Yoga Cruise in the Beautiful Raja Ampat

Yoga Cruise

Are you planning a yoga retreat for your next holiday? Why not consider a yoga cruise on the island of Raja Ampat! Think about it, doesn’t it make perfect sense for your trip? What better way to get out of the hustle of city life than to go on a yoga experience! You’ll be able to connect with beautiful nature on a deeper level. Offer yourself a real unwind, unplug, and a little break in the most breath-taking Raja Ampat. Nurture your mind and body with a yoga retreat. Don’t forget to discover the breath-taking marine life and connect to the awe-inspiring and pristine nature.

How to reach Raja Ampat?

The best way to get to Raja Ampat Island is to fly to Sorong via Makassar, Jakarta, Manado, or Ambon. There are small aircraft to take you to the capital of the district of Raja Ampat. For most of these small aircraft, you can use Nam Airlines, Lion Air, Xpress Airlines, and Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Airlines. You can not find direct international flights to Raja Ampat.

Yoga Cruise for a balanced mind and body!

Start your day with beautiful sunrise yoga on the deck.  Enjoy the gorgeous colors during sunrise with the beautiful beaches in Raja Ampat island that has crystal sea waters. The peaceful and amazing landscape around Raja Ampat will create a magical vibe, while you connect with your soul and inner self. After the refreshing retreat, actually the cruise sails to the next island. You have the chance to explore the paradise surroundings.

The natural beauty of Raja Ampat Island, the chatter of birds, the sound of the waves, and the sea breeze provide a perfect backdrop to give yourself an hour for a yoga retreat. A yoga cruise has the benefit of being a holiday that improves your health. So, treat yourself to an unforgettable experience you really deserve, by going on a yoga trip. Above all, this is a holiday all about you, and with the stresses of life routine, you really deserve it!

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The reasons to take morning yoga?

Unplug everything – Turn off your smartphone and get ready to engage your sense of the sounds of the beautiful sea. Practicing yoga retreat on Raja Ampat is exhilarating. Here, you will experience the kind of quiet that expands your senses and allows you to unwind as you breathe deeply and smell the fresh salt air.

Gain a sense of inner calm – Yoga cruise helps quiet the soul and mind. Many people practice yoga retreats to overcoming stress. Practice yoga encourages relaxation, which helps lower the level of cortisol that is a stress hormone.

Improve your flexibility – A yoga retreat is a full-body workout that improves mobility and flexibility. In short, flexibility is one of the important elements of good physical health!