Good Habits To Improve Your Postures

Good Habits To Improve Your Postures

Poor posture is when your body is in the wrong position. It may sound harmless because you think your body is smart. Of course it is. However, poor posture can lead to some major health problems. That is why you should not make poor postures a habit. Poor postures often cause many people to experience back pain or headaches. To some people, it can cause chronic and lasting health issues such as herniated disc, chronic fatigue, and compromised physical performance that may take forever to fix. Therefore, it is time to build your awareness of the importance of good posture and make it a habit. 

How to make good posture a habit

There are many reasons why people experience various health problems as the result of poor posture. It can be caused by carrying excess body weight, lack of muscle tone, using poor forms when exercising or walking, sitting for too long, prolonged used of electronic devices, lying down or sleeping in the wrong positions, etc. Here are ways you can develop habits of maintaining good posture:

Improve your flexibility

Flexibility is something you can train and develop. Since it is essential for good health, you should consider taking daily routines that help improve your flexibility, and in return, improve your posture. You can do exercise that fits best to your body. You can find various video demonstration of flexibility exercises that best for maintaining and fixing poor posture. 

Fix your sleeping habit

Fix your sleeping habit

The way you sleep can influence the way you sit and stand when you are awake. Hence, make sure to keep your spine align at night by placing a firm pillow between your knees when lying sideways. It takes off extra pressure of your spine and prevent it from twisting asymmetrically. Sleeping sideways with your legs slightly tucked up is the best position to maintain good posture. It also helps to regulate better breathing, and reduce snoring. 

Make changes of what you wear and carry

Wearing heels forces you to lean your body forward, causing you to slouch more. If it is possible, avoid wearing heels higher than 7inches. Other wardrobes that can impair your posture include bags, books, purse, and even accessories. Carrying a heavy bag for example, can put a lot of strain on your shoulders. Try reduce the weight of the bag you should carry and opt for a bag with strap that you can position across your body comfortably. 

Change your habits at work

It is common for people to bent over desk, and sit all day long which lead to poor posture. It is recommended to switch to standing desk which are more adjustable. Hence, you can switch from sitting to standing. Also, try to step away from your desk more often. Take a walk for few minutes every one or two hours, and work on your sitting posture. Your back should be straight with shoulders back and down. The soles of your feet should be flat on the floor and avoid crossing your legs for long period.