Wedding Vendor in Bali and Choosing Reception Venues

Choosing a wedding vendor in Bali can be a fun part in planning your destination wedding on the island. But it can also be the headache-inducing part! There are various wedding vendors that it’s difficult to pick if you don’t have a concept in mind and you’re just “idly browsing”. So first things first, create a concept or a theme for your upcoming wedding reception. And then there’s also the issue of wedding venue. 

There’s just so much to do! But where to start when you’re choosing a reputable vendor that you’ll trust will bring your wedding vision to life? 

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Choosing a wedding vendor that suits your needs for destination wedding

Pick a suitable wedding vendor in Bali that understands your vision of how your wedding reception would be like. Take the time to take a look at the vendor’s specialty. Here are some of the things to note:

  • What are the works that they have done previously? 
  • Can you discern the themes; the look of the wedding reception, the items used for decor, color scheme, the choice of venue; how well do the decors and the overall setup blend or compliment the wedding venue?
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How well do you click with your wedding vendor in Bali? 

Here are some the things you’re going to have to take note when it comes to how well you communicate with your vendors. Remember that this should be a business-like relationship, despite the personal nature of your celebration. So be treat it like one, and be a professional yourself. 

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  • How is the communication with your wedding vendor in Bali thus far? Do you feel comfortable communicating your ideas and requests with your wedding vendor? How was their response to a particular request you had?
  • Do they seem genuinely enthusiastic about working on your event? 
  • How responsive is your wedding vendor? This does not just cover the communication factor of your event planning. How do they handle a problem, or a certain item that you ordered from them? 

Have you chosen your wedding planner yet? 

Some brides and grooms forgo a wedding planner altogether. Or opt to enlist the help of their family members or friends to be a wedding planner. Remember that your friends and families are also guests. And they don’t work for you. It’s best if you hire a planner for your Bali wedding. They’re going to give you insights and more than just assist you.

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Choosing a wedding venue: pick the area first 

Wedding venue is, hands down, one of the most important todos when planning your dream wedding (or any wedding at all). While you can skip on the wedding cakes and wear cosplay instead of the traditional suits and dresses, you still need a venue. So how do you pick one? 

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Now that you’ve decided that Bali is going to be the place of the union of you and your loved one, now there’s the matter of where in Bali. Choosing the location is crucial; you’re going to have to think about not just the wedding itself, but also where your guests; your family and friends, would be staying. 

In addition to that, a wedding planner would be able to:

  • Help you decide where in Bali would be best for you wedding. Is it Uluwatu? Or perhaps the vibes of Ubud would suit your reception best?
  • Help you arrange all of the necessary things like calling the venue, making appointments, as well as give you insights on what can work and what can’t.

Things to note when browsing wedding venues

Some wedding venues do offer an in-house wedding vendor in Bali. Or they may have recommendations for you that you can choose from. This is a pretty easy way for you to kill a bird with one stone. Do remember that the vendors offered by the venues may or may not be slightly more costly. If it’s a business relation, they’re bound to get a portion of the commission, after all. But if it means less work on your end, it can be worth the cost. Other things to note: 

  • Have a wedding budget defined. If you don’t currently have a set budget, at the very least, you absolutely need to have an estimate in mind. 
  • Referrals: Talk to people when looking for wedding vendor and wedding venue recommendations.
  • Guest count matters when choosing a wedding venue. So start early and list the people you’ll want to be present for your special day. Make sure to have at least an estimate for your guest count before you approach a venue.