Taking The Best Travel Photos When Travelling Solo

One of the most common challenges for solo travelers is taking the best travel photos when travelling alone. When you travel with a companion, at least you have someone to ask for taking a photo of you. It often results better than just some random selfies. Meanwhile, being along during travel means you need to rely on yourself for many things including taking travel photos. However, it is not impossible for you to take great pictures even when you travel solo. Here are some important tips for you to consider when trying to capture great photos as solo traveler:

Find out what you want

It is often that you take selfies randomly in a place you are visiting without any purpose outside keeping memories of the trip. However, your photos will tell alot if you know what you want. Hence, find out what kind of photos you want so you know what travel album you would like to create, what mood you want to set, what story you want to tell, or what style you want to incorporate to the photos. At least, get general ideas of these things so you are shooting with more purpose. 

Get inspired

You can also find some inspiration how to take great travel photos from various sources such as social media. It is one of the best places if you want to find aesthetic pictures in every genre. You may check out some aesthetic pictures from Instagram and save some photos you like. Then, you can make your own twists from the inspiration you get. Therefore, you don’t just blindly follow what others do or make. You create your own colors to make it more your authentic-self. 

Embrace your selfie sticks

You may think it is embarrassing to carry around selfie stick when travel because it is very touristy thing to do. However, you don’t really have to be embarrassed about that. In fact, embrace your selfie stick and make the most of it. As long as you are being mindful when using our selfie stick (not hitting people around you when taking selfie for example), you can shamelessly use it to take amazing pictures. 

Bring tripod

Yes, it might be harder to take great pictures as solo travelers. Not to mention that keep asking strangers to take photos of you can go so much. Hence, bring your own photography gears such as tripod. There are so many types of tripod today you can bring that they are not going to add more weight into your luggage. They are usually foldable and lightweight.

Get your pose

One of the biggest challenges in taking travel photos when travelling alone is that you feel more self-conscious than ever. You tend to be shyer to let out your inner model, so unlike when you are with your friends. However, try to get rid off of that shyness for a while and let out your inner model to the fullest. Pose as you want and show your confident-self.