking, diving, walking, etc. it can also improve your mental in so many ways. Travelling can help relieving some stress in your mind that can hold you from being a positive person.

Traveling to improve mental health

When the level of stress become extreme, your body will be in tune. As the result, you will be less productive, feeling drained, and fatigue all the time without particular reason. Therefore, travelling is not only about spending money but also about gaining some benefits to improve yourself mentally and physically.

Type of travelling to improve your mental health

Basically, any type of travelling can help improving your mental health. However, you can also focus on improving certain part of your mental health by choosing the right type of trip. Here are some simple tips to make travelling improve your mental health:

  1. The first rule is to choose enjoyable trip. Of course, it is relative because every individual has different preference of what can make them comfortable during a trip. If you want to focus on improving your mental health due to the abundance of stress you have, choose relaxing destination to visit. Visiting crowded places when you are under stress is not good idea because it can make your mind going haywire for additional stress. Thus, try looking for non-touristy places so you can truly enjoy the place at its finest. You can also choose underrated travel destination that has lesser crowd.
  2. If your mental health is suffered from extreme boredom, it is highly recommended to take fun vacation where you have more opportunities to try new things. For examples, you can visit a place where there are carnival or festivals being held. It gives you different vibe that make you truly feel disconnected to your boring life. You can also choose a trip that makes you move constantly such as a road trip.
  3. If you feel like in a rut and run out of any ideas about your work, try inspiring travel such as visiting destination that has high artistic and historic values. Running out of idea and the lack of inspiration can put you under extreme stress because you feel like there is always something missing. Thus, you can try filling those empty feeling by enjoying arts or new culture in new places. This will help refreshing your mind. Your knowledge of the world is improved that it can stimulate some ideas to come out of your brain.
  4. If your mental health is currently disturbed due to relationship problems with your families, friends, or partner, you can improve it through travelling. Choose the type of travel that can help strengthening the bond of your relationship. You can start with choosing travel destination that you both like to visit. Throughout the trip, your relationship will improve because there is nothing that can disturb your bonding time. In return, your mental health will be improved as well.

What are the Exciting Things about a Traveling?

Do you know the exciting things about a traveling? Ok, traveling is one of the hobbies that are of interest to today’s young people. Going and exploring from one city to another or even to another country is indeed an adventure in itself. In fact, it seems that traveling has been adopted into a lifestyle and ingrained for young people.

In addition to tourist destinations when traveling, there are actually many things that make your trip more memorable. What are you doing?

When you are busy preparing your trip, find out the destination you will visit

Preparing all of the itineraries and browsing your tourist destination is fun. You will feel amazingly excited because you will start exploring new places again. You can be sure, your adventurer’s blood will be bubbly when it starts busy preparing your travel plans.

When you meet new people that you have never met before

Meeting new people will take you to a unique and unforgettable experience. During the trip, you will meet many people with various backgrounds starting from public transportation drivers, traders, fishermen, farmers, and many others. Here you can learn how unique and diverse human beings are on the face of the earth. Don’t be lazy to interact with them because you will get a special experience by seeing everything from their perspective.

When traveling, you can test the limits of your ability and courage.

Traveling in groups or alone will be just as fun. When traveling with other people, you will learn to compromise and reduce your own ego whereas when exploring a place alone, you can test your courage and limits on your own abilities. In the end, you will be independent and bolder.

When you are wandering lost

Have you ever been lost while exploring alone? Well, this experience will definitely bring thousands of impressions, starting from excitement to finally be relieved to be able to find the right path. In fact, the experience of being lost can also make you find a new place that was unthinkable before you know.

When you study the culture of your favorite destination

Learning the culture of your destination is fun. Your eyes can be open and know that this world is filled with various cultures. You can also learn and appreciate all the differences. Therefore, don’t be lazy to hang out with local people and learn about their culture.

When you feel the food from the area of travel

Not only learning the culture, feeling the culinary uniqueness of your tourist destination is no less enjoyable. Although sometimes the culinary taste that you try is not in accordance with the tongue, you know the unique culinary delights of each region. Besides that, who knows you actually like the new taste of culinary that you get in the area where you are traveling.

In the end, you have experience savings that are ready to be shared and told to posterity.

Not only is the trip fun, later at the end of the trip you will get a number of new experiences. This experience will be valuable and can be shared with your grandchildren later. Sure, it’s so valuable this experience can’t be bought by money.

Now, have you already known about various exciting things of a traveling that you will get while traveling? The important thing is, don’t forget to always keep an attitude, say words, and take care of the environment!

Tips on Traveling by Plane the Right Ways

What do you think when you hear about traveling by plane? Not enough room, cannot sleep comfortably, the food is not good enough, your legs are cramped, and many more. Those are probably what you are thinking when you are about to travel by plane.

Tips on traveling by plane the right ways

Sure you can choose another transportation such as trains or cars or even motorbikes, but they will take a longer time than if you are traveling by plane.

Using the plane, you will be able to cut the travel time. Read these tips to make your travel more comfortable.

Choosing the Seat

The first thing you need to do is that by choosing your seat wisely. We all know that there are three seats in each row. Believe it or not, if you just randomly choose the seat without considering your comfort, then you are doomed. Among the three seats, it is strongly suggested for you to choose the window seat.

The reason why the window seat is recommended is that you will not be disturbed by other passengers in the same row. You will also have more spaces because you can lean your face on the window when you are sleeping.

Not only that, but you can also have some control over the window shade.

Cut Down Your Carry-Ons

The next tip on traveling by plane is by cutting down your carry-ons. If you decide to carry more than one carry-on, then it will likely be placed under your seat. This is where the problem will arise.

Having a carry-on under your seat will result in limited leg room. With limited leg room, it will make you harder to sleep. Your legs will be cramped and you do not have any spaces left to shift while you are sleeping. To overcome that problem, you can start by packing lightly.

Try to put only important things in one carry-on. This way, you will not have to deal with your carry-ons during the flight or later after the landing.

Avoid the Caffeine

Even without drinking caffeine, it will still be hard for you to sleep. Moreover, if you are seating on the window seat, it will become harder for you to sleep. The reason is that you will be distracted by the view outside the window.

That is why it is better for you to avoid drinking any caffeine or soda before boarding. You should be drinking water or juice only when the drink cart comes.

Bring a Neck Pillow

The last tip when you are traveling by plane is for you to bring a neck pillow. Bringing a neck pillow every time you go traveling is a must thing to do if you want to have a quite good sleep.

We all know that seats on the airplane will never make a great bed. That is why you need to use a neck pillow to support your neck so it will not get sore once you arrive at your destination. If you do not want to bring a big neck pillow, you can consider bringing an inflatable neck pillow.

Tips for Traveling with Senior Parents Smoothly

Traveling is not for youngsters only. Everyone deserves a well-planned travel to have fun and enjoy relax time. You see, age shouldn’t limit someone’s spirit and youth. Your senior parents might be old in age but they can be young in spirit of adventure.

Traveling with senior parents smoothly

For your next travel plan, you can bring your senior parents with you and enjoy the time together. Do not need to worry about trivial things because with the right preparation you will have memorable and enjoyable getaway.

Planning a getaway with senior parents

Traveling with senior parents is different when you travel with your same-age friends. Of course, their age don’t define their spirit. However, their health should be on your top priority so both you and your senior parents will truly enjoy the trip.

Be Understanding

Senior parents sometimes act like little kids. They can be grumpy and next they can be too excited. Their mood is sometimes unpredictable. Besides, their body is not as accommodating as yours. The slight change in the weather might affect them badly. However, those circumstances shouldn’t dampen your mood to gift your senior parents perfect getaway in a destination they have been desired for. Be more understanding and open-minded. Prepare yourself for those circumstances that will happen eventually during the trip.

Type of getaway

First thing first, choose what type of getaway you and your senior parents want. Discuss this matter with them so it is not your own decision to make. There are plenty of choices such as cruising, relaxing in a secluded resort, joining food tour, and many more. Make sure that the type of getaway you plan won’t take a toll on their body. Enjoyable travel is what they deserve. Choose the right accommodation that will make them comfortable.

Slow the pace

You don’t have to bring your parents to every attraction in a day. The most important thing is they are going out and enjoying fresh air. There is no need to do it in a rush. Before taking them for a long walk, make sure to prep them properly. Take them for a short walk beforehand. Also, don’t forget to take a breaks such as toilet breaks, power naps, etc.

Treat them right

As mentioned, sometimes senior parents act like little kids but that doesn’t mean you should treat them like a baby and dote on them 24 hours. You also don’t have to be like their nannies and babysit them anytime you can. What you should do is to stay alert and remind them when things a little out of your hands. It is also important to give them their ‘me time’ without your intervention.

Bring the right essentials

Traveling with senior parents means you need to pack the right essentials. Do not forget their medication, vitamins and clothes. If they are picky about foods, bring their favorite snacks so if the food in the destination doesn’t suit their taste, you can give them the snacks to stall the time before finding the right foods they’d like.

Exclusive 5 Bedroom Villa in Seminyak to Reside

If there will be a well-known thing existing in Seminyak (Bali), many travelers may are thinking about the beaches. But what most of them didn’t know is that, the village is dominated by the exclusive villas for all the travelers where they can even reside in a 5 bedroom villa. If you are wondering about what I am saying, feel free to find another information and I am quiet sure that some will be considered this village as “village with thousands villa.”

And frankly, many travelers are even provided with more bedrooms than what I have just mentioned on above. It is even possible for many of them to rent the 6, 8 and more bedroom villas. Head on to Google and you will know what I mean.

One of the exclusive 5 bedroom villa Seminyak to rent named as Hu’u Villas Bali. It is truly recommended for travellers who are visiting Bali and need to rent a villa around the beach where access to almost all interesting tourist spots in Bali can be reached easily.

It is exclusive for the services, facilities and amenities it has, the professional and trained staff, the fresh air of its environment, how calm and silent it is located and sure that reside in that villa will be a great to experience the tropical atmosphere of Bali as well.

Exclusive 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak Bali to reside with friends or family

A beach that is nearby this 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak may not the private sandy beach, but I think it won’t get your travel experience bored and can be the opposite where you can play around and having fun with your friends. Residing with your family is also recommended since the villa itself is providing the safe and comfort living for family guests.

I can say that if there will be a family requiring the epitomises laidback and the ultra-lux island living in Bali, this 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak can be the perfect place for that.

Each of the villas are as if promising the majestic living space and luxurious bedroom suites. You will also get the private pool(s) as it had been facilitated for all the guests and the dedicated staff that are ready to help you down 24/7. That/s the true and there won’t be expenses-spared facilities but the villa’s restaurant and I think that kind of normal for many accommodations where you have to pay your own foods and drinks. But surely you will get a free for once.

This 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak is about 30 minutes form the airport so you can be in your residence faster, so does when all the family will getting back by the place, reaching out to the airport will also easy. Transportation around Seminyak itself is easy to find. Whether you want to ride on Grab bike, Taxi, or even rent a car, you’ll get the information within minutes.

Bring on your friends or get a family vacation in Bali and stay in the 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak to deliver the ultimate tropical island experience in spades. The accommodation is the perfect place for almost all you are dreaming about in a group vacation.

How to Relax During a Vacation and Get Recharged

It is often that people get exhausted on vacation instead of relaxing. It is also common to feel more drained after returning from a vacation. It means that you didn’t get enough rest or you couldn’t get relax during a vacation. Meanwhile, one of the reasons why people take a vacation is to get relax and recharged at the same time. By having a vacation, you expect to remove all stress and gain more positive energy. However, vacation can be as stressful as finishing your works, if stress is what you get after a vacation then what’s the point? Might as well staying at home and sleeping then?

Get relax and recharged during a vacation

There are various factors of why you can’t relax or get recharged during or after a vacation. It could be because of over-planning, over-doing, or over-scheduling. Here are tips to relax and get recharged on vacation:

How to Relax During a Vacation and Get Recharged

Choose The Right Destinations

It is highly advised to plan your vacation by choosing the right destination that can make you feel relax and get a peaceful vacation. You also need to plan what kind of vacation that you can’t afford. If you choose a vacation you can’t afford, it can give you another headache. However, it is also highly advised not to over-plan your vacation. It is true that everyone wants a perfect vacation. However, there is no such thing. Even the most beautiful destination advertised on tourism tour or TV has flaws. There is also the unexpected that might happen during your vacation no matter how well you did the precaution.

Loose Itinerary

You also do not need to over-schedule your vacation by making tight itinerary. It is common to have the urge to explore all places in a destination you have been dreamt of. You plan your schedule as tight as possible to visit every place in short time. However, that will only drain your body. Instead of relaxing, your body is forced to go here and there without truly enjoying because you want to follow the schedule. This can be so stressful. You won’t get recharged and instead feel more exhaustion.

Be Flexible

Try to be more flexible and slow down your pace. Instead of visiting as many places as possible, it is better to truly enjoy one or two destinations. You need to really savor the moment to get the effect. If something goes wrong, try not to panic because there must be some alternatives you can always choose. With more flexible mind, you won’t ever get a chance to ruin your own vacation.

Get Closer to the Nature

You must have known that nature has its own healing properties. It is easy to get relaxed after watching a sunset or just listening to the sound of wind and birds. During your vacation, try to visit place offering serenity and tranquility and stay for a while to truly enjoy your surroundings. This can help removing your stress and hectic mind. You are also recommended take meditation or yoga during your vacation.

Komodo Cruise: The Hidden Costs

Have you dream of luxurious tropical vacation? Voyaging in the vast sea with only blue waters in surrounding you from every direction and a tropical inspired-cocktail in your hand? Oh, how idyllic it does sound, to be away from all worldly affairs, to be “deserted” in a remote, gorgeous frontier, within the comfort of luxurious facilities. For such dream, the Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, emerge as one of the best candidate for isolated tropical gateway where the nature is raw and beautifully preserved, and the tourists are few. With islands to hop and sea to cross in the national park, it’s only natural if you turn to Komodo cruise for the best value. Cruisers covers all the major expenses of travelling—all the lodging, meals, and entertainment expenses rolled into one bill. 

However, luxury cruises in Komodo often attempt travelers with somewhat basic, upfront prices and then charges everything extra once they are onboard. Some extra expenses are sometimes unavoidable (who can resist a snack and cold fruity cocktails?). Even if you have pay the cruise price upfront, you might need to set aside some extra cash to cover unexpected expenses. Below are 4 most common hidden cost on a Komodo cruise—and how to anticipate and find savings. 

4 Hidden Costs of Komodo Cruise to Avoid Price Trap

Major Hidden Costs in Most Cruise in Komodo

Dining By Request

While it’s guaranteed that the initial Komodo cruise prices covers three-meals-a-day dining, prices could change if you have certain request to the menu. Perhaps you are in certain diet and are restricted to specific ingredients, so that the crews need to put extra effort to accommodate your diets. Or perhaps you are requesting high-quality ingredients, such as fine cheeses, caviar, or truffle, that would certainly add more numbers to your bill.

Alcoholic Drinks

Complimentary drinks during the meal includes mineral water, tea, coffee, milk, and juices. Other than that, you’ll pay extra charge. Charged drinks includes specialty coffees, cold soda, bottled beers, cocktails, spirit, wine, and any other non-standard beverages. You cam pay them on tab—just like in the restaurant—or roll them in your bill. 

Additional Water-sport Activities

One of the true fun of sailing with a Komodo cruise is the availability of numerous water sport activities onboard, aside from the mandatory diving and island excursion. Depend on the cruise, you could enjoy; water skiing, wake boarding, snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, and even towing in towable floats. Snorkelling is quite loose and you can practically do it anywhere with your own equipments for free, but the rest of the water sport definitely come with separated bill. Some of them are definitely a loss if you just skip them, so set a budget and choose one you find most interesting!

Spa and Wellness Treatment

Ah. Who doesn’t like to soak in deep tissue messages while you are on sailing pass Flores’ wonderful landscape? As relaxing as the spa could be, the charge might not give you the same relaxing feeling. In fact, spa services in luxury Komodo cruise rate equals to Indonesian high-end salons, ranging from 90 USD for 60 minutes massage to 120 USD for 90 minutes massage. Service price could surge up if you choose to set the treatment under the shades of canopy umbrella in one of Komodo’s deserted beaches.