Interesting Fact about Mola Mola Nusa Penida

Everyone talk on and on about Bali’s natural magnificence, especially its ocean beauty. The diversity of sea species is too amazing to fully describe. One of these fish is the unique mola mola fish, which is only seen in a few locations on Earth. There are only Nusa Penida waterways in Indonesia. Many call the Mola Mola Nusa Penida as a special destination for diving in Nusa Penida. Blue Corner and Crystal Bay are the two locations where Mola-mola sightings are most frequently.

Mola Mola Nusa Penida

Here are some more interesting facts about the Mola Mola Nusa Penida

Cacthing The Sun

The Sunfish usually swims close to the surface to take up the sun, as suggested by their name. To increase the area of their flat bodies that the sun will hit, they flip them sideways to get their skin kept clean of parasites. Once thermally charged, they dive back into the ocean’s depths, where they spend the majority of their time.


The Latin word “mola,” which means millstone and describes the flat, elongated shape of their body, is the source of the name “Mola.” They could, however, also go by different language nicknames. The German name for the Sunfish is Schwimmender Kopf, which means “swimming head.” Because the fish has a true tail, it was given the Polish name Samogów, which translates to “head alone.”


The Mola-mola fish can grow to be very huge and weigh up to 1,000 kg. The diameter of an adult mola-mola fish can be 3–4 meters. The biggest Mola Mola have weighed as much as 2300 kilograms

Deep Divers

The Mola Mola are skilled swimmers who can survive the pressure of the lower ocean depths because to their bony structures. They have been observed to dive up to 800 meters (2600 ft) deep

Sunfish Cuisine

The Mola Mola is a delicacy in some countries in Asia, including Japan and Taiwan, where restaurants serve the whole fish, including the fins, meat, and internal organs. Additionally, some fish parts have been utilized as pharmaceutical substances.

Quick Escape

The Mola Mola has the ability to quickly propel himself away in times of distress or danger and to escape predators. They can move their bodies through the water so quickly that they leap out of it

Mola Mola Nusa penida

If you want to see the Mola Mola in action, you should come in the months of July until November each year are the greatest for up-close interactions with sunfish. When that happens, 10 Mola-mola fish will be visible at once. One of the best places to see Mola Mola is Nusa Penida Island, Bali. However, you will need an Advanced Open Water certification for that as the shallowest depth the Mola Mola usually hangs around is 30 meters underwater. The Mola Mola is so elusive, so it’s not guaranteed on every diving–even during the Mola Mola season in Nusa Penida Bali! When you get a chance to see them, though, it’s gonna be one of the best diving experiences in your life.

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