Causes Of Injury When Travelling That Might Surprise You

One thing about travel is that you don’t really know what you are going to encounter regardless of how meticulous you were with your preparation prior. Travelling to unfamiliar or even familiar places expose you to new environment and situation. Not to mention that you are also exposed to new culture in which you are not familiar with, making you feeling lost and confused. Injury is one of the risk you have to be prepared for when travelling. 

Surprising causes of injury when travelling

Even though travelling put you at high risk of getting injured doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged to explore the world as you like. You can take precaution and have enough knowledge to know what to do to deal with the situation in case you encounter while on the road. And here are quite surprising causes of injury one may experience when travelling:

Taking vehicle to get around

While most of the countries offer relatively safe vehicle for everyone to get around, there are possibilities that you make wrong judgment in choosing the type of vehicle due to travel rush or vacation high. You feel like you can conquer the world, leading you to make impulsive decision without knowing the risk. For example, you scooter to get around the crowded city, not knowing the road and the situation with the traffic. It mostly likely lead you to injury or even cause injury to other people. 

Alcohol poisoning

Lots of vacationers want to let loose during  a trip. Hence, they loose all their inhibition and start taking alcohol too seriously like it is a competition to win over. However, there have been many cases of travelers and tourist alike being injured and experience serious illness from taking deadly cocktail that most people see as harmless drink. Hence, always know your limit and don’t overindulge. 

Encounter with animals

Many travelers like to interact with the wildlife they see on the road. Even in the sanctuary, many visitors have that urge to pet and touch animals, going against the rule. It often leads to scratch, bites, and other type of injuries that may leave nasty scars. Hence, be mindful when interacting with the wildlife. Always listen to the guides and professional of what to do when encountering animals. 

Forgetting medication 

Just because your body is moving to another place doesn’t mean your medical condition just disappear. Regardless of your destination, your medical condition needs regular treatments. Hence, don’t forget or purposely leave your medication at home. Make sure it is on top of the list of priority you should pack into your bag. 

Eating exotic cuisine

As mentioned earlier that when you travel to new places, you are exposed to new environment and culture you are not familiar with. Even though you see the locals remain healthy and fine after eating exotic cuisine doesn’t mean you will end up the same. There is high possibility of food poisoning because it is something new to your body or that you have different resistance from the locals.