How To Meet More People When Travelling Solo

Travelling solo brings so many benefits for yourself. Hence, many seasoned travelers even suggest to take solo trip at least once in a lifetime to fully experience solo adventure. Travelling solo allows you to get to know more not only the places you are visiting but also yourself. It allows you to reflect and even know more on your potential. Another perk of being a solo traveler is that the opportunity to build confidence and meet like-minded travelers. 

How To Meet More People When Travelling Solo

How to confidently and seamlessly meet people during solo trip

Meeting new people might not be as exciting for some people. Many people are struggle to do it confidently due to various reasons. It even sounds more intimidating to do it during solo trip. However, you can meet more people seamlessly when travelling solo by considering these helpful tips:

Consider staying at hostel

Hostel is the best place to meet fellow travelers since it is one of the most preferred accommodation for travelers. Hostel also has common areas where travelers can hang around and strike up conversation. It is a great place to start a friendship as well. 

Contact old friend at your intended destination

You may have some old friends at your intended destination. Contact them prior the trip so you can plan a meetup later. They may also have friends they want to introduce to you. You can meet for coffees and hang out together with friends of your friends. 

Pick the right place to make friend

There are many places you can visit to make new friends during your solo trip. Bar is one of the easiest places to strike up a conversation romantically or not. Choose the type of bar that align with your vibe and style so you get to meet like-mind people to make friends with. You may opt for sport bar or beach bar to draw more unique crowds. Keep in mind to drink wisely and put a smile to look more welcoming. 

Sign up for a tour

It is recommended to sign up for a day tour around your destination. Through this tour, you will get to meet other foreign travelers like yourself. You can also use that as common grounds to bond over. Choose a type of tour that you prefer. Hopefully, you get to meet people who share similar interests. 

Find local community

You may have particular interest that can bring you to find other people who share the same interests. Hence, find local community who consists of people with the same interest and join a meetup. It can be a memorable experience even if you don’t make closer bond. 


You can also consider volunteering during a trip so you get to meet more people, especially those who are passionate in helping others. You may find large non-profit and local organizations to volunteer. 

Consider taking a class

Aside from volunteering, you may also consider taking particular class to meet more people while learning something. It can be cooking class, sport classes, and many more.