Stay Comfortable When Travel In Economy Class

Travelling in budget may cause you experience various types of discomfort. However, it is not always the case. Lots of people travel in budget but still gain the experience they want. They are still happy and can make the most of it. One of the most common things when travelling in budget is flying in economy class. Many people may find it to be a major discomfort to fly in economy class especially for a long-haul flight. However, you can use your tricks to stay comfortable even when you are flying in economy class. 

Keep yourself comfortable in economy class

The best thing to get rid of discomfort caused by travelling in budget is to plan in advance. Thorough planning will save you from major troubles that can ruin your mood including the discomfort for economy class. Here are things you can do to stay comfortable flying in economy class.

Stay Comfortable When Travel In Economy Class

Pick a reliable airline

Choose reputable and reliable airline. Different airline offer different benefits so you can choose the one that provide what you need. Economy class in every airline can be different as well. Thus, you cannot just generalize them. They also apply different rules including for economy class. Then, choose your favorite seat to keep you comfortable throughout the flight. Choose aisle seat if you have long legs. If you don’t like to be disturbed, choose window seat.

Always pack light 

Pack light to save you from unnecessary hassle during the flight. Economy class has more narrow space so if you bring large, heavy carry on, it can cause you more trouble to secure it. Make sure that your carry-on can be lifted into the overhead bins. If you keep your heavy carry-on with you throughout the flight, it can cause fatigue to your body. 

Wear your comfiest travel clothes

Always wear comfortable clothes and footwear for a flight especially in economy class. You don’t want to add another discomfort during the flight by wearing tight clothes or irritating fabrics. It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable footwear such as slip-on to keep you comfortable. Pack a light sweater or jacket to fight the possible low temperature.

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Get a noise-cancelling headphones

Stay Comfortable When Travel In Economy Class

Pack noise-canceling headphones to filter the noise from the cabin. Listening to the airplane engines and the passengers can annoy you especially during a long flight. They can cause you experience more trouble to rest or sleep. Thus, always pack a pair of noise-canceling headphone to save your day. Bring something to keep you entertained. You can read your favorite book, watch movies, or listen to the music. Choose anything that can distract you from any discomfort during your flight. 

Go to the restroom before boarding

It is highly recommended to go to the restroom before it is time to board your plane. Thus, you won’t have to crawl over the passenger later when you are on a flight. You also don’t have to wait in line to get to the toilet. It is worse if the toilet is smelly. Once you are on your seat, you can sit comfortably and do anything to keep you comfortable. 

Things to Bring for Your Trekking in Padar Island

Hi, are you interested in trying to do island trekking? Or you already have done a few, but still have some issues along the way because of low preparation? Worry not, because I wanted to share some of the items that can be really helpful or even necessary in order to do trekking activities. In this case, I would be taking an example on Padar Island as the destination, giving how popular the place is.

Some Things to Bring for Your Trekking in Padar Island

Know The Area First (Padar Island, ofc!)

Before we start packing, it might be a good idea to study the area that we are about to explore first. The Padar Island is one of the best islands for trekking purpose simply because the island is consisting of many hills and cliffs that is not really steep. The environment is also amazing and the air is relaxing. And the best way to get to the top of the hills is definitely before either sunrise or sunset.

Bring Your Shoes and Boots

Probably the most important, you should bring a pair of hiking shoes and boots. Don’t wear normal shoes or even sandals because you can easily slip on a rock if you’re not careful. Hiking shoes also can endure a long walk to a rough terrain better than normal shoes with a lighter build as well. So, start browsing for some hiking shoes or go for boots if you want to trek on a long route.

Get Your Water Bottle Refilled

Okay, maybe the shoes are not the most important, but this definitely is. As you keep walking to a challenging area, you are going to dehydrate way faster and need a decent supply of water anytime. It’s also wise to bring 2 just in case you run out of water in the middle of your trip or if someone in your group needs one for an emergency.

Have Energy Bars for Quick Snack in Padar Island

Some Things to Bring for Your Trekking in Padar Island

Water? Check. But just drinking alone won’t give you extra energy to keep you pushing to the end of your journey. Bringing some energy bars or snacks in your bag to eat in the middle of a break is a good idea as well, just don’t bring too many of them.

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Going in the Dark? Bring a Headlamp

If you are trekking to catch a sunrise, you will most definitely be walking around in the dark. Because you won’t get to enjoy the view on time if you didn’t depart early in the morning where you can barely see anything on the island with no lights. So having a headlamp will help you guide the path that you take.

Cameras with Mods and Accessories

Your reward for long and exhausting trekking is an amazing landscape of Padar Island. So it would be a waste not to store this memory to relieve in the future. Bring your best camera to capture the beautiful view! Try to consult with the shop what would be a good camera to bring and buy multiple lenses and a polarizer as well if you want the best result.

Okay, so that was some of the things that you might want to bring along on your trekking journey in Padar Island, or anywhere else as well. There are some others like bug repellents or tripod but it’s usually just optional. Happy Trails!

Amazing Airports With Entertaining Distractions

The main point o travelling is to enjoy things at your destination. However, there are many things can happen during your journey such as delayed flights, waiting in long line for security check, etc. It is common to get stuck in the airport during your travel. It is not a pleasant experience especially when you don’t really know the place. However, there are major airports in the world providing great source of entertainment to keep travelers happy. Thus, you still have chance to experience joyful times even when you are stuck if you happen to be in these amazing airports. 

Major airports full of entertainment

There is an increasing number of airports all over the world. It is necessary to meet the demand of travelers. Airports are often the caused of unpleasant experience for travelers. However, you will change your mind when you happen to travel via these amazing airports:

Incheon Airport is located in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the busiest airports in the South Korea. It has gained reputation as excellent airport for domestic and international travelers. This airport is even awarded as the world’s best airport in air service quality by the Airport Council International. There are fun facilities and activities you can try while waiting in this airport. Several facilities include casino, ice rink, spa and sauna.

Changi Airport is located in Singapore and considered one of the fanciest airports in the world. It is even said as the originator of airport entertainment. The facility of this airport is huge and amazing. The facility provides free WiFi for travelers. There is also roof-top pool and jacuzzi you can enjoy while waiting for your flight. Those facilities has been there since 1990s. today, you can also enjoy other amenities provided by the airport including on-site nature trail, art gallery, as well as fun slide for children.

San Francisco is also an airport that provides more than regular necessities for travelers. There are variety of art installation in the facility which makes it more entertaining to see especially for art lovers. There are about 20 galleries across four terminals of the San Francisco Museum. You can browse over the galleries while waiting for your flight, even non-flying visitors can also come and have a fun trip through the museum. It is open for public. There are various events being held in this airport such as an exhibition of a collection of pan-Asian ceramics and photographic exhibition. 

Hong Kong airport also provide amazing entertainment through various amenities for travelers. This airport has the largest IMAX cinema at 13.8 meter high and 22.4 meter wide. You can see the giant screen was installed to replace the previous terminal two movie theater called 4D Extreme Screen. Actually, the cinema cannot only be enjoyed by the travelers but also other Hong Kong residents since the airport is at land side position. There are various movies being played on the huge screen including Hollywood movies and other edutainment features to keep you occupied. 

Most Terrific Footbridges In The World

The function of footbridge is to provide passage over challenging obstacles. For example, it is made to connect two mountain peaks so the passage is more accessible for human. However, it is not the only function of footbridges these days. More often than not, they are now design for adventurous travelers who seek thrills. There are many footbridges around the world with wonderful designs built in breathtaking places. If you are a fan of thrill seeking adventure, might as well visit some destinations that have terrific footbridges to visit. 

Terrific footbridges worth travelling for in the world

Doing something thrilling is considered as a must-activities for some travelers. Those who also enjoy outdoor trip often prefer for doing something that challenges their adrenaline. One of a must try outdoor activities is by crossing the footbridge. Here are most terrific footbridges you can visit for your next travel plan:

Sochi Skybridge

Most Terrific Footbridges In The World

Sochi Skybridge looks terrifying for those who hate height or anything adrenaline-pumping. This is pedestrian bridge located in Sochi, Russia. It is even said to be the longest including the 700-meter-long zip wire. The bridge itself stretches at 439-meter-long. It has two platforms offering stunning view of The Black Sea. If you feel brave enough, try the bungee jumping platform located in the center of the bridge. 

Taman Negara National Park Bridge

Most Terrific Footbridges In The World

Taman Negara National Park Bridge is located in Malaysia, precisely in Titiwangsa Mountain. This bridge is at 530 meter-long and one of the most popular attraction in the country. The bridge has narrow structure across the top of the trees of Taman Negara. For your information, It is the largest national park in Malaysia. It looks less modern than Sochi Skybridge but it makes the experience of crossing the bridge even more thrilling. However, rest assure that the bridge is safe since the rope is under regular check every morning. 

El Caminito Del Rey

Most Terrific Footbridges In The World

El Caminito Del Rey is located in Malaga, Spain. This bridge is only one meter wide. However, it rises over 100 meter above the river below. That’s what make crossing this bridge terrifying. It connect the cliff which was originally built to provide workers at the hydroelectric power plants at Chorro Falls and Gaitanajo Falls. However, it has become a popular tourist attraction especially for thrill-seekers. 

Kokone Yume

Kokone Yume is located in Oita Japan. It is a suspension bridge built in 2006 that stands at 175 meter above the Naruko-gawa River. This bridges stretches at 390-meters long. This is one of the most popular attractions for travelers and visitors who want to see the view of the Shindonotaki Falls. Hiking across the bridge to experience yourself how thrilling it is. Then, soak your tiredness away in a hot spring nearby. 

Peak Walk

Most Terrific Footbridges In The World

Peak Walk By Tissot is located Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. It was built in October 2014. It is also the first pedestrian suspension bridge to connect two mountain peaks open on Glacier 3000 Switzerland in the world. It has 107 meter long, connecting View Point peak and Scex Rouge Peak. Crossing this terrific suspension bridge will give you one-in-a-lifetime experience. It is even open all year around. 

Best Gears for Scuba Diving for Beginners

For anyone who just begin their journey on underwater exploration, buying a set of scuba gear and equipment is a true sign of commitment. That’s basically saying “I will be going to more dive sites in the world and have more dives in my life”. But when you are just newly certified, how can you know what to buy? You may have a list of the basics already—the masks, fins, and snorkel—but what’s more? What other things that you’ll need underwater but you haven’t think before? Don’t be anxious—because we are going to cover the best underwater equipment for scuba diving for beginners. 

Best Underwater Equipment for Scuba Diving for Beginners

Best Scuba Diving Computer for Beginners

Don’t wait until you get to advanced level to buy a scuba diving computer. If you have the budget, go for it! Having your own dive computer from the beginning is so much better than renting it from dive centre on every dive. You’ll become familiar with its function faster, and thus learn to calculate your dive better. 

Best Underwater Equipment for Scuba Diving for Beginners

However, picking a new dive computer can be quite tricky and overwhelming especially when you were just fresh from Open Water certification. You didn’t lean on how to chose a scuba diving computer at class, after all. For a start, the best scuba diving computer for beginners is the one that have at least 4 modes; air, nitrox, gauge, and bottom time. Most of basic dive computer has single button for easy operation. When you get more expert, you can move to recreational dive computer that have more functionality and features. 

A Wetsuit that Fits Your Body Perfectly

You definitely want to invest on the right wetsuits. You want something that encapsulate your body perfectly for protection and heat loss prevention. Something that makes you comfortable to move underwater and allow you to look good on it. Closes cell neoprene wetsuit is the best scuba diving beginners so far—from functionality and price. 

Get An Underwater Writing Pads

Best Underwater Equipment for Scuba Diving for Beginners

When you just have few dives below your belt, you might not have mastered all the signs language. Also, not everything can be conveyed through signs—especially more complex things. That’s why underwater writing pads is the next best thing to have for scuba diving for beginners. With an underwater writing pads, you can take notes, ask questions, and write comments upon currents, creatures, and many other things to your dive buddy. 

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Best Scuba Diving for Beginners on Equipment Tips: Bring a Knife

Bringing scuba diving knife underwater might bot be the most common thing you heard. But believe it, a knife can prove very helpful down under. In case you got tangled, knife helps to cut you free from lines and nets. Also, it’s very handy in case you meet some marine creatures that need helps with nets/ fishing lines. A sad truth from our mother nature. 

Invest on A Torch 

Best Underwater Equipment for Scuba Diving for Beginners

Always take a torch whenever you dive, even during the daylight. So you might as well buy it for yourself. As you know, sun light is bent by water under the sea, so colours will be limited unless you give direct light to the object. This is why you need a torch—to see the surrounding better and reveal the true colour of a creature. It’s also very helpful when it comes to wreck and cave diving. 

Something to Make Noise Underwater

Sure, you can use hand signals and underwater writing pads to communicate with other divers, but how you can attract them? This is something that not all scuba diving beginners know. You need something that produce sounds to attract the attention of fellow scuba diver. Especially when they swim several feet away! Sounds carries better within the water and most divers will look around to find the source of the sounds. Have something you can tap on the scuba tank that produce noise. This is very handy when you dive in group or finding an object of interest!

Best Foods To Try During Your Visit in Malang

Malang is located in East Java and the second largest city so it’s not surprising if this beautiful city has become a popular travel destinations. Java is famous for their natural beauty from the beach, mountain, and almost every corner. The historical and cultural points are also what attract the tourists the most. As for Malang, it has everything you need for a memorable vacation. It is not hard to reach and there are various spots you can spend time with during your visit. Not to mention that there is wide variety of foods you can try. It is highly recommended to try authentic dishes of Malang because they are exceptionally delicious and affordable. 

What foods to try when travelling around Malang?

Malang is a great place for culinary adventure. There are many places you can go to truly taste the local delicacies that really show great cultural points of Malang. Here are several foods you can try during your travel in Malang.

Bakso Malang

Best Foods To Try During Your Visit in Malang

Bakso Malang is highly recommended to try when you visit this great city. It is delicious dish consisted of meatballs, bakwan, bean sprouts, noodles, and tofu. Bakso is popular dish in Indonesia and every region usually has their own iconic Bakso. In Malang, Baksi is also popular food that everyone loves. It is served with beef broth added with chili, chopped selery, ketchup, as well as pangsit. 


Best Foods To Try During Your Visit in Malang

Rawon is iconic dish from Malang and you should try this because it truly looks unique and taste delicious. Rawon is made from beef cooked in broth added with various spices. The color of the soup is black but it is not from sauce sauce. It is from special Javanese ingredient, Kluwek. Rawon is best served with warm rice and it’s great to eat anytime.  


Best Foods To Try During Your Visit in Malang

Ketan is very popular dish in Malang. It is made from sticky rice and is topped with variety of options such as chocolate, durian, and milk. Ketan actually taste pretty neutral so it fits with any kinds of topping. Not to mention that it is super affordable. It is only 5-10k per serving. It’s a great food you can enjoy before the real meal. 

Sate Kelinci

Best Foods To Try During Your Visit in Malang

Sate Kelinci or rabbit skewer is highly recommended if you are visiting Malang. It is made from rabbit meat grilled in the hot stone and smeared with peanut sauce as well as shallots. If you have never tried rabbit meat before, it doesn’t taste too differently from beef. However, the texture is pretty different. Rabbit meat is chewier. The price of Sate Kelinci is quite affordable. It is about 20-30k per serving.

Nasi Bug

Best Foods To Try During Your Visit in Malang

Nasi Bug is practically rice with various toppings including paru, sayur jackfruit, beef skewer, and sambal. To enjoy this dish, you it is recommended to mix them all. It may looks unappetizing first but the taste is truly rich. The taste blend perfectly creating delicious dish you should not miss. The portion is quite large so you should eat this dish when you are truly hungry so you can finish it all. 

The Most Frequently Asked Questions by Scuba Diving or Beginners!

Every year, hundreds of beginners come to the world of scuba diving. Over the years, diving—who was previously thought to be an extreme sport only suitable for men—has increased in popularity. Now, women and children have equal opportunities to dive and explore the underwater! One of the most popular destinations for beginner divers is Bali, the Island of God! Sunny weather, warm water, blooming corals, and huge array of marine animals make it an ideal destination for those who just start their underwater adventures. Naturally, there were so many questions asked on classes for scuba diving for beginners. Here’s some of the most frequently asked, and we hope it would help for anyone who’s interested in scuba diving.  

The Most Frequently Asked Questions by Scuba Diving or Beginners!

Who Can Have Scuba Diving for Beginners Training?

Honestly, is there anyone who think that women can’t dive? Diving is for everyone, really. As soon as you hit 10 years old, you can start scuba diving accompanied by professionals. Beginners who start early in scuba diving (below 15 years old) could get PADI Junior Open Water Certification. Any adult—starting from any age older than 15 years old can sign up for PADI Open Water Certification. Seniors who have been enjoying scuba diving on their younger age can continue to do so. Anyone can dive, really. Unless you have certain disabilities or medical condition—you might want to consult with your doctor first. 

How Does Breathing Underwater Feels Exactly?

Naturally, breathing in underwater feels unnatural for the first time. Moreover, we are breathing through our mouth while our nose is pressed as tight as possible. This is not how we usually breathe as a human, on land. In scuba diving for beginners, breathing through a scuba regulator will definitely feel strange. You might feel a little hesitant at first. But as you practice and become more comfortable with mouth-regulator breathing, everything will feel as natural as nose breathing. The trick is to exhale fully after each breathe before inhaling the next. 

What If I Run Out Air?

Can you run out of air? Technically, you can. This is why equipment check before any dive—whether in training pool or in actual open water—is extremely important. You need to learn to check any security issues on your scuba diving for beginners training. The local dive operators will guide you and do the final check. You should resurface when the remaining oxygen reach 25% to avoid running out of air underwater. 

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Do I Need Health Certificate Before Applying for Scuba Diving for Beginners?

Generally, you don’t. But it would be better if you do—and become extremely important if you have certain health issues. You will fill a form of general body condition during the sign up. This way, the dive operators would have general knowledge of your health suitability for diving. 

Why Alexandria in Egypt Is Worth Travelling For

Alexandria is located in Egypt and was once the most powerful city in the country. Egypt is already a very popular travel destinations and many people from all over the world include Egypt as one of their bucket lists. It is true that Egypt has its vibe of mystery and wonder. There is no reason to doubt this country as stunning destination for a trip. There are many tourist attractions you can visit during your vacation in Egypt. However, Alexandria is totally one of the best. 

Why is Alexandria worth visiting for?

Why Alexandria in Egypt Is Worth Travelling For

This city was found by Alexander the Great and used to be the most powerful in Egypt especially because it is the center of knowledge. The world’s scripted knowledge were stored in the Great Library of Alexandria until they were burnt to ashes by a great fire and other factors. Aside from the Great Library, Alexandria was also known for the lighthouse. However, it was also destroyed by the earthquake. It was used to be one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Even though the main highlights in Alexandria have been vanished, the city is still worth visiting for because there are many things to explore. 

The city is now the second largest in Egypt and it is still one of the most powerful. Not to mention that it has a 32 km of coastline along with the ports. Thus, enjoying your time by visiting the sea while in Alexandria can be a good memory. The Mediterranean Sea is beautifully magnificent. It is highly recommended to pay a visit during sunset. 

The Great Bibliotheca

Why Alexandria in Egypt Is Worth Travelling For

The Great Library of Alexandria might be vanished but you can also visit the Bibliotheca. It is an honor to its ancient library. Its inauguration was in 2002. It is the largest library in the Middle East now. The aim for this establishment is the same as the Great Library, which is as a learning center with the spirit of openness. The ticket entrance to this library is about £80EGP. You can still visit the Old Library of Alexandria because the ruins are still there. 

Tasteful Street Arts

Walking around Alexandrian can be exciting and soothing at the same time. There are many things to enjoy while you walk down the streets such as street arts in the form of colorful murals. They are special because they were made from seashells. The art itself is said to represent the city so it is great to see how creative locals made the art from recycled seashells into beautiful mosaics. In the evening, you can walk around the Corniche. 

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Beautiful Boat Ride

There is a boat ride you can try during your visit to Alexandria. It can be memorable moment because you will get to see the beautiful views of the city. You can ride the boat from the harbor. The boat ride is not particularly for tourists but you can hire a boat privately and enjoy the beautiful view. Sailing around Alexandria harbor is highly recommended to do in the morning or during sunset. 

Komodo Diving Liveaboard for 3D2N: Where to Go?

Some people travel to Komodo to see the last of the dragons and the dramatic undulating savannah islands, some for the hidden marine world. The Komodo National Park has wonderfully succeeded preserving its marine biota on the attempt of saving the Komodo Dragons. And today, Komodo’s underwater world has transformed into one of premier diving destinations in the world. A 3 days 2 night diving trip with Komodo diving liveaboard is a traveler’s favourite.Here’s how the dive trip looks like, along with most common destination for the itinerary. 

Komodo Diving Liveaboard for 3D2N: Where to Go?

Day 1, The Beginning of An Adventure

The captain of your Komodo diving liveaboard and his crews has been waiting for you in Labuan Bajo’s port. Some of them might be on their way to Komodo Airport, ready to pick you up. Well, it depends on your arrangement, really. Once you arrive to the port, you will see immersive array of Komodo diving liveaboard docking on the sides of the port. The crew will get you to the right boat and help you with your baggage. Onboard, you will get to know everybody on the boat—the sailors, the chefs, the captain, and the other passengers you will sail with for the next three days. Don’t skip the briefs! They will give a short course about safe diving practice, safe encounter with Komodo dragons, and overall safety and regulation on the boat. Before the clock tick at 12 pm, the Komodo diving liveaboard would start its sailing trip, taking you to discover Flores wonderland. 

On your first day of Komodo diving trip, the captain will take you to the outer area of Komodo National Park, close to Labuan Bajo. The Tatawa Besar and Sebayur Island are the most common site to explore in the first day. If there’s still time before the night falls, you might have a chance to explore dive sites near Sebayur Kecil or Pulau Klepor.

Day 2 at Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Komodo Diving Liveaboard for 3D2N: Where to Go?

You have spent an incredibly tranquil night in the diving liveaboard, and it’s time for a a new exploration! What’s in the list today? Going up to the main deck, the crews are busy preparing a hearty breakfast in the table. Take a cup of your morning tea/ coffee, and be prepared for healthy, warm meals. As you are enjoying the breakkie, the dive master will begin the dive brief of the day. On the second day, the boat will sail closer to the centre of Komodo National Park. You will hear about “current city”, one of the most famous site in this area. Others area to explore are the Castle Rocks, Crystal Rocks, and the Cauldron. And while you are sailing in Komodo diving liveaboard, it’s a perfect chance to have a night diving. Seriously, night in underwater Komodo can get very different than during the day. If you are interested, talk with your captain and dive guide. They will decide which sites is suitable for the night dive. 

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Day 3, Last but Not the Least

You will be back to the Labuan Bajo before the evening, so today would be filled with light and recreational diving! As this is the last day of the sailing trip, the captain might take you to enjoy a breathtaking sunrise in Padar Island. Then, depend on the itinerary, you might or might have not visit the Komodo Dragons, either at Rinca or Komodo Island. 

The Komodo diving liveaboard will be making its way back to Labuan Bajo through another route and it will most likely pass the Karang Makassar. Here lies the phenomenal Manta Point, where you can see the majestic Manta Ray passing all year long. You might have a chance to dive in Batu Bolong, famously dubbed as ‘world-size aquarium”. And when everything is done, it’s time to sail back home. 

Wonder Cities Around The World Worth Travelling For

There are Seven Wonders of the World you must have heard before such as Petra, Machu Picchu, and many others. They are considered the most wonderful places on earth worth visiting. There are also world’s ancient wonders you can also research and include them into your bucket list. Or, you can also find out more about wonder cities in the world that offer their uniqueness and charms in their own way. They are also attractive which make international travelers ready to pack everything and make a visit. If you are wondering about your next travel destinations, might as well consider the wonder cities.  

Cities full of wonder around the world

There are many cities around the world you can visit for your holiday. It is always great to spend your holiday in different place for once in a while. It gives you thrill to experience new things especially if it is the first time you are visiting. For your recommendations, here are what to be claimed as wonder cities of the world worth travelling for.

La Paz, Bolivia

Wonder Cities Around The World Worth Travelling For

La Paz is a great city that has a certain vibe of warm and cozy for a vacation. It is the capital city of Bolivia. The unique point about this city is its location which is situated at 11,975 feet above sea level, hence making it the world’s highest national capital city. Practically, the city is located in canyon that stretches through the Altiplano Mountain which is still in range of Andes Mountain. This city was found in 1548 by Spanish Colonialists. And today, this city is a place for Presidential palace. San Francisco Church, Witches’ Market, and other significant places. 

Havana, Cuba

Havana must be familiar especially when you often listen to the song with the same title. It is the capital city of Cuba. The population occupied this city is around 2.1 million. In Cuba, this city is considered the largest. This city also plays huge role for the country’s economic value. It was found by Spanish colonialists in early 16th century. The most charming point of this city is the architecture which has historic value along with colorful design. You can visit the three divided parts of Havana. They are Old Havana (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Vedado, and modern suburbs. 

Doha, Qatar

Doha is one of the wonder cities in the world worth travelling for. It is situated along the Persian Gulf of Qatar. It is also the national capital city. The population occupied this city is around 1.5 million. This is also the economic center of Qatar. In fact, it is one of the best cities with fastest growth. This city is wonderful because it is home to a research and education project. It is also the reason why this city is called Education City. Another important point of this city is its role as oil and natural gas reserves. This city also has great connection with international network because it has been hosting various international events such as the 2006 Asian Games, the UNFCCC Climate Negotiations of 2012, and many more.