Things to Bring for Your Trekking in Padar Island

Hi, are you interested in trying to do island trekking? Or you already have done a few, but still have some issues along the way because of low preparation? Worry not, because I wanted to share some of the items that can be really helpful or even necessary in order to do trekking activities. In this case, I would be taking an example on Padar Island as the destination, giving how popular the place is.

Some Things to Bring for Your Trekking in Padar Island

Know The Area First (Padar Island, ofc!)

Before we start packing, it might be a good idea to study the area that we are about to explore first. The Padar Island is one of the best islands for trekking purpose simply because the island is consisting of many hills and cliffs that is not really steep. The environment is also amazing and the air is relaxing. And the best way to get to the top of the hills is definitely before either sunrise or sunset.

Bring Your Shoes and Boots

Probably the most important, you should bring a pair of hiking shoes and boots. Don’t wear normal shoes or even sandals because you can easily slip on a rock if you’re not careful. Hiking shoes also can endure a long walk to a rough terrain better than normal shoes with a lighter build as well. So, start browsing for some hiking shoes or go for boots if you want to trek on a long route.

Get Your Water Bottle Refilled

Okay, maybe the shoes are not the most important, but this definitely is. As you keep walking to a challenging area, you are going to dehydrate way faster and need a decent supply of water anytime. It’s also wise to bring 2 just in case you run out of water in the middle of your trip or if someone in your group needs one for an emergency.

Have Energy Bars for Quick Snack in Padar Island

Some Things to Bring for Your Trekking in Padar Island

Water? Check. But just drinking alone won’t give you extra energy to keep you pushing to the end of your journey. Bringing some energy bars or snacks in your bag to eat in the middle of a break is a good idea as well, just don’t bring too many of them.

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Going in the Dark? Bring a Headlamp

If you are trekking to catch a sunrise, you will most definitely be walking around in the dark. Because you won’t get to enjoy the view on time if you didn’t depart early in the morning where you can barely see anything on the island with no lights. So having a headlamp will help you guide the path that you take.

Cameras with Mods and Accessories

Your reward for long and exhausting trekking is an amazing landscape of Padar Island. So it would be a waste not to store this memory to relieve in the future. Bring your best camera to capture the beautiful view! Try to consult with the shop what would be a good camera to bring and buy multiple lenses and a polarizer as well if you want the best result.

Okay, so that was some of the things that you might want to bring along on your trekking journey in Padar Island, or anywhere else as well. There are some others like bug repellents or tripod but it’s usually just optional. Happy Trails!