Unique Etiquette of Eating In Various Countries

Unique Etiquette of Eating In Various Countries

We all know that every country adopt different culture, beliefs, tradition, customs, and rules. However, it is one of the beauty of travelling. You get to experience different culture of a place you visit. You may experience culture shock but there are many things to take lesson from. The experience may last for a lifetime. One of the most common cultural differences between countries is table manner. People around the world may have different culture when it comes to eating and you can find them out to be more prepared before travelling abroad.

Things you should and should not do when eating abroad

When you visit Chile, the rule of table manner is still considered old-fashioned. You should not eat without a fork. Eating using your bare hands is considered unruly behavior. The custom is that you eat with both spoon and fork for any type of foods. Even if it is finger foods, you will always be served with some cutlery you should use.

Meanwhile, you should not eat with a fork in Thailand. It is the opposite of the custom in Chile indeed. In Thailand, the locals don’t put fork int heir mouth when eating. They use fork only to put the food on a spoon. Rice-based foods fall in this category. For other foods, using fork might be acceptable. However, it still depends on circumstances. To play safe, it is better to not use fork when you eat in Thailand. Also, the locals don’t use knives for eating at all. Fork and spoon are the only cutlery to use.

In China, you should not finish your entire meal. Instead, leave some food on your plate to show that the chef generously provided you to the point you could not finish it. This is quite unique because in some countries, wiping your plate clean can also use as appreciation to the chef that you enjoy the meal heartily.

In Italy, it is not common to cut up your pasta. In fact, it is considered offensive for the locals. Their way to enjoy pasta is by twirling the strands against the side of the plate using a fork. Even using a spoon is still considered offensive or for some people it is not the right way to enjoy pasta.

In Japan, it is not allowed to pass foods using chopstick. It is considered taboo due to their customs coming from the Buddhist belief. Also, you should not put your chopstick upright in your rice bowl. It is a practice Japanese use during funerals. Then, you are not allowed to lick foods from your chopsticks. When you don’t use them, do not cross them. Instead, put them in the designated holder if available.

In Philippines, you are not allowed to eat with your left hand. It is considered impolite and offensive. Put your left hand off the table when eating. If you want to pass the foods, use your right hand. This rule is also applied in Muslim countries since they consider it as unclean.

Yoga Cruise in the Beautiful Raja Ampat

Yoga Cruise

Are you planning a yoga retreat for your next holiday? Why not consider a yoga cruise on the island of Raja Ampat! Think about it, doesn’t it make perfect sense for your trip? What better way to get out of the hustle of city life than to go on a yoga experience! You’ll be able to connect with beautiful nature on a deeper level. Offer yourself a real unwind, unplug, and a little break in the most breath-taking Raja Ampat. Nurture your mind and body with a yoga retreat. Don’t forget to discover the breath-taking marine life and connect to the awe-inspiring and pristine nature.

How to reach Raja Ampat?

The best way to get to Raja Ampat Island is to fly to Sorong via Makassar, Jakarta, Manado, or Ambon. There are small aircraft to take you to the capital of the district of Raja Ampat. For most of these small aircraft, you can use Nam Airlines, Lion Air, Xpress Airlines, and Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Airlines. You can not find direct international flights to Raja Ampat.

Yoga Cruise for a balanced mind and body!

Start your day with beautiful sunrise yoga on the deck.  Enjoy the gorgeous colors during sunrise with the beautiful beaches in Raja Ampat island that has crystal sea waters. The peaceful and amazing landscape around Raja Ampat will create a magical vibe, while you connect with your soul and inner self. After the refreshing retreat, actually the cruise sails to the next island. You have the chance to explore the paradise surroundings.

The natural beauty of Raja Ampat Island, the chatter of birds, the sound of the waves, and the sea breeze provide a perfect backdrop to give yourself an hour for a yoga retreat. A yoga cruise has the benefit of being a holiday that improves your health. So, treat yourself to an unforgettable experience you really deserve, by going on a yoga trip. Above all, this is a holiday all about you, and with the stresses of life routine, you really deserve it!

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Triton Bay, Top 5 Dive Sites for Underwater Photography

The reasons to take morning yoga?

Unplug everything – Turn off your smartphone and get ready to engage your sense of the sounds of the beautiful sea. Practicing yoga retreat on Raja Ampat is exhilarating. Here, you will experience the kind of quiet that expands your senses and allows you to unwind as you breathe deeply and smell the fresh salt air.

Gain a sense of inner calm – Yoga cruise helps quiet the soul and mind. Many people practice yoga retreats to overcoming stress. Practice yoga encourages relaxation, which helps lower the level of cortisol that is a stress hormone.

Improve your flexibility – A yoga retreat is a full-body workout that improves mobility and flexibility. In short, flexibility is one of the important elements of good physical health! 

Planning for The Perfect Road Trip Picnic

Planning for The Perfect Road Trip Picnic

It’s holiday time! Time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors before the holiday over or the polar vortex comes back around. Suppose you’re looking for something relaxing for your friends to enjoy together this weekend. Why not plan a road picnic for this trip? Road trips any time of the year are a great way to explore new experiences and new destinations with the family, but in the summer holiday, it’s a perfect time to map out a fun spot that’s perfect for a roadside picnic. Road picnic trips are so much fun. There is something about going to a destination and eating a picnic with friends. Instead of just eating in the car, pack a picnic basket, and find a special place to enjoy a little picnic trip.

Preparing for your Road Trip Picnic

First, you need to consider an excellent location. When you’re planning the site, look for a place about halfway through to break up the trip. Look for a great public park or recreation area for the perfect spot for your road trip. It’s better to find somewhere you’ve never been before and always check online to see which public parks are open. 

No road trip is complete without favorite foods. Keep in mind, choose the foods that travel well. Carry food that can be made mostly in advance, and it can be served at room temperature. 

Don’t bring some foods that involve lots of sauces or other ingredients that will make the fare soggy. Avoid dishes that require cutting; only get for those that need only a fork.

Planning for The Perfect Road Trip Picnic

Pack games! No road picnic is complete without fun games! Pack the kites or soccer ball and maybe even the ball and bat. Pack the games that everyone can do together at the public park.

Prepare a cute picnic basket. Now that you have your foods, you need someplace to keep them in. Find a large picnic basket, and make sure you use one with plenty of space inside for all the goodies you want to bring along with you on the trip.

A cute and large picnic blanket. Don’t forget to bring a more oversized picnic blanket. If there are a lot of members, consider getting a few picnic blankets. Make sure to bring the blanket with a waterproof bottom so that if the grass is slightly damp, it won’t soak through to your blanket. It’s perfect if your blanket is machine washable, so in case anything gets spilled and that it’s soft and comfy to sit on.

The last, it’s essential that you pack some hand wives for your outdoor trip. In case, there are bound to be sticky fingers, unexpected moments, and spilled juice or water!

Triton Bay, Top 5 Dive Sites for Underwater Photography

Triton Bay

Nothing says ‘scuba diving’ more than the West apua! Get your hair wet and experience the underwater world around Triton Bay. Triton is located at the heart of the Kaimana Marine Protected Area in West Papua, Indonesia. The Bay is the final frontier of diving in Indonesia. Many underwater photographers agree that this Bay is the best place in the world to photograph underwater. Especially because nowhere else is there such form and variety of coral and fish life. From the tiniest pygmy seahorse to whale sharks, the incredible endemic species and diversity of beautiful fish in the Coral Triangle are on display here—as well as stunning seascapes and some of the colorful soft coral dive sites on the planet. Let’s have a closer look at the 5 dive sites for underwater photography.

Little Komodo in Triton Bay 

Little Komodo is located on the southern tip of Seruenus Island. It is most sought-after dive sites at Triton Bay . The bay have huge boulders and beautiful soft corals acting as the most appealing features. Aquarium. Here, you can spot a lot of soft and black corals. You can also see the deeper down schools of snapper and sweetlips hanging out in the black coral bushes. There are jacks and wobbegong in little komodo. For some macro photography lovers, this spot also offers a chance to see the pygmy seahorse and shrimp.

Batu Jeruk

Batu Jeruk is a dive site located on the other side of Aduma Island. You will spot the spectacular orange corals, and there are many fishes—the most stunning part of the reef around 12 to 15 meters deep.

Triton Bay

Batu Damai, Triton Bay

Batu Damai is located at the southern end of the Iris Strait. This dive site is a firm favorite due to its large schools of fish and clearer waters. There are many different ways to dive here. First, you need to stay shallow and focus on the schools of slender Pinjalo fusiliers, snapper. The second way is you need to swim down to the vast boulders around 50-65 feet. You will see there are many soft corals and surrounded by schooling damselfish and anthias. Here, you will often see a wobbegong, harlequin shrimp, pygmy seahorses, and the occasional frogfish.

Bo’s Rainbow

Bo’s Rainbow is located at the northern end of the Iris Strait. It is another small limestone island but a vast area underwater waiting to discover all the macro marine life and enjoy these formations’ dive spots. There are soft coral covered boulders with schools of beautiful fish, but this dive site also has a mystical black coral bush garden along its ridge complete with glassfish schools and a school of hawk groupers patrolling the reef.

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Christmas Rock

Christmas Rock is a small rock island towards the southern tip of Aiduma Island. Here, you will find Satomi’s, sawblade shrimp, Pontohi’s pygmy seahorses, the occasional frogfish, tiny nudibranchs, and a field of garden eels.

7 Ways to Implement Travel Etiquette

7 Ways to Implement Travel Etiquette

Travel etiquette is important when you are travelling. It is not only to respect the people but also the place, and the value. Keep in mind that every place may have different rules and codes. Hence, it is a must to learn those things prior to your visit. This way, you know what should and should not do during the trip.

How to implement travel etiquette

  • International travel etiquette. When travelling abroad, you will meet diversity of culture in so many ways. It can be overwhelming to learn everything at one. However, you can at least learn the most basic travel etiquette. Learn a little bit of their language, know the dress codes, be careful with the gestures, and be mindful about gift-giving.
  • Always practice good habit no matter where you are. It includes being polite and respectful to whoever you meet. Keep in mind that you are a guest or visitor. Therefore, you have to be respectful of the customs or tradition that the locals practice or believe. If you find something opposite to what you believe, stay respectful and avoid giving commentary because you don’t know if it is going to offend them.
7 Ways to Implement Travel Etiquette
  • When it comes to transportation, practice travel etiquette as well. Be patience when waiting and wait for other passengers to get in. Avoid putting your feet or bags on the seat. do not cross your legs in public transportation. Give seat to older people or pregnant women. Also, be mindful with the direction when sneezing. Do not just sneeze on another passenger’s face.
  • Dining etiquette is also important during a trip. When you at a local diner or restaurant, be mindful of people around you. It is best to not chew the foods loudly because it might be disturbing for others, especially elderly people. Be mindful of your volume when talking during eating especially if you are eating together with the locals. Avoid using your phone while eating.
  • Clothing does matter when it comes to travel etiquette. some countries may apply different customs and rules when it comes to dressing. In sacred places, visitors are often not allowed to wear too revealing clothes. Some of them also require visitors to cover their head before entering sacred places to show respects.
  • If the locals don’t understand what you are talking about, don’ blame them. Keep in mind that even though English is widely spoke doesn’t mean everybody in the world speak English. You can try using more universal language such as gesture or body language. Usually, people can understand it regardless of their background.
  • Be mindful with your words. It is best to learn a thing to two about the local language. Just because you are still learning doesn’t mean you can experiment by saying bad words in local language. Also, be respectful when giving commentary. Always use positive words to comment. If you don’t know the local language, use simple English word or gesture to express your appreciation to the locals.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in the Raja Ampat Tour

Raja Ampat Tour

The Island of Raja Ampat is home to some of the best pristine beaches in the world. With features like these, the archipelago spanning over forty thousand square kilometers makes for an idyllic sanctuary where travelers can dive, swim, snorkel, and savor some genuinely unforgettable sunrise and sunsets. For those planning to visit the stunning Island, there are certain essential things to keep in mind. To be fully prepared for your Raja Ampat Tour. Here are five mistakes to avoid on the Island.

Visiting only one Island in Raja Ampat Tour

The tropical paradise is located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Penisula in West Papua, Indonesia. It is an archipelago consisting of over 1.500 small islands surrounding the main islands, Waigeo, Batanta, Misool, and Salawati. Whether you visit multiple islands by staying at more than one hotel throughout your Tour. Or you charter a liveaboard to an adjacent atoll, make sure to island-hop while visiting the fantastic destination here.

Avoiding the local culture

The culture here is as unique and beautiful as its nature. Don’t leave the Island before walking through the traditional villages and meeting the friendly locals. The local people are friendly, cheerful, and warm people living in their daily social lifestyle. You can find local children playing traditional games, dancing and singing classic songs. Or you may find local artists working on their crafts for souvenirs. Complete your Raja Ampat Tour by trying delicious local foods.

You are not considering a liveaboard in Raja Ampat Tour

One of the best ways to explore the Island of Raja Ampat by the liveaboard trip. The Raja Ampat liveaboards come with a wide range of facilities, including the liveaboard crew, chefs, dive instructors, and other staff, depending on the type of liveaboard you book for the trip. You can even rent out the entirety of a private liveaboard; renting a private liveaboard can also make for a perfect distance trip. Going on a liveaboard to Raja Ampat is a fun holiday. The ship would drive around and explore the beauty of the Island.

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Raja Ampat Tour

Skipping the underwater adventure

The marine natural resources around the Island give it significant potential as a tourist destination. There are plenty of water activities you can enjoy here. The Island is a scuba diving heaven. Remember, you don’t need to be a scuba diver to enjoy the beauty of the underwater of the Island. Book snorkeling trip, and it will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable underwater experiences for this trip.

Forgetting the reef-safe sunscreen at home

When visiting any destination where the native reef is a highlight attraction, reef-safe sunscreen is a must. To support the ongoing environmental initiatives to preserve the Raja Ampat reefs, bring your reef-safe sunscreen before visiting the Island.

How To Pull Through The Transition After A Trip

How To Pull Through The Transition After A Trip

The opportunities of experiencing many new things by travelling is like no other. It makes you see things from different perspectives and makes you want to do it more and more. Sometimes, coming back to home after a trip is like a culture shock itself. Jet lag, drowsiness, and the feeling of emptiness can be felt by some travelers after returning to their home. If you are experiencing the same thing, you are not the only one.

Adjusting your life after a long-trip

Pulling to the transition between being in new place and coming back to your own home can be mind-numbing. It is easy to feel less motivated, tired all the time, or just the overall feeling blue. However, it is considered normal thing to experience. Some travelers are able to transition smooth and fast while others might take time.

The first thing that travelers feel after a trip is jet lag. It will go in a few days. It is temporary sleep issue usually caused by different time zones. Your internal clock might need time to adjust. If you find difficulty to sleep when the time comes, don’t be panic. Try relaxation practices such as taking a deep breath, drink chamomile tea, or playing soft music. When you return to your home and you feel sleepy during the day, try not to fall asleep and do activities to stay awake. This way, you will be able to sleep at night.

It is highly advised to return home early so you won’t have to directly go to work the next day. If it is possible, give yourself few days to recover from the trip. It allows your body to adjust to different environment. Hopefully, you will recover in one day or two. And you will fit for work again. During the recovery, try to manage your sleeping schedule. Avoid long napping because it will make it more difficult for you to sleep at night. Eat healthy foods or something to lift up your mood.

It is best to avoid drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages before returning to your home. Those beverages will worsen your jet lag when you arrive at home. Those can cause dehydration and fatigue later on. Also, avoid drinking those beverages when you arrive at home. Drink something healthy such as fruit juice or herbal tea.

If you experience culture shock when returning to your home, it is okay to feel that way. It is a process of transitioning yourself. However, make sure that it won’t affect the quality of your life. If you feel sad after the trip, share the stories of the trip with your family at home. You can also call friends you made during the trip. Sometimes, you don’t feel like you don’t belong to your home anymore. However, it is usually temporary feeling and you will be back to your normal self in few days. Avoid being alone and try to communicate openly with your family or friends.

5 Unbelievable Komodo Dive Sites You Need to See

Komodo Dive Sites

Diving in Komodo Island is an experience not to be missed. The Komodo’s crystal clear and warm waters are an excellent place to see many fishes, manta rays, pelagic fishes, whale sharks, and an incredible abundance of colorful fish. Not surprisingly, swimming, diving, and snorkeling are among the top things to do on the island. Diving in the Komodo is possible all year round, but it is recommended to visit between April to November for the perfect conditions. Choosing where to go in the Komodo is the trickiest part of planning your dive holiday. Here are just 5 of the best Komodo Dive Sites to explore on your dive holiday!

The best Komodo dive sites on Central, Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong is one of the most beautiful and classic dive sites in the crown of Central. This dive site is the most famous Komodo Dive Sites. It’s a great Place to observe the diversity of marine life. On the area, you will see at first sight only a small rock from the surface, but underneath is a pinnacle with a south and north face. The little rock is covered with sponges, soft and hard colorful corals, and amazing gorgonians. You have the chance to see plenty of reef fish, napoleons, white tip sharks, and dogtooth tunas are also seen here. This dive site is not always suitable for inexperienced divers because of the strong currents.

Karang Makassar

Karang Makassar has a long gentle drift dive with more than 2,5 km long. You will have the opportunity to dive with several manta rays here. Besides manta rays, you also can see other marine creatures like eagle rays, sharks, shoaling small reef fish, and trevallies. It is possible to visit this dive site all year round because the annual water temperature around 77 – 82 F or 25-28C provides for comfortable diving conditions all year round. Do not miss this great spot!

The Best Komodo Dive Sites on North, Castle Rock

Castle Rock is one of the iconic diving destinations in Komodo. This dive site offers an unforgettable underwater experience for spotting the sharks. The Castle Rock consists of a vast pinnacle rising from a shelf around 20-24 meters deep and almost reaching the surface up to 4 meters. You also can see some great macro, nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, morays, and shrimps. The best time to visit is from April to November.

Tatawa Besar

Tatawa Besar is one of the most colorful coral reefs in Central Komodo. Drifting along the Tatawa Besar site is a must for divers who love that aquarium feel. It is not necessary to go deep in Tatawa Besar because sea creatures are concentrated between 5m to 18m depth. There are so many orange soft corals. The reef life is excellent, and if the scuba gods are with you, sharks, mantas, and even the dolphins can be spotted here. You can dive on this site all year round.

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Komodo Dive Sites

Siaba Besar

Siaba Besar dive site is worth a visit. The dive site is perfect for beginners and is known for its massive coral garden. You have the chance to see amazing turtles amongst the shallower coral reefs because this dive site is also famous with the other’s name “Turtle City.” You can find all sorts of amazing rare creatures here. Like Flamboyant Cuttlefish, dugongs, silvertip sharks, white tip sharks, blue-spotted stingrays, and cuttlefish. Almost everything is possible at this Siaba Besar site.

How To Thrive During Tough Times

Many businesses focus more on surviving when facing challenging like now. The global pandemic has brought many challenges and difficulties to every type of business around the world. The impact is so huge that only a few who could survive. While surviving is the main focus during a crisis, it is still possible to take some actions so your business can keep thriving in the middle of the storms. 

How your business can thrive during tough times

Facing crisis like global pandemic this year has taught us all how to adapt, adjust and innovate. This tough time is a learning opportunity for us to learn more about handling difficult, unexpected times. Business is possible to survive crisis. More than that, it is still possible to thrive. Here are some ways you can consider to scale your business even during tough times:

Innovate by expanding your addressable market. The pandemic is still going on and people will be staying at home still and spending their time there. Thus, you need to adjust more your target market. And allow people to test and use your service or buy your products in a way that works better for them on their own terms. You can offer a free-trial with easier payment-method. 


Build strong digital team. Working from home is still the best policy to follow in response to the global pandemic. It is predicted that even after pandemic WFH will stay on trend. Working remotely but productively has been seen as good method for growing business. However, it means that you need to restructure your team. Make sure to have the right people to be in your digital team. Virtual working allows every members of the team to work and think creatively. You can also hire more people who have skills you need to scale your business. 

Adjust your management style following the remote work. Remote situation should not be a barrier to thrive. It can be a situation that provide more opportunities to grow. Management style can be adjusted to facilitate every members of the team to share opinions freely. Also, more relaxed work environment during remote work is possible and can impact everyone positively. You and team members can also reach out more people without dealing with commuting issues. 

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Accelerate your business operation by automating things that can be automated. This way, things can go efficiently without wasting too much time. More automation means more things you can focus on such as focusing more on your customer experience. Automation can also lead to more satisfying customer experience because of more accessibility to reach out each other. 

Reconnect with your values. With how the global pandemic affecting, many businesses forgetting their own values and mission. It is time for you to revisit those so your values are aligned with the situation. You can show where you stand for in this situation, showing more of your care to them in empathetic and authentic ways. It gives you opportunity to connect more not only with your values but your customers

Locating Best Property on Bali for Entrepreneur

The property on bali market indicates that now is the best time to get a home. Millennials generation who seek for their first residence or future long term home can find ideal promotion on property which provide a special entrepreneurial plans. When researching a plan for the desired property to match your business goals, here a few to mention:

Do Your List

Don’t inspect a numerous of property and wait for one option to get your attention. It’s quite easy to agree on few property selection without evaluating it for the type quality and concept that match a luxury ones. Moreover, if you interest with the ones which provide coworking space, you will ask yourself few questions. Is there a suitable coworking space? and can I work in the space without any disctractions?

Property on Bali

What about the storage for your business intention? If someday you’ll have a client meeting, is there a waiting room for them or an appropriate one? Decide the list that your business will need in your new property, as well as how the property could adapt to your business activity later.

Find Fact About the Property on Bali

Every property could offer its maximum benefit in a housing ad. But you need to keep in mind the property capability to its glowing description. For instance, does numerous big trees in the spacious garden will require a consistent maintenance? Does the neighbor’s house too close for your family and business privacy? Will there be an hidden damage throughout the property? Problems like this could interupt your business activitiy in the future.

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Research Various Neighbourhood to Avoid

Get your feet on the neighbourhoods where you interest to live in. A friendly and respect neighbourhood is a hidden advantage that you will get while purchasing the property on bali. Meanwhile, to know further about the crime rates in several area, you could ask nearby police offices.

Property on Bali Garden

They could help provide the rate of criminal cases or formerly drug houses in various area that you may want to avoid. Its best to drive around by yourself to get the idea of residents’ lifestyles and behaviour.

Partner Up With Trusted Realtor

A property on bali realtor which expert in locating best bali real estate for entrepreneur business can give you multiple selection. Furthermore, they may introduce you to one option that would likely be your perfect match. In addition, its important to seek the best and trusted realtor in Bali. They could indicate the best and worst metric in several area and current market condition.

Property on Bali Swimming Pool

Searching the right property on bali in which for family or business purpose isnt an easy task. But with a strong planning, you can focus on the type of properties that mostly will provide your future needs. Moreover, the best realtor in bali, www.villabalisale.com could help provide you the range of list of on-demand real estate. With its expertise, easy system and trusted service, you will find the suitable option in no time!