Travel Tips When You Rely On Medications

How to travel with medications without so much hassle

People who rely on medication on everyday life can still travel comfortable and safely. However, there are necessary cautions and rules you need to know before travelling with all your medications especially when you travel internationally. It is even more crucial when you plan a long term travel in which you are going to need more than a 30-day supply of pills for example. 

How to travel with medications without so much hassle

The very first thing you need to do to plan your trip regardless if it is long or short-term trip is to see your doctor. This way, you know what you will need for smooth travel and ensure that your body won’t be put at risk. 

Doctor can also prescribe you medication that fit your duration of the trip. They can even make you a note or prescription just in case you need it during the trip. Proper supporting documentation for your health and medication will help a lot in making your trip smooth. If it is possible ask for digital document so it won’t be at risk of being lost or damaged. When needed, you can just open the documents in your phone. 

There won’t be any major issues when you travel with medication even if it’s for more than 3–day supply as long as it is not illegal drugs. However, it is important to keep your medication such as pills in their original bottle complete with the sticker on the front stating your name and doctor’s name.this prevents you from being in trouble when you are in security line. 

If your medication’s supply is too many and you don’t have enough room to keep them in your luggage, pack small day-of-week pill organizer instead. Avoid using bulky bottle because it takes up space and not practical. Always make sure that the prescription from your doctor is accessible or within your reach. 

If your medications contain something unusual such as narcotics, bring a note your doctor gave you. The note should explain what medication is and why you need to take it with you. It is safer fir you to learn about the rules of flying with medication before the trip. It is because drugs that are legal in your country might be illegal in other countries or the country you are going to travel to. Always double-check prior to the trip so you are sure you understand the rule and know what to expect. 

It is best to keep your medications in your carry on so they are within your reach when you need them. It is also recommended that you bring twice the amount of medicine you need to the trip. And separate the bottles. This way, you will always have your medication even the unexpected happen such as delayed or canceled flight. The most vital thing to do when travelling with medication is always plan ahead to not out your health at risk throughout the trip.