Making The Most Of Your Vacation In An All-Inclusive Resort

In some places, travel bans have been lifted gradually which makes people in high spirit to travel domestically. There are many ways you can enjoy vacation after being cooped up due to the global pandemic such as spending few days for a relaxing vacation in an all-inclusive resort. If you are leaving in a city or country that has already lower rate of covid-19 and being able to have a little vacation, make sure to do it with caution. Even with heightened cleaning protocols, you still have to stay safe. 

Making The Most Of Your Vacation In An All-Inclusive Resort

How to enjoy your vacation safely in an all-inclusive resort

It is important to do a pre-planning to ensure your little vacation will be worth it while staying safe. Here are several tips for you to fully enjoy your vacation in an all-inclusive resort during transition times of the global pandemic:

Consider the time to go for a vacation

It is more recommended to go during the weekdays not on weekend. It is great if you can start your vacation on Monday and return to your home on weekend. It is best to avoid crowded check-ins. You don’t want to interact too many people even though the situation in your place is already deemed safe. You need to stay cautious and be careful. 

Do your own research before booking the resort

Plan ahead of time

Of course, most of the resorts are still operating on restricted hours and rules. It is recommended to not plan for a whole week stay. Instead, you can just book for two or three days at max. Take your own car to reach the resort to avoid crowded of public transportation. Plan different activities and relaxation opportunities you can do during your stay. 

Plan ahead of time

If you have something on your mind, it is best to plan ahead. For example, some resorts have limited the schedule for yoga and salsa dancing class. They may also limit their fitness centers to just a handful of people at a time. Hence, make sure you fit you fit the schedule well to avoid disappointment. Make a reservation so you won’t miss out your favorite activities. 

Safety first

Always practice good hygiene and social distancing rules even if the staffs of the resorts allow you not to. Avoid any physical engagement with people you encounter during your vacation in the resort. Choose the time for walking, jogging, or biking during the time when less people are out. Keep your mask on, wash your hand, and keep the distance regardless of who you encounter with. 

Eat outdoors

It is recommended to eat outdoors even though the resort offer various dining options. It aims to eat with good ventilation to reduce the risk of virus transmission. If the resort you stay in doesn’t have outdoor restaurants then choose the largest dining. Choose less busy time to have your meal. Also, it is best to minimize bar time. You can enjoy a glass of good wine in your room instead of getting drunk while mingling with others irresponsibly. 

Getting More Positive Reviews for Your Seminyak Private Villa Bali!

Getting More Positive Reviews for Your Seminyak Private Villa Bali!

Want your private villa in Seminyak Bali gain more positive reviews and attract more bookings? Think about improving guest experience during their stay in your property. Add a little touch to your holiday home that will wow your guests and leave impression that you have thought about everything. Making a few minor improvements to your vacation rental can significantly improve guests’ experience, increase your holiday home ratings, and in turn promote repeat bookings.

A Complementary Welcoming Essentials in Your Seminyak Private Bali Villas

Want to make your guests feel special and appreciated? Prepare a basket of complementary welcoming essentials at the living room. Nothing beats arriving at your destination after a long journey and discovering it exceeds your standards! If you have a wood fire, consider leaving a small supply of tea, coffee, milk, and biscuits to greet your visitor, as well as an initial supply of logs and firelighters. To assist their guests in settling in, some owners have a welcome hamper or the popular Balinese Pie Susu (milky pie). Make sure there is an overhead light for quick access if there is a key-safe.

These extras don’t have to be expensive, but they go a long way toward making visitors’ lives simpler, improving their experience, and helping you improve your holiday home ratings.

Complete Kitchen Facilities

Complete Kitchen Facilities

Guest loves villa for its flexibility and the opportunity to cook for their family during the holiday to save the budget. Simple additions like a coffee machine will help guests relax during their vacation, and now that many people have one at home, we are often asked whether one is included. Provide the necessary kitchen equipment in your Seminyak private villa Bali to make catering while on vacation a pleasure. When visitors are making themselves at home, don’t overlook the importance of sharp knives, good chopping boards, and bread toaster.

High Quality Bed for Good Quality Sleep

When you wake up on the right side of a comfortable bed, everything seems brighter. People loves it when they get a good relaxing sleep they deserve during the holiday to recharge their energy. It’s well worth the money to invest in decent beds and mattresses, or even just a mattress topper. Good quality bedding is a wise investment in terms of durability and creating a sense of well-being, as visitors always expect higher-quality beds and linens than they can at home. In holiday home reviews, the comfort of the beds and the cleanliness of the linens are frequently mentioned.

Provide Kids’ Entertainment 

If you cater to family vacations, including children’s entertainment in the villa will make adult’s vacation that much more stress-free and enjoyable, resulting in a pleasant vacation experience and positive reviews to your Seminyak private villa Bali. In children’s bedrooms, blackout blinds and night lights are a good touch. Sitting down together to play games is one of the simple pleasures of a family holiday. Having a small number of board games on hand will keep the whole family occupied in the evenings or when the weather isn’t cooperating.

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Keep the Seminyak Private Villa Bali in Good Condition

Investing in an excellent, dependable housekeeper and a dependable handyman will ensure that your vacation home is still in good shape. Guests expect to find a tidy, new home with all of the appliances in excellent working order when they arrive. Here are some of our suggestions for keeping your vacation home in good condition, ranging from the minor to the major. Replace kitchen utensils and bath towels on a yearly basis, keep bath towels fluffy and linen new, include and refresh soft furnishings, and perform a seasonal deep clean. The best time to do this is during the quieter seasons of the year.

Should You Just Accept Airline Voucher Offered To You

Travel is often unpredictable regardless of how prepared you are. Sometimes your flight get canceled or delayed all of a sudden due to technical problems or bad weather. It makes the airline owe you something. When something bad happens and the fault is at the airline’s side, then you are most likely offered something to compensate. Instead of cutting you a check, they often issue you airline voucher you can use for future travel. Is it worth it? Should you accept it?

What to do with airline voucher offered to you?

Keep in mind that the airlines don’t want to lose  a lot regardless if they are at fault for bad travel experience you have with them. They still have to maintain their cost as well hence they increase the chance that you won’t even be able to sue the voucher. Therefore, it is important that you ask several questions before simply accepting the voucher.

You need to ask about the validity limit of the voucher. For example, an airline offers you generous vouchers but you have to use it within three months. If you are frequent traveler then you may have chance to use to good. However, it will be a waste if you don’t even have any plan to travel within three months. If the voucher’s validity limit is too short, you might have to think twice before accepting it. 

You need to know the value of the voucher, if it is limited only for you to use and not anyone else. If it can be used to buy someone’s else ticket as well then it might be worth it. However, most of the vouchers offered by airlines valid only for the one who initially received. If you are okay with it then you can consider accepting the voucher for your use. 

Cost coverage can be a deal-breaker as well. Hence, you need to ask if the voucher cover the whole cost of the ticket. However, it is so seldom for airlines to give full coverage. Usually, there are some limitation so the receiver of the voucher still have to pay for most of the fare. Airlines usually cover for the base fare. 

It is also important to ask about the range validity of the voucher. Find out if it can be sued for multiple flights or not. Some vouchers are only valid for one transaction. Even if you use less than what the value of the voucher, the remaining value won’t be able to reuse. You will just lose the value. 

Airlines voucher come with various limitations you should be aware of. Comparing to cash value, airline voucher is worth a lot less indeed. If airline offers you voucher after you ask them for cash, consider several things mentioned above. If the face value of the voucher is double the cash then it is worth it. If it is worth less than cash value, accept the voucher and ask for more offers.

Komodo Diving Season: When The Best Time?

Komodo Island has never lost its fans. Before talking about when is the best time to visit Komodo Island, let’s be clear why you should visit there? The answer is very simple, where you can see rare reptiles that are under the supervision of the Komodo National Park. Not only seeing giant lizards, but Komodo Island is also the best place for diving. Komodo diving season is very important so that your dives are in accordance with expectations, seeing the spectacular underwater scenery. 

Komodo diving season - diver with coral and fish

Komodo Diving Season Manta Point

Komodo islands have more than 29 dive points ranging from Komodo Island to Rinca Island. A number of popular dive areas such as crystal rock, shotgun channel, pink beach, big Tatawa, small Tatawa, Padar, manta alley, and several others. Komodo diving sites in the waters of Komodo National Park have strong underwater currents and even have rotating undersea currents. Divers’ ignorance of the conditions and characteristics of the Komodo National Park waters puts divers in danger.

April – June is the best time to dive because the rainy season has ended. Good weather certainly supports diving with clear visibility. Despite the strong currents of the Komodo dragon, this makes the area water rich in nutrients. This condition provides an advantage in supporting adequate marine life, especially for 1000 species of fish, 260 species of coral reefs, as well as marine mammals such as whales and dolphins.

Komodo waters are also home to sharks, turtles, and manta rays. as well as, other creatures such as leaf fish, frogs, then sea apples, nudibranchs, and rhinoplasty. It is not an exaggeration if many communities consider the area a “storehouse of biota”. All these marine biotas can be found in the south of Rinca Island, around Nusa Kode and Cannibal Rock.

Before doing Komodo diving, you must pay attention to the diving certificate that you have. Given the waters of the Komodo National Park have many diving sites. Generally, to do Komodo diving, especially in the waters of the Komodo National Park, you must have an advanced diving certificate or even a master. Why do you have to be advanced or master certified? The divers are expected to have mastered the technique of escaping from strong underwater currents.

If there are divers with beginner certificates, don’t be discouraged because there are several dive spots that you can explore. The best way is to make sure your Komodo diving is done with an experienced guide. Make sure to stay under the supervision of a professional guide and pay attention to the directions given to avoid unwanted risks. 

Travel Tips When You Rely On Medications

How to travel with medications without so much hassle

People who rely on medication on everyday life can still travel comfortable and safely. However, there are necessary cautions and rules you need to know before travelling with all your medications especially when you travel internationally. It is even more crucial when you plan a long term travel in which you are going to need more than a 30-day supply of pills for example. 

How to travel with medications without so much hassle

The very first thing you need to do to plan your trip regardless if it is long or short-term trip is to see your doctor. This way, you know what you will need for smooth travel and ensure that your body won’t be put at risk. 

Doctor can also prescribe you medication that fit your duration of the trip. They can even make you a note or prescription just in case you need it during the trip. Proper supporting documentation for your health and medication will help a lot in making your trip smooth. If it is possible ask for digital document so it won’t be at risk of being lost or damaged. When needed, you can just open the documents in your phone. 

There won’t be any major issues when you travel with medication even if it’s for more than 3–day supply as long as it is not illegal drugs. However, it is important to keep your medication such as pills in their original bottle complete with the sticker on the front stating your name and doctor’s name.this prevents you from being in trouble when you are in security line. 

If your medication’s supply is too many and you don’t have enough room to keep them in your luggage, pack small day-of-week pill organizer instead. Avoid using bulky bottle because it takes up space and not practical. Always make sure that the prescription from your doctor is accessible or within your reach. 

If your medications contain something unusual such as narcotics, bring a note your doctor gave you. The note should explain what medication is and why you need to take it with you. It is safer fir you to learn about the rules of flying with medication before the trip. It is because drugs that are legal in your country might be illegal in other countries or the country you are going to travel to. Always double-check prior to the trip so you are sure you understand the rule and know what to expect. 

It is best to keep your medications in your carry on so they are within your reach when you need them. It is also recommended that you bring twice the amount of medicine you need to the trip. And separate the bottles. This way, you will always have your medication even the unexpected happen such as delayed or canceled flight. The most vital thing to do when travelling with medication is always plan ahead to not out your health at risk throughout the trip. 

5 Ideas to Max Out the Outdoor Space of Your Villa Ubud

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for designers, in part because we are moved by its many shapes, colors, and sights. Connecting with nature has become an important part of contemporary architecture, with homeowners seeking tranquil retreats away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This could occasionally be a lovely villa Ubud property in Balinese highland, sufficiently surrounded by greenery to give the impression of a secluded little oasis amidst the chaos. Here are five designs ideas to incorporate Ubud’s lush surrounding to your outdoor space!

A Dramatic Infinity Pool Overlooking the Surrounding of Villa Ubud

The infinity pool become the most popular and desired pool for many holidaymakers in Bali. The illusion of blending seamlessly with the spectacular surrounding upholds the image of luxurious and aesthetic villa. Whether it’s the modern rectangle or kidney-shaped pool, infinity pools adds great degree elegance to your Ubud Villa. The bold statement of infinity pool becomes even more alluring when you add the image of green, lush forest of Ubud in the backdrop. The forest canopy not only adds vibrant color and sets the tone for the carefully curated landscape surrounding the house, deck, and pool, but it also provides plenty of privacy as you spend your summer evenings and nights under the stars. When you combine the magic of a fireplace or fire pit with the magic of a pool, you have the perfect staycation atmosphere.

Full or Semi-Open Patio 

Full or Semi-Open Patio

We go from behind courtyards and swimming pools to modern decks combining comfort, elegance, and spectacular greenery backdrop. A contemporary deck is not only a place to hang out for the whole family. It can easily be doubled as an outside dining area, a party area and a unique viewpoint, which allows you to enjoy your home and savour all the gorgeous Ubud’s highland view. You only need comfortable outside seats here, possibly a dining table with several chairs, a fireplace for those who want to spend extra miles in terms of effort and cost. Here, you just can’t go wrong!

Semi-Open Bath Facing the Forests

Semi-Open Bath Facing the Forests

Outdoor bathrooms are both relaxing and functional. The beauty of creating an outdoor bathroom is that you don’t need a large budget or a lot of space to do so. One of the many advantages of creating your own outdoor bathroom is that you can use existing plants and walls for privacy. And, because we all know that items left outside can rot, you can repurpose old baths and fittings, so it doesn’t matter if your set up gets a little beaten up. Overall, an outdoor bathroom is something you should definitely consider for your Villa Ubud home improvement project.

Outdoor Lounge to Soak In the Mesmerizing Villa Ubud View

Outdoor Lounge to Soak In the Mesmerizing Villa Ubud View

The open air lounge isn’t all about unrestricted sunshine, and you’ll need some shade in both the hot Bali’s summer months and the wet rainy days. A pergola provides both without obstructing the scenic forest view, and its light structure is also a low-cost option. Most modern homes have an extended roof structure that serves as a pergola and provides adequate shade. More elaborate standalone features, such as Balinese gazebo, require far more resources but may provide you with that extra elevation that makes the panoramic view on offer even more breathtaking.

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The Popular Net Hammock Bed

The Popular Net Hammock Bed

We’ve all seen the Bali net bed photos of a beautiful girl or couple relaxing in bright white sheets in a hanging net overlooking the jungle/rainforest or rice fields. The Bali net bed trend was undoubtedly started by one Bali hotel, but the only thing we know for sure is that many others quickly followed suit. They’re aesthetically pleasing, great for photos, and a lovely way to unwind in the open air. A must addition to your villa Ubud if you want more vacationers eyeing your property!

Free Airports Amenities And Service Travelers Can Enjoy

Every airport has their own amenities and service to ensure the travelers are safe and comfortable. However, some of them can be very expensive and some are cheap and even for free. Airport freebies are there for many travelers to enjoy so you don’t have to hesitate to enjoy them while they last. Besides, why spending extra money if you can get it for free. 

singapore airport amenities

Several airport freebies travelers can enjoy

Many airports now provide a hydration stations where you can refill your water bottle for free. No need to be scared of the water fountain that is often full of germs. You also don’t have to buy any bottled water. Hence, do not forget to always bring your own reusable water bottle when travelling. In several airports, the hydration stations already use automatic hand-free sensors to refill your water bottle. 

Complimentary tours in some airports are a thing now. You no longer have to sit and wait for your flight in such a boring mode. You can have a tour and see something more interesting instead. At Changi Airport , Singapore for example, there are free tours travelers can stop by. Free tours to markets, cave and temples are available in Seoul’s Incheon International Airport. 

If your flight is delayed, you don’t have to go anywhere and just read some books because several airports build their own library to let travelers read or drop books off for free. One of the airports with library facility is Helsinki Airport where travelers can enjoy a book swap point freely at its Kainuu Lounge. Other airports with library include Tallinn Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol. 

Many airports also install animal-relief facilities. You will have to look around for it when you travel with your pet. A fenced-in patch of outdoor space reserved only for pets are now available in several airports around the world such as at Miami International Airport. They have several dog parks surrounded by white picket fences. There are also grass, dirt surfaces, and of course waste disposal stations. 

Free assistance programs to anyone who need has been available in several airports around the world. Usually, assistance program is for disabled travelers only. However, it is now offered to literally anyone who need such as young travelers, travelers who don’t speak in local language, or simply lost passengers. This program is already available at New York’s JFK and Newark Airports. 

Wi-Fi is not something new now in public facilities such as cafes, schools, and airports. With free Wi-Fi you can stay entertained even when you have to wait long for your flight. The number of airports offering free Wi-Fi has been increased significantly around the world. 

Several airports also offer fragile stickers for free. You can ask for it and have it affixed to your bag. This way, you don’t have to buy it yourself in advance. Even though it doesn’t guarantee careful handling by the staff, it’s still worth a try. 

Wae Rebo Village, the Highest Village in Indonesia

Wae Rebo Village is one of the villages in Flores which is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. This village is called heaven above the clouds. It takes a struggle to reach Wae Rebo but of course, it pays off for what you will enjoy. Arriving there, you can see a traditional house with a towering thatched roof. In 2012, Wae Rebo was declared a world cultural heritage by UNESCO and set aside 42 other countries.

wae rebo village | Hello Flores

How to reach Wae Rebo village?

To reach the village above the clouds, you have to travel 6 km from Dintor village to Denge village by motorbike. On the way from Denge Village to Wae Rebo, you have to do a 3-hour hike, along a remote area that is still surrounded by unspoiled forests. You also have to cross the river and cross the edge of the cliff.

To make the trip easier, you can hire a guide service as a guide. Most tourists are advised to spend the night at Wae Rebo to enjoy its beauty. This village is very well known to foreign tourists, especially European tourists.

What makes Wae Rebo Village so special?

7 main houses

The traditional house of local residents is called Mbaru Niang which is considered very rare because of its unique shape, namely the cone barn, and only consists of 7. The traditional house in this village consists of 5 floors with palm leaf roofs covered by fibers and occupied by 6-8 families. If you spend the night in this village, you will be served Flores coffee and basic blanket and pillow facilities.

Penti, Traditional Ceremony

Wae Rebo villagers celebrate the Penti traditional ceremony every November. This traditional ceremony is a thanksgiving thanks to the harvest they get in a year. They also ask for harmony and protection. If you want to enjoy the traditional Penti ceremony, you can visit in November. 

Visiting wae rebo village | Hello Flores

Minang descent

Although it is located in Manggarai Barat, NTT, the fact is that the villagers claim that they are of Minang descent, West Sumatra. Wae Rebo’s ancestors, Empo Maro came from Minangkabau who migrated to Flores and changed their residence until finally settling in an area called the village of Wae Rebo.

Visiting Wae Rebo, Flores, Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo, and around with Luxury Liveaboard

Visiting the village of Wae Rebo is not enough to enjoy your vacation. Multiple vacation options allow you to explore the many amazing areas of Flores. Liveaboard is one of the luxury vacation options to explore many areas, from 3.5-7 days. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset and sunrise while relaxing on the deck. The liveaboard options are various and you can adjust according to your budget.

How To Prevent Migraine When Travelling

How To Prevent Migraine When Travelling

Migraine while travelling can be a major discomfort for you. The problem is, migraine can happen to anyone regardless. However, it is also preventable. It means, you can avoid it from coming to you if you know what the triggers are. Migraine attack can last from minutes to days, depending on individual condition. It can ruin your travel spirit because you don’t feel like going out of your hotel. 

Preventing migraine when travel

The most common factors of migraine include periods (for women), stress, fatigue, excessive caffeine or alcohol intake, skipping meals, change in weather, particular smells. You can take some precautions to avoid migraine from happening when you are travelling and here are several of them.

Be mindful of what you eat

It is important to know what you eat especially if your body is easily triggered by your food intake. Travel itself can be stressful for your body. Unfamiliar foods can lead to more health problems including migraine. Also, make sure not to skip your meals. If you are unsure you can find foods while exploring around, carry your own snacks so your stomach won’t empty for too long. 

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can lead to so many health problems. Travel makes you more prone to it. Hence, make sure to drink plenty of water while travelling. It can prevent you from suffering from migraine. However, stick to mineral water or fruit juice. Cut your caffeine, sugar, and alcohol intake while travelling. You can drink those but make sure to not go overboard. Also, be mindful with the tap water in the country you visit.  

Stay away from smoke

It can be a trigger for migraine. So you can book your accommodation that offer smoke-free area for you to stay. Non-smoking room during travel is so healthier option especially if you easily get migraine. 

Bring aromatherapy oil

If you tend to be very sensitive to smell that cause migraine, you can bring aromatherapy oil with you. You don’t know what smells you will encounter during your exploration time when travel. But if you have your gun ready then you can stay comfortable. Choose oil with fresh smells that you love. It can be lavender, mint, fruits, etc. 

Careful planning

Plan ahead so you can set your schedule right. Do not cram your activities for the trip because it can put a strain in your body causing stress and fatigue which also lead to migraine. Make sure to take a break from time to time when exploring places. 

Sleep well

Sleep well to avoid migraine when travelling. Lack of sleep can lead to major headache or migraine. It is often that travelers experience difficulty to sleep because of jet lag for example. However, make sure to navigate your body to sleep regularly to avoid any stress and fatigue that lead to migraine. 

Bring your own medication

If you are prone to migraine, it is best to bring your own medications. So you always have them within your reach when needed. You don’t have to go looking for the medicines when migraine attacks during travel. 

Adding More Fun to Your Canggu Bali Villas Stay Experience

canggu villas experience

Taking a long vacation in Bali would be just perfect if done in a villa. With more space than hotel rooms allow and the upmost privacy that comes with the fences, enjoying your vacation in this little tropical island would feel very relaxing. Especially when you are staying in Canggu, one of the coastal area in Bali that uniquely mixed Bali’s rice fields and surfing beaches with modern urban living. Taking residence in Canggu Bali villas for few weeks could easily be one the best vacation you ever have. But wait, you can make your villa-escapade even more pleasant with these five fun-guaranteed activities!

Rent Fun Floaters to Swim in Your Canggu Bali Villas

Rent Fun Floaters to Swim in Your Canggu Bali Villas

Floaters are just in on the latest trend in Bali—and they do add more sparks to your holiday. Vibrant and come in various shapes and colours, you can find any floaters that match your liking. From the popular swans to bright yellow pizza and Insta-ready white shells, their pop of colour make your villa vacation more vibrant. Lie back in these cheerful floaters and enjoy a perfet day in the pool under the sunny skies. Some villas have these fun prop ready for your disposal. However, you can always rent one or two in the nearest pool float rental stores. 

Get A Private Massage by the Window

Have an oceanfront window in your Canggu Bali Villas? Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a blissful private spa massage by the sea. Just to let you know, the price of an actual semi-open seaside spa in Bali is quite exorbitant. Save more by calling a professional massage therapist to your villa. An alternative to equally heavenly spa from your villa: try having massage session in the the garden or by the pool. With the beautiful surrounding and yet the ultimate privacy from the high walls, having massage treatment in this setting will certainly give one an incredible relazation. 

Have BBQ Dinner in Canggu Bali Villas 

Have BBQ Dinner in Canggu Bali Villas

The fully-equipped kitchen of a villa and its semi-open dining room make it possible to host a BBQ party. Having a barbecue party is a must if you’re staying with family or friends—it adds a whole lot of fun and depth to your staying experience! Or you can always enjoy an intimate barbecue dinner with your special someone, your choice. You can always source the meat from Canggu’s local meat house and fresh supermarket or order a barbecue set complete with the grill, mini stove, and meat from online barbecue delivery. 

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A Romantic Hot Bath Time

There’s nothing sexier than soaking on a hot bath with your special someone. Experience the luxury of Canggu Bali villas by filling up the bath tub with hot water and drop your favourite bath bomb. Enjoy the steamy bath with a glass of champagne. You can always lit up some scented candles and turn on slow music to compliment the romantic mood!

Play Board Games by the Pool

When was the last time you play a board game? We often get too busy to play anything at all. In a holiday, you finally have all the time to relax and play. Lots of Bali villas in Canggu know how entertaining board games can be and you can find various board games in their shelves. Whether its UNO stack or classic old chess, playing your favourite game by the pool with your holiday partner is just perfect to spend the day!