Discover The Reasons Why You Love To Travel

Travelling is not always sunshine and rainbow yet people still love it. Staying at the same place for too long can make you feel a little lost. You feel the urge to move and create adventure. It is something normal to feel because the majority of people experience that way. People crave for travelling to their dream destinations regardless how busy they are with their career or relationships. Every individual also travel for different purposes. And what about you? What makes you love to travel?

Possible reasons why you love to travel a lot

Travelling can be daunting since it is pretty unpredictable sometimes. You don’t know what hassles you will get to encounter even after being so prepared with your plan. You also keep wanting to travel more and more. And these are probably the reasons:

To ease your travel bug

It seems that travel bug is inherently there regardless of the age. Hence, you will always feel the itch that you want to scratch. You don’t have unnecessarily deep purpose of visiting a place but you feel strong urge to do it as soon as you can. Maybe you just have that restlessness and that can be eased only travelling and doing activities you love. 

Explore the world

It possible that the purpose of your trip is to explore the world. You feel the sense of high curiosity to learn more about the world and find out more about what’s in there. You may be curious about different cultures, social practices, or novel customs you have never witnessed in real life before. You probably read a book about certain culture and it raises your curiosity to visit the place in person and see it for yourself. 

To fulfill your life in your own way

People say life is short so you’d better make the most out of it by doing anything you like. By travelling, you may feel the fulfillment that you don’t get from other experiences. You feel like your life is short so you want to make the most out of your time visiting new places, meeting new people, and making your life the happiest memories. 

A natural thing run in your family 

There are families who like keeping a tradition, or that you are raised in the family where travel is part of normal life. It is most likely that you follow the same path of loving to travel. You don’t have any deep philosophy about why you love travel but you just feel like it is natural for you to have your own adventure. 

To discover yourself

Travelling opens up more opportunities to encounter many things that you might not be prepared for. However, it makes you learn a lot about life. And this is such a great learning opportunity for you to get to know yourself better, finding more potential that help you to develop. Through travelling, may find a way to discover yourself more, understand yourself better, and figure out how to grow to be a better version of yourself.