Wedding Vendor in Bali and Choosing Reception Venues

Choosing a wedding vendor in Bali can be a fun part in planning your destination wedding on the island. But it can also be the headache-inducing part! There are various wedding vendors that it’s difficult to pick if you don’t have a concept in mind and you’re just “idly browsing”. So first things first, create a concept or a theme for your upcoming wedding reception. And then there’s also the issue of wedding venue. 

There’s just so much to do! But where to start when you’re choosing a reputable vendor that you’ll trust will bring your wedding vision to life? 

wedding vendor in bali indonesia

Choosing a wedding vendor that suits your needs for destination wedding

Pick a suitable wedding vendor in Bali that understands your vision of how your wedding reception would be like. Take the time to take a look at the vendor’s specialty. Here are some of the things to note:

  • What are the works that they have done previously? 
  • Can you discern the themes; the look of the wedding reception, the items used for decor, color scheme, the choice of venue; how well do the decors and the overall setup blend or compliment the wedding venue?
uluwatu wedding clifftop bali

How well do you click with your wedding vendor in Bali? 

Here are some the things you’re going to have to take note when it comes to how well you communicate with your vendors. Remember that this should be a business-like relationship, despite the personal nature of your celebration. So be treat it like one, and be a professional yourself. 

planning a wedding reception in bali
  • How is the communication with your wedding vendor in Bali thus far? Do you feel comfortable communicating your ideas and requests with your wedding vendor? How was their response to a particular request you had?
  • Do they seem genuinely enthusiastic about working on your event? 
  • How responsive is your wedding vendor? This does not just cover the communication factor of your event planning. How do they handle a problem, or a certain item that you ordered from them? 

Have you chosen your wedding planner yet? 

Some brides and grooms forgo a wedding planner altogether. Or opt to enlist the help of their family members or friends to be a wedding planner. Remember that your friends and families are also guests. And they don’t work for you. It’s best if you hire a planner for your Bali wedding. They’re going to give you insights and more than just assist you.

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Choosing a wedding venue: pick the area first 

Wedding venue is, hands down, one of the most important todos when planning your dream wedding (or any wedding at all). While you can skip on the wedding cakes and wear cosplay instead of the traditional suits and dresses, you still need a venue. So how do you pick one? 

amazing destination wedding bali

Now that you’ve decided that Bali is going to be the place of the union of you and your loved one, now there’s the matter of where in Bali. Choosing the location is crucial; you’re going to have to think about not just the wedding itself, but also where your guests; your family and friends, would be staying. 

In addition to that, a wedding planner would be able to:

  • Help you decide where in Bali would be best for you wedding. Is it Uluwatu? Or perhaps the vibes of Ubud would suit your reception best?
  • Help you arrange all of the necessary things like calling the venue, making appointments, as well as give you insights on what can work and what can’t.

Things to note when browsing wedding venues

Some wedding venues do offer an in-house wedding vendor in Bali. Or they may have recommendations for you that you can choose from. This is a pretty easy way for you to kill a bird with one stone. Do remember that the vendors offered by the venues may or may not be slightly more costly. If it’s a business relation, they’re bound to get a portion of the commission, after all. But if it means less work on your end, it can be worth the cost. Other things to note: 

  • Have a wedding budget defined. If you don’t currently have a set budget, at the very least, you absolutely need to have an estimate in mind. 
  • Referrals: Talk to people when looking for wedding vendor and wedding venue recommendations.
  • Guest count matters when choosing a wedding venue. So start early and list the people you’ll want to be present for your special day. Make sure to have at least an estimate for your guest count before you approach a venue. 

Tips before renting and buying property in Bali

A goal that many young people want to achieve in their career is perhaps a chance to have their own homes. Even so, some would also think that stocks will be a better option for investing rather than real estate. In some countries, most people prefer to rent their properties rather than buying them. In other countries, people prefer another way around. One factor that may affect people’s choice is the tax that applies in the concerned country. Another factor will absolutely be the financial condition. However, whatever your choice will be, there are several tips you should consider before renting or buying property in Bali.

Buying property in Bali

Discover seasons of renting and buying property in Bali

Just like any other commodities, renting or buying property in Bali is all about supply and demand. The property business also brings together the seller and the buyer. If one property has attracted the desire of many buyers who are willing and able to pay for it, then the demand will grow up and affected its price. On the other hand, if one property does not attract the market, then the price will remain low. Now, when we are talking about Bali as the location of the property, there are some certain time when the demand is high and really high. This situation normally happens during the holiday season from May to August.

Be conscious of your goals

One of the most foundational thing that you should always note when you are about to rent or buy property in Bali is your initial goal of planning for it. Are you planning to use your future Bali property to live in it? Or are you planning to start a business there? Maybe just for investment? This kind of questions may help you a lot to decide whether to buy or just to rent the property. Another tip regarding your goals of owning a property is its location. If it is intended for business, then you should choose the area where many people come and go all the time. But if you are intended to live in it, you perhaps would prefer a more quiet area.  

Conduct a “pro forma” analysis

Before you can go further with your decision, it is best that you first conduct a deeper analysis. One of a good way of doing it is by learning the detail information about the person or the company that is proposing you to renting or buying property in Bali. Research like this can relate to a “pro forma” analysis. It is an analysis that will show financial results using certain projections or presumptions which include the cost of operations and maintenance of the desired property.

Tips To Enjoy Travel More For Extroverts

Being extrovert means you don’t really find difficulties when it comes to travel. It is because travel itself really suits extrovert’s tendencies based off their personalities. For example, extroverts tend to recharge themselves by being surrounded by people and talking to them. They also don’t find difficulty making friends with strangers. They also have tendencies to get bored if they stay still for too long so they always have urge to keep moving. If you have those tendencies, you might be extrovert. Of course, there are also people who have personality in between extrovert and introvert. For example, people like travelling and enjoying adventure but don’t really like socializing during those activities. 

Enjoy your trip while being an extrovert

Just because you are extrovert doesn’t mean you cannot make your travel even more enjoyable. For example, when you travel all alone. It will make you easier to feel isolated or lonely. Extrovert need true connection during travel to truly enjoy it. Here are some tips for you extroverts, to enjoy your travel more.

Tips To Enjoy Travel More For Extroverts

Choose local housing for your accommodation

This way, you will get easier way to connect with the locals and make meaningful connection. Hotels bring you too sterile mood sometimes which make you feel isolated and lonely. Meanwhile, local housing bring more warmth and familiarity. You can meet people in the area and talk to them during breakfast. 

Socialize during personal tasks

If you have some things to do during your travel such as checking your emails or simply playing with your phone, you can do it in the lobby instead of your room. Why? It gives you more access to socialize with people. You might also meet other travelers and share experiences. This can be recharging for extrovert because being alone for too long can be draining instead of healing for them. 

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Check your families or friends at home regularly

Even though you don’t have problems making new friends with strangers, sometimes you have the urge to feel familiarity to remove the feeling of being lonely. You can spare some times for Skyping or calling your families and friends at home. There is even more exciting thing you can do to connect more with your family such as having virtual lunch or dinner together through Skype. You can order room service and get your family join you through video call. 

Eat with other people

Eat with other people can also help you enjoy your travel more. Eating alone will only make you feel miserably especially with your personality of being extrovert. You can choose local diner to spend your lunch or dinner. You will get to meet other people. You can even make conversation during your meal with the locals or fellow travelers. 

However, keep in mind that just because you have extrovert tendencies doesn’t mean you have to keep connected with other people 24 hours. If you need to spend some times alone then do it. You can have your own ‘me time’ to fully enjoy your travel such as by trying new activities to challenge yourself. 

Komodo Cruise: Things You Should Know Before Going on

You could say that sailing trip is the quintessential of the exploration journey to the Komodo National Park. With a string of more than twenty islands spreads on the Flores Sea and dozens of world-class dive site underneath, it’s hard to explore this stunning frontier without embarking on a sailing trip. Among hundreds ships of all types that docked in Labuan Bajo, Komodo cruise is the most popular option for people who want to be surrounded by finer things while exploring the remote Komodo. However, there are some important things you would like to know before booking one.

There Are Different Types of Komodo Cruise Ships

When you search for cruisers in Komodo, you will have more than a dozen of options. However, they are built differently. Some Komodo cruise are built for 15 passengers onboard, while the other caters exclusively for a honeymooner couple. Some cruises put a heavy emphasis on natural exploration, while some others focus on serving a luxury experience with fine dining and onboard spa. The cheapest cruise might not actually your cup of tea, so be sure you know what you’re looking for.

Also, cruises on Komodo are totally different from cruises you might have been familiar with. They are generally small ship cruises taking the form of Indonesian phinisi boat. Most of them are made from high quality wood—adding an authentic rustic and tropical vibe. But they are not that big. They might be just 1/8 of mega ship cruises, with one pf the largest being 55 meters long.  

Have A Day Bag for Daily Essentials

We have seen some travelers carried their emptied duffle bag everywhere so that they can bring sunscreen, water, and other essentials during a walk in Komodo National Park. It’s surely unpractical. Bring a daily bag to carry all your essentials—and if you can, a waterproof one.  

Lower Cabin Might Get You Nauseous

Sure, the lower deck cabins are usually the cheapest, and therefore the most attractive during cruise booking. But know that the lower you get, the stronger it sways, and the higher chance to get seasick. If you decide to take the lower deck—whether for budget or cruise’s availability, prepare your seasickness medication. Also, get a pack of ginger ale, ginger candies, or even an actual ginger that you can brew and drink. It helps, really.  

Some Cabins on Komodo Cruises Don’t Have Windows

Some Cabins on Komodo Cruises Don’t Have Windows

Before you go, you might have wrapped up in the grandeur of luxury tropical living on a cruise. You might have imagine yourself lying in a wraparound windows cabin, watching the sceneries pass by from the comfort of your bed, only to find that the actual wraparound window cabin could cost a month worth of your salary. In fact, the most affordable cabins in Komodo cruise sometimes come with no windows. Or maybe a little porthole above the bed. Being confined in an enclosed space could be hard for some people. If you can’t, consider taking a friend with you, get an upgrade, and split the cost. 

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The All Inclusive Komodo Cruise Package is Actually Cheaper

At a glance, the all inclusive Komodo cruise package might looks expensive. But that actually means that you don’t have to pay for every meal during the sailing trip, take out another money for paying the national park’s entree tickets, or renting the diving/ snorkelling equipment at every dive. If you think about it, the all inclusive package is actually cheaper than buying everything separately onboard. 

Travel Insurance Are A Must

You don’t want to go anywhere in the world without international travel insurance. This would cover any cancellation, accidents, and medical helps in case something bad happened. 

Travel to Spookiest Places In The World

When travel, safety is your first priority. That’s why people always avoid travelling to places that can put their safety in jeopardy. However, it is not like that when it comes to scary tourists spots. Lots of travelers are looking for those kind of places for thrill. They love to feel the spooky air of haunted places because it gives them chills. For adrenaline junkies, travelling to spooky places can be thrilling as well. It cannot be denied that scary sells. You see, even amusement parks always include commercial scare. It means there are still people who love it even though they are scared to go inside. They still just go inside anyway. 

Recommended spookiest places to travel to

If you are looking for travel sites with mysterious, freaky vibes, here are the most recommended places you can go to. However, make sure you are physically and mentally healthy before visiting these places. 

Travel to Spookiest Places In The World
The Catacombs, Paris, France

Battleship Island, Nagasaki, Japan

This place is a 60,000 square meter cluster ruins in the sea. It was filled with thousands coal mine workers in the 1950s. The scary thing about this ruins is the story of the place itself where thousands of workers were forced to work under harsh conditions. It is said that lots of workers died tragically. In addition, the place is so isolated. It is located in the middle of the sea. This deserted island will make you feel like you enter parallel universe. 


This cemetery is already popular travel destination no matter how scary it looks. Located in Paris, France, this eerie network of old caves has attracted foreign travelers. Along the tunnels, lined the bones of the dead. This is said to be the creepiest attractions in Paris. There are bones of about six millions people in this place. Make sure to follow the rule because there was a case of visitor getting lost in the past. Make sure to only visit in the scheduled time. 

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Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

It’s also a scary place you can visit for vacation located in Gyeonggi, South Korea. This abandoned hospital has its horror story that will make you goosebumps. The spooky story is about how the patients died dying mysteriously and suddenly around 10 years ago. Thus, the hospital was forced to close after. The building is now dirty and abandoned and gives off horror air around it. The locals said that the building is haunted. Ghost of patients are said to be roaming around inside the building.

Poveglia Island

Located in Venice, Italy, this place is also called so eerie especially because of the story behind. It was used as facility to quarantine the plague sufferers back then in 1700s. It was once an asylum for the mentally unwell as well before. Thus, this place is said to be haunted by the ghost of mentally ill patients as well as sadistic doctors. It is like a story in the movie. If you feel challenged to experience how your skin getting goosebumps, visit this place yourself.

Planning a Night Scuba Diving Adventure in Bali

When you have familiarised yourself with the life under the water, you will be seeking for more. More critters, more drift, more challenges, more mystery. Night diving is a popular option for someone who want experience different perspective from a familiar site they’ve been visiting during the daylight. Diving in the night is like revealing a whole new world once again. Everything feels different once the sun sets. The ocean is changing its residence. Marine animals you see during the daylight go into their hiding, while many different crabs, lobsters, and other crustacean show up at night. The darkness of the night also made a perfect environment to see the wonderful bioluminescence phenomenon, made by luminous plankton. Planning a night scuba diving adventure is one of the most exciting thing you can do in Bali, and here’s how. 

Planning a Night Scuba Diving Adventure in Bali

Choose scuba diving spot in Bali for night adventure

Before you go, it’s best to take a closer look at various scuba diving site in Bali for night adventure. Basically, almost all dive sites are suitable for night dive. But some site do offers more life that would make the dive feel more rewarding, which is perfect for someone who are about to have their first scuba diving adventure in Bali at night. Our recommendations are the Menjangan, Close Encounters reef at Pemuteran, the Liberty Shipwreck at Tulamben, and Nusa Dua Point. 

Plan a dive on the same site during the day

If you have never dive at the site before, we highly recommend you to dive at the same spot during the day. You can skip this step if you have. Knowing the dive site during the day help you to mark places and orient yourself during the actual night dive. Knowledge of the site is useful to map out your exploration and plan it accordingly. Experiencing the dive site during the day also give you a change of perspective when the night dive come, allowing comparisons to occur. 

Familiarise yourself with the coral reefs

The mapping process during the day dive doesn’t only help you with direction planning, but also gives you better configuration of the coral reefs. It’s important to be careful around corals during dives, moreover at night when it’s difficult to see. You don’t want your scuba diving adventure in Bali cause negative impact to the underwater world. 

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Take a dive buddy with you

Perhaps you have done a number of solo diving before. However, going solo on a night adventure is not a wise decision. It’s for the safety of the scuba diving itself! Make sure your dive buddy is someone with more night dive experience than you. Always stay insight and practice the safety procedure, which bring us to the next point…

Practice night scuba diving signals for save adventure in Bali

Hand signals don’t do really well around the darkness of the sea. On night dives, dive light do better job for communication between divers. Shines the light to your hand as you are giving signals, but never shine the light in your buddy’s face. Nobody likes to get sudden blinded by lights!

Start at dusk

Moments before the sun sets is actually the best time to conduct night dives. Descend to the water during the twilight to have better adjustment to the darkness until the night falls.  

Take sometime to dim/ turn your lights off

Sometimes, you need to turn off the lights to really appreciate the night life at the sea. Turn off the light and wave your hands in the water. You will see the ripples beautifully glow in blue—result from the bioluminescent planktons. Remember, prior agreement with your buddy is very important before carrying this act. 

That’s it! We hope you have a very wonderful night adventure!

How to Have African Safari Trip Safely

Exploring a wildlife is always exciting because you will always find something new to learn. It is something raw and beautiful that it hardly can be found in industrialized places. One of the wildest thing you can do is to have a safari trip and Africa is the best choice if you really want the real thing. Safari trip is the best moment when you can truly enjoy watching the wild animals in their natural habitat. It is a once in a lifetime experience that deserves to be put in your bucket list. 

Have a safe African safari trip

Africa is not the only place where you can have safari trip. However, it is one of the best places to do so because the wildness of the nature and every living creatures are too magnificent to miss. You can enjoy the natural beauty through an open truck. If safari trip in Africa is your first time experience, might as well consider these following tips.

How to Have African Safari Trip Safely

Decide the region to have safari trip

Safari is large and there are several regions accommodating for safari trip. Some of the most popular areas include Kenya and Tanzania. Both have their own characteristics but are not less desirable than others. You also need to make sure to choose the right season to do safari trip. The winter months are not recommended for safari trips because the weather is not pleasant because it tends to be drier and the landscape looks less colorful. 

Do your own research to understand more about the risk

This is important so that you won’t jeopardize your own health and safety. However, the risks of safari trips are likely predictable and manageable. So you don’t have to be overstressed. Some of the most common health issues you need to be aware of include malaria (occur mostly in major parks) and yellow fever (vaccination is highly advised). You can take preventative attempts to minimize the risks. Other less common health risks are Myiasis, sleeping sickness, tick-borne fever, tungiasis, and schistosomiasis. 

Pay attention to the risk of your personal safety

You need to review the country-specific and security information for your destination prior your travel. You also need to pay attention on travel alerts and travel warnings so you will be more aware of your own safety risks. Try to learn more about the local law as well. Make sure to check all your important documents such as passport and medical coverage. It is recommended to buy travel insurance. So you will have everything covered if emergency happens.

Make sure to follow the local rules for your own safety

It is highly advised that you leave the driving to others especially when this is your first experience having an African safari trip. Travelling in rural areas in considered risky especially after dark. The lack of street light and poor road condition may lead to accident and injury if you drive by yourself. Thus, let the others do the driving so you won’t jeopardize your safety, especially when you bring your families. 

Komodo Diving Liveaboard: The Amusing Night Dive

By now, we have heard a lot of things from the faraway land of Komodo National Park. A land that many said looks like transported right from the Jurassic Park. Rocky volcanic islands and undulating hills covered by golden savannah. An isolated frontier where the last of Dragons live in the wild. Ferocious and endangered Komodo Dragons which became the reason behind the establishment of the national park. The conservation, however, also proceed to protect the entire biodiversity of the region, including the coral-dense and abundant marine population underneath Komodo’s water. News of the grandiosity of Komodo’s marine life has been wide spreading—it’s one of the must do in many itineraries! But not everyone has tried the night dive. Here’s why you should make the opportunity of sailing in Komodo diving liveaboard to have at least one night dive. Watch the ocean glow in full glory while the Komodo’s kingdom of the upper land fall in deep sleep. 

A night dive situation in Komodo diving liveaboard

Exploration under the Moonlight

Komodo diving liveaboard gets very beautiful at night. Floating in the darkness, lighten up by lines of warm coloured lamps nailed on its decks, guided by the stars on the sky. And boy, how the sky is wonderful. Under clear weather, the sky is lighten up by billions of stars, transparent clouds, and luminous moon in the middle of deep blue backdrop. It’s a good time to done your dive masks and jump from the liveaboard. 

Under the water, visibility might greatly impaired—unless you are diving during the full moon. When it’s on its biggest form, the moon reflects light into the water, providing enough light to see. Take this moment to turn off your diving torches for a while and just enjoy the tranquility of the sea at night. See how the water absorbs the light and turn the surrounding sea into a negative-film scene. 

The Night Scene Underwater

When the sun has set far in horizon, the underwater quickly rolls into a whole different world. The clown fishes and other colourful fishes going back to their homes and octopuses starts to come out in the hunt of crustaceans in the sea floor. Flashy nudibranchs creeps around the coral beds, glowing in the darkness. You might also encounter flamboyant cuttlefishes, lion fishes, squids, and octopuses, and the bright yellow bottle tail squids. Excellent site to have night dive in Komodo are Gili Lawa, Siaba Besar, and the Torpedo Alley. It’s a must try if you are on a dive trip with Komodo liveaboard!

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The Flexibility of Komodo Diving Liveaboard to Have Night Dive

The main advantage of having a diving holiday in Komodo diving liveaboard is that you are staying within the park all the time. This allow more flexibility to have early morning or night dive, as well as reaching more remote dive sites. Not to mention the practicality to have everything ready onboard. You don’t have to prepare each dive gears from the dive centre and hop on boat for every dive. Being in diving liveaboard gives you freedom to use your free time for full recovery on decks or cabin and left the diving equipments under the care of the crews. 

Natural Sleep Aids to Try For Comfortable Travels

It is often that travelers have difficulties to rest or sleep during their travel. Different time zone is one of the most common causes of this issue. It causes jetlag which causes another problem like trouble at sleeping.

Lots of travelers use sleeping pills to help them sleep better during their travel. However, it is unhealthy because you can get addicted to it every time you travel.

Natural sleep aids for comfortable travels

It offers you easy way to overcome your problem at sleeping during travel but it is not a good solution especially if you travel quite a lot. Therefore, you may turn to natural sleeping aids to help you sleep and rest better during travel.

Recommended natural sleep aids for travel

Sleeping pills can be dangerous for long-term use. Therefore, you can choose natural sleep aids instead. They are safer and won’t cause any harm to your body even for long-term use. Here are some options of natural sleep aids you can use to help you sleep better during travels:

Aromatherapy is good sleep aid you can use during travel to get quality rest. It is a practice of using essential oils to stimulate your senses. It results in a peaceful, soothing feeling. Thus, your body will feel more relaxed and less tensed. When your body is in that relaxed state, it is easier for you to sleep. There are various options of essential oils you can pack in your bag for travelling. Choose the one that don’t make you feel uncomfortable when you smell it. Different essential oil has different scent and effect. It is highly recommended to choose eco-friendly essential oils which are made of 1005 natural ingredients.

Another sleep aid is hot bath. It is simple but effective to sooth your body from tensed muscle after long haul flight. Soaking your body in hot bath can help your body to feel more relaxed. During your travel, make the most of your accommodation by using the nice bathtub or Jacuzzi (if provided). You can also use add some drops of your favorite essential oils to make it a better experience. One of the most recommended is lavender essential oil because it has soothing, relaxing, and calming scent.

Bring your personal humidifier to travel. It helps you to sleep better because it can keep the air in your hotel room humidified. Thus, it can prevent illnesses and cold. In addition, humidifier can keep your skin hydrated during your travel. So, it is very helpful to bring humidifier for your travel. Bring the one with less weight so it won’t take much space in your luggage.

You can purposely make your body exhausted to help you sleep better. However, make sure to do it excessively because over-exhaustion can make you harder to sleep instead. For example, you can write a journal for two or three pages to empty your hectic mind during travel. Or you can also practice meditation at night before going to sleep and in the morning. It helps to calm your mind and center your emotion.

Some Popular Digital Marketing Examples On Internet

For short, digital marketing is typically the recent most popular method to market the business on internet by making use of various media, strategy, and platforms. But if you are asking about its examples, that can be challenging since there are so many of them.

Some popular digital marketing examples to follow and use for online business

Therefore, I will only inform you some of the popular digital marketing examples that many businessmen are using as well as I am until today and will keep on continue using them in the future.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Before, you may have been built your business website, right? The next challenge is how people will know about it and generating you more visitors from search engines (Google, Bing, yahoo, Yandex, etc) that will also means the more chance to make money from your business?

The answer is the Search Engine Optimization. The thing is that, SEO is takes time and budget especially when you want many other sites will be referring your site pages from theirs. That will quite challenging since you may don’t have more unique and quality contents to be referred to.

But, that’s what being said, it is one of the popular digital marketing examples on internet since years ago until today.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

For the first point above and this one, there will be the same. It is about the usage of search engines especially Google and Bing that have their own ads platforms.

But, let’s just focus on Google Ads since it is the most popular platform since years before.

As the ads platform itself will be charged the advertises when the ads will be clicked by the audiences, it then called as the PPC (Pay Per Click). That’s how the ads system is working.

But, even though you will spend your budget by paying for the ads space on search result of Google, you will still need the bid strategies, unique ad copy, keyword research and more to ensure that your ads will be shown up on the first top page of Google’s SERP.

3. Facebook Ads Platform

I should have called this point as the social media ads platforms. But, as Facebook ads is dominating the market, I think I won’t talk about the others. I mean, Instagram Ads is pretty much interesting tough, but it still not that popular.

If you are thinking to ask the Internet Marketers, they will even recommending you to start getting use of the Facebook ads platform to market your business digitally. There are 3 main reasons why is that:

  1. Putting ads on Facebook is as easy as ABC.
  2. Cost-effective ads budget and even you will need less spent than you think.
  3. Billion of monthly users so you can reach more audiences.

Both of the SEM and Facebook Ads platform can be started immediately even if you have not been in an online ads course before. I have done it myself so you are also possible to do the same.

In fact, we have known that social media is also an awesome method to drive huge traffics to your website.

4. Content Marketing

Have you been reading about the blog posts that are recommending you to buy something from certain website and linking to it through the link with certain anchor text. That typical link is actually called as the backlink which is good for the targeted link in term of SEO.

And that’s one of the relation about content marketing with SEO. But it doesn’t only work as that. The blog posts can also mean to promote the business site, the new arrival products and many things.

And doing that is actually mean that the business owners will need to pay the blog owners the price for their content placements.

Even if the business owners will using that in their own business site, it will mostly highlight the stories they need to share. It can be sad, motivated, or something else that can bring positive feedback for the business and will be shared by many others.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Have a business and need more people to be your sellers? Create the affiliate program in your site. The thing is, you may will need the great web developer team for that and you will really need to know the scale of your business.

Wondering how this kind of digital marketing examples working? You may are familiar to e-Bay and Amazon. That the 2 bigger affiliate sites you can be inspired.

Most of the marketplaces are also offering the same.

6. Email Marketing

The last popular digital marketing examples I’d like to tell you is emailing. It should have been on the top list as it is one of the oldest one.

Many websites today keep on displaying the subscribe button or widget for a reason. People can change their phone number, the phone, even the living address. But, many of us at least have a single email address that we keep on using it since years ago and we are rarely to changed it except its password.

So, reaching people through their email addresses are still important especially when they have subscribed in your site. They are interested about your business and they would love to know more in the future. That’s why they are giving your their emails.