Wayag Island, The Peak Of The Beauty Of Raja Ampat

The name Wayag Island is not as famous as Raja Ampat. But Wayag is one of the best destinations in Raja Ampat. In fact, you haven’t been to Raja Ampat if you haven’t visited Wayag island. The peak of this island is one of the panoramic icons of Raja Ampat which consists of a group of islands. You can enjoy views of the turquoise lagoon and small islands of karst rock. To reach Wayag, you can use a fast boat and take 3-5 hours.

wayag island

Trekking in Wayag Island

Clusters of islands and karst hills can be seen from a distance even if you are still on the ship. This view has become the legendary icon of Wayag. To see the peak of its beauty, you have to trek to the top of the karst hill. From a height, you will see the spectacular view of Wayag. But you have to be careful when going to the top of Wayag because the hill is still in the form of a cliff with natural karst rocks without any help to climb up.

To reach the top, the traveler must concentrate and support the body firmly. You can get to the top in 30 minutes, the fastest. This is challenging trekking, but the scenery above makes all your efforts pay off. Given the fairly steep terrain, you are advised not to do trekking during the rainy season. Pay attention to the weather conditions before visiting Wayag Island.

How much do you have to prepare?

To explore Raja Ampat to reach Wayag island, you have to prepare a budget of 7-15 million. The price includes tours, boat rentals, conservation entrance fees, to climb to the top of wayag. This island is a bucket list for nature lovers from all over the world. The right time to visit Raja Ampat is August to February because the weather is still good and the wind is not too strong.

Exploring Wayag Island With Liveaboard

If you are on vacation as a family and don’t want to bother with taking care of hotels, accommodations, or other things, you can look for other options to explore Raja Ampat with liveaboard. Budget liveaboard is indeed quite a bit more expensive than backpacker-style adventure. All luxurious and complete facilities are available during your stay on board. You can enjoy the sunrise, sunset on the available deck with spectacular views of the surroundings.

You can choose the liveaboard option according to your budget. Pay attention to the condition of the ship, the year of manufacture, and the facilities they provide for you to use during the trip. If you are a diving lover, don’t miss diving in Raja Ampat. Make sure the liveaboard you will use provides well-maintained diving equipment and provides a guide. Do not dive without a guide because most dive sites in Raja Ampat have strong undercurrents and can be dangerous for divers.