6 Most Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

One of the most awaited holidays is Thanksgiving. It is the moment where you can gather with your family to spend some quality time. Not only that, you are presented with variety of tasty foods spread throughout the table. There are so many Thanksgiving dishes people love to enjoy. Some people even have their own favorite delicacies. 

Favorite Thanksgiving Food - turkey
Close up of unrecognizable person carving white meat during dinner at dining table.

6 most iconic and loved foods during for Thanksgiving

Let’s say that Thanksgiving is that the time of the year when you don’t have to worry about calories. There are so many Thanksgiving dishes  too good to be skipped just because you think too much about the calories. Let yourself enjoy the dishes spread in front of you. And here are 6  of the most favorite dishes during Thanksgiving that might be your favorite too:


Well, this is such a classic dish for Thanksgiving celebration. It is kind of hard to imagine Thanksgiving without Turkey. Some people find Turkey during Thanksgiving too dry to enjoy but it is more about how you prepare it so it still has tender meat. Not to mention that seasoning is the key here. It is also so fulfilling that you can sleep well at night after having dinner with a serve of Turkey. 

Pumpkin pie

Many people love to enjoy pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving celebration is because of its amazing taste. Compared to apple pie, pumpkin pie tastes not as sweet. It has that right level of sweetness that can be enjoyed by everyone. Not to mention that the texture is to die for. Eating pumpkin pie as dessert during Thanksgiving dinner is such a moment. 


Rolls are one of the most favorite foods to enjoy during Thanksgiving as well. It is like something to complete the celebration. It may not look as a major thing on the menu but when it is missing on the table, you know there is something incomplete about it. Bread rolls are also such a versatile foods to enjoy because you can eat it with a soup, jam, etc. 

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potato is often served during Thanksgiving celebration. It is not a requirement but many people find it fits the moment. This mouthwatering mush is so versatile that it can be paired up with anything from chicken to meatloaf. Without mashed potato, Thanksgiving dinner feels like lack of something. 

Mac n’ Cheese

This one is everyone’s favorite unless for those who are lactose-intolerant. This savory dish is best served during Thanksgiving dinner because it brings that kind of fulfillment and enjoyment. Many people are hunting for the slightly-burnt corners and the melty pockets of cheese. 

Sweet potatoes

This is such as heartwarming food that everyone can enjoy during Thanksgiving celebration. You can just bake it and enjoy the sweetness. Or, you can also season it with butter and brown sugar then topped with roasted marshmallow. You don’t really have to add too much sugar since it is already sweet as it is. Just make sure to cook it well.