Best Pasta Dishes From Around The World Worth A Try

Pasta is one of the best dishes most people love to enjoy anytime. Pasta can be your comfort food as well. You can always make your own version of pasta dishes at home even if you are not an expertise at cooking. Pasta dishes have been popular in western countries. However, people from all around the world are falling in love with various pasta dishes already. And there are many pasta dishes around the world with the best rate. You might be interested to try one of these amazing pasta dishes that taste heavenly in the mouth.

Best Pasta Dishes From Around The World Worth A Try
Trofie al pesto – italian pasta with pesto.

Trofie al pesto 

This pasta dish is very popular originated from the Italian region of Liguria. There are two main elements used to make this dish. The first one is trofie, which is the Ligurian hand-rolled pasta made with flour and water. The second element is pesto, a kind of green sauce made with garlic, basil, pine nuts, olive oil, salt, and two types of cheese. The authentic one should use only high-quality ingredients to ensure the taste. This pasta dish is served in small portion as first course. It is said that this pasta dish has the most perfect harmony in term of flavor. 

Pappardelle al cinghiale

This is Tuscan pasta variety paired with ragu di cinghiale or (made with wild boar) resulted in authentic flavor. The classic ragu doesn’t use wild boar while the cinghiale version results in more intense and stronger flavor. This is due to the long process of slow simmering the wild boar in a rich tomato sauce and red wine. The meat becomes tender and when it is paired with fresh egg pasta, it will be heavenly in your mouth. To garnish this pasta is chopped fresh parsley and sprinkle of Parmigiano. It is best served with a glass of red wine. 

Cappelletti in brodo

This traditional Italian pasta dish is made from a perfect combo of cappelletti pasta and chicken broth. This is a popular dish throughout central and northern Italy. The fillings in the pasta can be different depending on the region. However, most of it include beef, cheese, chicken, as well as nutmeg. This pasta is cooked, served, and accompanied by flavorful chicken broth that can warm you up with its generous seasonings. This dish is served on various occasion even though it was initially enjoyed only during Christmas.


This pasta dish is originated in Greece and has been Greeks favorite. This Greek casserole is made with a combination of pasta and tomato-braised meat prepared as a one-pot oven dish. To make this dish is usually employed with variety of meat options. Meanwhile, the tomato sauce is seasoned with cinnamon, allspice, cloves, bay leaves, and red wine. Traditionally, there are two types of pasta to be used to make this pasta dish. They are the small-sized orzo or the square-shaped hilopites. The casserole is then topped with a layer of grated cheese. This pasta dish is commonly served on large family gatherings in Turkey as well as festive occasions.